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Natalie Portman Plays in Central Park

Natalie Portman Plays in Central Park

Natalie Portman comes out of hiding and leaves an apartment on the Upper East Side in New York City on Saturday. The Oscar-nominated actress was seen walking to Central Park with friends. (They were wearing Harry Potter t-shirts and carrying around Deathly Hollows!)

Natalie, 26, was also seen hailing a taxi in the NYC’s West Village on Friday wearing a wifebeater and a torn-up pair of jeans. Hot sunglasses!

Someone also recently admitted, “I took home a piece of chewed-up gum Natalie Portman left behind at a Tilly and the Wall concert. My point is that very few of us are strong enough to fight the celebrity pull. We all want a piece of our idols – literally.” Nast.

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  • Orange Clockwork

    Why can’t all 20-something year old starlets in Hollywood be as reserved and mature as Natalie?

  • Dirty Cougar

    First! I love Natalie Portman!

  • Christa

    Love her! I think she’s kinda pretty. :]

  • Dirty Cougar

    Natalie’s cool! I really don’t care for the pink dress. It looks like polyester!! Icky but, she’s so gorgeous and slender so it, looks good on her! Adorable in jeans and white tank. She’s so young and stylish. She’s a true classic beauty. She the new Audrey Hepburn! A lot of young woman celebrity’s her age should, learn how to dress more like Nat. Love the sunglasses too! Her hair is growing out which, looks wonderful. Work it Nat. Go girl go!

  • bran

    Natalie looks like most of my fellow college students. She is definitely not a fashion victim which is good, but sometimes she comes across as spoiled.

  • bran

    I think Anne Hathaway is also a classy young lady!

  • Sarah

    I know it’s a cliched thing to say but Natalie Portman looks like she has a bump. She looks great, anyway. I agree with #1.

  • Sarah

    #7 cont.: In the dress picture of course.

  • LSO

    pretty and smart. u gotta love her

  • Sienna

    She looks great.

  • Mex

    ohh natalie.. i love you.. i should transfer to NY to work on you..

  • babel

    She is stuck up and not pretty anymore.

  • OIivia

    Pretending to be a bad girl because she and Anne Hathaway hate being stereotyped as good girls is so low and trashy.Nothing classy about that at all. Why be ashame of being grounded?

  • Anastasia

    she is so plain and average. She looks like that Italian chef in Food Network! She cant even act!

  • chay

    simply gorgeous!

  • jealous

    I think people are just jealous because Nat is beautiful, a talented actress and extremely intelligent (she graduated from HARVARD). Girls who post here are just jealous because they’ll NEVER, EVER achieve what she achieved with only 26 years.
    I can only pity those who post negative stuff about Nat!

  • jess

    She looks like crap! What happened to her, she used to be gorgeous!!?? Girl’s got talent though, plus she is an intellectual and that is more attractive anyway. I don’t know, something about the pics doesn’t look like her.

  • ashdog

    Natalie keeps getting better with age. She’s so intelligent and has so much going for her. You can’t even put her in the same category as Paris, Britney or Lohan…She’s what u call class- something those girls lack.

  • anon

    ok #16 jealous,
    take it down a notch, why are you getting so defensive about people who criticize this actress whom you don’t even know?? everyone’s entitled to their own opinions. i actually pity you rather. and no i’m not a natalie portman hater, i actually really like her as an actress. i’m not doubting she is smart, but don’t justify that by saying she graduated from harvard. the main reason why she got in? take a wild guess… it was because she is famous. next time think through everything before you open your mouth :)

  • Sullen Girl

    At number 13: how is she pretending to be a bad girl? Just curious… I don’t know much about her.

  • Sarj

    She’s the ONLY midget celeb whom can sayn have great looks and talent, she’s not insufferable like the others. The other midget/s appearing on this site are just having their own wishful thinking and should just go away as fast they could!

  • a.n.n

    i don’t like her anymore.
    she’s so pretentious.

  • andré


  • Maya

    #19 – I totally agree with you. W. Bush graduated from Yale for Christ’s sake! Money can get you into any Ivy League and that doesn’t make you “smart”. On the other hand, living in NYC instead of L.A. does. I love Natalie’s classic looks. Also Keira Knightly, Winona Ryder and all the other brown haired/eyed gals :)

  • anon

    Actually, Natalie got straight A’s in high school, took a bunch of AP’s, and wrote a paper that got published in a scientific magazine all before Harvard. I doubt it was just “the money” that got her in.

  • Portman Fan

    Juat because she’s not falling down drunk or seen smoking a storm those not mean she’s pretentious. It is a sad commentary to the times we live in that a young woman such as Natalie Portman with a good head on her shoulder is vilified because she’s not typical

  • KC

    Ah young, beautiful, talented, rich, private and well-educated. Why can’t all starlets be like her?

  • KC

    And oh yeah I think she should date Orlando Bloom. They’d make a great couple.

  • [Fug Face [x]]

    Natalie Rocks!

  • kae

    #19 and #24

    While it’s true that many people such as George W. Bush can get into any university because of their connections and money, Natalie Portman got into Harvard because she’s actually quite intelligent. Many people that know her personally say that she is the smartest person that they’ve ever met. I think she’s very smart and a great role model for women.

  • Tim

    it’s a no brainer, take the gum and ebay it.

  • Daniel Saynt

    What is she wearing in that top pict? It makes her look like her boobs are in need of a lift.

  • Christine

    She’s hanging out with 12-year-olds.
    That’s cute.

  • Krung Krung

    love natalie p. she’s beautiful and a very good actress y’all…

  • Anqxxx

    I think she should date Andy Roddick. They’d make a great couple.

  • Sarah

    #20, they don’t have a clue what they’re talking about…I think it has to do with the deleted nude scene in Closer. Which is stupid.

  • Angelina

    I like her. She’s very similar to keira knightley though i like natalie more. She’s got a very special kind of beauty. I don’t particulary like her sense of fashion but oh well, it won’t be the end of the world will it? She’s smart and she knows how to act, so stop judging!


    Great to see some new Nat pics at last she looks great

  • gini

    i love her because she’s not superficial and she’s cute

  • Anon.

    I’m glad people defend Natalie, and amused at the haters. A bunch of losers with faulty logic! Natalie doesn’t have to “prove” she is smart or that she graduated from Harvard based on her own work and intelligence. She did. Her instructors have confirmed this, as her own writings from that period have, too. She is beautiful, intelligent and classy. She always said acting wasn’t the only thing she was interested in. She has been lucky to have the opportunity to travel, and to promote organizations and activities that make a difference in people’s lives. I adore her!!!

  • Anon.

    I want to see her with Jake! I think they are both in the same area at the same time for a change. NYC. Wonder if they will get together! Jake hasn’t been seen in public in a month.

  • Anon.

    She is a totally dedicated vegetarian since she was eight years old. Even her shoes, boots and purses, no leather! And she wears really simple stuff except when she has to do fashion shoots or red carpet. And even then, she’s always strictly no leather.

  • sd

    It’s great that she doesn’t wear all the “in” things like most of the other young celebs, although she could afford it!

  • sd

    In my previous post i wrote about her clothes. Now i want to comment on what her supporters and non supporters said. I don’t know if Natalie went to Harvard because she was so smart or so rich, maybe it was a combo?
    I don’t think she is perfect, nobody is. For instance, she once said she’ll never smoke and guess what paparazzi caught her smoking. I don’t say i judge her ( i smoke too) i just want to say celebs are also humans and change their minds and are not perfect.
    I liked Natalie in “Leon”, but found her awful in “Star Wars”. Personally i’m not a big fan of her acting nowadays.
    As for her looks. She looks like the girl next door and i like that. Sometimes she is really pretty, she was able to pull off the bold “do”. Other times i find her quite average looking.
    And before you accuse me, i’m not jealous. I’m not unattractive or dumb (i’m going to graduate from uni soon, although that does not mean there are not enough “dumb” uni graduates out there ;) ).

    Have a nice day!

  • Nat Fan

    Natalie Portman rocks my socks!!!!

  • Mmmmm

    She was good in Beautiful Girls and liked her in Closer .. good for her if she went to school and did want most actors dont (get a degree).

  • Anqxxx

    Natalie Portman + Andy Roddick= Super Copule

  • hamilton

    Natalie, eres un amor, toda una mujer, bella, inteligente y con un carisma sin igual, te amo.

  • Danoj

    Look at the top picture, in the pink dress, she looks pregnant!

  • Leonardo

    I just LOVE her, she’s just a natural beauty :)