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Violet Affleck Brings on Cuteness Overload

Violet Affleck Brings on Cuteness Overload

Jennifer Garner and 19-month-old cutie pie daughter Violet share some mother-daughter bonding time together at a community recreational center in Pacific Palisades on Thursday.

Later in the day, Jen made a quick change of outfit and stopped off at the Brentwood Country Mart. The former spy mommy carried around a red 2007 planner book.

Below you can watch one of Jen‘s new Neutrogena commercials. She says, “Okay, you know what ages our skin? Free radicals. From sun, stress and pollution.” You can find out more about Neutrogena’s anti-oxidant age reverse lotion here.

Jennifer GarnerNeutrogena commercial

More pictures of Jen and Violet inside…

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jennifer garner brentwood country mart 01
jennifer garner brentwood country mart 02
jennifer garner brentwood country mart 03
jennifer garner brentwood country mart 04
jennifer garner brentwood country mart 05
violet affleck cute 01
violet affleck cute 02
violet affleck cute 03
violet affleck cute 04
violet affleck cute 05
violet affleck cute 06
violet affleck cute 07
violet affleck cute 08
violet affleck cute 09

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  • [~Famous~]

    I don’t want to be fcuked up, but I don’t think that kids cute. Not one bit.

  • baggem jen

    back to being the bag-lady she is.

  • you


    That’s putting it very kindly.

  • Dirty Cougar

    There’s maifer! Scandalmonger, Sandalmoger! Where are you? I thought I was posting here. No, my page slipped down to Rachel Bilson’s. Yeah! Jen wished she looked like RB!

  • [~Famous~]

    It would be nice to see Jen look like she actually cared how she looked. Po$h, give this girl a call please.

  • Posh can’t even handle this

    I saw that commercial the other day and they made her look 100 times better than what she really looks like. Except, the ‘Disney’s Goofy’
    over bite mouth & the small beady eyes were the same.
    I know it was all retouched & cleaned up,so Neutrogena should be ashamed.

  • Oxford

    Leave Jen alone. Not everyone wants to be Ms. Runway model, dressed to the nines just to go to the Mart.

  • insideroutofajob

    I know she hears John Denver singing “County Road Take Me Home”-She hates Cali and longs to be in Virginia

  • Barbara

    Her teeth look different. Does she wear those invisible braces maybe?

  • Sue

    geesh can you all peeps say anything nice about anyone? She looks like a mommy, who spends quality time with her daugther.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    No, I guess Violet is not the cutest baby in the world. She should be MUCH cuter for her parents. But in the end, I guess all kids are cute so she is cute just not in that Gerber baby perfect angel Shiloh Jolie-Pitt kind of way.

    I feel sorry for any little girls born around Shi’s age. I mean Shiloh will be the standard by which they will measure themselves.

  • lula29

    #11 You’ve got to be kiddin’ me. Do you really want to put that much pressure on a baby. Shiloh doesn’t deserve that mess, cut it out.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    12 lula29 : 07/27/2007 at 1:45 am

    #11 You’ve got to be kiddin’ me. Do you really want to put that much pressure on a baby. Shiloh doesn’t deserve that mess, cut it out.


    Yeah, you are right. That is A LOT of pressure for one little girl.

    But you know it’s the truth. Shiloh won the genetic lottery big time! And Violet..well she’ll grow into a pretty girl, I am sure. Her mom is cute. Just not vavoom, know what I mean?

  • lula29

    Team Laura Croft,

    I don’t even think Garner is cute, so I have serious doubts about Violet growing up to be “pretty”, but I just fear that Shiloh will suffer even more ridicule because of statements like that.

  • Angelina

    what do you all have against jennifer? liie #7 said, she’s just an ordinary mother trying to spend time with violet. why do you all expect jennifer to dress like a million dollars everytime she walks out of the door? its her life and stop comparing her with victoria. victoria is a totally different person. jennifer looks real nice in that commercial…i dont think neutrogena retouched that much. she looks that natural half the time if you havn’t noticed! btw, is that commercial complete? coz it kinda just cut off at the end…

  • Violet

    Violet is sweet!

  • Tom Swift

    sorry, but this baby is far from being cute

    she has her mothers god awful ears.

    thats too bad too, cuz Ben Affleck is a hottie.
    too bad Jen garner ruined it for this ugly child

  • grace

    neutrogena retouched a lot!she looks good in that commercial and in real life she´s looking like a homeless,45 old housewive.
    and isn´t violet the most pictured baby?why isn´t she closing the door when she talkes with the paps?Ben said once that they´ll protect violet because she couldn´t choose to be “famous” and what is Jen doin every day?BTW she´s sooooo unattractive,her teeth and her botox bockwurst lips!hate her smile she looks like a dumb fart!

  • pauli


    :-P :-P :-P

    I am sorry to post a comment on Shiloh, but its so funny, the whole hollywood shit, who’s the most beautiful girl/man!

    OH and she looks so old! OH she’s fat OH she’s to thin!

    hi hi hi hi

    Don’t you have to go to work or to school?


  • Tom Swift

    Are you kidding me? Shiloh is 100 times cuter than this fug baby
    look at her disgusting ears!

  • Jenho

    Why does Jennifer Garner need a security guy at the brentwood country mart, surely the assistant and manager with her could protect her just as well from the 5 paparazzi. The security guy makes her feel like she is a big superstahhh, but all she is a celebrity whose only claim to fame is that Ben Affleck knocked her up. She’s a hypocrite, smiling for the paparazzi and then putting that book in front of her face. She really needs to stop exploiting Violet all the time.

  • EvilLynn

    I don’t think the kid is ugly….but it doesn’t really matter. She lives in L.A., her parents are movie stars, so my bet is that she’ll have plastic surgery to correct anything she doesn’t like as soo as it’s medically feasible. Sad, but true. As far as little Shiloh goes..I think she’s adorable for sure, but you know who the surprise winner is in the famous baby beauty lottery? Dannielyn (Anna Nicole’s kid). I think she blows Shiloh out of the water (which is hard to do).

  • Anony

    That child is NOT cute. In fact she’s UGLY…

  • Tom Swift

    she needs to get those giant ears pinned back

  • Jenho

    What an idiot Jennifer Garner is, splashnewsonline has pictures of her driving holding the book over her face.

  • grace

    Jenho I love u!

  • mimi

    Hello people who don’t work or go to school:

    Actuallly I am seriously worried about Shiloh. I think she has something wrong with her thats why she is hidden away and never taken out and why when we do see her she looks retarded with her mouth always hanging out.
    Shiloh is not pretty in the least. I think, on the other hand, these are adorable pictures of Violet. The one with her looking out the car it looks like shes thinking “oh not you again”! She has intelligent expressions on her face like that while Shiloh just has that “Duh” look all the time. That’s not attractive.

  • mimi

    Dear TOm Swift:

    Is that yur stupid website? JJ should have you kicked out of here.

  • marsha

    Lula29, you again? WHy do you post on every Jennifer garner sight if you don’t like her? You are wierd

  • Lizzie

    Looks like she’s pregnant to me. Violet’s foot curves around her mom’s belly in a couple of the photos.

  • grace

    yeah mimi an almost 2 year old as an intelligent expression!yeah…sure
    and lizzie

    huh?i really wann see your bump?I can´t stand JG but she´s definitely not pregnant look at the pics when she´s wearing the white shirt is there a bump?Don´t be ridiculous,okay!

  • Tom Swift

    She is pregnant with mutant baby #2

  • marsha

    grace, if you can’t stand JG why are you wasting you time on her post? I mean I know you probably dont have anything to do but what a waste of time and negative energy.

    I think you all should leave her alone. She obviously doesn’t want to get photographed with the book over her face and her waving off photographers by the car (although she was being nice about it), but photographers are after her every day. Unlike Posh who dresses for the photogs, Jenn gets a pregnancy pass.

  • Mmmmm

    I think Jen is a great mom and love that she takes her mommy role seriously. Go Syd!

  • Tom Swift

    i dont have to like her to post here!

  • nutjobs

    You people are nuts. Insane. Violet Afflect is adorable and happy and Jennifer Garner is a great true hands-on mom. They do normal things that parents and kids should be doing at that age. Angelina and Brad Pitt are not the be all end all. Stop dragging them and their kid (who doesn’t look too swift compared to other babies around her age)into every post.


  • Baby Doll

    Only shallow immature people compare baby looks. Violet and Shiloh are both cute in their on way. No two people look like on this earth unless they are identical twins, triplets….
    When these babies grow up and reach the age of 21, you can judge their looks. By then you people will be old shallow ignorant people.

    Jennifer looks fine. I never understood why people except stars to do errands dressed in designer clothes.

  • HEY!!!!!!

    Violet is so cute!!!!

  • taba

    I don’t think Violet is ugly, she’s cute in her own way. I think she has really small eyes, but hey my daughter has small eyes also and she is far from ugly. Why bring Shiloh into this, and to say such horrible,mean and disturbing things about an innocent child is just SAD, and cruel. I’m guessing that those of you that post these comments does not have children, because if you do you would not like anyone saying these hurtful things about your child. Since someone brought up that Shiloh looks retarded and always has her mouth open. Kids are not program to smile on que…stop being ignorant. Last night I was looking at some pics of my daughter when she was a baby, and in most of her pics she has her mouth slightly open, and my child is far from retarded. They are all cute.

  • [~Famous~]

    Okay, I think its unanimous, that baby is ugg.

    And I agree, Shiloh is 100,000,000 times better looking than Vio’lation. Lol

  • j

    that kid is fugly I don’t know what the fuss over her is,she looks like she sucked a lemon just like ehr big eared Mom

  • sick0′s on the LOOSE!!!

    don’t know how this posters look in real life nor their kids. i bet vioet is prettier thn ur kids and well cared of. as for mimi? , u said something w/ shiloh???? or something is awefully wrong with u??? do u hv a kid? would u like somebody to say something’s wrong with ur kid, even when u think they seem normal to u? only idiots do tht to innocent ones? i am not sure if u hv kids or is something with ur brain or ur mouth just like SHOOTING foul? tht kid is way more normal thn u , enjoyimng her young innocent while a grown-up A.s.s like u called her retarded, or maybe ur slightly retarding somewhere w/in urself, yes bite me… just being fare. i hv a bit respect for people who spare kids w/ their attrocities and who spare people who are doing good in helping others.

  • may

    .Poor Violet, too bad the mom loves the attention and subjects her to the paparrazi.

  • grace

    marsha i have something to do thanks but i can comment on every single picture here on this site,or not?so take my opinion or not.I don´t care!

  • MoniKah

    To all the people that said bad thing about Jennifer Garner: You all said that because you’re JELUOS…you will love to have a husband as cuter, handsome and good looking as Ben Affleck, a beautiful, smiley and cute baby gilr as Violet and of course be as successfull, brilliant, gorgeous, smart and friendly as Jennifer Garner…to all those who said bad things about her let me say to you: you all are just JELOUS…

  • Karen

    It’s a baby…you really should be ashamed of yourself saying this rude mean stuff about any baby. Why are you judging a baby. How would you feel if someone said that about you or a baby. Just because she is in the public eye doesnt give you license to criticize. Jennifer Garner is a beautiful women too. You people sound like a bunch of bizzare loonies.





  • Karen

    You people are truly sick. Your comparing babies. Its bad enough this society judges people based soley on looks but children. Frankly just because Shiloh is Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s baby doesnt mean she will be the most beautiful creature in the world. You people who are saying that Jennifer Garner’s baby is ugly are just nasty. How would you feel if someone said your baby was disgusting. Really you people need to seek help. I would love to get a look at some of you people. Really sad and gross.

  • Kelly

    Stop the hatin’!!! Good grief people. If you don’t like Jen Garner, don’t read about her. And quit comparing kids for heaven’s sake! I personally love JG and thing Violet is precious. Shiloh is a cutie too.

    And if you are going to post, please try to spell words correctly. :)