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Jennifer Lopez's Bikini Tan Line

Jennifer Lopez's Bikini Tan Line

Jennifer Lopez sparkles in an asymmetrical salmon Marchesa chiffon gown at the New York premiere of El Cantante at the AMC 25 Theatre in Times Square on Thursday.

OOPS! Looks like someone should have gotten a spray tan beforehand…

El Cantante opens in theaters nationwide next Friday, August 3.

30+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lopez‘s very visible bikini tan line…

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jennifer lopez bikini tan line 01
jennifer lopez bikini tan line 02
jennifer lopez bikini tan line 03
jennifer lopez bikini tan line 04
jennifer lopez bikini tan line 05
jennifer lopez bikini tan line 06
jennifer lopez bikini tan line 07
jennifer lopez bikini tan line 08
jennifer lopez bikini tan line 09
jennifer lopez bikini tan line 10
jennifer lopez bikini tan line 11
jennifer lopez bikini tan line 12
jennifer lopez bikini tan line 13
jennifer lopez bikini tan line 14
jennifer lopez bikini tan line 15
jennifer lopez bikini tan line 16
jennifer lopez bikini tan line 17
jennifer lopez bikini tan line 18
jennifer lopez bikini tan line 19
jennifer lopez bikini tan line 20
jennifer lopez bikini tan line 21
jennifer lopez bikini tan line 22
jennifer lopez bikini tan line 23
jennifer lopez bikini tan line 24
jennifer lopez bikini tan line 25
jennifer lopez bikini tan line 26
jennifer lopez bikini tan line 27
jennifer lopez bikini tan line 28
jennifer lopez bikini tan line 29
jennifer lopez bikini tan line 30

Photos: Evan Agostini/Peter Kramer/Getty
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  • a

    first again! haha. and she looks gorgeous despite the tan line. even though her lips are weird on the left ha.

  • Prix

    What happened to Jennifer’s upper lip?

    It looks a little…umm…….puffy?

  • Just Jared

    I think she’s just doing her sexy fishlips pout.

  • [~Famous~]

    Did she go to a auto shop to get her make-up put on?

    wtf?!? the mouth..?

  • bet

    What happen to her lips?

    Marriage is not agreeing with her.

  • Kia

    She just got her lips done. Angie wannabe….

  • faith

    Faith Hill wore the same dress at a different event but in grey.

  • my,my,my

    I saw Lopez on Regis this morning. She looked so great! I normally think Kelly Ripa looks great, but with Lopez sitting by her, Kelly looked so much older, and weathered. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I always gave Kelly credit for working out and staying slim, but who would I rather look like? Jennifer Lopez, that’s who. She looked so much healthier and toned. Her body is solid, full and shapely. She has an ideal body.

    Kelly was tanned and everything, but her legs looked bony and her skin looks looser, like she’s lost weight and her skin will not completely snap back. Kelly used to smoke, so maybe that’s why

  • mel

    She looks like shes 50 years old and channeling Joan Crawford.

  • Wentworth is hot

    oh, wtf? she looks really old.

  • fug’em looks awful,an jho too

    Did she get her lips injected? Who put her make-up on?.. Amy Winehouse? Who 4got to put Skeletors make-up on? He’s just as fug. These 2 are just attention ho-res 4 that awful movie their promoting. Who in their right mind wants to see mini- mouse-voice- non acting- ‘Jho and Skeletor’ in a movie. Show me the money and I would go with my Ipod loaded with music and sleep tabs.

  • Just Jared

    This one, Faith?

    It looks pretty different to me…

  • Celebfax

    Jennifer looks good when she’s wearing natural looking makeup. She looks like a wax model here. And seriously, your lipstick color doesn’t need to match your dress color exactly!! And Marc Marc…he needs shampoo, plenty of sleep and perhaps some fat injections in his face. He irritatingly follows the wifey around like a dog on a leash.

  • nika

    I tell ya with the high tech of today, this close can kill ya. If you know what I mean.
    Despite the tan line, she looks good. I thought she master it by now.

  • nika

    this close-up*.
    Sorry, forgot that lol.

  • jjoy

    3 Just Jared

    ummm…. :lol: :lol: LMAO….you did it jj…. :lol:

  • Anomaly?

    Yeah I don’t like the lips, WTF is wrong with them. I hate when she wears really pale lipstick.

    I kind of like the dress, though it looks like she’s going to prom.

  • Barbara

    somebody needs to let some air out of those lips.

  • lula29

    Her skin is amazing! She really glows. Her and Mark look good together here.

    Her lips look funny though.

  • Barbara

    It looks like that guy is frowning at her butt in #12. Is he a fashion critic? Maybe works for What Not To Wear?

  • Ms Katie

    love the tan and the whole outfit, but the lipstick is killing it! it just makes her look old and like she is trying too hard to look like a 20 yr o ld

  • mimi

    We can’t just dislike JLo because she can’t sing, can’t act, is a whor* and looks like a tannie?

  • faith

    This one, Faith?

    It looks pretty different to me…

    You are good Jared. Yeah it looks different. My mistake. Jennifer’s dress looks so much better.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    She is perfect.

    Now, THAT is a woman. Love the dress. Love the color. Love the diva!

    “waiting for tonight, oh, oh, when you will be here in my arms,….waiting for tonight oh oh oh oh oh oh”…

    Love that song!

  • Anne

    She has such beautiful skin = she always seems to glow. I think this is partly due to the fact that she doesn’t starve herself, like some actresses.

  • use magic markers next time

    Did he hit her? Did ‘little man’ pop bigg’em?
    She dyed that hair and those brows again,it looks strange.
    Seems she used crayola to paint her face on again.
    Now use the eraser and make hubby ugmo invisible.

  • Yily

    FLAWLESS! Jennifer Lopez is so beautiful! How she wind up with that ugly chihuahua I have no idea.

  • Angelina

    uhh…for once, i have to critisize j.lo real badly. she usually looks stunning but im disliking her at that premiere. the dress is unbelievably gorgeous, but it doesn’t match her. it clashes with her skin colour. second, what is up with those lips? i know many people’s complained about them but what is that picture about? i guess j.lo was pouting to furiously there…and lastly, those tan lines are horrible. im sure j.lo realised…maybe she just wanted it to be there to see the reaction of the audience? anyhow, that was a bad pix of her there jared. you should’ve chosen another pix. she looks gorgeous in the other ones, as usual.

  • Natalie

    Ugh, who does her make up? It’s obvious that Jen is a beautiful woman but the way her make up is done for events is usually over the top, in a bad way. Even when she does the natural look, the make up is too heavy and goes into the creases and wrinkles of her face making her look old. When she is not even that old!

    Other than that one thing, Jennifer looks stunning as usual. For the past few years she has had wonderful taste in clothing. She looks pretty and happy!!



    common people….she’s a fashion ICON!
    she’s brave…trying new things and such…

    sometime it works, sometimes it doesnt…

    I AINT GONNA HATE! much respect to her fashion choices

  • Julz

    Shes hot!!!
    Event though you dont like her, she looks amazinG

  • Tom Swift

    hot hot hot hot

    muy caliete!!

    i love j.lo!
    skeletor on the other hand, not so much

    She has the best style on earth


  • luca

    yikes! what happend to her lips? she probably thinks she looks hot with that pout…

  • black

    Wow- you Americans are really obsessed about your tans, arn´t you?

    No wonder everybody hates you……ts,ts,ts.

  • Tom Swift

    screw teh tans! look at her style?
    she is GOD

  • Ella_

    Her skin is AMAZING, the style of the dress and colour blends beautifully with her complexion. Hair, make-up, jewellery…PERFECT!

    I think she’s found the one with Marc. He might not be a looker but his a talented guy, he has more talent than all her exes put together!

    Not a J-Lo fan but she gets 10/10!

  • Sarah

    I think the real crime here is the fact that she cannot pout if her life depended on it.

  • angelina_mmm

    who cares about the tan line
    don’t be so picky :)
    she looks gorgeous in that dress
    suits her

  • EvilLynn

    Almost totally perfect…the only things that are “off” are the lipstick-color and the helmet hair. As far as lip injections and a phony tan…don’t think so. She’s had full lips all her career…if anything…they’re de-puffing as she ages (like any human) And dude, Jared, Puerto Ricans don’t need spray tans! That would make us look kinda like the victims in the old James bond flick “Goldfinger” :D

  • Samantha

    Did she have her lips done?

  • sally

    The problem w/ jennifer lopez is that she is too filled with herself to recognize that not everything is going to look good on her…and you don’t have to know her to see that. Her clothing choices speak for itself. She does that with hair styles too (although I do like this gown). I am getting real tired of that pouty look too. She’s trying way too hard because lets get real…no matter how much $$ she has she will always be a hispanic girl from the Bronx. (be proud)

  • jo

    ugh too much fake bake, too much make-up, too much dress all TO MUCH!!!!! don’t like it sorry. all too FAKE.

  • may

    I wish I looked like that…even on a bad day Jlo looks 99% better than the rest of…I think she looked georgeous

  • Jill

    Hate that color dress and the same with her lipstick. It just doesn’t suit her. She looks like she’s going to a prom.

  • Tallchic

    These two are disgusting! Her pout is ridiculous. LOL! And Mark looks like a greasy pimp and always does. Yuck!

  • Sara

    wow, she’s human? like, a lot of people have that ;P but anyway, her mouth looks weird but she’s stunning

  • grace

    she´s really looking like a wax figure and her lips OMG!Horrible and that lipstick is awful!

  • gini

    ugly mouth!! she’s so superficial!

  • Mmmmm

    How tall is she? A girl as curvey as her should not wear a dress like that, the color looks great on her tho.

  • Jules

    who is the designer, does anyone know? it’s such a beautiful dress!