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Becks' Soccer Debut For LA Galaxy

Becks' Soccer Debut For LA Galaxy

David Beckham #23 of the Los Angeles Galaxy joins his team on the field on Saturday with less than 20 minutes left in the game against Chelsea FC. FC beat Galaxy 1-0.

“It’s a great day for the club. I’m pleased to get out there,” Becks said in a postgame interview. “That was incredible. I’m happy to be here.”

Wife Victoria and her manager Simon Fuller sat in their seats in a luxury box with the Beckham boys.

Other celebrity spectators included Eva Longoria, Tom Cruise‘s mother Mary Lee Mapother South, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Drew Carey, movie producer Brian Grazer, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and English actors John Hurt and Ray Winstone.

Scope out this hilarious sign one spectator held up during the game: “I didn’t come to see BECKHAM”.

15+ pictures inside of Becks making his Galaxy debut…

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david beckham first la galaxy game 01
david beckham first la galaxy game 02
david beckham first la galaxy game 03
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Photos: Shaun Botterill/Getty, Kevork Djansezian/AP
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  • oh beck footballs coming

    Beck played last 20 min. not suprise he is worried bout old injuries. I wish he would shave that black beard of his.
    Posh dark roots are showing and she should nix the harsh bottle blonde it ages her and makes her look orangy.
    Eva the fame ho-re is a celeb wanna be,and Jennifer love Hewette is so yesterday & no more.

  • lory

    he looks great! i’m exciting about his first game.

  • Kat

    Is this sh*t over yet?????????

    Enough of the Beckhams and the Cruises please…can we get some normal couples in here…Damons, Smiths, etc….enough with all the PR seeking attenion wh*re couples!


  • Bethany

    Keep it coming!!!!! I LOVE THEM AND THE TV RATINGS ARE HIGH SO it shows PEOPLE WANT MORE David,his family and TomKat.

  • nokia

    i was there.. and vic sat behind me… she was smiling and waving to the fans and suddenly after the game finished she was out from the box seat to meet the fans..she is so beautiful in person..everybody said that..better in person than the pic…

  • scott

    What a full life those aspiring friends of the Beckhams must have to show up for a soccer match…one of the most boaring sport events on the face of the earth.

  • JC

    This is why football will never take off in America! Chelsea beat Galaxy and not FC. FC stands for Football Club. *groan and rolling of eyes*. If four of the best players in the world who joined Galaxy in the 70ies to 80ies couldnt turn you Yanks to fans, Becks doesnt have a chance in hell. Nothing personal David – it’s a lost cause.

  • nokia

    scott..are u insane or what? people who dont like soccer is stupid.. everybody who showed up today they realize soccer is a major sport… if it is a boring sport how come all of the countries in the world likes soccer except USA? so you say all of people in every countries other than USA are stupid because they like boring games or u think people in USA is knows everything and think they are always rite? u are the one who suppose to understand what soccer is…or maybe your parents is fuck-ED up, cannot tell u what is good and what is boring really means..

  • scott

    I rest my case.

  • brangaloonie

    americans don’t like soccer ’cause they will have to endure at least 45 min. without getting to stuff their fat faces with some greasy food, that makes them even fatter (and dumber) than they already are.

    they like sports with build in “eating-breaks”.
    that is also the reason i seriously doubt soccer is ever going to make it over in fatty-land.
    people are just too damn hungry over there.

  • Angelina

    Hhhm…not really interested for them but it doesnt mean i hate them. i’m kinda warming up to victoria…but not david. i don’t care much about him. too bad his team lost…must’ve really sucked. and talk about celebrities! that is a long list. did they come to watch beckham? tom cruise probably did.

  • awaitingmoderation

    americans don’t like soccer because it doesn’t have all those built-in eating breaks.
    45 min without getting to stuff you face with greasy food is way too long for the standard american fat-guy.

    that’s why i doubt soccer will ever make it big over there.
    american people are just way to hungry.

  • JJ

    “…a soccer match…one of the most boaring sport events on the face of the earth.”
    whatever u call it, football (or named SOCCER in usa) is the most popular sport in the whole world, i mean the real entire world from asia, africa, australia, europe and south america.

  • Borat Chickfan

    Oh my even though Galaxy lost I think it would have been a real treat to be there just to see all the celebrities and especially Suri Cruise. That baby is fricking beautiful and these pictures are so cute! Too bad I can’t afford tickets to any games.

  • Louise

    I agree with nokia, this is what i hear everytime someone meets Victoria.

  • bella

    Becks! Great to see him play even for a while. I very much felt for him when he went down on the ground. Damn that other guy! I know it’s part of the game but still it was an exhibition and up until then, Becks was running with caution and everyone else seemed to give him space as well. I hope he’s alright. But anyway, he looked great as always.

  • http://fgdgd Linnea

    wonder if it feels strange for him now when he sit on the substitute bench, in madrid they had luxury chair and in L.A he got a wood bench to sit on…

  • http://deleted flower

    I agree with JJ, the football is the most popular sport in all the world

  • sharon

    beckham , good lucky!!!

  • remember da truth

    I agree with Drew Carey — you have to see it live to “get it” and also understand it better. Also, all over America kids play soccer all the time, and it’s not until junior high when the boys can play football that they stop. That’s why women’s soccer made it first in the US.

    JC, if you think that Beckham won’t change the game, apparently you didn’t see a SELL OUT CROWD for a frickin’ EXHIBITION!! Of course he won’t make soccer as appealing as baseball or football, but it won’t be completely forgotten anymore, either. It takes more than good players, or we would all be watching the Brits play on BBC America and the South Americans on Telemundo! It takes charisma and star power, and obviously, Beckham has that.

    That guy who tackled him forgot that it wasn’t supposed to be like a championship game and as the announcers said, it was understood “stay away from Beckham” because that’s what the night was about. This was supposed to be a gentleman’s game. I think a lot of the fouls were because Chelsea is so far superior and they just couldn’t help it. Show Americans how to play good soccer with a superior team, but no need to take out a player they weren’t even going to see the rest of the season and deliberately do something that could cause injury.

    Of course Chelsea won — Galaxy is a crap team, and Chelsea is one of the best in Europe. So it was more about Beckham make a debut, and Chelsea show Americans how to play soccer. It was a great game, and there were a lot of celebs there besides who were interviewed or shown on camera. Great way to start the season for Beckham and the Galaxy!

  • [~Famous~]

    Everyone was there – Everyone watched it.
    Beck’s made LA million before he even stepped off the plane.
    High ratings – more money to be made.

  • airways

    I see how some people build up a hype that isn’t really there. Good stuff. Anyway, football/soccer is quite an interesting sport, especially during the bigger tournaments.

  • Fans ?????

    When TV has to keep showing the wife and questioning when she will take off her sunglasses than the sport will never survive. EVA was there just to remind all the audience that soccer is as boring as the NBA final was this year(which had some of the lowest ratings ever)

    This was a one day event that’s why there was excitement. BTW none of the excitement was on the field. Beckham will makes his money and go home. Soccer will still be in the same place in American’s heart…nowhere to be seen.

    What were the ratings?

  • Cheerios

    12 awaitingmoderation : 07/22/2007 at 4:31 am
    americans don’t like soccer because it doesn’t have all those built-in eating breaks.
    45 min without getting to stuff you face with greasy food is way too long for the standard american fat-guy.

    that’s why i doubt soccer will ever make it big over there.
    american people are just way to hungry.

    Now thats rotflmao funny!! hehehe. As an American, its could be true. Seriously, if soccer is so popular why are they bringing it here. What is America – the validation of sports! Persoanlly, I dont think its gonna make it, besides the non-food breaks, what is exciting about it? They run up and down the field and the scoring is always low. Do they fight like hockey? Do they 360 slam dunk the soccer ball in the nets, can you kick the ball out of the park?

    I mean if it comes on local TV, I will at least try. But c’mon the audience and wife got more attention that the players. NOT GOOD!


  • Cynthia

    Seen it last night on espn! He needs to get off that ankle, before it gets worse. David is so damn handsome! Love his smile.

  • Margaret

    Isn’t Victoria slightly overdressed. And Eva looked like she was going to a fashion show. This is soccer? Nah. Just another Hollywood red carpet event. I’m disappointed.

  • Dirty Cougar


  • amle

    The guy holding up the is probably jealous because his boyfriend did come to check out Beckham.

  • goldend

    Football is a multibillion dollar bussiness and that’s the real reason behind all these efforts to make it popular in US, the rest of the world doesn’t need validation from the US, we already love and aknowledge this game as the biggest sport in earth.

  • Lica

    Good Luck Beckham! (L)

  • conchita

    too bad they’re not liking the MOST POPULAR sport in the whole world.

    I’m not say Beckham is the best football player either, there are more greatest and talented football players out there like Zidane, C.Ronaldo, but Beckham has great power in commercial thing. People in entire world (except USA) admire him.

  • to # 9scott bout # 8 nokia

    #9 scott >
    #8 nokia is a wack, you should read some of her other posts..
    she has a-n-g-e-r issues .. so foul at times.

    The story she was at the game and Posh was right next to her..hahaha

  • elektra

    I adore David and Victoria. So happy to see Katie and Suri cheering on and how the Beckham boys are playing along with Suri.

    What is Eva Longario doing? All of a sudden she wants to be BFF’s with them? *rolling my eyes*

  • wth

    i suppose they should all be alcholics and drink until they puke and attack others in the stands!!!!Yeah, that’s even better! Lay off the american sterotypes.

  • A Certain Smile

    Excuse me but what does this have to do w/ all this anti-american BS? The simple fact is for people who like sports they like what they grew up with. Europeans and Latin Americans grew up w/ soccer. Americans grow up w/ football, baseball, hockey, etc depending on your geographic area. americans aren’t stupid if they don’t like soccer and Latin americans aren’t stupid if they don’t like basketball or american football.

  • sexybeasts

    to many options in sports here in the states, not all children grow up playing one type of ballfield game. (soccer) futball is getting more popular though.

  • Intrigado

    Dumbers its FOOTBALL or FUTBOL not soccer in the rest of the world your “football” is “American Football”. And yes in the whole world its MOST POPULAR sport. Thank you

  • Bit me

    all these celebs smelled a photo op… so now everytime David had a home game its going to be like this

  • Grana

    And I thought having Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in the Bernabeu was Hollywood enough.

    Compared to something like basketball, football is always gonna seem boring but once you get into it and feel the passion there is, its amazing. Although I would reccommend watching European football if you’re trying to get into it for the first time. If you can find a re-run of the last Manchester United-Real Madrid game…that is one to watch. And Becks is in it too. Just a bit of guidance there. :)

    Best of luck to Becks.

  • j2

    Victoria Beckham is a Major disappointment and gives me a Major headache

  • abby

    I was THERE! David was adorable and futball (I mean Soccer) is an incredible sport. Just being at the game was surreal..and I traveled from Chicago to see the game! btw..I have season tickets and can’t use them all (natually) if interested let me know..

  • Sullen Girl

    To “A Certain Smile:” right on.

  • vegala

    God I am sick of them. I am sick of anorexic snooty faced Posh and sick of him too. I get he is a good player, but in the US soccer is not a huge sport and one player is not going to do that. No matter how much they are trying to use their celebrity to push it, it’s not going to make people suddenly watch.

    It makes sense they are friends with wacko Tommy and zombie Katie. They are fame and media whores just like them.

    I had no opinions about the Beckams, but they put themselves all over and self-promote and then Posh whines about paparazzi. They make me gag.

    Play soccer and get over trying to be stars.

  • Krung Krung

    i love pic #7, the sign/message is hilarious y’all bahahahhaaa, at least that guy is honest no?

  • Mercy

    Dear oh dear. Americans will never be taken seriously. Come on this is a showbiz affair, nothing to do with soccer. Its all about being seen.

    Eva is a publicity hungry fool, so she is in very good company with Victoria. Victoria is seriously obsessed with herself, she is just damn awful.

    David seems like a nice enough person, but is seriously overrated. They have gone to LA for the $$ and also for that scrawny wife of his to get more exposure.

    The galaxy were always going to lose this match, because they are absolutely sh*t. David isn’t going to make any difference to that team.

  • angelface

    aaagh i cant believe my comments are bein moderated! all i said was that americans are not the smartest, and if the rest of the world love football, they should really give it a chance!! i bet this will be moderated 2!!!-what happened 2 freespeach!

  • katy

    I LUV BECHKAM ! ! ! ! ! !

    what ever he is .. where ever he IS ….

    im still loving him :X:X:X:X

    LOLZz zz z

  • Stat

    Ewwwww Victoria is one fugly looking woman. Do you think David has to rub her back when she sticks her fingers down her throat after she eats?