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Beyonce Falls Down a Set of Stairs

Beyonce Falls Down a Set of Stairs

Beyonce took a spill down a set of stairs on Tuesday night while singing “Ring the Alarm” during her concert at the Amway Arena in Orlando, Florida. Bee‘s a fighter because even though she was bleeding, she got right back up and finished performing the rest of the song!

Beyonce fell down really hard,” one fan said. “I think her head may have hit the stairs. I could see that her leg was bleeding and it looked like her lip was busted too but I’m not 100% sure about her lip.”

But that didn’t stop the concert!

Beyonce was so cool about the fall,” the fan continued. “She just got up, wiped herself down and kept performing. I’d bet that most people in the arena didn’t even know that anything happened.”

Watch the video below of Beyonce falling down face first!

Beyonce Falls Down a Set of Stairs

There’s also video of Destiny’s Child members Kelly Rowland collapsing during a performance and Michelle Williams falling down during another.

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# 2

what a trooper

# 3
[~Famous~] @ 07/25/2007 at 10:01 am

Jared, I was praying you wouldn’t post this. smfh

Good thing is, there isn’t a performer alive who hasn’t slipped or fall on stage at some point. But damn! why did Beyonce have to dive as if she was going into a pool.

# 4

How many singers do you know that would keep going? probably 90% of them would have a little diva fit and walk off stage

# 5

what a loud, lip-synced, sequin-encrusted, hair-flinging spectacle. I am sure her falling on her face was the most entertaining part of the evening. A fool and its money are soon parted. Who would spend money to watch this crap?

# 6


Beyonce is so overrated and overexposed.

# 7

Well, she’s a graceful faller, I’ll give her that.

# 8

hope she gets better soon

# 9

funny… she shouldn’t dance like a monkey. but i admire her.

[~Famous~] @ 07/25/2007 at 10:33 am

Lol Even after that embarrassing fall she’s still better than EVERY other chick in the game.

Not one can be named who’s better…

Beyonce fell on her bootylicious booty and went bam bam on her boo boo.

I guess that was her destiny…..child!

PS….Sincere apology for the above joke. Sounds like something a gay Jeff Foxworthy would say.

Jack Jett

theres so many singers falling down on stage.not special

Maybe after that, she’ll go away for some time. The girl is OVERexposed.

so funny!!!she’s ridiculous!

aww its alright. Beyonce is tough. Got right back into the show after that horrific fall.

People can say all the negative things they want about Miss.B, however she is a tooper and no one does it better. She continued to dance even though she fell face first…if I were in that situation I would have die but she kill the audience by being a true perfomer and going on with her set.

Define hater: see this post. Granted I’m not a big B fan but give props where they’re due. She handled that like a pro. Most of the morons posting BS here would still be whimpering in a corner if something similar happened to them.

I’ve noticed that most people here actually hate succesful people.

she’s too fat!!

I feel bad for her because that had to be hell-a embarrassing and it looked like it really hurted! But she is a soilder and she showed it by getting back up, hurt and all still performing… GO BEY. **** happens!

get down and stay down b!tch, where yo ova sized ego belongs

HAHA, idiot.

Okay, that was not, I repeat NOT music, and certainly nothing to pay big bucks for. The sound is amped up to a deafening level, and she’s herky-jerking around like she has a medical problem! This is not sexy, and I predict her career will be short-lived. Sexy only lasts so long, and then you’d better have talent. Saying all that, she’s still a trouper to keep the show going no matter how much she hurt herself.

I agree 23, maybe it was that annoying whiny music that pushed her down.

It’s the DC3 curse!

Corpus Christi @ 07/25/2007 at 12:25 pm

Big Deal.. ANY professional performer would have jumped up and continued also. She’s not special..

wow that made me just love her even more!!! she falls and gets right back up and does her almost brought me to tears to see her be such a strong woman like that..we all should follow in her footsteps

chanel angie 4 life! @ 07/25/2007 at 12:54 pm

Omg wow but she fall down and get up and she was performing again she was dancing i think that not a lot of celebrity would have done that hope she will get better i like her songs and shes a great singer

get down and stay down b!tch ?

that is the word in my mouth

Well no wonder she fell. All that flailing around…

hahah that was funny, its cool though that she got up and kept performing, it reminds me of thta britney spears performance when it was raining and she slipped and fell on her ass and just got up and kept performing

she shouldve died


[~Famous~] @ 07/25/2007 at 1:34 pm

If people hate Beyonce now, they really going to hate her when she wins another 4-6 Grammys adding to the 10 she already has. Lol

take da wigs off @ 07/25/2007 at 1:58 pm

She is getting f-a-t.
Biggie- sized.
Tired of the wigs.
To big -to long.

Oh my god, you people are unbelievable.
Whether shes overated or not, thats not the case, she fell and hurt herself bad. I give her props, for getting up and finish the act.
you people should be a bit more sensitive about the thing.

i’m glad thet she is fine

It was the weight of her bum that drag her down

#33 GOD help you cause that was really a cruel thing to say.

That’s what you call a true star and she kept singing and dancing like the real SOLIDER SHE is.

I know she will be a little sore today but I’m glad she is ok.

This is going to happen when Rihanna goes on tour and she will blame her fall for all the booing she will get when she bombs on tour.

Bajan, this one is for you girlorboyfriend.

It must have been all that crazy b.s. hair weave tossing that got her out of balance. She sucks.

poor Bee! but you gotta hand it to her though, she got up & finished the song! thats a pro performer! love her! :)

too bad she didn’t broked her neck >:)

malibumom @ 07/25/2007 at 6:18 pm

Berry Gordy was a media mastermind. Jayz is not. Hope Ms. Knowles didn’t hurt herself-Love the idea of the image she wants to project-She’s talented and a relief from naked-overly sexed and sucked out Janet-

The absolute best thing about this was watching it over and over and over again on CNN. And not because I was pushing replay, but because they showed it over and over and over again.

“Beyonce Knowles slipped while performing, we have a clip”


“She asked the crowd not to post pictures or videos on YouTube”


“Evidently some concert goers didn’t respect those wishes!”


Oh it was glorious J, just glorious.

you know rihanna & hudson are cracking up somewhere

Damn* that must have hurt. Too bad Papa Knowles couldn’t pull the video from ALL the entertainment shows. Ole girl Beyonce, got back up and didn’t miss a beat or note. I hope she was not hurt too badly. Keep on rising to the top Beyonce.

Krung Krung @ 07/25/2007 at 8:57 pm

was she drunk y’all? at least she’s not driving bahahahahaaaaaa….

La la la means I love Ya @ 07/25/2007 at 9:37 pm

Once someone mentioned she was the only DC member that hasn’t fallen on stage they jinxed her lol

First Michelle, then Kelly and now Beyonce.

Damn cheap shoes…

cant believe the people who’s still bashing her after that fall. its actually not that funny. its actually kind of shameful how this is posted. anyhow, it must’ve caused a lot of damage…physically not mentally! all i have to say that this makes me admire beyonce more. only a true woman would get up and continue after that.

i love beyonce hope she didnt hurt her self. i would rather watch her anyday than that stupid fake britney with her non singing self or that old man looking maddonna. get up an keep steppin beyonce with your booty;licious self

I dont see why people hate on B. And assume she’s conceited, yes she’s pretty and she knows it, it’s hard to miss, not to be on her **** but saying she’s conceited you would have to know here first off, and besides that its part of her job to go on stage and act like she’s the ****. But anyway this post is about her falling. Me, myself didn’t see her fall, I wanted to. What I don’t understand is why she asked her fans to not post her fall on stage. Everyone’s human its okay to fall sometimes. **** happens. She took it like a soldier though.

well well well ..this has got to be one of the funniest things i’ve heard. i absouletly hate beyonce. this is too funny… bad things happen to stupid ugly nasty skankyy people…she deserves it ..she is too much of a diva that ugly thing. goodluck beyonce with that trip see you next falll

she thgought she was a bee and tried to fly i hoped she posed 4 camera flick flick . i like her but i hope she had somethin for that headache. they need to put baby rails infront the staiers next time

Damn people forget that these celebrities are human just like everybody else. Just because she is on tv dont make her no different. She can fall just like you and me.

well if she wasnt always flopping all over the stage wearing heals 7inches tall then maybe she wouldnt be diving face first into the stage. it took me a while to find this too and it was worth the laugh!!!

LMBAO!!!!! this girl is so overrated, I mean ok she can sing and has the talent to perform but its about time she fell on her face , to leave room for other REAL musicians that can actually PLAY an instrument and have more of a vocal range rather than a dancing spectacle which includes psychotic hair flipping and flashy vegas costumes.. However gotta hand it to her she did get right back up so… good for u B.


She is a trooper…but, I have to admit that was pretty funny

dang it baby!!! “In this industry there are a lot ofartists. But in the music industry there is only one BEYONCE” give it up for her!!!

LMAO x 2. I agree with mr, mizliz, mercedi and wendy. Beyonce is overrated and overhyped she’s an entertainer who needs to get over herself. Compared to pure talent like Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys who can really sing, she’s not even on the same level let alone can even compete. Her falling was the most entertaining part of the show.

i really LUV Beyonce i tell people she’s my big sis but damn mad freaking people had things to say that was pretty damn mean but the only reason why they was talking b.s. is cause they are strait HATERS i just hope shortys is all good : -) ( – :

Billy Mckenzie @ 08/13/2008 at 8:19 pm

b is a survivor. She aint gon give up. She aint gon stop. She gon work harder. She’s a survivor, she gonna make. B will survive, keep on surviving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This is an anti-Beyonce site!!!!! Come support it, and expose this greedy trick!

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