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David Beckham's ADIDAS Store Stop

David Beckham's ADIDAS Store Stop

A solo David Beckham picks up some new gear from the Adidas store on Wednesday in Los Angeles.

Adidas = All Day I Dream About Sex? NO NO NO! The company was named after its founder, Adolf (Adi) Dassler. Just wanted to clear that up…

The first of the 13-episode series for David Beckham’s Soccer USA aired tonight on ESPN. Did anyone catch it?? It supposedly showed Becks making his debut for the LA Galaxy in a friendly against FA Cup holders Chelsea. Host, Tim Lovejoy, was joined in the studio by guest Ian Poulter.

15+ pictures inside of David Beckham @ the Adidas store…

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david beckham adidas store 01
david beckham adidas store 02
david beckham adidas store 03
david beckham adidas store 04
david beckham adidas store 05
david beckham adidas store 06
david beckham adidas store 07
david beckham adidas store 08
david beckham adidas store 09
david beckham adidas store 10
david beckham adidas store 11
david beckham adidas store 12
david beckham adidas store 13
david beckham adidas store 14
david beckham adidas store 15
david beckham adidas store 16
david beckham adidas store 17

Photos: Gabo/Dean/Matingas/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Anonymous

    I wish those pants would fall off of him

  • Dirty Cougar

    First! See, those cargo shorts are in! They are not Capri’s. David looks adorable!

  • Gabby

    I’m really beginning to love the Beckhams!

  • nani

    I am so so sick of him and his ugly anorexic wife already. Boring and not even worth his money. He plays 10 minutes. Maybe he needs to worry more about his job than partying with that wackjob gay boy Tommy and his zombie wife.

  • [~Famous~]

    He gets more and more popular every day. I think people like him better without Po$h.

  • Yari

    go beckhamssss!!!

  • yoyo63

    lol.actually people cares him more everyday because he is handsome and fashionable. I dont like vic now,because she is so ugly, I heard jennifer Aniston was pretty into becks, I hope she will steal him from vic, she is so much better looking.

  • lory

    he’s gorgeous

  • Lulu

    Jared Is it normal that not a single picture is showing?

  • Anonymous

    Yari – Angelina sleeps with a star. I don’t think she needs a sidewalk.

  • cali

    Aniston with David. Geeze one fug to another! She is so freaking ugly too with her long freaky chin and a boring personality and no career. Anyway, I am sure David is happy with Tommy living next door and they both can live with their pretend wives and have fun with each other like good gay boys! lol

  • Beth

    He is soo HOT! I love this man and his family.

  • thumper

    Can’t stand Vic. Beck is pure window dressing! His hotness quickly disappears when he talks though, but man can I just stare at him all day long.

  • Kevin

    Is his left foot in a cast or something it looks swollen..??? Or is it just my eyes??

  • hehe

    man in white flip flop=gay

  • smooth


    You are right, he is injured so he wears this thing and he gets deed massaged and phisiotherapy to come back more quickly

  • smooth

    sorry: deep massage

  • b4bitching

    Gorgeous guy ! he’s not gay but I think Tom is. look at how Tom drool on this guy.

  • smooth

    People it’s soooooo odd somebody thinks Tom or even Becks are gays.
    Why should them? This is just stupid,everyone of them has families with children had girlfriends before that and never ever was seen in any kind of “gay” thing. This is just hate or jelousy

  • Yily

    Beckham’s team just win a game this week. Good for them! Too bad Beckham wasn’t in on the action. He’s still recovering from a knee injury. Can’t wait to see him back in action.

  • vicky

    He is so hot !! Its just cargo short and t-shirt but he always manages to look damn sexy !

  • poo

    he’s a walking bag of injuries.
    galaxy will not get their money’s worth out of him and he’ll probably be let go. that will mean that VB will have to get knocked up so they can stay in the country.

  • Janet

    He didn’t look too injured when he was dancing with his media obsessed wife at their party. Maybe if he stopped shopping and put his feet up then he might heal quicker. Oh stupid me, he can’t do that because then how are the papz going to get photo’s of him!

    David your nothing but a multi million dollar failure. Your hot no doubt but you need to sort your priorties out.

    First off you can get rid of that skank of a wife of yours.

  • Lulu

    ^^ Did you see him dance? I doubt that.
    If you knew just a little about him him or heard from his old teammates and even the news ones, you’d know how professionnal he is.
    And how can you all call him a multimillion dollar failure when he’s only been there for 2 weeks.

    And how do you guys see the pics, nothing is showing up for me, there’s only the article.

  • Janet

    Lulu : 07/26/2007 at 6:41 am
    ^^ Did you see him dance? I doubt that.
    If you knew just a little about him him or heard from his old teammates and even the news ones, you’d know how professionnal he is.
    And how can you all call him a multimillion dollar failure when he’s only been there for 2 weeks.

    And how do you guys see the pics, nothing is showing up for me, there’s only the article.


    Yada Yada Yada,

    Yes he’s only been here 2 weeks, but in the 2 weeks all I have seen is him shopping, going to dinner, going to parties. He claimed that he didn’t go to LA to be a celebrity but to be all about Soccer. Well funny how you see more of him with his celeb pals and celeb parties than anything much about soccer, like W magazine where they are doing soft porn. I didn’t realise that soft porn had anything to do with soccer.


    Some of you guys are really stupid. Hes had a serious ankle injury, and the only reason he cant play now is because he was rushed into playing sub in the exhibition game against Chelsea, if they would of just waited the injury wouldnt have flared up again. This man is about as far away from a faliure as possible, hes won everything there is to win in the domestic game.

  • LJ

    Janet go away if you don’t like them why be here?? I have same kind of injury in my ankle and you can still walk with it normally..i have been even work with it..

  • Lulu

    Janet,To me ESPN mag and Sports illustrated were about soccer, he trains everyday, but soccer players only train like 2h or 2h30 a day and most of the time in the morning, so what he does with the rest of his day is none of your business.
    You don’t see him train because the galaxy training is closed to the public and press, if it wasn’t you’d also see him train everyday.
    And he played against Chesea when he shouldn’t have. And he’ll probably going to play from next week. he’s here for 5 years, he missed one game, big deal.

    And he went to one party, that was organized to welcome him and his wife. We saw him shopping twice, the rest of the pics were him grabbing coffe before training, or him in his car going to training.

  • Lulu


  • remember da truth

    So the paps take a picture of him shopping and that means he doesn’t care about soccer? What an IDIOT!!!

    People who think that Victoria is anorexic need to stop thinking that size 14 is normal and go visit real anorexics. People who don’t supersize their meals or have fries every few days look like Victoria — who is not bony at all. She just doesn’t have fat all over her. And if a woman sleeping with a hot guy, totally devoted to him and his kids, is a bitch, then I guess she is, but there is really nothing she’s done wrong to make anyone hate her so much or call her names unless they are jealous they aren’t in her shoes sleeping with that husband and having all that money.

    It’s great to see celebs who aren’t driving drunk, doing drugs, partying all night and missing work because of it, torturing animals, cheating at their sport, running around with their clothes off in public, swearing or spitting at photographers, or calling the paparrazzi to take pictures of the latest guy to spend the night with them to get some publicity to jump-start a dead career. These are good, family-oriented people who are working and raising their kids and who just happen to be very good-looking and have a lot of money.

  • Janet

    Even if I dont like them I can still post. FYI John Terry (Chelsea captain) played with a broken toe, yes thats right a broken toe, and he scored a goal, ah but poor beckham with his swollen ankle, bless him, he needs rest doesn’t he GTFOH.

    #30 remember da truth – Yeah Victoria is really healthy isn’t she and not bony at all !! Your pathetic. This is the reason I can’t stand her because she influences people like you that being a size Zero is healthy. Its not healthy at all its a sickness but in her case its all to look good for the camera’s. Victoria has issues end of.

    Its well known that the Beckhams do call the papz for photo opportunities and to let them know where they are going to be dining.

  • Lulu

    An ankle and a toe is no the same thing dear, and FYI, they have like 5 or 6 cars of paparazzis parked just in front of their house 24/7 who follow them everywhere whenever they leave their house, and that was the same in spain, so no they don’t call them.

  • Grana

    They don’t need to call the paparazzi because as Lulu said, they’re already there. 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week. David famously shouted in Spanish at photographer that was outside his house in Spain. They can’t get away from it, its part of their lives and they try their hardest to deal with it.

  • sisi

    JANET ok we understood YOU DON’T LIKE POSH AND BECKS we got it, go to bed now babe

  • Annie

    You guys are all pathetic…I am from England originally. Yes, the Papz did hound them there also…but Becks in a prior statement recently said that the LA Papz are by far the worst. He said maybe 4 or 5 cars would follow him and Posh around in London if they were dining out, that is an amount that can be handled sort of, but in LA, he was quoted as saying ” THEY ARE RIDDICULOUS HERE” upwards of 47 PAPZ the other day was I believe the last count that he was quoted saying and he is actually quite scared of the whords of PAPZ. Not just for him, but for his entire family. It only takes ONE crazy Pap chasing him and it can seriously BE ALL OVER….and GOD forbid his whole family are in the car – His middle kid suffers from epilepsy, a real life threatning condition, and any one flash from the PAPZ could send the kid in an episode, this is a real time ticking bomb waiting to happen. Not very nice seeing all the PAPZ know this. The kids are innocent, they know nothing else as they were all born into this lifestyle. I too would be scared if that many people were following me!!! Can all of you remember the Princess Di accident. And no 47 cars were chasing her. Now that is pathetic!!! The Traffic Signal Lights in LA don’t mean anything to the PAPZ, they run red lights as though they were green all for snapping that One GOOD shot for $$$$ C’mon you guys, just let them adjust to their USA life. The old saying says..”THE AFFLUENT DO HANG WITH THE AFFLUENT”, but in their case, they have a mixed bag of ppl they hang with, and not just the rich!!!He cannot help the fact that he has a POWERFUL team of PROS backing him, his salary of $250MM/5 yr. is not coming all from LA is also coming from endorsements / royalties and I would bet my bottom dollar he gets a % from tix sales of soccer matches et al, but if you were all to sit down and be honest with yourselves, no-one and I mean no-one would sign on paper that kind of $$$$ if the guy did NOT HAVE ANY POTENTIAL and not just potential, but real TALENT. He has been a soccer player for as long as I can remember. (Hence the seriousness of his ankle injury that is a bear to mend!) And on top of all this, he does give back to the community via his DBA academy. I believe the first is in London, then one slated in Singapore and hopefully one will come to LA I heard. So all you jealous types just need to really focus all your energies elsewhere, the only reason you are all attacking them is because they are the new kids on the block so to speak, and that in an of itself will obviously spike ones curiousty about a family that was not well known in America. None of you would like it if you were all being chased as much as they are..picture ALL DAY and EVERYDAY, they have NO PRIVACY. I for one could not live that way. One of the reasons BRIT is having a hard time, it can really were you down.

  • lilflowa

    how is a toe comparable to an ankle? does he need the toe to run and apply pressure to? does he need the toe to kick a ball?? Stop chatting foolishness and STFU! sooo retard its crazy!!

    1 ankle………..5 toes…i bet he broke his pinkytoe and all!!

  • stacy

    I do NOT feel sorry for him or his publicity seeking hog of a wife. She does a freaking reality show to have the press follow her around and then whines and looks like a sour pussed fug everytime you see her. WTF has she done? She is a has been nothing.

    He is washed up and is also more worried about being a star than his game he is being paid huge money to play.

    If he was serious about his game why did he go and do that tacky photo shoot with his fugly wife simulating sex? Gross

    And he hangs with the biggest repressed fruit in hollywood – Tom.

    I bet he moved to the USA to have his affair with tommy and his butch wife is his beard.

  • Luv

    Can’t you people think positive at least for once???
    What if TomKat really love each other? What if the Beckhams love each other? Have you ever thought about that? No marriage is perfect. And I mean no one is really perfect looking. So Victoria can be ugly to many of you but maybe not to him. And its just not nice when you people say he would be better off without her and wishing someone steals him from her, thats just not a nice thing to wish! Do you wish someone stole your man/woman from you? Many people might find you ugly and just not perfect for your man/woman but to them you are perfect.
    Just let them be, they are not doing any harm to noone!

  • Mmmmm

    The new BP, altho Brad could never pull off flip flops.

  • (‘@’)

    Adidas = All Day I Dream About Sex?
    This is so high school, Jared!!

  • Grana

    Stacy, only people who know nothing about Beckham as a professional would say he wasnt serious about his game. Football is the most important thing in his life, after his family. He’s maybe not as good as he used to be, but who his at his age? Lets not forget that without him, Real Madrid could quite have quite possibly ended the season trohpyless, again. Some of you should really think about what you’re saying before saying it because its laughable.

  • erica

    when will yall stop hating on Mr. Beckham? He is a damn good athlete because non of the teams that he has played for over the years wouldnt have given him all of those millions. He is one of the sexiest men in hollywood right now and on his arm is a pretty, classy lady and three awesome children.

  • Lica

    Beckham very sexy! (L)

  • Lasa

    Man he is to gorgeous! And that ankle looks bad, it is huge, you can really tell in that first pic. Well LA will get what they want which is the name that Becks has and the focus on the team and soccer and the money that they will make off of him. They had more people watch ESPN his first game than any other time. They just want to try to make soccer more popular like it is everywhere else in the world, but even with Beck’s it won’t be that popular.

  • Zokolus

    Beck’s is walking commercial. I like him because he promotes ADIDAS, which is my favorite sports wear. I hope he will illuminate America about the best sport game in the world!

    I am from Europe and his biggest fan for last ten years. He brings girls to football stadiums and that makes the game more interesting.

  • RabidPooch

    I don’t feel sorry for the Beckham’s, not only did they know what they would be getting into when they chose to come here, but they have brought it upon themselves by whipping up the media frenzy. OF course they have to, because THAT is really what Beckham is here to do… get more people interested in soccer…..THAT is why he is getting paid the millions.

    Personally, I don’t see David Beckham so much as HOT but more like ….*WELL MARKETED*.Have you seen photos of him as a youth ? Or photos of his family? Those are not *hot* genes. But Victoria was smart enough to keep marketing him so that he appeals to both women and gays.

    My hunny is a devoted Manchester United fan. He respects Beckham as a player. But Beckham is really best known for his “bending” ability. That is one talent he does very well and has even become famous for it.

    Overall, he isn’t one of the most talented soccer players to have ever played the game. But he sure is one of the MOST MARKETED. And THAT is why the Galaxy is paying him so well and also why all the stars are pulling together and getting him even more recognition.

    No sympathy from me. Just another multi-million dollar business transaction…….one that the general population is SUCKING up as fast as they can deliver.


    Hey – why don’t you focus on something that actually means something and make a difference.
    For those of you who think everyone is “overreacting” to the Michael Vick situation, just remember that everyone from Jesus to Ghandi to the Torah to Martin Luther Kind Jr addressed how important it is to treat all living things with respect. As Ghandi said “”The moral progress of a nation can be judged by the way it treats its animals”. So don’t take this too lightly. Abuse is abuse, and often times those who abuse animals end up abusing human beings as well. Treat this as a red flag. Professionals who make millions of dollars and are in the public eye need to be held to the highest standards, as people worship them and do what they do. Make the statement that football players are not above the law in ANY cruelty situation:

  • Good Advice

    So Right, that’s a great suggestion. Go to as well.

  • Julia

    WHAT? It aired already? :(

  • inhirnamy137

    His full arm tattoo is ugly