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Tom & Katie Get Their Freaky Dance On

Tom & Katie Get Their Freaky Dance On

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes know how to get down!

The pair were seen bumping and grinding at the “Welcome to America” party they threw for the Beckhams earlier this week. Katie worked her moves in her red vintage James Galanos gown and purple Christian Louboutins.

According to Us Weekly, “The real showstopper came when the DJ played ‘Old Time Rock & Roll,’ prompting Cruise to re-enact his famous scene from Risky Business. At one point, he got on his back and kicked his legs in the air, just like in the movie!”


BTW, is that sweat all over Tom‘s shirt??

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  • Laly

    Oh my God!
    Katie looks like she’s about to lay an egg!

  • creativegirl

    is that sweat stains all over his shirt? eeeewww!

    i do like his shorter haircut though.

  • J3$$!C@


  • Violette

    Lol :) I think they’re cute

  • pr person

    I want to scratch my eyeballs out after seeing that!

  • vicky

    Amaz─▒ng picture !!! love it ! :)

  • blabla

    OMG Tom thinks he can dance. Remember that time when he was on TRL ,or whatever show it was, he was dancing and evryone was laughing (at him not with him).
    And Dieter they are not the cutest couple. I can believe Katie is married to him, he seems like a complete maniac.

  • jackjack

    wow i never though id see the day…………Dutty Wine Tom lol

  • Kelly D

    Dieter go be gross somewhere else you freak.

  • Shut-Up


  • Get Over It

    Ok.. that just put me off food for a week. Thank you TomKat, you’re unnatural union may help me reach my target weight goal early. Maybe I will print this picture and put it on the fridge in case the image ever unsears itself from my brain and I need a refresher dose of Ecck!

  • Lisa


  • PurpleWorm

    uh, I think I vommed a little bit after looking at that pic of them dancing. got a weird taste in my mouth.

  • [~Famous~]

    That’s what I’m talking about, showing some life, personality. They having fun. People must of forgot dude was Pete Mitchell, he’s a pimp!

    Tom’s partying like a Rock Star. Lol Best celeb-couple by far.

  • Dancer

    Why doesn’t he just take his jacket off and roll up his sleeves?

  • Anna

    Go Tomkat..Go Tomkat!!!!!!!!!
    Great pic

  • TomFat

    They are both FAKE-ASS POSERS.

  • magnus

    Stupid white people.

    Let’s get’em homies…


    in other words stfu

    so what if two people danced?

  • Daniel fan

    fake, fake and fake!

  • Josh Palmer

    her boobs are horrible in that dress. Tom is so freaK!

  • Mmmmm


  • Inder

    This couple is so anoying and pathetic, please go away!!!

  • Guru

    It looks like they are doing the “nasty thing” to me!!!

  • http://yahoo Yes

    first and last. Go tomkat!!

  • [~Famous~]

    Anyone who makes fun of them must hate dancing, they probably never go out and party.

    ‘Yall’ must love those boring couples who never smile or have any fun.

  • JJfan


    Nobody cares about TomKat except those shown in the pictures.

    They all are complete FREAKS!

  • Gigiks

    sorry guys but i can’t like this couple. Tom is so anoying and Katie or Kate, is his robot!Free Katie!!!

  • xoxoxo

    I just can not stand Tom Cruise, and Katie is a Stepford wife. They were always an awkward couple.

  • Outer Space

    Inder!! They’ll self-destruct one of these days. They are obviously bored with each other already because they don’t want privacy. Both have “lost it” and Tom Cruise has lost ALL CREDIBILITY!!!! Once you lose it, you never get it back. It’s pretty sad when he has to re-enact his dance from 25 years ago. I suppose he’s trying to get everyone to remember the old Tom Cruise, not the Tom who lost his marbles in 2005 and hasn’t found them since.

  • Rachael

    Hes probably thinking of Beck. I mean hes in the right position.

  • ding dong

    hugly dress, short man, robbot wife!

  • kate.

    thanks for making my day buddy
    and jj thank you for this post!

  • gena

    Good to see them enjoying self!

  • angelah

    LOL, well at least they were burning off some calories jk

  • Uggh!

    Gawd! Now really- who wants to see that??

    Sorry, that’s just NOT RIGHT!

  • silly

    another “PUBLICITY STUNT” they’re so effing obvious, i finally believe he’s gay(the pic proves he likes giving it from behind), plus the fake smile on his face and jeez do they look so flaming awkward, the look of horror on everyone’s face

  • rage

    with “sexy”/porn pics of the Becks flying around they also want to prove to the world that they are sexy and indeed they do “HAVE SEX”

  • kelendria

    damn guys, you really have nothing elese to do than throwing trash and stupid comments at them.who wares what you think about him or her, every movie he plays in is great, he’s a great actor period. You don’t like him because he act wierd once in his entire career and for his defense everyone said that katie was unhappy with him but i’m sorry but we don’t see that , we never say that.So what he ‘s a scientologist ? john travolta is too but no one really cares as long as they do great movie

  • [~Famous~]

    uhoooo Tom got a little black in him.

  • Rog

    I read elsewhere that the purpose of this “party” was actually to recruit new cult members.

  • ?????????

    Why does she always dress and look like a 45 yr old woman now? So Tom doesnt feel so old? Blech, they are both jokes.

  • Do not want

    Oh God, no more scientology robots.

  • Rog

    Katie might as well enjoy it while she can because it won’t last long.

  • Roxy

    They look happy and seem to be having fun. That’s all i’m gonna say

  • anon

    blech blech blech blech blech blech blech blech blech

  • Get your freak on

    That’s a hot picture!

  • wow

    I don’t usually care for them but i like this pic

  • Natalie

    Disgusting. Tom tries so hard to prove he’s straight, but the combo of Katie’s bowl cut and Tom rearing her on the dance floor… it just ain’t convincing me.

  • whatitis

    The people in the background are grossed out. Look at their expressions. BTW, the cup size of her dress is about a DD and she’s about an A. There’s extra room in there for two people. WTF??????????

  • People

    Hey ignore all the haters, they are just jealous. Go TomKat go!!