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'Invasion' Movie Stills -- NEW!

'Invasion' Movie Stills -- NEW!

Do not trust anyone. Do not show emotion. Do not fall asleep.

Here are some great Invasion movie stills of Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig from the sci-fi film based on the 1956 film Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Synopsis: A space shuttle mysteriously crashes on Earth, and an extraterrestrial disease in the wreckage begins infecting human beings. A psychiatrist from Washington DC, Carol Bennell (Nicole Kidman), and her colleague Ben Driscoll (Daniel Craig) discovers that the transformation caused by the infection is triggered by REM sleep, robbing them of their humanity. As the infection spreads, fewer people can be trusted. Fighting to stay awake, Carol looks for her son, who may hold the answer to stopping the invasion.

Invasion is slated for nationwide release on August 17.

30+ movie stills inside of the movie Invasion

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invasion movie stills 01
invasion movie stills 02
invasion movie stills 03
invasion movie stills 04
invasion movie stills 05
invasion movie stills 06
invasion movie stills 07
invasion movie stills 08
invasion movie stills 09
invasion movie stills 10
invasion movie stills 11
invasion movie stills 12
invasion movie stills 13
invasion movie stills 14
invasion movie stills 15
invasion movie stills 16
invasion movie stills 17
invasion movie stills 18
invasion movie stills 19
invasion movie stills 20
invasion movie stills 21
invasion movie stills 22
invasion movie stills 23
invasion movie stills 24
invasion movie stills 25
invasion movie stills 26
invasion movie stills 27
invasion movie stills 28
invasion movie stills 29
invasion movie stills 30
invasion movie stills 31
invasion movie stills 32

Photos: Peter Sorel/WB
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  • omg


  • omg

    seems like an interesting movie =)

  • Me

    She’s a great actress.

  • too bad

    Isn’t this Invasion of the body snatchers.. I believe its been done twice.. last one was with donald Sutherland. i think. Invasion of the body Snatchers goes back to the 1950s or 60s. This is another remake. except for the little boy part the idea is identical.

  • Hayden

    Why is she still working when no one watches her movie?
    Craig on the other hand is a rising star like Gerard Butler.
    Even when the Moral Compass trailer was on the kids and adults on my Harry Potter crowd looked bored to death.

  • Nisha

    Is this a remake of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”?

  • ????

    They look good together and this looks like an interesting movie. I will have to check it out.

  • Marta

    Hi! I have so many artikels+posters on Nicole Kidman to swap.

    I am from Hungary/Europe. I looking for posters of Britney, Hanson, Green Day, Madonna, Melrose Place.

    write me here:

  • magnus

    Hungary isn’t a real country. Nice try “Marta”.

    This movie will suck more a$$ than the fat welfare b*tch who posts incessantly on here unto the pseudonym ‘fugeface’.

  • Dancer

    #9, what do you mean Hungary isn’t a real country? Budapest? Ever heard of it? Nestled between Romania, Croatia, Slovakia and Austria? Oh wait, that’s right–advanced geography isn’t until first grade.

    I think the movie is going to be good! Nicole is a great actress.

  • ntt

    Daniel Craig is one sexy man.

  • Crane

    Nah will wait for the dvd.

  • Andreia

    She’s so expressive, i love her a lot and i’m so excited to watch this new movie with Nic on :) looove you Nic!! ;))

  • diamond

    this movie sounds interesting. Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig are two of my favorite actors.

  • Hellagood

    Love Nicole. Thank you for some new stills, Jared.

  • Prix

    Daniel Craig is one of my favourite actors’, but that is one unattractive hair-style he’s sporting in these pictures.

    WHAT was his stylist thinking?

  • maya

    thanks for the stills, jared :)

    Nicole looks absolutely gorgeous and Daniel look hot.
    Definitely seeing this.

  • [Fug Face Cadaver Jolie]

    Nicole’s still Gorgeous.

  • Jillian

    Nic and Daniel look great together. And the little boy, Jackson Bond, is so adorable.

  • =D

    beautiful! amazing! sexy! hot!

    Sum up nicole and daniel! And this movie!!

    cant wait!!!

  • Captinzoom

    According to Wikipedia they shot the film back in Sept 2005. The Studio disliked the first cut so much that they Fired the Director and the Writers!. Had the Film rewritten by the guys who did the Matrix, Re-shot Scenes and had the whole thing reedited in early 2007!

    Most film Productions take 10-12 months from the First day of shotting to release. This Film took almost 2 years. If I knowing anything massive re shoots means the film sucked hardcore.

    Reports say this First version was low-key. Using little to no special effects but from the Trailer I saw in Tranformers this new version is pretty much Falling UFO’s, Mutants, People falling of Building and Car Crashes.

    Worst thing is Nicole Kidman had to stay that horrid Blond for over a year. BITCH GO BACK TO RED.

  • =D

    Ummm captizoom… you belive stuff written on Wikipedia do you??

    You do know its not relaible.. its random people writing crap on it.

    SO before you start critizing people you have never met..

    Get your facts right.

    And nicole looks stunning with all coloured hair.

  • Lady

    Love Nicole! She is my favorite actress, and one hell of a classy and nice person…

  • Kelly

    sorry to be a downer, but they’re not new lol. I’ve seen all of them but 2 before, and some of them have been around since the website opened, or even before then. The one was on a poster from a film festival months ago.

  • buggy

    Cute kid. He looks like he could be the offspring of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban.

  • kiti

    Nicole’s the best.

  • holly

    can’t wait to see this film! Nicole Kidman is an amazing actress so Daniel!

  • Ginger

    ohh love those pics. What a couple they do!!!!

  • Fabia

    The films sounds really good! I’m a fan of Daniel and Nicole. Can’t wait to see it!

  • Daniel fan

    i’m amazed with this couple. I never tough Nicole was so sexy, well MR Bond no words!

  • Dieter

    Nicole is still the hottes´t around

  • Anonymous

    I’m honestly tired of seeing Nicole Kidman is every big movie. She needs to retire.

  • Mara

    Who cares about Craig and Kidman, Jeremy Northam is in the movie and that’s the only reason I’d go see this movie…

  • Tesco Girl

    I heard that the original director’s wife was ill so he left the movie to take care of her therefore presenting those delay problems (as well as it being a below par script)….oh well, I guess Dan took this film so he could work with Nicole (I wonder if he would have taken it had he known Bond was just around the corner?)…it’s a pity that this is Dan’s first post-Bond film though…it should have been out before CR…a lot of critics will be seeing if, to quote, “his post-Bond mojo” will work…I guess timing is everything and nothing in the film world…I mean look at “Infamous” and the timing of THAT US release…they should have released that at the same time as “Capote” and let the audiences make their mind up..I personally think it robbed Dan of an Oscar nod for Best Supporting Actor…but that’s me…:)
    I will go and see it because Dan is in it but certainly not for the plot or lack thereof! Dan could just be standing there doing nothing for over an hour on screen and I would still watch…LOL!

  • Tesco Girl

    I heard that the director’s wife was very ill so he left the movie to take care of her thus presenting the delay problems? (On top of the fact it was a below par script)..anyway, I think Dan took this film to work with an A list actress but I wonder if he would have done it knowing Bond was around the corner? Probably not. Timing is everything and nothing in the film world, I mean, this film (which should have been released over a year ago)is his first post-Bond and the critics are lining up to weigh in on his “mojo” …I mean look at what happened to “Infamous” should have been released around the same time as “Capote” and have the audiences make their mind up…I think because of that, it robbed Dan of a Oscar nod for Best Supporting Actor, but that’s me :).
    I will watch “The Invasion” simply because of Dan but certainly not for the plot. I mean, I could watch Dan stand there for over an hour doing nothing at all and would get a high over it..LOL!!

  • bataglio

    Yes. Dan.

  • mIIA

    ”Hungary isn’t a real country.”

    - magnus

    Oh really? And who the fuck are you saying what is a real country and what’s not! Come on…

    Idiots shut up, please!

    And then about this film Invasion. I really don’t like Nicole Kidman I don’t exactly know why, but I don’t. And the other thing that I don’t like is Daniel’s hair. It’s too long. If I’d be him, I’d keep it short like in Casino Royale.

    But of course I’ll check this film out, because of Daniel.

  • Miia

    ”Hungary isn’t a real country.”


    Oh really? And who the fuck are you saiyng what is ”a real country” and what’s not! Shut up, please!

    And then about this new film..I don’t like Nicole Kidman, I don’t exactly know why, but I don’t. And the other thing that I don’t like is Daniel’s hair. It’s too long. If I’d be him, I’d kept it short like in Casino Royale.

    But of course I’ll check out this new film, because of Daniel.

  • Miia

    I’m sorry, I did that twice..My mistake…

  • Miia

    ”According to Wikipedia they shot the film back in Sept 2005. The Studio disliked the first cut so much that they Fired the Director and the Writers!. Had the Film rewritten by the guys who did the Matrix, Re-shot Scenes and had the whole thing reedited in early 2007!”

    -Yes of course…How stupid am I..

  • http://yahoo Emmanuella

    nicole kidman is an exremely classy and intelligent actress the academy has sch respect for her cant wait ti see it.=]

  • Janice

    Super movie!!! Nicole and Daniel make a super sexy duo!! Hope they make more movies together. Invasion is a smart thriller!!

  • Janice

    Just an additional note, maybe Nicole and Daniel can become another
    “Becall and Bogart!” We need a new hot screen duo to get excited about! Now that the Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks pair up is in the film history books, we need another go!

  • Ok enough..

    BTW, its “BOGEY” and “BACALL”…he needs to star with someone else other than her..she acts like a dead fish.. their chemistry is better in the G Compass though…Dan needs to choose his scripts a little better..although his reason was lateral move when he signed up for this…wldnt have done so if he knew Bond was around the corner…

  • http://yahoo Allie

    i loved that movie it was super scary super cool and very lovable to her son in the movie jackson bond,Jackson said when he got a kiss by nicole it was like kissing somthing very precious to him i bet nicole gave him 35 more kisses after the movie was made.In one picture i saw him with nicole kidman walking together holding hands in lA