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Jennifer Aniston's Big Apple Dinner

Jennifer Aniston's Big Apple Dinner

Jennifer Aniston goes half-way friendly, simultaneously covering up her face and waving to photographers while out for dinner at upscale Japanese eatery Nobu in NYC’s Tribeca neighborhood on Tuesday night.

The former Friends star dressed in a black tank and skirt, along with a pair of flip-flops. It also looked like she nicked herself, wearing a band-aid on her left middle finger!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jennifer Aniston’s new hairstyle?

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Photos: Jackson Lee/Splash News Online
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  • hate it


  • Violette

    Much as I love her, not liking the new style.

  • Shut-Up

    What new Hair Style? It looks the same to me, just flatter!


  • Huh?

    What new hair style. Smae style just pulled her hair to the side in front. I think it may actually no longer be hair but a helmet since she hasn’t changed it in so long.

  • http://yahoo Yes

    JJ her hairstyle is not good at all, very BORING.
    She looks 83. hahahaha

  • Dancer

    It looks like she took out the hair extensions, didn’t wash or style it and just tucked it under!

  • Jack Jett

    I love the Jen. Can’t get enough of the Jen. I miss the “Friends” Jen.

    I haven’t had a double decaf moccha latte with extra foam since the demise of “Friends”.

    I bet she would make a fun fag hag. Is “fag hag” politicall correct?

    Jack Jett

  • http://yahoo Yes

    She looks 83 and very scarie.

  • [~Famous~]

    She looks like a dcikhead! Lmfao But at least she’s not anorexic.

  • LLM

    Look at her big veins on her arm.
    No wonder she is out because BA is on the news again.
    I am out of here now.


  • samara

    where’s her boyfriends??


    she has no boyfriend, PS is a paid actor, they are hiding her real personal life from the tabloids, fact.

  • samara

    wow! almost 40 and still needs a security blanket..what a sham

  • EvilLynn

    Bleah! I don’t like the hair at all! It looks stringy and greasy and the ends look fried! What happened? She usually has GREAT hair! My favorite look of hers was the long, bouncy waves with the big layered sideswept bangs. Even her outifit is awful here, and her style is so spot-on most of the time! The shape of the top makes her shoulders look butch and her boobs look like withered prunes! Not to mention the skirt makes her look hippy, which is NUTS, this woman is so tiny! Aw, man! Give us back the stylish Jen! I like that Jen better than frumpy Jen!

  • Maria

    New hairdo? It looks like she’s not washed it in months. Greasy. Very greasy looking.

  • gini

    she’s beautiful

  • Mmmmm

    She has a new style? I think she should go real short but have to agree with Fug and at least her hair is healthy and not failing out.



  • http://none an

    Jennifer is the best to hell with “Brangelina” they are both probably smoking crack somewhere!!!

  • http://yahoo Yes

    OMG!!! I’m out of here, very scared.

  • http://none an

    Jennifer will always be the bigger person in this relationship, she is the only one who kept it real not always making PR shots

  • G

    She’s carrying a blanket to cover her UGLY face and big chin.

  • erica

    jen look great and relaxed. At least she looks healthy and not like a skeleton. HA HA!

  • EvilLynn

    …you now what, though? She gets a “get out of fashion jail free” card from me, because that Cartier Roadster watch is unbelievably gorgeous and elegant……

  • why did she do it

    Her nose job has ruined her face, look above her upper lip. That area looks so strange now and her face looks awkward with the surgery. Please leave your face alone Jennifer.

    It does not look like she has a new hairstyle? She would be pretty with a rich brown layered shorter haircut.

  • Belle

    she looks ugly!! and what’s that on her chin? did she have an operation or something? i see some marks on her chin and is she hiding it with that scarf?

  • Tina

    Ehm, “new hair style”? Can’t see a difference.
    Wished you’d stop reporting about her. She is sooo boring. And not much of an actress neither (besides her one and only success “Friends”)!

  • Shmoo

    Looks exactly the same as she always has to me.

  • Cathy

    The new hairstyle is kinda odd lyk! Looks all flat at the top or sumfin! But she’s gorgeous…just get rid of the new hair Jen! lol

  • agree

    Aniston comes across as so insecure in her candid pic, I actually feel for her , you never see a confident woman in candid pic. If you guys notice she either has a book, a bottle of water, or a scarf, near her face. It is more than obvious. I hope this woman has found happiness.

  • boom

    getting ugly.. still security blanket needed..
    how pathetic.

  • Brandee

    Gorgeous just gorgeous!

  • sasha

    same old hairstyle, same old hag with no one to have dinner with. She need to get lost in newyork and maybe some other hag just like can give her what she want.
    I dont give a rat ass about this chin chin. Thats right hide some of that chin. Maniston better watch her weight I see some heavy pounds around the waist area which is not good for a hag like her.

  • http://none an

    You should be proud of this woman she has shown great pride and self respect during a time when most people would just be mean and vendictive!! she is such a great person and a good role model. she has faced adversity with such self respect

  • Nora

    What new hair style?? It’s been the same for 10 years – just long enough to cover her huge jaws, plus a scarf she carries around for extra coverage. She seems very insecure. poor thing

  • sec

    she looks very insecure, more with the security blanket. It’s a difference the way how a woman cary a scarf or a sash to protect coldness or windy draught and the way how a would-like-looking-girlish nearly 40-y-old woman cary a scarf to protect her face.
    Wonder whether she visits this site too and post some good comments for herself.

  • Jolie

    She is so ugly!!!! What did she do 2 her face??? She looks so strange from the nose down. Why did she do that to herself??? She ruined her looks! In a way I think its funny!!! Just show yourself Jen…you cant walk around with a sweater hidding your face forever. That is what you get!

  • Jen

    I feel sorry for her. In every picture she is covering her chin. Also, why is she carrying around a scarf in the summer.

  • Misty

    WOW. Lots of angry people here. Maybe a bit jealous? Jen looks great as usual.

  • [~Famous~]

    Jennifer hates herself, and I don’t blame her. But at least the ugly ho3 doesn’t use crack ha

  • http://none an

    I AGREE YOU ARE ALL HATERS GO BACK TO THE BRANGELINA SITE YOU ARE WELCOME THERE NOT HERE!! Go blog away at the two most insecure people in the world

  • brangelina sucks

    Shut up she looks amazing and i dont get it how could anybody not to love her ,she is a true lady

  • Take it

    Beautiful, classy, sweet, and funny. Rare combination in hollywood

  • http://none an

    All you Brangelina lovers remember this………Brads family likes her better, no matter WHAT YOU SAY!!!!!! Or how hard Angelina tries, she will always be second best LOL

  • id

    chin chin

  • lurker

    I think she’s still in shock after all these years. She looks the same and sill has that Goldie Hawn, Jr look going on forever. Good luck to her in whatever she does.

  • Ann

    OMG! She has HUGE jaws! Her upper lip looks horrible – not to mention her nose. And what is up with her chin? Her smile looks horrible. Jen…get out of the lime light…your 15 minutes of fame is over…just do us a favor and disappear wherever.

  • Jen

    I would disagree with the jealousy theory, i mean i wouldn’t want to be alone with no children and husband at the age of 40. I wouldn’t want to feel like i need to hide my face. ~Famous~ who knows, maybe she is using drugs, she probably shoots it in her chin and now she is trying to cover the needle scars.

    Okay that was mean

  • http://uk jen jen jen

    I see why she was dumped.Same hair style in 10 years and six flop movies later.