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Jennifer Lopez @ 'El Cantante' Premiere

Jennifer Lopez @ 'El Cantante' Premiere

Jennifer Lopez shows us what real curives are made of at the premiere of El Cantante (“The Singer”), a film biography of salsa-music pioneer Hector Lavoe, in San Juan, Puerto Rico on Monday.

Hubby Marc Anthony stars as the famed but troubled Puerto Rican singer and Jennifer plays the singer’s long-suffering wife, Puchi.

Pictured below: The Governor of Puerto Rico Anibal Acevedo Vila with Jennifer and Marc at the Raul Julia Theater in the Puerto Rico Art Museum in San Juan.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer‘s hip-hugging premiere…

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jennifer lopez el cantante premiere 01
jennifer lopez el cantante premiere 02
jennifer lopez el cantante premiere 03
jennifer lopez el cantante premiere 04
jennifer lopez el cantante premiere 05
jennifer lopez el cantante premiere 06
jennifer lopez el cantante premiere 07
jennifer lopez el cantante premiere 08
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jennifer lopez el cantante premiere 12
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jennifer lopez el cantante premiere 17

Photos: Andres Leighton/Herminio Rodriguez/AP, Ana Martinez/Reuters
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  • mimi


  • Angelina

    whoa, she looks nice here! love this girl

  • fofolioxoo

    lovely, hot mark looking good. they look good together.



  • jlow

    ugly has-been overrated whor*

  • lula29

    Wow, J.Lo looks great! I can’t wait to see this movie!

  • jess

    love,love,love jennifer lopez but she really needs to get rid of skeletor

  • ispy

    Didn’t Ben A. give her that same kiss during one of their movie premiers? Marc looks a bit distracted just like Ben did back in the days.

  • chrissy

    Her men look distracted b/c they’re insecure and self-conscious that the papparazzi only scream out Jennifer’s name. I remember when J.Lo and Marc attended a Latin awards event, and the entire bleachers and press in hundred chanted “J.Lo, J.Lo!” and completely ignored Marc Anthony. LOL
    It was hilarious.

    Let’s face it. She’s always be more famous than whomever she’s with.

  • Palm Springs Savant

    J-Lo is truly a beautiful woman. She is well liked here in Palm Springs~

  • fuglet&fugmo

    She is so fat and fug but skeletor is fuglyier.
    How did this no talented min-mouse speaking/singing woman get so fat?
    She is not that tall but she has to reach down to give him a faux kiss. Good thing he has her though, can we say he is knee deep in child support to his ex-wife he cheated on with J-H-O and the 18 yr old young women he got pregnant.Some one get him some fade away for those dark shadows under his bug eyes.She looks old and haggard.2 non-talents.

  • jho

    She looks like 50 years old in that picture, what a hag.

  • Natalie

    Jennifer really does not need to wear so much make up. She is already beautiful without it! She looks best when she goes natural instead of trying so hard with all the make up caked on her face. Her outfits are both gorgeous anyway. Jennifer seems happy with Marc (even if he looks like skeletor) so I wish them all the best. Her marriage seems to be solid this time around.

  • sflady

    I give them less than a year, they do not look connected. He looks like he is trying to hold onto her while she is pulling away, in every picture…

  • Anonymous

    wow is she ever glamorous. I will never know what she sees in him.

  • lula29

    I see the Garner fans are trying to drum up break up rumors for these two.

    Not happen’. Garflecks are the one’s on a timer.

    I have a pic of Garner crying during an argument they had together on their anniversary vacation if you want me to prove it.

    J.Lo looks great. I like her make-up, but she is naturally pretty without it and her dress looks amazing.

  • onurenu

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG shock jennifer is lookin amazin wow what a amazin booty
    GO JENNY GO Ur always be nr1

    and HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!! GOOD Wishes

  • Julz

    ah ok. that explains why they werents at the beckham welcome bash

  • Courtney

    Jennifer looks SO GORGEOUS!!!! The best she has looked in a long time!!
    Beautiful dress on her!

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Perfect perfect perfect.

    What an amazing looking woman.

  • Mila

    looking Amazing like always !!!!

  • da waltons

    Wow JLo legs and her back are as old and wrinkle as a 67 yr old @ss lady. Man she is flippin fat. The face is packed in caked make-up. Pancake face. Also Mark looks like the walkin de-ad. With those enormous hips she cant have a baby? Oh that’s Right Mark has as many kids as the ‘Waltons’ they don’t need anymore. Gross for these 2.

  • G


    She cant sing or act.

  • Louise

    She definately gained some weight, few months ago (while promoting her album) she looked in much better shape.

    Plus, i don’t like the hair or the dress.

  • Sarah

    Finally she wears something GOOD!

  • terri1

    They are an adorable couple and they look so happy together. I love them.

    Please, the same people have been saying since they got married that they give the marriage little time. The are very HAPPY together.

  • jo

    fur lovers need die in pain.

  • Sarah

    She’s wearing fur in these pictures? I hate fur wearers as much as the next one but no need to make silly random comments like that.

  • jo

    just wait LOL she must have the new winter collection only waiting for the little furry friends to get bigger.

  • andrĂ©

    she looks pretty.
    i’m so not gonna watch this movie.

  • Vera
  • dani

    only one word
    Such a gorgeous woman

  • Mmmmm

    Thank you Jared for saying “real curves”. The hags claim to fame is since one thinks that a curvey girl is lovely that they themselves are fat … insecure freaks. Sorry not into worshiping eating disorders.

  • kira
  • [Fug Face Cadaver Jolie]

    she looks good. =\

  • kira
  • Katie N

    She is a real beauty with curves. People who say she is old and fat are either visually impaired or racist. Most probably the latter.

  • yara

    shes a beautiful woman who choose to have a normal life without being all the time in a spotlife. i love J.Lo

  • dinigi

    W I D E load! bwahaha

  • let me get this straght

    We can’t just dislike JLo because she can’t sing, can’t act, is a bitch and looks like a tannie?

    We only dislike JLo if we are Garner fans?

    hmm…ok….guess I will have to start liking Garner now.

  • Christina

    Her dress is amazing, but what the hell is growing out of her right hip in that solo shot of her? It looks like her hip is giving birth to a fetus. Usualy has a nice bod though, unless it’s always air brushed in pics… He does seem insecure next to her… when a person keeps their eyes open while kissing it shows intimidation. Grrr… J-Lo wears the big a$$ pants!

  • Gia Jolie

    yeah, those two would have to produce their own movie cuz I can’t imagine anyone casting them together. Fur whore! I’m ashamed she’s Latina like me. Someone throw paint on her, and her ugly husband. Freaks.

  • MEgan

    I think he’s gay…

  • J HO

    Ugly J. Ho and her pimp husband. doesn’t matter what designer label she wears she will always be low class. ugly ho.

  • J HO

    the movie will bomb just Gigli and her ass will get bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger so it will not fit thru any door.

  • whateva

    it’s nice to see that she has a good marriage to a weak man! funny how none of her other relationships worked until she fell back and took a I don’t care concept about her career. funny how this man was only known to their culture and now he is all over the place. and the crap about her never touring and it could be fun, well sucka it would be fun to sell out a crowd that she brought there to see her not you loser!! he is a loser riding her coat tails. I am not a JLo fan by no means but I hate how she has just changed for the love of a nobody! no that you can’t love someone less famous… but he only married her to be famous. he jumped out of his marriage with children and married her like what an hour later!? no maybe a day or so but still! she is a homewrecker too and in the end they deserve each other. she isn’t pregnant yet because he only wanted her name not her child! now that he has it and is becoming famous he is in his glory but this dumb chick can’t see the writing on the wall! I mean come on man! when were you ever invited to any damn thing, when were you ever seen with non hispanic celebrities!? when! jen you are a used fool and you always will be… since getting with him all of a sudden she is spanish fake ass bi*ch!

  • erica

    ms lopez is a very beautiful and successful lady. why are some of yall hating on this woman’s success. To name a few, she is the highest paid hispanic actor in hollywood history and she is on the forbes list for the top ten richest women in entertainment at 110 million. She can act (golden globe nom), her albums have sold millions around the world and so she is obviously doing something right. Her figure is beautiful and I am glad that she doesnt look anorexic like many A-list actresses out there and she is a smart businesswoman. You go Jennifer and continued success.

  • emma

    Wow. She looks really good. JLo is a beautiful woman. JLo, Kate Winslet and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Beautiful, curvy, sexy, confident women! I want to see more women like them in the entertainment world.

  • Pam

    She looks old and is starting to get fat.

    She can’t sing or dance. her movies and songs are terrible!

  • Billie

    Lay off the bronzer Jen! She looks orange!