Jennifer Garner @ 'Bourne Ultimatum' Premiere

Jennifer Garner @ 'Bourne Ultimatum' Premiere

Jennifer Garner and hubby Ben Affleck shows support for BFF actor pal at the Los Angeles premiere of The Bourne Ultimatum held at the ArcLight Hollywood on Wednesday in Hollywood.

Garner kept it safe in a simple black-and-white mini and peep-toe Christian Louboutin pumps.

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51 jennfier garner bourne ultimatum premiere
52 jennfier garner bourne ultimatum premiere
53 jennfier garner bourne ultimatum premiere
54 jennfier garner bourne ultimatum premiere
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71 ben affleck bourne ultimatum premiere
72 ben affleck bourne ultimatum premiere
73 ben affleck bourne ultimatum premiere
74 ben affleck bourne ultimatum premiere

Photos: Frazer Harrison/Kevin Winter/Getty
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  • hopeless

    she still looks like ‘jaimes fox wanda from in living color’. did she fix her teeth?, at least ben bathe and shaved thank gawd ,thats a grandma dress not nice.

  • ole miss rebel

    Wow they look great.

  • Anonymous

    omg does he have a rug?

  • ole miss rebel

    I love her dress, it looks a little Jackie O to me. They both look real nice, where’s Matt?

  • http://! Cindy

    They look good but Where’s Matt and wife? It’s his premiere.



  • laurenS

    Jennifer looks great here! Love her hairdo and makeup but I’m not feeling the dress.

  • a

    she looks nice! very classy, like you said. they are simply adorable, it’s so nice to see a family making it in hollywood.

  • Adoring Fan

    IT’S SOME BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE HERE. Jennifer looks drop-dead gorgeous and Ben is looking hot as well. Can’t wait to the movie. Love Matt. He is the greatest.

  • Beckhams have them whipped/their boring

    Jens arms are way too muscular, manly looking even. The dress is blah and just hangs,no style to it.The shoes she is wearing are blah and her legs look awkward. Where;s her curly toe? How does it fit in her shoes?
    Ben shaved to close to the outline of his hair line, is he going bald?
    Is he wearing,gloss and make-up. This couple don’t make each other look hot. They should be on a green or purple carpet.They look to be soap opera tv stars. They don’t look movie star big wiggers like the Beckhams.zzzzzzz

  • [~Famous~]

    Jennifer should always wear a bang, cause she’s not bad looking when she does.

  • dancingqueen

    I hope she is pregnant, because that dress is making her look frumpy.

  • Angelina

    they do look great at this premiere. it makes me laugh everytime that the word ‘bbf’ appears. jennifer looks lovely here, i love her hair and make- up. but i dont really like the dress…it sure does make her look pregnant.

  • [~Famous~]

    Garner has no fashion sense, and the last time I seen Ben fly he was dating JLo.

  • http://! Cindy

    Her tummy looks flat in these pictures but I’d like the dress better if it was a tiny bit shorter. Its not really a mini here, its knee length

  • Natalie

    Jen cleans up pretty well. I only wish the dress was more exciting.

  • what??

    she is 3 months-if it’s a girl her name will be Rose

  • minxx

    they both look great! very natural.

  • sad

    If she is preggo he is out, just a matter of time.She does look better wit a bang an havin seen a dentist. Now that dress is lifeless. It is lacking style and she can not do ‘Jackie O’ or even ‘Jackie Chan’s clothes puleeese. Best to put her in ‘Ellie Mae Clampetts’ clothes where she belongs. Darn I miss ‘Bens Jlo’ days the bling,the hotness. Now it is Boredom ho hum. Take that dress back to Target Jen, an get your refund from pay-less for those horrid shoes it did’nt work.

  • Chris

    love her shoes. the dress is simple and classy. although, it makes her shape look straight with no hips.

  • lula29

    I rag on her so much I just don’t have the energy for it right now.

    Ben looks good to me though. Very sharp, I like him this way.

  • Franny

    That is the prettiest I have seen Garner look in a long time. I realize she is not a natural beauty but here she looks lovely. No comment on the dress.

    Isn’t it common knowledge that Ben wears a rug? He also looks good here.

  • scandalmonger

    Uhw,I´m scared when I look at the Garshitner Pics.I had to look away in disgust!She looks old and awful.
    BTW Congrats to Manifer Garshitner,she improvise it every time when she is out to wear cloths that look like dog dirt.Manifer has no stil,this is so bad.Look at this fucked up dress,who else who is not over 60-years old would wear this ugly granny-dress??She is a poor appearences on the red carpet,she looks a mess,boorish,like a complete joke.Manifer doesn´t fit to red carpets and to whole Hollywood,it was a bad accident that someone gave her the part in Alias and now she is in,but no one cares and almost no one wants to see her,besides some ugly fat looser who likes her because ´this is exactly what she is a ugly dipshit looser!

  • grace

    she looks really old.that dress is shit!I even don´t think about it it´s boring and looks awful.she looks better on the red carpet because she´s 3 hours getting her make-up done.her bangs is better for her,because it makes her look like a women.she´s really masculine!Ben looks bored as always it´s his constant look because his wife is such a boring and annoying cow so what else can he do!

  • remember da truth

    Scandalmonger, you do know that your rant makes YOU look like an ass, don’t you? You can’t spell, you can’t put a sentence together coherently, and if you have to look away at how awful Jennifer Garner looks, my guess is you haven’t seen a mirror in years and probably are a horror show yourself.

  • yara

    Better in J.lo times

  • Jill

    Jennifer looks very cute. Love the bangs…On her.

  • pauli

    oh my god!

    Why does everybody say “oh she looks old” on every woman!

    How would you look like without Botox and such shit, ha?

    I think she looks pretty, and yeah she has muscular arms, but that’s cool, she’s working out and not the one of the”skinny little woman club”!

    When somebody like Mrs. Jolie has muscular arms, then it’s cool, or?

    Think about it!

  • bea

    I love this couple, and i love seeing Ben and Matt together,is a friendship for long years ago, and i hope it will be forever.
    For more about this family come to my forum:
    In English and Spanish, let´s go, come in.

  • Kevin

    JGarner is so plain and people who write gorgeous don’t know what gorgeous is. She is cute like a little girl in granny dress.
    This girl has no shape, no boobs, butt, figure. Plain white girl!
    I thought Ben was so lucky to get Lopez, now that is what you call hot and gorgeous. Not this nobody actress who wants to be somebody, so fake! I use to like Garner but she is a cheater (remember Scott the man you were unfaithful to and try to act like a good girl) They are both losers. Luciana is HOT!!!

  • maria

    lol Garner looks shetious…the dress looks crappy frumpy and Ben’s rug is really showing. Whoever said it looks Jackie O has no sense of style, Jackie O was a fashion icon, dainty thin and elegant…Garner is huge, clumsy and those bangs ain’t banging…Creepy couple. They look like they smell like A#s.

  • Mat

    She wears clothes like that because she has no figure that is why!!! LOL Cute face but that is it, with pointy ears!
    Luciana is hot! That is what you call a figure and curves, not flat and bones with big lips!

  • Mmmmm

    I think she is so cute. Look at the bling on her ears. Ben bought her those and they are clip ons. I would be so scared to wear clip on earring that cost that much. Still find it very strange that she has never gotten her ears pierced

  • scandalmonger

    @Remember the truth
    Well at least I can point out my angle in a foreign language.This is maybe more than u can.And trust me I look in my mirror every morning and I like what I see.
    But fuck u!U always write the same fucked up comments to ppl who don´t like Manifer!I guess you are the buttocks face! Fuck you ,you little piece of shit!Maybe u should learn to accept diffrent oppinions ,but I guess ur little fucked up brain is just too small for it.
    So keep on bashing ppl who are telling the truth about ur only mock-friend Manifer Garshitner.We all don´t care about u ,ugly ,fat ass bitch!

  • JG

    I like that name for Manifer for her …come to think of it she is sort of Manly looking but not in a good way. Big dumbo ears beaty eyes, and what happened to her face…it use to be round that’s what maybe made her look cute, now she looks really uglie.

  • kate

    Why does she accentuate her lack of curves with this horrible dress?

  • Violet

    Pretty woman!

  • Gel

    Why aren’t they photographed together? Jen is mannish chick in a good way.

  • Quiet Observer

    Scandalmonger – is English, by any chance, your second language? My god, reading your comment gave me a headache.

  • biyatch07

    that cut is never flattering on anyone except for those with super stick-thin physiques!

  • ?

    She is thin! She’s just shaped like a boy.

    And why in the hell aren’t they walking together?

    Matt and his wife look good! Hot! The Garflecks look pathetic as usual. Yeah, they are sooooo in love.

  • grace

    Quiet Observer and remember the truth

    can you speak another language fluently?it´s just an opinion and just because you can´t take the negative posts about JG you shouldn´t bash ppl because of their language!!
    arrogant,stupid bitches.
    let´s face it garner is not that attractive and she and Ben didn´t one single pic together.matt and luciana did a lot!

  • lula29

    It’s obvious Garner looks like crap. Seriously.

    Her and Affleck are pathetic with this nonsense of not photographing together at events. Get over it. There is nothing remotely hot about them.

    And people wonder how come some say they aren’t that connected. They aren’t.

    Check out how hot the Damons are together. Now that’s how a couple is supposed to look.

  • Quiet Observer

    Grace, darling, I wasn’t making fun, just asking. It IS very difficult to read and, quite honestly, the fact that they seem to be so angry and spewing negativity (poorly and in a second language) just makes it worse.

    You don’t like Jen Garner and Ben Affleck because they weren’t in any of these pictures together? BTW, this is the first time I’ve seen Luciana in any of Matt Damon’s premiere pics with him. It doesn’t mean anything.

  • Quiet Observer

    And, btw, take another look. Scandalmonger is far from fluent my dear.

  • Kalliana

    Wow. Ben sure does clean-up nice.

  • the flow

    Hopeless, you’re an idiot who needs their eyes checked.

  • Dirty Cougar

    I applaud Scandalmonger! He again made me laugh. I need a good laugh. I’m PMSing for Christ’s sake!
    It is a fugly dress. It doesn’t look Jackie O! It looks like more like Betty Ford or Pat Nixon from the early 70′s. Fug dress. Not even remotely sexy! Ben and Jen look like, they are running for office! Sad and stupid.

  • Adoring Fan

    Jennifer Garner is so classy. I am so glad she doesn’t dress to impress idiots that come to this site to sprew their hatred of her because they are so jealous that she got Ben instead of Lopez. Nothing against her, except she is not the type of mommy that Ben’s little girl needs. Ben needs a wife who is all, beautiful and classy. He hit the jackpot. To quote him, he dodged a bullet with that Bennifer fiasco. Get over it. Everybody with a half a brain has.

  • lula29


    The only one worried about Lopez is you. You brought her up.

    I was talking about her shiteous dress. It’s terrible. Forget impressing people, how about dressing to look your best.

    Just because some people don’t feel the need to kiss Jennifer Garner’s a*ss even when she looks bad doesn’t mean they want Ben Affleck back with Jennifer Lopez. She looks crappy in the dress. It looks like she’s going into the nunnery.

    Her hair also looks a hot mess.