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TomKat's Beckham Bash

TomKat's Beckham Bash

Hollywood rolled out the red carpet for the Beckhams on Sunday night.

David and Victoria Beckham were joined by Hollywood heavyweights Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (in vintage James Galanos) and Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith at a “Welcome to Los Angeles” party in downtown Los Angeles. Katie wore purple Louboutins with her long red gown.

David and Victoria kept their hands on each other’s backsides during the group photo shot… how romantic!

The special celebration held at The Geffen Contemporary at The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA).

20+ pictures inside of Tom & Katie, Posh & Becks and Will & Jada

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01 beckham welcome to la party
02 beckham welcome to la party
03 beckham welcome to la party
04 beckham welcome to la party
05 beckham welcome to la party
06 tomkat beckham party
07 tomkat beckham party
08 tomkat beckham party
09 tomkat beckham party
10 tomkat beckham party
beckhams party group picture 01
beckhams party group picture 02
beckhams party group picture 03
beckhams party group picture 04
posh becks party la party
posh becks party
tomkat beckham party 01
tomkat beckham party 02
tomkat beckham party 03
tomkat beckham party 04

Photos: Team Beckham/Splash News Online, Axelle/Bauer-Griffin, Anthony/
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  • Bit me

    just how short is tommy boy

  • davvvv

    snap number one!

  • yara

    Becks is so damn fine. everything looks fit on him

  • vivelle

    Katie Holmes as HOLLYWOOD HEAVYWEIGHTS ……….come on JAred. Could you be funnier than that.
    Katie is just KAtie an F List actress JUST THAT… nor b nor c JUST F!
    And Jada could be D.
    Will B-
    And of course tommy boy as the only HHW

  • He’s so little but not cute.

    HAHA. Poor Tom. He’s so little I could step on him and not even know. He has little man syndrome. AND YOU’RE NOT FIST DICKHEAD. Someone can’t count to two. Pretty sad. Oh well.

  • marie

    tom looks almost as short as jada. And katie’s hand on his shoulder shows how short he really is…

  • ????

    looks like they all had a good time.

  • penny

    Everyone looks young except for Katie who is wearing an older woman dress. How come she looks cool when Tom’s not around and when he is she dresses “old”. Control freak!

  • lilflowa

    More pictures jared!! whats with Katies’s dress….everyone else looks fab

  • Lasa

    Wow even with the lifts on Tom’s shoes he is still so short! You never realize just how short til you see him next to everyone! Victoria looks amazing! David is gorgeous! They all look really nice. Except Will Smith looks like a moron in that stupid outfit though.

  • sandrine

    I love them all except the BECKS. they’re TOO poshy for me surtout Vic, she’s a monster look at their knees more down on just jared. excuse my ENGLISH!!!!!!! I talk french for the future. BIG BISOUS POUR TOI JUST JARED!!!!! GO 0N LIKE THIS!! au revoir

  • e

    omg what is WITH katie’s dress?????? u would think she’d coordinate with jada and victoria…. i just dont find that dress appropriate for the evening….

  • Anna

    Katie’s dress looks as if it was photoshoped in.;)

  • LSO

    it’s just that victoria and katie wore super high high-heels

  • sandrine

    I AGREE WITH YOU PENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 2985

    Yeah, Katie’s dress is all wrong for the occasion! Did her invite say ‘prom’ or smth?

  • Hulla

    How can she walk in that shoes? Impressive. ;)

  • sandrine

    IT’s OK SHE’s beautiful KATIE ARE U HAPPY????

  • ????

    love how the beckmans grab each other a$$.

  • Malayka

    Katie Holmes should teach Victoria a thing or two about elegance! Tom Cruise is as dishy as ever and looking trimmer.

  • Dieter

    I wanna do a happy foursome with them. Katie and Posh are so hot and so are David and Tom. I think Tom should do Posh up the pooper and Katie should suck David. Wonderful !!!

  • Av

    Penny, r u stpid or what? if tom were a control freak, katie would’ve worn flats instead of those heels. let’s just not pretend u know them.

  • Smith Fan

    Why is will wearing sneakers to an event like this? Everyone looks so nice, he had to ruin with his sneakers and no tie wearing self. I’m very shocked because Will Smith is one of the snappiest dressers out there. It’s like he was forced to be there or something.

  • too funny

    lol at the bunch of them.

  • lilflowa

    # 12 how is Victorias dress not appropriate?? Its the same lentgh as Jada’s! And what u mean its not right for the evening?? KATies is the DRess not right for the evening! its a party and a celebration Victoria’s dress is perfect! Katie looks like she’s going to the oscars in that horrible dress!!

  • nani

    What a freak show. Posh is fugly and now Jada has that same gross style. Tom is a gay midget and somehow they think putting Posh and her gay hubby with them is going to make them celebrities. blech. Go bad to england.

  • too funny

    21 Dieter

    you have it all wrong tom wants david.

  • Question

    What does Tom have on Will and Jada? Do you think he (scientology) knows they are gay and using the info to get them to do stuff?

  • lilflowa

    Plus its their bash Victoia can wear whatever she wants……….its not some prestigious annual event or something! GEez!!

    Ppl are commenting like this is a bash held evey year so they no the dress code! NO PPL ITS A PARTY!! GET OVER IT

    Everyone looks ready to party apart from Katie

  • Poor Katie

    Please go easy on Katie. Remember she’s very young and before she married Tom, she was just that girl from Dawson’s Creek. She’s still trying to find her own. Jada and Posh are pros in the game and it’s unfair to compare her to them.

  • Tref

    I want David and Katie to bone each other

  • Angelina

    those were very entertaining photos! about victoria and beckham…they look very erm, themselves as usual. but i agree with everyone else- that dress is so wrong for this occasion. compare kate and victoria together…the difference is immense! victoria should’ve dressed herself in something more her age. her dress isn’t bad but it just isn’t right for her age. btw, check out those shoes, they’re killing- ly high!

    kate and tom…sigh, i just wished tom was taller. he should be around david or will’s height. oh well, tom will always look like the plain old tom. kate looks nice…she looks really matured in that shocking red dress. as much as i like it on her, its not right for the occasion either. its too elegant for a party. it should be shorter, but not as short as victoria’s. but im liking kate’s hair- it looks funky on her!

    jada and will…i think jada looks weird in that dress. its as if she’s trying to impress victoria too hard or something. i also hate her shoes…she should’ve wore pumps. victoria and her almost look like twins. on the other hand, i think will looks cool with what he’s wearing. it isn’t formal like tom or too over-the-top. its will smith style! the trainers aren’t that bad…

  • Jamie

    WOW Victoria looks AMAZING. She has got THE best legs!!

    Thats a very impressive guest list, no wonder the media where gaging to get in! lol

  • From Lainey

    Stars For Soccer – Katie and Little Sci
    But while Posh befriended the new Mrs Parker, fueling speculation she will guest-star on Desperate Housewives, her true BFF Katie Holmes was doting on the impossibly adorable Little Sci. As you can see, Katie is gorgeous with a tan. Gorgeous. Looks like a 40 year old at Martha’s Vineyard? Yes. But gorgeous nonetheless.

    Not so gorgeous – Katie’s dress selection for the Beckham party on Sunday night. Red, strapless, shapeless, cross between beauty pageant, the prom, and Joan Collins circa Dynasty … seriously, for the love of Coco Chanel, what was she thinking??? Not even those beautiful purple Louboutins could save it…to say nothing of her big brother husband, though I’m told he spared us all the Rossum and refrained from “presenting” her this time. FYI: “Presenting Katie Holmes” is the funnest game to play at the office when you need a break. We do this at eTalk all the time. Michelle is the best at the arm flourish – the way Tom ceremoniously, like a world famous conductor, swoops aside all others… try it some time. It’s an art.

    But I digress.

    The topic is why Katie dresses like ass as soon as the GMD comes home. Coincidence or conspiracy?

  • lmao

    Thats a very impressive guest list

    lmao, huh? Who?

  • Grana

    David looks amazing but I wish he hadnt shaved his hair again. I was liking the peroxide blonde.

  • Martha

    I just don’t understand why we’re supposed to be interested in plastic Posh… and why all the fuss about an athlete at the end of his career coming to play for a team or sport few American’s watch ?

    It all seems just too contrived.

    At least most of the ladies at this event seemed to understand they should dress up in a fun way for a party, but I just don’t understand Katie’s staid and dour choice. She should be having fun with her clothes at her young age instead of dressing years older.

  • Mmmmm

    Posh’s shoes are straight off a street walker, gross! Poor Tom looks like he is hanging on to his mom. KATE looks very old for her age.

  • Scarlett

    Katie looks gorgeous and chic … it is called sophistication. She does not look old.

  • me

    I enjoyed Angelina’s (32) fashion commentary, it was right on. I also agree with whoever said her dress looked photoshopped in! Its shape just dosn’t seem to go with her body or something. Good for her for never wearing flats even though she’s taller than her hubby though.
    BY the way I don’t think the beckham’s putting their hands on each others asses is at all romantic – its desparate. Victoria came out and admitted on that recent interview David cheated on her so I think they go overboard with “please believe us we’re happy” PDA stuff. Believe me, its going to get old real soon. They only just got here. I give them less than a month before everyone is as sick of them as they are of Paris.

  • Lena

    I just love cruise. He is a very loyal friend

  • Susan

    ummm….where the hell are any of his teammates!!!o sorry i was delusional and thought he was playing futbol here in the states not be a self absorbed, media hungry git!

  • lory


  • Ella_

    The britsh are so happy they have left. They have not made any front pages over here and the media seems to have forgotten then ASAP!

    Jada & Will are WEIRD TOO!

  • megan

    susan (42) — the press will report who they want to report. david didn’t plan the guest list, tomkat and jada did. and, is david supposed to sleep at the stadium as well, since he’s only here to play soccer?

  • EvilLynn

    Jada is four feet, 10 inches tall in her socks (I worked for an agency that wrangled actors’ clothes to be altered for big events) I’d wager that her shoes in this picture are about 4 inches high, which puts her at about five feet, two inches in this shot. If Tommy-boy isn’t wearing lifts in his shoes, he is approximately five feet, six inches tall. If he IS wearing lifts, I would put his height at five feet, four inches tall.

    He “says” he is five feet, nine inches tall…but that’s completely false.

  • how freaky!

    tom looks 12!! victoria’s shoes are not nice i have to say! katie’s dress: weird length. go either full length or short, not hanging around the top of your shoes! and look they’re like a little clan! tom holding katie’s hand, katie holding victoria’s hand. how creepy!!!! eww! these bunch are a joke

  • loru

    tom and katy are sooooo creepy! i will never stop saying that. it is almost as if he brainwashed katy and made her into a lifeless robot. hottest couple in this pic is def the becks.

  • Julzz

    This is bash is just amazing.
    The Beckhams is what Tinseltown really needed!!!

  • SchoeneDame

    Victoria Beckham needs to accept the fact that she is short and simply average looking. She tries WAY too hard to look good. I wonder just exactly how long it takes her to get ready in the morning. What a joke….and talentless to boot!