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Rachel Bilson: Pretty in Plum

Rachel Bilson: Pretty in Plum

Rachel Bilson shows off her gorgeous gams in a pretty plum summer dress and Lanvin “Dream” platforms while gassing up her car in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Her hair looks great! Bilson, 25, must have used special ionic effect blowdryer she picked up on Wednesday! Wa wa wee wa!!!

More pictures inside of Rachel filling up her gas tank…

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rachel bilson gas station 01
rachel bilson gas station 02
rachel bilson gas station 03
rachel bilson gas station 04
rachel bilson gas station 05
rachel bilson gas station 06
rachel bilson gas station 07
rachel bilson gas station 08

Photos: Matei/Bm/Jsm/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Pinky

    Here’s the girl we love!

  • Anonymous

    Pretty Girl

  • Sweetie

    I think she’s cute, but she’s been getting so much coverage lately. I wonder why?

  • christy

    She’s starting to look old in the second shot. She’s always in a new outfit in the last few shots, that’s why paps like taking pictures of her.

  • [~Famous~]

    Eww.. what’s good with that man-face?

    This girl is ugg without glasses on.

  • :(

    She’s cute.

  • sal

    Her again???

  • Anonymous

    How old is she looking? 19? You’re crazy.

  • ?

    Sorry but she’s not cute to me, jmo.
    Her face looks kinda rough here.
    Doesn’t do a it for me.
    Average and blah.

  • Anonymous

    oh wait, let me guess, you think Britney should be Miss America

  • laurenS

    she’s boring

  • Dirty Cougar

    Scandalmonger, ooohhh Scandalmonger where are you? I need a good laugh @ this fug who’s, ever so popular!

  • Dirty Cougar

    OOhh Fuck! Never mind! THis is Rachel Bison. Forgive me! I just woke up! I thought this was Mrs. Garner a@ a distance. I should have known better. Manifer don’t have that nice of legs or slim body! RB Please, forgive me!!!

  • Dirty Cougar

    Aaawww! She looks young and adorable. At least she’s no prima donna and making, Hayden fill up her gas tank! The girl can do tasks on her own. Can you imagine Paris? She’d fucking blow up the gas station!|!

  • Ava

    dirty cougar is one strange mo fo.

  • Ann

    I just keep wondering, what is it she does with herself these days? Play dress up to go to the gas station? She’s always out and about, but for what? She hasn’t had any work in some time.

    As for all the outfits and the shopping, is anyone else wondering how she affords it when there’s no cash flow?

  • Dirty Cougar

    @ Ava, One stange motherfucker and proud of it!

  • shop ‘shop ‘eat lunch ‘shop ‘look busy

    Bad skin and to pale. Don’t know why, but I thought her home would be a mansion. The rolled up hose in front of her home was messy for a celeb,just saying. Does’nt she have gardners?
    She seems dull,and just shops, dine and do nada like most young celebs. What show is she on? I’ve really only seen her here and she is to zzzz to google.

  • Dirty Cougar

    I’m a strange mo fo. I just woke up and, the Benifer page must have skipped. I just woke up and my vision was blurred. Forgot to put my eye drops in. I wear contacts you know? OOoeehhhwwwww!!! I’m crazy like that. I put my drops in. I can see now. The uglyness is gone! Rachel Bilson is a petite vision of beauty. The color plumb looks wonderful on her. Love the 70′s high heeled shoes! Go girl go! You’ll be late for you’re party!

  • Mara

    Aw! She’s soo adorable! and cute!
    I love her!
    Thanks for all the pics!

  • so_not_duh

    I honestly think that Dirty Cougar is ACTUALLY Rachel Bilson… so good luck w/ that!

  • andie

    It’s possible Dirty Cougar is Rachel Bilson. Look how she spells the word PLUM.

  • Nana

    Aww! Shes so pretty!

  • Kleigh

    @ Ann:

    She is totally & obviously STAGING all these photo opps just to put herself out there, bcoz she thought she’ll boost her goner career aside from doing some hooking up on the side. It was like she’ll get up in the morning, wear those fancy clothes that she just bought yesterday, put some make up on, call on her tipped paparazzi & inform them where she’ll be heading and then she’ll get out of her house. And that how RB’s life after OC… just bumming around!

  • Hans

    She’s acting like EVA LONGWHORIA, one of the top “media whores” in Hollywood right now. I bet that in 5 years time, Bilson would actually looked like her as both are just shallow fuggling midgets!

  • Jhin

    Just where are those “big glasses”???? Doesnt Bilson knows that she doesn’t looked that “fug” when she wears them?!

  • Yily

    Ugh, FUGLY! Rachel Bilson has got to be the most annoying woman in Hollywood right now. She’s has nothing on her agenda. No movies coming out, no tv shows, and definitely nothing to promote. Somebody in Hollywood need to give this girl a job but I doubt anybody would hire her due to her lack of talent or none at all I might add. Hmmm…maybe the people from the OC could give her and Mischa a job since they’re so fond of these two biiitches. I’m sure Rachel Bilson will be willing to do anything. Informercial, tv soap, or selling lemonade on the side of the street. The girl is that desperate for a job.

  • Vive

    She’s incredibly soo tiny and her clog shoes wasnt much a big help to boost her height deficiency. She actually looks like the “rat from Ratatouille”… lol!

  • Krusty

    I bet it would feel awesome to be balls deep in her…

  • peter

    She’s Perfect!!!

  • Dane

    @ but she’s been getting so much coverage lately. I wonder why?

    Dont you all know that all the money that she earn from OC are invested to her PR agents & annointed paparazzi. That I think is just doing their job coz RB is really anywhere & everywhere now and whats that for??? By just doing nothing!!!

  • matt

    I Love her ! Thanks Jared

  • Faye


  • jilly

    Sexy Sexy Sexy

  • Sarj

    @ Dane:

    She aint NO big thing in Hollywood and wont ever be. NO future movie projects even on TV that were lining up. NO “real” romantic interest to play up for. So yeah, these paparazzi are really getting its worth for just doing a horribly futile job for her…

  • Char

    Here is the OC mascot again that we “love to hate”!!!

  • Angelina

    uhh…no #11, no offense but what’s wrong with her being boring? you want someone like britney or lindsay to pop out in front of your face to entertain you? sheesh, you expect too much from celebrities. i think the word you’re looking for lauren, is ordinary. rachel looks ordinary and orginal in these pix. sure she’s not the prettiest girl in town, but she does have a cute sense of style and look. one thing that bothers me is that she doesn’t seem to have much of a chest in those pix. its probably the dress’ problem.

  • Linz

    RB is surely getting to be one of the ultimate “media whores” in town. She’s one of those desperate celeb that call up the paparazzi to tell them where she is at all times & probably what she’ll be wearing too. Ever notice how she never gets pissed off or get angry with them, she even caught smiling at them most of the time. Just go figure!

  • Finn

    @ one thing that bothers me is that she doesn’t seem to have much of a chest in those pix. its probably the dress’ problem.

    Of course she’s flat chested. But what can you expect?! She’s a midget for God’s sake!

  • peepee

    you know bilson has been posting her ass off as different people on here. so many celebs do. trust me… more than you know. almost all of them. especially the “hungry” ones

  • Natalie

    Such a cute girl. I love the outfits she puts together.

  • Addy

    Jeeez! I think that there’s no problem w/ the dress. Its the “one” who actually wears it as it was probably supposed to match up only for those who have normal features and/or at least someone who reach at least 5 feet in height…

  • steph

    if you’re wondering where she gets all her money by shopping tremendously with her boyfriend hayden or herself only even if she hasn’t have works lately….well she is a daughter and granddaughter of a writer,producer and director: or Bruce Bilson

  • jenny

    My God! it’s jealousy because rachel is pretty or because this with hayden?

  • Marta

    you learned to read?

    “Jumper” The studio announced plans to develop a trilogy based on the novel’s premise ($100 million)

    Teen Choice Awards

    Won Choice TV Actress: Drama 2005
    Won Choice TV Chemistry 2005
    Won Hottie Female 2005
    Won TV – Choice Actress: Drama/Action 2006

    #6 on the Maxim magazine 2005, #14 on the Maxim 2006 and much more …

  • non

    I love Rachel Bilson she’s beautiful and she has style

  • Addy

    Her boyfriend?!
    DUH?! Does she actually & really have one?! There goes another gullible who rides on that “staged” hooked-up just for the sake of their movie. “Ever heard of the expression ‘things aren’t always what they appear to be”? We’ll see about that…

    well she is a daughter and granddaughter of a writer,producer and director: or Bruce Bilson
    Is that so?! The why cant they get her pint-size daugther/granddaugther a film/tv project instead of seeing her most of the time by just making a runway on the streets whenever she got a new dress & shoes lol!!

  • Sandy

    She won TCA (a teen award) and she was popular thanks to her relationship with Brody. Both are over right now.

  • Lance

    @ Peepee:

    I believe you. Those who keep on saying that she’s cute or acting cute, nice dress, nice shoes, love her, nice hair etc. are all friends of RB or if not its ACTUALLY Rachel Bilson herself. Good luck w/ that!

  • hehe

    love her she is best