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Ryan Phillippe Looks Pissed at Paparazzi

Ryan Phillippe Looks Pissed at Paparazzi

Super-studly dad Ryan Phillippe takes his two kids — Ava, 7, and Deacon, 3 — down Bedford Drive in downtown Beverly Hills on Wednesday.

Ryan doesn’t look very happy to see paparazzi… but nothing compared to how pissed wife Reese Witherspoon looked back in May!

Bigger picture inside…

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  • Ms. Horseley

    Doesn’t that kid ever walk????? In every picture it seems like he never walks.

  • Mmmmm

    I do not blame him but I guess that is what he happens when he cheaters get caught, you get added to stalk me like dog list.

  • jleah

    He’s just making it worse for his kids. Look at the look on the little girl’s face. He should just walk wherever he’s going and shut up. I know it must be annoying but you teach by example and that’s not a very good example. Little Reese. awwwww

  • jenny

    well its been said the price of fame
    what r they shocked about
    they r in movies papps appear

  • Sarah

    He also looks ugly. :(

  • loser

    He’s ugly inside, too.

  • A.M.

    He did Reese a HUGE favor!!!!! She can do so much better.

  • Ruth

    I cannot imagine how dreadful it must be to be followed all the time by those disgusting Paps. Perhaps they have the “right” to take photos of the actors themselves but when they are with their kids – no way. What are these celebrities who are also parents supposed to do – stay 24 hours a day in their homes? Not go out with their children to eat, shop or just walk around? Not everyone has the security guards of the Jolie-Pitt family who also suffer enough from this type of harassment. As fans we may enjoy looking at pics of these celebrities but their kids should be out of bounds. JJ, I love your board but perhaps you could keep celebrity kids out of it (and this includes the Jolie-Pitts who deserve a break from this intrusion into their lives).

  • lexy

    He looks hot and irritated. They don’t want their kids photograhed I don’t think that is too hard to understand.

    See more pictures here:

  • HEY!!!!!!

    The Paps should leave children alone.

  • Why buy this picture?

    Jared, used to like your like site but lately it’s become a turn off to see the types of pictures you put up. I understand you are running a business here that provides your income but don’t you think that it’s wrong to buy pictures like these from agencies?

    If you can clearly see that a parent is angry and their kids look frustrated with the paparazzi, then you should atleast not pay for those types of pictures. You put up the pictures of Reese when she was angry and now Ryan. Seriously, come on now!

    I understand this is your blog but take a look at the comments on this site sometimes. A lot of it is just spam from people who write comments like:


    Oh well, your site, you decision. But this is my opinon.

  • Anonymous

    who knows what the paps are yelling? they could be saying all kinds of ugly things just to get a reaction.

  • Niecy

    I wouldn’t want to be followed by photogs every minute of my life either but you know what, if there were no paps, they wouldn’t be celebs.

  • Anon.

    Paps are always trying to provoke a subject into reacting. They do it by shouting or getting uncomfortably close, invading peole’s space. I don’t blame Ryan for carrying Deacon. The look on Ava’s face says it all! I strongly object to taking and posting pictures of the minor children of celebrities without their permission. And why do they only stalk Ryan when he’s with his kids. They follow Reese out to dinner, shopping lunch with friends, etc.and take a lot pictures of Reese without her kids, but Ryan is only seen with the kids lately. How come? Has he stopped partying and hanging out at clubs, chasing hot young girls??? Not at all. But there is an “image” of Dadddy Ryan that everyone seems determined to project. Leave the kids alone. And honestly, I have to agree with poster #11, Jared. You used to have higher standards.

  • Ashley


  • a

    then lave htem alone, duh.







  • chucklehead

    lexy whoever you are you are hilarious hahahaha thanks for the laugh. don’t take kids pictures… here’s some more hahahahah

  • Maya

    What a bunch of assholes – that’s the price you pay for getting 20 million dollars to appear in a frigging movie. The boy looks very much like Reese.

  • Maya

    What’s wrong with saying a s s h o l e s ? Don’t be a hypocrite Jared…

  • Diana

    And why not? If they dont want to have paps around them they should chose another career …

  • lexy

    LOL I know right. I said that’s why he was mad which I understand I would be mad too but I’m not taking the pictures I’m just looking at them ;-)

  • Anon.

    Some people on this thread are really jerks! I don’t care about the paparazzi chasing after Ryan.Let them. But even Ray Charles can see that we are being manipulated. If you’d check, Ryan is mostly photographed with is kids and/or in the daytime. Reese is phtographed anytime they can get her,mostly without her kids. For one series of pictures of Reese with her kids, there are at least five of her without them.I agree that a celebrity gives up a lot of privacy, that should not go for little kids. Little kids shouldn’t have to be scared by mobs of strangers shouting and jumping around at them. I don’t care about paps getting pictures of Ryan. But why not get pictures of him at the clubs. They see him there.They know he parties all the time. Who are they trying to fool.
    And no one trapped Ryan Phillippe.He is no victim. He is a 32 year old man with TWO kids. Reese and Ryan have been together for at least 9 years.
    I am curious to know why certain people have to tear down someone like Reese who has been a good mother, and has tried hard to make a good home for her family. Are people so sick with jealousy they have to act ugly? Check yourself.

  • jj

    I doubt there is a conspiracy seriously #23 don’t freak out. Reese is a much bigger star. Pictures of Ryan alone must not sell very well. Pictures of the kids and him are worth more. It’s just economics. If he is going out as much as you say he obviously behaves and goes in and out doors discretly. If he was going wild there would be pictures.

    I agree with you about the kids. They shouldn’t be subjected to invasive paparazzis.

  • mel

    Not to long ago it was considered bad form to photograph the kids of stars. The parents are entertainers not the children. Are the paps so fucking desperate for a reaction that they stalk these people when they know it should be off limit’s?

  • inhirnamy137

    His kids are so cute…it’s interesting to see natural blondes..

  • Raichill

    I have noticed that Reese and Ryan carry Deacon a lot, too. He is too old now to be carried all the time. Ava looks tired and thin. Maybe she has been ill recently.

  • OMG


  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    Look at the little mini mes! Aw too cute!

    Although, no matter how great of parents Ryan and Reese will be, their kids are going to have such a distorted sense of self that they will probably be tremendously rude and looney. They have been stalked by paparrazi since they were tots. Sure there are grwown kids that were once children to the stars (Drew Barrymore, Charlie Sheen, Kiefer Sutherland)but any generation of children prior to about 5 years ago, has not been relentlessly stalked the way kids are today!

    There’s going to be Lindsay Blohards galore in 15 years. Watch out for Generation Shiloh! Woohoo!


  • Jenn

    Ava looks so little & small! But she is adorable.

    Deacon looks so much like his dad!

    They are so cute.

    Ryan’s hot :)

  • sunny214

    @anon: I know you do not like Ryan, at any picture which is publicized with him, you give a comment how big he sucks and what a bad person he his. And how beautiful and nice Reese is. So let me ask you a question, why do you try so desperately make Ryan look bad. He was there for his kids in the last 9 years and stay at home when ever his wife acted in a movie. Do you not think that when Ryan is partying all nights in the clubs, on any of these sites, there were pictures or videos about it? You get to see Lindsay or Britney out all the time, so why would they not take a picture of Ryan? You are so desperate to see him fail big time, so you can say that you were right all the time. I find this extrem sad. You don´t like him, don´t look at picture or article about him, no one force you to do that.

  • me

    he’ll get over it..

  • lexy

    Check out the video on celebritybabylon. He is being really calm. Annoyed but calmer then the pictures would lead you to infer. Also, you can get a good idea about how annoying the paparazzi are really being.

  • ptb

    @ lexy

    I saw the above video….i agree….but what’s up with that crack-head, defending Ryan to the paparazzi “back up off em!!!!!” that was hilarious!

  • Aisling

    Anyone with half a brain WOULD carry their little CHILD through the hordes of photographers . They could {& probably would} easily trample the little tyke just to get the right shot of the of them doing something so normal as WALKING . Sickening really ..

  • looser
  • ok