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Britney Spears' Cousin: Pop Star in Training

Britney Spears' Cousin: Pop Star in Training

Britney Spears‘ cousin and former personal assistant, Alli Sims, has been attached to Britney‘s hip for the past few months — see here, here and here.

Alli recently launched her official website at, telling people (fans?) to check back soon! Now she’s trying to be a pop star too??!! Hanging out with Britney surely helped put her name out there…

This is all a bit too much.

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  • Bit me


  • Vera


  • luvmebabe

    just another dumb ho

  • Ugh


  • Ariel

    Is that even her real cousin?

  • [Fug Face Cadaver Jolie]

    Is this a joke?

  • cat

    at least she is more put together than her bat sh!t cousin.

  • EvilLynn

    Oh, Alli, Alli, Alli, Alli…..Alli…please, girl. You’re at *least* a nose job and a titjob away from any kind of “career” in Hollywood. Blech!

  • JEN

    Oh Sh*t!!!!! There goes the planet!

  • jeo

    That poor woman can’t go a week without having a new person, thing or company trying to ride on her coattails.

  • Anonymous

    she will probably end up like britney in a few years.

  • red songia

    That arch in her back is such an obvious photoshop.

  • S

    YET ANOTHER person trying to get by on Britney’s fame

  • Billie


  • janedoe

    everyrhing about that photo is photoshopped. alli is not a small girl.

  • shannon

    From the neck down it looks like an old Britney Spears photo with Allie’s head photoshopped on it. Wonder what’s really going on here.

  • noooo

    whats up with that phyillis diller/bob hope nose?
    Ally oops has the same music people backing her as Brit brit,,an look where her career is/now, people not years ago.
    She is fug/it waz retouched an she is still fug.

  • libby

    ok this is just way way 2 much. i am guessing she just likes the attention. and there is no way in hell she will make it as far as britney has. i love britney but her cousin is just takin it 2 a level 2 far.

  • libby

    i bet she’s is just jealous of britney and her fame.she probablly just wants 2 be in the spotlight.

  • rebecca

    ok i am a huge britney fan and i don’t agree with this but i am totally gonna support britney and her family. but if britney doesnt like this i don’t either.

  • Kaylee

    She looks completely plastic..
    I bet her album will be as worse as K-fed’s.

  • Betty

    pop is dead.
    someone please tell her.

  • Ashley

    She is UGLY

  • cutie pie

    i would not pay a nickel to see anything this dumb looking cousin of hers does……. pullease another idiot in training

  • KirsTEN

    Ok woah brittney and jamie lynn spears are Really Pretyy This “alli Sims” is ugly and can not be compared with them i rate her a zero and i dont think she could ever sing aswell as britney and jamie

  • Slappinuppa

    Well i’d FUKK THE SHITTT outta Alli Sims and cream pie in her fucking muff unFUKKINtil i got her ass pregnant. She iz wun sexxxy fuck and i dont give a DAMM if she can sing fur shit – I wanna THRUST MY FUCKER UP HER and shoot my spooj and that allll that matterz! Sheez HIGHLY fuckable and DAMM you all that dont like her. Sheez gonnuh have my kidz and be bigger then ELVIS. YESSSSSSS!!!

  • bs

    she looks nothing like britney spears are they really cousins

  • eltrento

    actually, i think this is a pretty good deal. i’m always up for new artists. good luck, alli!!