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Hugh Jackman: Work-Out Wonder

Hugh Jackman: Work-Out Wonder

The couple that works out together, stays together!

Hugh Jackman walks back from the gym on Tuesday in Sydney, Australia with wife Deborra-Lee Furness, the Austalian actress Hugh met on the set of his first acting job, Aussie TV series Corelli. Looks like it’s still chilly in the land down under!

Hugh will reprise his role as the metal-clawed mutant Wolverine, with production set to begin in November for theatrical release in 2008.

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Photos: David G Morgan/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Mmmmm


  • http://www.CreditCardsR.Us CreditCardsR.Us

    Van Helsing rocks!!!!

  • yeah yeah

    Thats HIS WIFE?!

  • bottoms up


  • wolverine

    Love this family!!!

  • Clooniqua

    OMG !!
    Look at that sizzling hot chemistry!!

  • Corpus Christi

    UGH his wife is fugly.. she looks old enuff to be his mum.

  • Billie

    his wife is ugly. he can so much better.

  • Jodi

    Thats great he is a man who could actually stay with his wife. Unlike most of hollywood men who just dump the woman who stood by them when they weren’t successful. It makes him even more attractive.

  • dj

    8 Corpus Christi : 07/24/2007 at 2:57 pm
    UGH his wife is fugly.. she looks old enuff to be his mum.

    Report Abuse 9 Billie : 07/24/2007 at 3:44 pm
    his wife is ugly. he can so much better.

    maybe he actually loves her you bunch of shallow dumbasses.

  • Adair

    I think it’s fantastic that Hugh, unlike most men–er, celebrities–actually cares about something besides physical attractiveness. All the people who say that his wife is “ugly” or that he “can [do] so much better” need to take serious looks at themselves and their priorities. I sure wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with anybody who’s that disgustingly shallow.

  • Prix

    Every time you see a new photo of Hugh’s wife she looks older and fatter.

    Why doesn’t she take better care of herself? Consider the money and resources this woman has at her disposal. Why does she let herself go like that?

  • Molly

    I am not a Hugh Jackman fan, but always enjoy pics of him and his wife (and family) – seems to be a real deal – not one of those HW fake and glamour pairings.

    And his wife looks like a real woman, nothing like the Hollywood plastic babes….

  • http://deleted flower

    they are a real couple not like those Hollywood couples…..anyway he’s cute!

  • Iris

    Love them. They’re so typically Australian and don’t need all the hype in their lives to define their relationship.

  • Iris

    Deborra is obviously a very secure woman and clearly confidant with who she is as a person. At least she is not shallow.

  • Prix


    I don’t think that there is anything shallow about taking care of yourself.

    If this woman wants to look and dress as if she just stepped out of a homeless shelter that is her choice. However, I don’t think it would kill this woman to at least brush her hair once in a while.

    Can’t Hugh afford to buy her a comb?

  • Sheesh

    Why all the criticism of Deb when she’s dressed in the same manner as Hugh! They’re at the gym for pete’s sake, which IS taking care of oneself. She’s wearing comfortable, CLEAN sweats. Pull in the claws, all you picture-perfect critics. Her husband is seemingly very happy with her and their marriage so it’s really none of anyone else’s business – especially not a bunch of internet harpies.

  • Prix

    How do you know they’re clean?

  • janeway

    Thanks for the pics, jared. Hugh has said again and again his family and Deb are number one in his life. I think it is great that they work out together (he has to maintain that incredible body of his) Why do people pick on Deb so much? Why is our culture so obsessed with looks? Are people jealous? And why do people expect celebrities to look red carpet ready when they are going to the gym, shopping etc. ? Hugh and Deb love each other and Deb is beautiful to Hugh and that is all that counts.

  • waz


    She’s actually pretty attractive in real life people – and has real fantastic breasts unlike all those LA bimbos!
    And BTW – they are leaving a day spa not the gym…

  • Deepthroatb

    spot the beard

  • Doogie

    I’ve met her. Pictures don’t capture it, but her eyes sparkle. She’s got a sexy smile and an even sexier laugh, which is ever-present. Spend five minutes with her, and you’ll understand why Hugh’s so damn lucky.

  • Michelle

    Well said Doogie!!! She has got one of those sparkling personalities that people are attracted to and she is attractive in her own unique way. Which is what we all say we prefer but when we see it we attack it!! So shallow!

    As for her being his beard, what a load of crap, how would you know?

  • Squirrel

    Hugh`s wife, are real sweet,so don`t come here and tell Bagga…….!

  • amanda

    he is so freakin HOT.

  • saga

    Actually she’s pretty ugly in my opinion…

  • anon

    actually, if he wants to be with an older, less attractive woman, that’s his choice. whatever floats his boat, i suppose. if he’s happy, then more power to him. however, i am a little disappointed that the next generation will be unable to bask in the glory of his perfect genes. i mean, if his wife is infertile, the least he could do is donate his sperm to the greater good of society!

    (haha…although it may not be apparent over the internet, sarcasm was intended). :)

  • pauline

    The reason why Hugh Jackman is so dedicated to this ugly looking woman is based on psychological reasons. For starters he had lost his mother who had abandonned them, him and his brothers and his father. That created in him an urge to replace the mother figure and to be sure that no female again will abandon him. A much older uglier woman fills this inner void and cannot leave him, because she could never find a much better husband. The insecurity and pain of this previous loss is that made Hugh stay with this woman and be so dedicated to her. I ll be happy to see him being more secure, not nessecerally divorce her, but his feelings based on love not in nessecity

  • nANNII

    I agree with Pauline. If Pauline wasn´t right, then, why that woman seems to be so dedicated to be ugly? she doesn´t even comb her hair, and when she asist at the premieres with her husband she looks like a damn freak for God´s sake!! she doesn´t even dress properly!!!

    If Hugh were my husband, as any other wife in the world!! I will be more aware of what I have in my bed!! I will try to increase the possibilities of our marriage by taking care of my look

    but that´s just my opinion, on the other hand if he truly loves her, for the way she is, and all that stuff, good for them!!

    Hugh is my favorite actor!!

  • lyndsey


  • livid

    It is eternally frustating to see a great looking man with an inferior partner.
    IIt is unjust. As far as I am concerned the man is a moron

  • tina

    HER?? She is wayyy too old looking for him. And she is plain too. Hugh Jackman is too hot for her. She must have a vagay-jay that tastes like candy or something. Or maybe she gives good head. She should write a book called, “How to catch a #10 when youre a #4″.

  • jessica


    ok so they’re not shallow. some people just have standards. i find it really hard to be in a relationship with an unattractive person. i’m going to admit that and if you’re complaining about that then you must look like shit.

  • Nicole

    OMG!!! His wife is SO OLD and she is absolutely HIDEOUS looking! Even if she is a nice person, one would think he could find a nice person that looks half-way decent. Why is he with her???

  • amy

    just make me think of lennon and yoko ono
    criticism on them
    but happy themselves

  • Lena

    I’ve wondered about this couple and in their case I beleive Hugh Jackman has issues (with his absent mother) which has made him settle for someone quite mediocre compared to him (and I don’t mean simply looks but in every aspect). He always tries to “pump her up” in his statements, but what I see is amediocre actress with bad taste, not that charming and certainly not attractive pr fairly his age. She also seems very symbiotically attached to her and he seems to have a compulsive need to mention her in every sentence or so (My Mummy said…)

    I’m all for true love but sometimes you can choose a partner who will echo your lack in childhood, rather than anything else…

    She seems like a clingy, passive-aggressive & rather bland character in comparison, and she does not seem to take care of herself either (always fully dressed granny style on the beach – for god’s sakes my mum is 67 and has a more youthful style)….

    I think he settled for way less. No matter their professions of karma and happiness. Been there, wrote the book. I was just just used to pumping up inadequate people, and had a partner just like that, who I made into all that in my speeches, Until I woke up and realized, there was a gap the size of Grand Canyon, in every aspect (inside and out).

  • Borat

    Wolverine needs to divorce that ugly beeyotch!!!

  • Lamb

    Man that is one ugly woman.
    All you crazy people trying to say she’s not, well then hell, in comparison to Hugh Jackman you have to admit she’s way too..wrinkly for him.