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Johnny of the Mediterranean: At Yacht's End

Johnny of the Mediterranean: At Yacht's End

A shirtless Johnny Depp and his bride-to-be, Vanessa Paradis, cruise the Mediterranean in their boat on their private yacht on Friday in Elba Island, Italy.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star may be ready to marry Paradis having been linked since 1998. The pair may wed as early as the end of this month.

Depp, 44, and Paradis, 34, currently live in France with their two children Lily-Rose, 8, and Jack, 5.

15+ pictures inside of shirtless Depp hitting the high seas…

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johnny depp shirtless 01
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johnny depp shirtless 04
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Photos: Bauer-Griffin
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  • joliepast

    he is so cute and it is about time he made it legal.

  • [~Famous~]


  • joliepast

    I am first that has never happened. I don’t think the rumors are true but we will see.

  • http://justjared fighter

    first zuha………….
    kate&johnny forever…….

  • remember da truth

    I agree with Fighter — kate and johnny made a great couple and he obviously still has a fondness for her. But he also seems very, very happy with Vanessa and has been with her longer than anyone.

    Why should they ‘make it legal’? Marriage does not keep you together, or is any more of a bond than what they have. If they have the money to pay taxes separately, then so be it. Marriage doesn’t make a bond stronger — it only satisfies the Puritans.

  • Yada

    I am happy for Johnny as he is with the love of his life at last.. Kate is history, obviously

  • ital

    Aw I adore Johnny Depp! It’s nice to see new candid pictures of him and Vanessa. Sweet!

  • http://htt// be


  • Lizzie

    Why bother making it legal? They have the kids, I bet there are already legal documents in place to deal with any unforseen circumstances, they seem real comfortable together. If the kids wanted them to be married then well that’s a reason, but to get married just to be married? Been there and back, won’t do it again.

    Johnny looks good for a man in his mid forties – great sense of style – but he’d better start working out to keep that body because he does look ‘soft’ in some of those photos.

  • kate

    Wonderful couple!!!

  • Jane Doe

    In the same train of thought what is wrong with marriage? Maybe its more the stigma than anything else. Funny how couples can live with each other’s bullshit until they get married then they want a divorce when the other one leaves hair in the sink.

  • kate.

    i love johnny depp
    but i wish he would fix himself and stop looking so damn homeless all the time

  • omg

    Hotness :D

  • Rii

    Amazing actor and a great guy, I adore Johnny and I like him together with Vanessa. I think he’s found his happiness with her and their children and I’m happy for him.

  • http://deleted flower

    he is legal, amazing men and actor!

  • lol

    if you didn’t know they were famous they would just look like any two hippies you see hanging out in SF.

  • Sheesh

    Good actor, but not at all sexy, IMHO. Ewwwww, put some clothes on!

  • gini

    he loves his Paradis…

  • patricia night

    they look so happy together! )
    I don’t think marriage is necessary
    The only thing that matters is love

  • blabla

    God I love Johnny. He’s my favorite actor.

  • Dirty Cougar

    @ OMG, Yes! I agree. HOTNESS! A lot of assholes hate that word. We only mean it to be complimentry.
    Yes, Johnny & Vannessa do make a nice couple and have two beautiful children together. As, far as why they don’t marry. It’s up to them. Johhny does not owe any explination or sheeit. He’s easy on the eye’s!

  • Jacinda

    He’s so yummy even after all these years. He could be with anyone though – why Paradis?!

  • Hulla

    Why not?
    Maybe because she has brains, is petite (he sure likes that) and is not shallow and superficial…

  • thetruth

    do you believe in god and his word remember da truth?? Please grow up! This attitude is what is wrong with our society today.

  • Pole

    They seem very happy together – that’s what matters. He looks good – I do prefer him “cleaned” up though.

  • blah

    People nowadays talk about marriage like it’s a bad thing, like it’s a curse or something…if you’re living together and already have kids, getting married will make you break up? Wtf, is there any order left in this society anymore? Amazing..

  • ♥yes♥

    i love him. and he is waaay too old for me
    you know they are in love because he could have any LA chick he wants and he picked this chick.
    also, she goes well with his new lifestyle

  • Jo

    He looks a little bit too much like a woman in some of those for my tastes.

  • sara


    Such a panty creamer :D

  • HOT.
    I love Johnny and Vanessa and they are great for eachother :D

  • 2commit

    Seriously hot. He should go around shirtless more often! The world would be a better place.

  • jolie/pitt fan luv johnny

    Go Johnny, now I’m happy to see Johnny any time.
    Vanessa an Johnny look content. Nice yaught.

  • Bad Credit Helper Dude

    wow wee

  • kaitlyn

    awee i love him .
    sooo hot

  • [~Famous~]

    It would be nice to see him not look like a bum.

  • puts

    hes johnnie f*&king depp. He looks like a pimp not a bum. At least he doesnt follow the trendslike every other hollywood tool. “Look brad pitt and david beckham have a shaved head…I better do the same” “Look this douche wears these clothes, I better too”.. He does his own thing and is cooler than everyone else because of it. Thats also why hes the biggest actor of our time. Individuality,… not cloning like the rest of hollywood

  • Oh yeah

    i love him.

  • Sarah

    He looks good.

  • [~Famous~]

    36, shaved head = bald.

    Neither men are bald. Lol dweeb.

  • he’s at a higher level of existence

    I’m not a big fan of most actors. However, I love Depp. I just like his personality and how he is so deep. There are actors that I don’t have a crush on, but I like them in movies – like Tom Cruise. I will pick a Cruise movie over a Brad Pitt movie, unless it’s Pitt with Jolie (of course).

    Johnny is so NOT vain. I’m sure he knows he’s cute by looking in the mirror, but he’s not obsessed with looking good like a lot of stars. He and Vanessa have snaggly teeth and enough money to have bright pearly whites, but they haven’t done it. In the end, they are probably happier and more at peace than most of us with all our hangups.

  • Patty

    He needs to keep his shirt on.

  • he’s at a higher level of existence

    HURRAY for J & V’s decision to marry. People can talk about marriage until doomsday, saying they don’t need it etc. That may be true for you, but you not wanting to marry does not change the reality that a happy marriage is something that just about everybody would really like to have. Those who view it negatively generally have found that they weren’t able to have the ideal. They weren’t good at it or were unhappy, for whatever reasons. Marriage will always be something that people who are positive and unjaded aspire toward. A lot of couples eventually wed once they feel secure and certain that getting married will not tear them apart.

  • Sue

    who cares, wish him and his bride to be many more happy years. I will always be a JD fan.

  • Blue

    With all his money, why doesn’t he fix her teeth?

    Notice how she covers her mouth with her hand or keeps it shut. Her teeth are awful.

    Johnny, on the other hand, is fantastic.

  • katx

    What an ignorant statement. She also has enough money to fix her teeth if she felt she needed them fixed. She is a model, actress and singer her teeth have never been a problem to get her ahead in her career and they certainly haven’t stopped her getting a wonderful guy in her life. Perhaps not everyone is as shallow as you where you think that perfection is beauty.

  • brad&angie so hot..Johnny’s da bomb!

    to #36 puts
    ummm stop comparing celebs ‘Johnny ,Brad’ I luv them both’ and they are friends.
    Don’t let another poster sway you from the thread and say such mean things.
    Geez people stop bringing Brad into it.
    Brad can’t catch a break.
    Anywayz Johnny is the bomb!
    Beck is not a movie star celeb he plays sports,an Brad doesnt copy him.
    Man I’d love to be Vansessa, on a yaught in Italy with Johnny Depp.

  • black

    Wow——the first time EVER I see Johnny shirtless!

    Now I have to take a look at the pictures.

    By the way, my nerves are wretched!!
    I´ve been reading Harry Potter for the last two days.(Yeah, you´ve heard me! I still havn´t finished it yet. I´m taking my sweet time- and it´s worth it!)

    Now I´m deliberately not reading any further, because I want to try and solve the puzzles before reading on. And believe me- my willpower is stretched to the maximum.

    Ok that´s it for now.

    All the best to all my fellow harry Potter readers!

  • md

    Aren’t the kids with them? I know they can afford the best nannies, but i don’t think i could go on a vacation without my kids. Anyway, congrats if they are going to get married.
    Johnny Depp looks a lot better than other male acors over 40 like Pitt, though he has a better body than Johnny, or Clooney etc…

  • 46 brad&angie so hot..Johnny’s da bomb!

    Gawd # 47 black.. I’ve been messed up since Friday midnight, then 12:30 got he much to absorb in the upsetting,wont spoil.. I’m almost done,,weeping.stunned.. Please ‘JK Rowlings’ take it all back Peace black..Johnny I love ya ..

  • kellygrrrl

    God, he is so hot! He’s definitely #1 on my list. I think it was the experience of their daughter being gravely ill and hospitalized that made JD and VP decide they should make it legal.