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Guten Tag, Jessica Alba!

Guten Tag, Jessica Alba!

Jessica Alba (in Roberto Cavalli) and Ioan Gruffudd, otherwise known as Mr. & Mrs. Fantastic, stay classy in head-to-toe black at the Fantastic Four – Rise Of The Silver Surfer premiere on Friday in Berlin, Germany.

The concept of the snake around Alba‘s belt is cool but it looks kinda tacky, no?

Ioan also seems to be growing his hair out… for a movie role, we hope!

The superhero flick is set to open in Germany on Aug. 9.

20+ pictures inside of Alba and Ioan premiering FF2 in Berlin…

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Photos: Andreas Rentz/Getty, Splash News Online
Posted to: Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba

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  • melli

    i totally love jessica but at those pics she dont looks good.

  • Lauren

    Her outfit is a disaster!

  • amle

    I think the dress is ugly and doesnt fit her well.

  • Nadia

    the dress is awful and the lipstick is to dark. i think she’s losing her fashion sense.

  • Sexy Mama

    Gross! What is she, a wannabe Chinese drag queen?

  • lala

    this isn’t her best look..but i love her..every other time she is just gorgeous…so much prettier in person too..

  • Iaon Griffud Fax

    He’s bringing sexy back….yeahhhhh! I think Jessica’s dress was nice but the outfit needed different shoes. And she really needs to consider changing her makeup artist…she’s been looking as if it’s caked on there lately. More pics of Iaon anytime!!!!

  • BORING..zzzzz

    The dress is not that bad, but she wears it awkardly.
    She does not look great in everything she wears,who does.
    Jess is just another pretty face but missin something, nothin unique.
    Her acting in that movie an any other,featuring her is just terrible,her voice can be annoying,to pagentry.
    The girl can’t act worth a dam.
    She really needs to ‘get over herself’ and take acting classes or get a coach.
    If she wants to be consider even a ‘good actress’,right now she is not even worth watching on a rental.
    Pretty face does not equal ‘great actress’.I rather watch ‘Dakota Fanning’.JMO.

  • [~Famous~]


  • Eathan

    They should move the release date one week forward, as on August 9th Transformers are also released in Germany.

    And why are they promoting it 20 days ahead of the release? The same they did in Spain and France.

  • Chris

    i hate her shoes. fugly!

  • hehe

    i think she looks alright, it’s a good change to go darker sometimes, nothing wrong with it. i’m sick of females celeb who go for the fair and blond look all the time and most of them aren’t even natural blond.

  • Nobody

    To me, she always looks like a little girl playing dress up in her mommy’s clothing. I don’t get all the fuss over her. She oozes BORING.

  • stellartes

    she is so f*****g snobby…there are way hotter women out there than her…scarlett,angelina,charlize,bijou phillips,etc.
    She is boring!

  • angelface

    her eyes are always expressionless, or sleepy at best! in these pics it looks like shes started dressin herself again…bad move jessica!!

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    I take it back.

    She is stunning.

  • shut it

    Gross. She is totally losing her looks. What’s up with chicks standing like they’re 3 years old when wearing heels?

  • bitch slap

    I don’t know why they are still promoting this movie. It SUCKED even more than the first one, OK? Damn, just leave it alone already. The other co-stars know better than to show up.

  • bitch slap
  • shut it

    She’s got that “I am so entitled.” look again.

  • walker

    They should move the release date one week forward, as on August 9th Transformers are also released in Germany.

    And why are they promoting it 20 days ahead of the release? The same they did in Spain and France.

    ============Transformers is going to kill this movie over there too.

  • shut it
  • Dirty Cougar

    She going for a 1940′s look. This look including, fugly dress makes her look in her 40′s! Whatever floats her boat. Yaawwwnnn!

  • fake

    Is she always pizzed off? Or is she just stuck up?
    She is over-rated and just plain boring.
    No spice,she looks mad alot.I agree she seems to hate’her public’most times. What’s her problem? No one thinks of her as a serious actor.
    This look is weird & its the way she is presenting the outfit,she throws it all off.Her stance is all wrong.
    She looks like a rgeular person,don’t see the hype.

  • sexybeasts

    OMG! He’s starting to look like Ingelbert Humperdink!

  • mel

    oh lord, she ALWAYSSS looks gorgeous – even when she’s in sweats and tee shirt..but here, she looks AWFUL. just AWFUL. no like.



  • May

    ugly,bigheaded and no talent.

  • Bebe

    She is so blah and I dont get why studios hire her when her films are flops. People and critics say she is getting worst as an actress.
    If she’s working at least she can improve but its the opposite.

    She’s not even pretty and there are so many Albas in Mexico,Spain,Puerto Rico,Brazil, et al. Worst she is unlikeable and a stuck beeeeyotch.

  • Didi

    she is a pretty girl but she doesn’t suit dark makeup because her facial features are too strong. Others like Salma Hayek and Eva Mendes do thats probably why she does it to copy them. Alba tends to look like shes raided mommys makeup box because her face is too young for it, its like these beauty queens at those child beauty pageants with the adult whore makeup, they look stupid. Alba suits and looks her best when she’s just wearing her lipgloss or pastel colours because her features are strong enough to pull off natural.

    Ah f*ck it, I’ve tried being nice and civil but its painful and i cant do it. she looks like f*cking priscilla queen of the desert. you stupid bint fire your make-up artist. shes taking the piss out of you

  • jeo

    What does she do again?
    and why do we care?

  • Rae

    She always looks like she knows she’s the hottest person in the room. Yes she’s beautiful, but there are just as gorgeous and more interesting stars out there.

  • Angelina

    i don’t like the dress on her. it doesn’t fit her. for once, jessica is a fashion failure. haah, she’ll hate to be called that for sure. the snake is totally tacky and ew. her face is very classic though but the hair is kind of weird. and the guy she’s with- ioan is ew too. sorry if i offend any ioan lovers out there.

    the dress isn’t actually that bad…it just happens to look bad on her. oh and take away those shoes jessica!

  • Samantha

    fashion victim!

  • EvilLynn

    I agree…Fashion Victim… in this ensemble, anyway. The hair is too stiff (see Scarlett Johanssen for updos that don’t look matronly or senior prom-ish) The makeup is very severe for someone so young with such great skin, the dress is…oh, man what ISN’T wrong? Wrong length, bad details (the keyhole, the ruching, the leopard-lined shrug, the snake). The shoes are thick and chunky. Between the shoes, the dress length and the bullet-proof hair it’s like “librarian’s big night out”

  • ew

    they hire her cuz of her “hot” bod…there is absolutly nothing special about her…

  • http://justjaredjessicaAlba Kary

    U HAVE TO READ THIS ONE PLEASE!!!I agreed w You Bebe!!! 100% .she needs to get over her mental problems before she can really act. I think her coming out w that statement about how she does’t want to be called LATINA is going to kill her career and to anyone that did not hear it (.SHE SAID I’m less LATINA then CAMERON DIAS whos father is cuban and Speaks spanish ,but of course nobody calls her latina because SHE’S BLOND .And the one that was just to much for anyone to hear (I can’t imagine the Mexicans) was that part that”george Lopez said something in spanish and Jessica’s father answered back to GEORGE “I DO NOT SPEAK M E X I C AN what an ignorant. That to me and I can say probably to anybody that is being educated this MR. ALBA ‘s just a racist,inferior human being,and she’s proud of that. I wonder how she feels about Blacks or any other race. thank god there ‘s no many people like thatin this WORLD.I do think she is ok looking but w that attitud no way!!!! thanks.

  • afrodisiachn

    She’s wearing a Roberto Cavalli dress and that’s why there’s a snake considered to be RC’s icon, on her dress :)

  • DEJA

    hahahah EVILYYN – that was funny ‘ librarian’s night out’ GOOD ONE!!!!

  • ****

    Hey Jessica, En Vogue called they want their stylist back.

  • ya ya

    HEr body is just weird. Long and skinny torso/arms and short and chubby legs. very distracting. The media says that she’s hot. They have to stir up attention somehow. That’s why she makes the Hot Lists but only when she’s got movies coming out. Any other time, there is no talk of her.

  • shut it

    There are other girls in Hollywood who are more beautiful, yeah, but the media says this chick is IT, so the public listens. IT’s sad how the other pretty and Talented girls are ignored most of the time.