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Reese & Jake's Rendition of Things

Reese & Jake's Rendition of Things

Here are some new movie stills from Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal new thriller film Rendition as directed by Gavin Hood (Tsotsi).

Reese stars a the American wife of an Egyptian-born chemical engineer who disappears on a flight from South Africa to Washington. The woman desperately tries to track her husband down, while a CIA analyst (Gyllenhaal) at a secret detention facility outside the U.S. is forced to question his assignment as he becomes party to the man’s unorthodox interrogation.

Rendition is slated for an October 12th release. The film also stars Meryl Streep, Peter Sarsgaard and Alan Arkin.

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jake reese rendition 01
jake reese rendition 02
jake reese rendition 03
jake reese rendition 04
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  • Sayini

    they didn`t last till the premiere.. that`s what i call hollywood romance..!

  • Jill

    Sounds like it could be a good movie. I’m looking forward to seeing it. This is probably why they were seen together in the past months.

  • Dirty Cougar

    Jake looks soooo hot! I’m glad the awful looking beard is shaved off. He didn’t look bad but, he looks so much better! If, he’s w/ Reese then, Reese is one fcucking lucky gal!

  • [~Famous~]

    I like Meryl, Jake need’s to get himself a Bourne franchise, or something. His career’s Blah

  • TS

    Can’t wait for this movie! Great cast. Jake looks really good.

  • nika

    aaahh jake news, at last! *swoon*
    The movie sounds promising, jake being in it is just a bonus.
    I think alot of people thought the supposed “romance” was gonna last.. until the premier lol. Nobody knows anything for sure..

  • H

    OMG finally something on Jake I really missed him! He’s sooooooo hott YUMMY

  • HF

    The director of this movie is going to be the director of the new WOLVERINE movie starring Hugh Jackman.

  • ursala

    director of this movie climbing the stairs of successs after dis movie

  • Kira

    Don’t go to the theater much anymore (only for certain actors)–won’t miss this with Meryl Streep and Reese Witherspoon!!!!!

  • WhereSheShops

    I am looking forward to seeing this movie…can’t wait to see Reese and Jake’s chemistry.

  • nika

    Im quite curious myself, to see jake and reese´s chemistry hhhmm…

  • TS

    This isn’t a romance so I wouldn’t go expecting “chemistry” from Jake and Reese. Although I am looking forward to seeing of them in it and Meryl and Peter.

  • TS

    ^^ sorry for the typo, there shouldn’t be the “of” in the last post.

  • laura

    Wow!!! Hair´s Jake is wonderful! He is gorgeous!
    I like all the cast but the truth is I ´ll watch Rendition because of him!

  • Mark R

    It’s coming to the Toronto International Film Festival…. will jake and resse walk the carpet together??

  • Anon.

    Ah…sorreeee, folks. From what I understand, Jake and Reese have NO SCENES together. She filmed mostly in H’wood and Washington, D.C. She has scenes with Peter Saarsgard. She plays a very pregnant lady whose husband vanishes from the airport on his way home.Jake and Reese dating wasn’t a publicist’s creation for the movie. If so we’d have seen them together a couple of times, doing the usual going out to dinner routine and then maybe a couple of shots of them out walking around…called a showmance. The fact that we haven’t seen them together, and they have been discreet in avoiding anything public, means this might actually be serious. As in seriously dating. But of course, unnamed “friends” said the broke up!

  • peepee

    doyou really think you would liketwice at jake if he wasnt a “movie star” probably not. decent actor. not “hot”

  • Liby


    And thank God for that!

  • Jacky

    Jake and Reese dating WAS ONLY publicist’s creation for the movie – rumors started on the Rendition set (costume fittings).

  • Martin

    Jake just had bad luck to be the first single men seen on the set with “going thru divorce” actress.

    Looks like Vince Vaughn is next!

  • Martin

    Ops … single man :)

  • passing by

    They will be back on during promotion for this movie and into the award season. She has movie out this month Penolope and then they have publication interviews leading to September (TFF).

    Where is Jake anyway, hasn’t been seen since 6/25 at LAX. Only one sighting at Martha’s Vinyard early July. She seems to be missing for periods of time also.

    If this was for PR it would have been handled way different. Rendition will be her critical movie, her new movie with VV will keep at the top of the Romantic comedy gravy chain. She then has other projects her production company is working on, going from drama to comedy seems to be her plan. The Gyllenhaal camp is slow, no new projects announced, only rumors of some Broadway stuff. Is Jake having trouble getting new movie projects? Or is he waiting for box office reaction to Rendition so he perhaps can earn a bigger paycheck.

    Again, if Jake & Reese were PR then they would still be together on paper, they would not have split 3 months prior to the opening of their movie.

  • Martin

    ^^^ Even tabloids gave up writing fiction about this “relationship”.

  • NO

    Passing by, just because we haven’t heard anything about Jake doing some new projects doesn’t mean he is having trouble getting anything or that his people are slow. This is not a romance movie and I am sure Jake and Reese wouldn’t want any romance rumors to distract from the serious focus of the movie. And wherever Jake is I am hope he enjoying his time away from the paps and prying eyes. He deserves his privacy.

  • Mmmmm

    Thanks Jared, great cast esp Peter Sarsgaard he is soooo Mmmmmm

  • HEY!!!!!!

    Hey this looks like a good movie – love Jake!!!

  • dani

    I’ll definitely see the movie, but it doesn’t sound like a blockbuster flick. Jake looks good!

  • laura

    It seems that Jake doesn´t like blockbuster or the producers don´t want puttin him. The only bb he did was TDAT!

  • kueken

    peter saarsgard looks actually good in these pictures, clean and shaved .. he’s such a good actor, he should get more roles. jake’s head looks huge on the pic he is sitting in front of his laptop. didn’t he say once that he had to wear special hats for brokeback mountain because his head was so big?

  • NO

    kueker, so what if Jake has a big head. He has said so before. He still looks great to me. More importantly, he is an amazing actor. Doesn’t matter if this isn’t a blockbuster type of movie. I am really looking forward to seeing it.

  • Stewie Griffin

    that dude is a crazy good actor

  • jessica

    The reason you havent seen Jake in about a month is because he has been holed up with Reece at Marthas Vineyard to avoid the media and paps. Several people have said they have seen them together several times there and holding hands. I never believed that they split up to begin with either. Just another media stunt. After all of this, I will not be seeing Rendition (they are not together as a couple in this movie, no chemistry) and it sounds like a boring CIA movie to boot. No credibly for these 2 people anymore. Sickening.

  • Kara

    Is it new? I saw it months ago. :/