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Eva Longoria Bebe Sport Ads -- NEW!

Eva Longoria Bebe Sport Ads -- NEW!

New black-and-white Bebe Sport ads have surfaced featuring Eva Longoria and two sexy hunks! (The first round of color ads were release back in March.)

The newly Mrs. Tony Parker has been busy shooting the fourth season of Desperate Housewives, just 11 days after her fairytale Parisian wedding and honeymoon at Turks and Caicos islands in the Caribbean.

This past weekend, Eva watched David Beckham‘s debut soccer match and attended his “Welcome to LA” party.

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  • Lillianne

    love her love the ad

  • Annie



    Another Over-rated WH0RE!!

    This woman has no talent. She struts around DH saying irreverent lines and that is supposed to be an actress?


  • Teresa

    She’s beautiful and all but TOO DAMN skinny.

  • Eva is so desperate and lame

    Eva makes me SICKER than any celeb,really is, she’s Just so in LOVE with HERSELF.And think we all should be too.Bet the guy in front of her has a hidden mirror in his hair,,so she can see HERSELF. EVA wake up you will never be an A LIST MEGA MOVIE STAR. You are a TV HACK NEVER BEEN! Now go spend your new HUSBAND’S money and Go Away! You are cute not BEAUTIFUL AND YOU ARE A LTTLE bitty thang- height wise..

  • Hulla

    So what.
    She was part of a popular tv sries, has lots of money and is a star and you are just posting on an internet site.

    I doubt she cares what you think.

  • Dirty Cougar

    No! She’s not too skinny @ all. Skinny rules anyway! The skinner the better! Rachel Bilson would have been the better choice. Rachel’s younger and has a much more prettier face!

  • inhirnamy137

    She is so annoying and limited, also she isn’t a very striking or exotic looking latina, just a average attractive, bony woman who tries to do anything for attention.Raica was the best Bebe model.

  • so fug so short

    Fugly mid-get, fame-ho-re . Eva the gold digger.That show is borin zzzzzz no -one watches it and someone please teach her how to dress she always looks like cheap an classless + tacky! SHE IS ANOREIC!

  • Pam

    I hate this media whore. She doesn’t have nay talent, boobs, and is so in love with herself and thinks that we are too. No one cares Eva!

  • a realist

    She is just an average looking Mexican, who will look boxy in a few years which is how all Mexican females eventually end up. Note that I said ‘Mexican’ females end up boxy, not all Latinas.

  • tom

    Those pics are photoshopped as a mother f*cker!! Longoria is all of what…5’1”…and in these pics she’s as tall as those male models? Bullsh*t.

    I cant stand this woman and I cant wait till DH is over (even though I really like the show) so her ass will just disappear. Shes a complete waste of space with the most annoying voice and laugh I think I’ve ever heard. She makes my ears nearly bleed when she laughs or yells on the show. Horrible actress too.

    What does suck is that this bitch(when DH is over and she doesnt get anymore work ever) is still gonna have about $50million to disappear with. Heres hoping she blows it all. LOL

  • tom

    Although so fug so short, you are wrong, people do watch DH. Millions anad million of people watch. 19 million viewers watched the season finale in the US alone a couple months ago. Thats far from no one.

    DH was the 4th or 5th(Iforget) most watched scripted tv show this season and is the most watched comedy in the WORLD! People watch.

    We can still see that Longoria sucks while watching though.

  • Julia

    haha i saw the ads yesterday at the mall :)

  • retouched/photo shopped

    How sad if true, people actually watch this dull thud so called actress? Regardless I thought she was from Spain,my bad. Does’nt matter. Still think she is looking for herself where ever she goes..wonder if she dresses up her shadow ? I mean she is so in luv with the limelight ,she really does not have,she is delusional.

  • joan

    ugh..I’m so sick of hearing about her! I don’t care about her wedding, I don’t care about DH, I don’t care about some stupid magazine she’s in and I DON’T CARE ABOUT HER! Like said before, she has no talent. She’s only famous because she’s disgustingly skinny and is willing to take her clothes off. Great message for young girls!

  • trickytri

    the heels are not very sporty.

  • j

    She does always seem so in love with herself and she is way too thin

  • Nadia

    she probably is in love with herself and she is to skinny

  • http://JustJared Kat

    She’s so superficial , narcissistic ,and disgusting ! Just can’t stand her. Go back to Corpus Christi, a cheap little coastal town in Tx. Without her make up , her stylist , her wardrobe, she’s plain and homely. UGH !!! Just Plain Ugly !!!. Need more mirrors to strut your talentless self ?

  • andré

    everyone is rly hot in these ads.

  • Shoes4life

    I like her in “Desperate Housewives” but I am about sick of looking at her.

  • [Fug Face Cadaver Jolie]

    There’s something about this girl that makes you not like her.

  • daisy

    eva is so annoying she reminds me of a little rat. She is short skinny skanky and fugly. Most latinos i work with make fun of this little mexican woman they say she is so ugly. They can’t understand why she gets followed around by the paps and are so disgusted with her. They call her the media whore. lol lol.As a non latino i use to like her at first but the little bitch has no talent and her movie with mike douglas tanked,keifer sutherland said that the only woman on her show that could act was felicita ouch!

  • suzy

    think she is too old 4 this. she is hot but people in her age range don’t wear bebe. someone in their twenties would be better.

  • senior

    Bebe is for 20 something’s, the ad is to inspire the 30 somethings. Who are trying the 30 is the new 20 thing. The commentators on this thread are not having it. And aren’t people supposed to love themselves? a little bit. At least enough to look pretty good at 30(compared to some 20 somethings Britney, Paris,

  • BlogWatcher

    … If you can’t act …. POSE! At least we don’t have to hear her speak and we can turn the page on these attention-whore pictures. And WTF is wrong with her mouth??? Looks like she’s been sucking lemon tarts … or, uh, nevermind. Who cares. What an untalented waste of ad space!!!!

  • Len

    Yes…. Eva is all punking us. This is really a 12 year old boy in disguise. F*ck Eva & I noticed Tony wasn’t at David Beckhams’s party… he probably didn’t want to be around an athlete more famous than his lame azz.

  • Anya

    Aside from not liking her, this add is EXACTLY the same as the famous Versace B &Ws from the early 90s featuring Stephanie Seymore, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, and the other HOT (size SIX) supermodels. The ads featured naked models and the girls leaning on them and so on.


    Bebe should be ashamed.

    No artistic integrity whatsoever.

  • Angelina

    she looks great in those ads! i dont particulary like or dislike eva…she’s okay. i like her on dh, she has a real personality. oh and btw, she is skinny but so what? skinny is better than being fat eh? if she’s fat all you complainers out there would complain about her being too fat. you can never satisfy anyone so i suggest we all stop complaining about her shape. she looks good so leave her alone.

  • Louise

    How come she looks so tall here?

    Or are those guys really THAT short?

  • angelface

    what the big thing if she’s short…does it really make her less attractive?

  • Diana

    She has the body of a 10 year old girl, nothing there … Her face is so done up, you will think she is someone else … Can’t they find real women to represent their clothes line?

    The guys, on the other hand ..they stole the show!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m tired of seeing short actresses in fashion ads. Bring back the sexy supermodels.

  • EvilLynn

    OK…what’s the point of BeBe Sport….is it workout clothes, or…? Because I seriously cannot imagine working out in the faux-tuxedo-bustier-bodysuit thing….and Eva looks like one of those twig-dolls from the Blair Witch Project…but with hair on it…

  • nin


  • Marie

    I really want to see the pre-photoshopped versions of these pics.

  • Yawn

    She is not hot. Ever see this attention whore without make-up on? YIKES!

  • amy

    Why all the weird angles? And what makes this sporty besides the football players and the hats? Her eyes look kind of wonky. I don’t watch anything she is in but I still manage to see her on something-which sucks. She is sooooo annoying!!! There is nothing good or beautiful about her. I think her husband must be gay because he is never smiling when he is w/ her. She should’ve stuck w/ Tyler Christopher (I think that’s his name.). He’s hot!!

  • EBZ

    Gorgeous pics………….

  • Steven.

    The male models must be really short to make her look pretty tall.

    I mean, isn’t she 5’2″?

  • lauralaiwc

    how short do those men have to be posing with her?
    there is hope for us short people yet!!! and i dont mean her. i have mold in my shower that poses better than this.

  • lauralaiwc

    and to add this, i shot a short film a few weeks ago (and doing again this weekend) where they told me i couldnt wear anything taller than a 1 inch heel because of my co-star. i had to go buy ballet flats. he doesnt need to know that though.
    there are pics on my myspace. its caleld “crushed”.
    so, back to hope for short people…

  • raynee

    She is just an average looking Mexican, who will look boxy in a few years which is how all Mexican females eventually end up. Note that I said ‘Mexican’ females end up boxy, not all Latinas.

    yeah right- I love it when people like to distinguish Mexican women from other “latinas” in a very despective way. This is why I would NEVER call myself a latina- don’t need to relate to so many cultures that carry so many complexes. Ever seen Cuban, Puerto Rican, and even older Brazilian women? I am married to a Brazilian man, very familiar with the culture.

    Eva is not the most beautiful woman in the world, but she is cute and sexy in her own way. Stop with the Mexican bashing- f’kn sour A-holes.

  • cutie pie

    that is not that bitch evas body she is not that tall. you cant fool me she has a body double, you can see its not her effing body.

  • Glamour Diva

    Eva needs to move her ass out of the WAAAAAY! Those models are hot to damn death!

    Ms. GD

  • TK

    she’s hot, bt i’m really, really not fond of the dopey baseball hate or wtever