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Dannielynn Photos -- NEW!

Dannielynn Photos -- NEW!

Dannielynn is almost one-year-old already and Entertainment Tonight has an exclusive interview and photos of her and proud papa Larry Birkhead.

On how precious Dannielynn is: “Every day she does something new, and now she’s sharing her bottle with me. So if I say, ‘Give daddy a drink,’ she’ll toss it over her shoulder. It’s cool being a dad.”

At the Hollywood premiere of The Bourne Ultimatum: “If att Damon drops out of the next movie, maybe I’ll be available. I’ve been punched and kicked and slapped by my daughter, so I’m in defense mode. She’s using me as a teething ring.”

On changing before the red carpet: “She actually spit up on my jacket I was going to wear, so I had to take it off and do a quick change.”

On Dannielyn’s first birthday in September: “I’m thinking big. Her mom called her princess, so [I'm thinking of doing] something kind of Disney princess, or Hello Kitty — something real cool, so she can look back on it and say, ‘What a cool party.’”

On not dating at the moment: “The only lady in my life is my daughter, and she takes all my time, and that’s all I need right now — making up for lost time. We’re just having fun together and hanging out.”

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  • ccsandy

    Beautiful baby

  • mercredi

    Daddy’s photocopy. Cute baby!

  • Preggy-Jolie

    She is so pretty!!!!!!! She looks like her father and those eyes! My god she is so beautiful!!!

  • TT

    awww she is so cute she really looks like her dad

  • nika

    cute baby, too bad when she grows up finds the awful truth about her mom and brother =\.

  • Uta

    She is wonderful… Nice to see this happy couple :-) I’m really happy that she is in the best hands!

  • EvilLynn

    Oh, what a total ANGEL!!! She’s mega-cute, no doubt about it…she looks like him, but I see a lot of Anna N.S. in her too, especially in that last shot with her finger in her mouth.

  • lisa

    It’s so sad that she doesn’t have a mama but at least she’s not with that quack attorney guy she was with! I seriously think he had alot to do with anna nicole and her son being dead! May they rest in peace!

  • MonicA


  • ciara

    Awwww perfect her eyes!

  • CS

    awwww they are so perfect together……..she’s where she belongs!!

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    Howard Stern must have been pissed as she was growing… she looks just like Larry! There’s no way she could belong to anyone else. I hardly even see Anna Nicole there!

    Howard is mean and rude ny the way…

  • Lillianne

    I thought she looked just like Anna Nicole, exactly like one of Anna Nicole’s cousins in fact. Until I saw these pictures of her right below his face. Oh yeah, he’s the daddy. Don’t need DNA for these two. They both seem to be very happy.

    I wonder if Larry has let Virgie see the baby. Wouldn’t blame him if he hasn’t after what she pulled in the Bahamas.

  • http://htt// Go AWAY

    Stop promoting the innocent infant Larry B.

  • [~Famous~]

    That little boy is cute, nice eyes.

  • Truth Hurts !

    That baby is so cute. Way to go babygirl !

  • Cheerios

    Ohhh, she is so adorable. I am so glad that she is with her real dad. She is truly a cutie piet.

    On the flip side, this is what I call ‘pimping for kid for cash’.
    My goodness, Larry.

    Ohhhh, I almost forgot…where are the cries of child porn et el Z and Pax thread….

  • Cheerios

    oops, cutie pie not cutie piet..hehe

  • Mia

    That last pic is just adorable
    There’s definitely her mum in her already

  • nicetry

    Larry Birkhead is still pimping this kid. She is cute.

  • samantha

    she’s super cute (: !
    i love her eyes.

  • Hottest Couple Ever

    This baby is sooooo cute.

  • libraesque

    this is definitely the cutest kid in HW, hands down

  • laurenS

    too cute for words

  • Our world is coming to an end…


  • Krung Krung

    larry b. is not a very rich man, he’s probably in super debt ryt now so that’s why he’s using lil dannielyn for cash y’all, ET always have an exclusive on both father and daughter am pretty sure ET give them a lil cash and so is the other entertainment shows like access hollywood, xtra and all.

  • bennndi

    her eyes! >.

  • Pandora

    Both are super cute, but I gotta agree — he’s pimpin’.

  • Dirty Cougar

    Larry at least looks like a very devoted pop! Dannielynn is precious! She’s got her momma’s eye’s! We’ll dad’s too!

  • Hulla

    He’s hot. Why was he with Anna, because of the money I guess because she already was a train-wreck when she was with him.

  • Dirty Cougar

    Hey, when Anna lost all that weight. She looked hot! FABULOUS!! Except, her fake boobies. When, she was chunks she, still had a beautiful face. So, I imagine it was hard for Larry to resist. Anna was getting touchy feely with Larry @ the Kentucky Derby. She was feeling his ass! LMAO!

  • me

    She’s adorable. Thank goodness she has some stability in her life now.

  • Kira

    She’s definitely a genetic cross between Anna and Larry (what a joke the lawyer’s family). If her mother could only see those biggest of (blue) eyes right now!

    Dannielynn has to be an extraordinarily strong soul to have endured and survived her mother’s injested drugs during pregnancy. One can only hope (down the road) there are no side affects from the violation! This little girl was rescued by the angels and, hopefully, her father will protect her from Anna’s questionable friends!

    I’d say I’m looking forward to her “First” Birthday photos; however, I’m certain the lawyer will weasel his way into that special day just like he did on Father’s Day.


    This pic looks pervy.
    Do you realize that Birkhead would NEVER be allowed to adopt a child cos he wouldnt qualify in his current status. Yet here he is, with his very own biological child handed to him by the very courts that would not have granted him any adoption rights.
    And frankly, i think the court would have been right not to allow him to adopt in his current civil/social status.
    In this pic i dont see why he has to pose nude-looking with his baby daughter. Pervs have been known to molest infants that are not yet even one year old, just like dannilyn.
    Dont tell me none of you guys posting on here have not felt a bit uncomfortable with this pic.

  • squid

    #34 Wow … I know lots of friends and family who have baby/child pics with their parents like this, including myself, and not a bit of it was pervy. It’s natural. Since when did we have to dress up children for a freakin casual photo — esp. in a pool?

  • shopgirl

    Dannilynn is adorable but I wish Larry would stop whoring her out for photo-shoots. After everything that’s happened – why not try to bring her up as normally as possible – out of the spotlight.

  • shopgirl

    ps i don’t think the photo is at all pervy – anyone who has kids and a pool has pictures like these, myself included

  • bet

    Super cute baby…..Looks happy and healthy….Too bad daddy is making her his money ticket…..

  • Liz

    Stop using your baby for cash Larry. Disgusting!

  • Gambita

    Yep, Liz, it’s disgusting.
    I still feel deep down that he’s using his daughter.
    Looking at the pics, I feel like he doesn’t know how to hold a baby.
    A nanny probably takes care of her all the time.
    Which brings me back to my original idea: he wanted her for the money, she’s the heir of quite a lot of money, I suppose, plus he can keep selling pics to magazines.
    Disgusting, indeed.

  • I think

    Isn’t his 15 minutes over hit. Go back to your life and raise your child.

  • greta

    That kid is happy! It is good that she did not stay with that psychopath Stern who killed her mother and brother!

  • lene|

    Oh, Daniel would have been so happy to see his little sister. :(

    RIP Daniel & Anna!

  • Samantha

    How much money did he get?

  • donna

    For a guy wanting to give his daughter a ‘normal’ upringing he’s sure pimping his kid…first hello! & people magazine now this…maybe she’d have been better of with the creepy lawyer.

  • Melanie

    how are the pics pervy. sad that we live in a society today where you cant even swim in a pool without your shirt on or you are consider a child molester. i have pics at home where i am NAKED as a child, just goes to show what kind of fcked up world we live in now a days. there is no doubt that baby is his, the baby looks HAPPY he looks HAPPY.. yes he shouldnt pimp her out, but people want to see these hollywood babies, if they ask of course people will most likely show, umm didnt Angie and brad show for about 4million and didnt tom and katie and brit and kev the list goes on… you sick perverted people who say this is child molestation because they are in a pool without a shirt on, get a grip.. and the other pics look like she just got out of the tub.. again, i reiterate, you all have pics like this of yourself in your parents house.. stop hating!! and stop trying to make everyone into perverts!! yes we do live in a sick world and yes there are people out there like that, but these pictures IN NO WAY insinuate that!! geez people! that makes me sick! she has eyes that pierce through you they are so beautiful!!

  • whatever

    whatever… he should have gotten his baby. She looked like him from the day she was born. I don’t think that he is pimping her he is taking care of her the best way he knows how. He was a paparazzi if you recall… he doesn’t do that anymore I would imagine being a full time dad. Other celebs sell pics of their children, Angho & Stupitt did it… Tori & Dean, Brooke Shields, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes did it… to name a few. He has to do what he needs to to take care of her. At least he isn’t carting looking for photo op after photo op. Give him a break. And someone mentioned that they wouldn’t let him adopt and your point it what, there are plenty of celebs out there that have children that should’ve been taken away at the door! I think he is living a low profile life and doing what he can to take care of her.

    Oh and the pervy comment is sick and just nasty for anyone to even think of it. You must be a nasty pervy type of person.
    All I saw was a man holding his daughter who looks just like him.
    And on top of that she looks so happy. In every pic she is smiling or looking like what can I eat of throw or pick up to put in my mouth. She looks happy and healthy and I hope that he continues to take the best of care of her!

    Miss you Anna and Daniel, may you both rest in peace and continue to watch over her!!!!

  • Tallchic

    Good for Larry! What a beautiful baby! And those eyes! I wish them all the happiness in the world!

  • Mmmmm

    She is very sweet, look at those eyes. Hope it turns our for her, to know your mother was Anna Nicole .. she has a long road a head of her.

  • xsleekx

    shes ab gorgeous, shes going to be a heart breaker