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Nicole Kidman: It's a Niece Shopping Spree!

Nicole Kidman: It's a Niece Shopping Spree!

Girl’s day out!

Nicole Kidman shops at bath-and-body specialty store Jo Malone in Sydney on Wednesday with her little sister Antonia and 4-month-old niece Sybella.

Earlier this week, Nicole admitted she’s still very much in love with hubby Keith Urban.

“It is just beautiful for me to be making a film here and him (Urban) touring here at the same time,” she said. “That’s a pretty big deal for us. We were looking at each other going, ‘Wow, this is a sweet spot now’.”

Added Nicole, “It’s just lovely that coming from the same country gives you so much to draw from and bonds you in a way that people just don’t understand. When you come from different countries you really don’t bond in the same way.”

10+ pictures inside of Nicole and cutie pie Sybella

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nicole kidman niece sybella 01
nicole kidman niece sybella 02
nicole kidman niece sybella 03
nicole kidman niece sybella 04
nicole kidman niece sybella 05
nicole kidman niece sybella 06
nicole kidman niece sybella 07
nicole kidman niece sybella 08
nicole kidman niece sybella 09
nicole kidman niece sybella 10

Photos: David G Morgan/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Tina

    Baby is cute but who cares about Nicole.

  • [~Famous~]

    Who cares about the baby, Nicole’s hot.

  • Jill

    I’d love to see more pics. of Nicole spending time with her kids. I’ve only seen her with Isabella in one pic. I wonder if she gets much time with them???

  • Andreia

    I care!!!! she’s a true star…not a stupid new actresses like some of those who begin their carrers in hollywood working more in magazines than in their movies…she is a great person and an amazing and classy woman so stfu when you talk about her that way!!! you can have your opinion but some comments you should keep inside your mouth.

  • nick

    I luv Nicole. She seems to be loosing her hair. This blonde color isn’t a good color. Not sure if it’s all the surgery but she looks old. Still a great actress. No more surgery please Nick.


    I love Nicole Kidman she is my life,my everything….she is the most spectacular person in the world i LOVE HER MORE THAN I CAN SAY!

    And Tina SHUT UP!

  • Marlene

    Oh no she needs another botox.


    She looks so old to me, she aged or what

  • Diana

    I think she looks very good here and quite natural, perhaps all those rumors about surgery are just airbrushing for magazines, I don’t know.

    I admit that white blonde doesn’t suit her at all, hopefully she goes back to her red locks.

    She is one of the few best actresses around, just yesterday I was watching her in The Others!!

  • ?

    I’m tired of seeing Nicole in so many movies. She is so OVERRATED. Retire already!

  • Diana

    …and I think she is wearing No Makeup. Is she?

  • Mmmmm

    Cute name for a baby.

  • Ms. sugar walls


  • Ms. sugar walls


  • Anonymous

    that baby has some seriously blue eyes. I love Nicole and think she’s aging beautifully. I believe she doesn’t use her children as photo ops and tries to raise them out of the spotlight.

  • Ms. sugar walls


  • True

    I think Nicole should have more children. She is a fantastic Mom!!

  • sasha

    When will the following old hags have their own babies and stop hanging on others.
    Jennifer Aniston
    Nicole Kidman
    Oprah etc etc etc.

  • Dancer

    Great pictures Jared. Thanks for posting. I agree with those that say she is one of the best actresses around!

  • [~Famous~]

    17, what has Nicole ever done… Better yet what have you ever heard or seen that would paint a picture of her being a ‘fantastic’ mom?

  • Bliss

    I love Nicole. She seems happy, and if boring means not getting drunk, stoned, or arressted every other month, then I think a lot more people in LA should be boring. Let her be.

    PS- Blond is her natural hair colour. She said she dyed when she first started acting b/c the stylist said it would better with her comlexion. So she’s just going natural. That being said, I prefer her as a red-head!

  • umhmmm

    Jen’s friend told her cousin that jen was preggers

  • Quiet Observer

    She has gorgeous skin and looks pretty without much makeup on. She also looks pretty natural holding her niece. Anyone know how old Conor or Isabella were when they were adopted?

    #18 – WTF are you talking about? That’s HER niece so why wouldn’t she hold and spend time with her? And she’s already a mom. As far as I’m concerned, the more people kids have to love them the better. Sounds a bit like you’re the hag.


    20 [~Famous~] : 07/25/2007 at 1:56 pm
    17, what has Nicole ever done… Better yet what have you ever heard or seen that would paint a picture of her being a ‘fantastic’ mom?

    You need to STFU. You dishonor people’s parents who have died. Nicole would not give you 2 seconds of her time. Why because she is great friends with Angelina & Brad. And have worked on many charities with Angie & Documentaries with Brad.
    You are dispicable,pickin on AJ’s mom who just pass.
    Nicole is a strong,beautiful soul,she would ignore you completely. Sicko! Nicole 4ever!

  • Jillian

    We haven’t seen TomKat with Bella and Conor in ages. Ah, they don’t need them anymore to parade before the photographers to show that they are “loving parents”. lol…. Now they are using Suri instead.

    Nicole spends a lot of time with her children. The difference is she never parades them in front of the photographers, unlike TomKat.

    In one of the pictures here, she appeared to be glaring at the photographer when he spotted him/her taking the pictures. She then shielded the baby to make sure they don’t get a shot of her. Very protective!

  • Anne

    #21 -
    Nicole is not a natural blond – her pictures as a teen and earlier show a mousy brown.
    I like Nicole – she is a classy lady. Do wish she would lay off the lip enhancement a bit and keep away from the brassy white blond. She was much fresher looking with darker hair and her natural lips – yes, they are thin, but they suited her and went better with her delicate features.

  • Notbusy

    #13 Sorry, but the only thing that breathes fire into Tom Cruise is a woman that is a robot who does whatever he wants and gives up her own interests, friends and religion to please him. otherwise he never would have married her and he will leave her if she developes a mind of her own. And lord help her if she gives up studing Scientology.

  • Dieter

    Nicole is still the most beautiful woman around. She has the best ass in history. She will be remembered for her bum in 500 years. It´s timeless. And I wanna … it.

  • Miller

    OMG she’s so UGLY!! Put that baby down before you scare the daylights out of it!!!

  • minxx

    Why is she always so bundled up? Her sister is wearing a light sweater and even the baby has no coat on but Nicole is dressed in layers like an old lady. I noticed that she’s always cold and always dressed heavier than everyone else. Anorexia?

  • [~Famous~]

    24, Are you following me? Lmao

    This one is so funny I have to reply. Nicole is “great Friends with angelina”? LMFAOOOO

    “And have worked on many charities with Angie” ROTFLMAO

    Fcuk Angelina’s corpse ass, and fcuk Marchel’s ghost. You sound like you really want to meet these people. I’ll be dispicable, but you’re crazy! Haha

  • Jillian

    #30 – Nicole is not anorexic. She is naturally thin. Both she and her sister inherited their parents built, very tall, long-legged and slim. Her sister looks fantastic – very slim and sexy even after four kids.

  • Gniny

    Nicole anoretic????please are you mad???all her life she as been like this, thin and natural skin, not as Renee Zelweger or Eva Longoria….
    She is a nice person, leave her alone jealous people!

  • Holly

    I love Nicole, and she is very good without make up! She is very simple amd classic, her niece is so sweet!

  • Jolie fan

    I’m seeing here just jealous people, because Nicole has 40 and without make up she is great!not a cadaver as some people around here!

  • Jolie fan

    I’m seeing here just jealous people, because Nicole has 40 and without make up she is great!not a cadaver as some people around here!

  • Sarah

    Surprisingly she looks more better and natural than other recent pictures. Maybe it wasn’t botox…just makeup?!

  • angelina_mmm

    face it Nicole
    your time is running out
    her sister has four kids already

  • Sarah

    31 I actually agree, people need to stop using Angie in threads. That woman is OVEREXPOSED, I tell ‘ya!

  • Ruth

    Nicole looks beautiful in these pictures, so natural and without makeup. She is obviously not anorexic – just very tall and so slim. Someone commented on all her clothing – she is just dressed for the very cold winter in Australia. She is a classy lady and a very talented actress.

  • Kidman fan

    Envy, envy, envy, envy!!!!

  • ally

    Awww, I love her, and that baby is adorable!

  • darius

    Nicole used to be beautiful. She’s now showing her age…well, actually more than her age. She looks 50′ish to me. Too bad. Her hair is falling out, she’s too thin and she has jowels. I think she’s a good actress though…but not long for Hollywood. Too much smoking, dieting and relentless exercise…too many trips to the doc for plastic surgery and botox. She’s prematurely aged. Too bad.

  • Rock star

    always the same themes; botox, thin, not with kids…please guys face the truth: Nicole is beautiful, happy, very rich, famous, talent and you envy her!that’s a bad thing, because people like her or Angie should be appreciate not critize!

  • Patti

    I hate to say this, but she sounds like such an air head when she talks or when interviewed. Who talks like that? She is a great actress…I truly think that, but I think she’s a bit lost without a script in front of her.

    I’m glad she’s spending time with her neice, but what about her own kids? Sorry…I don’t think she sees them much. Don’t give me that “She just doesn’t use them for photo ops”…because that means she’s using her neice for photo ops…cause here’s the picture. In fact, the only time she is with them, there IS a picture. That way we know she does occasionally see them. She has given up her kids for her career and that is just NOT right. she lost me when she started sacrificing her mom time for her movies.

    As far as her charities…most of them seem to be for the photo op & press coverage. UNIFEM is a sell out. She did one dinner last year, one trip to Kosovo and now another dinner in Aug. That’s just not good enough…she needs to get her hands dirty and prove she is in this for the cause and not just the “press.”

  • natalie

    It looks like she needs another nip and tuck job on her jowls again.

    Don’t be serious about her being a good mom! Last time she saw them was just before Mother’s Day. God should not bless her with anymore – she does nothing with the ones she already has!

  • Louise

    weel said nr 44

  • Cinderella

    altough i’m not a big fan of Ms Kidman, i have to say she is pretty good without make up, for my surprise. The hair is not good, but everything can’t be perfect. I’m seeing many people around this board are very perfect, i envy you!

  • MSC

    #46 – I saw Nicole with her son in Australia with my own two eyes fairly recently. Just because you don’t see their pictures splashed in the papers doesn’t mean they are not together.

    #37 – You’re exactly right. She looks great in person, even without makeup.

  • Daisy

    Thank you for the picturres! Sybella is a gorgeous baby! Love the jacket she is wearing.