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Zac Efron @ Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Zac Efron @ Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Hairspray hottie Zac Efron plays it cool on Wednesday’s taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Jimmy teased Zac about the Pop Star Magazine’s “Summer of Zac” photo spread, where he was seen frolicking on a Hawaiin beach shirtless with High School sweetheart Vanessa Hudgens (there was no mention of her in the entire interview).

Zac also shared his complaint about one of the tenants in his apartment that uses up all of the hot water in the building. He apparently “didn’t shower for two days” because he had no hot water. Icky sticky!

Watch Zac‘s guest appearance on Kimmel below!

Zac EfronJimmy Kimmel Live!, 7/25

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Photos: Michael Desmond/ABC
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  • nicetry

    gay, gay, gay.

  • amanda

    awwww…he prolly showered at vanessa’s yh…i saw that interview it was so funny: the summer of zac. wish there was a summer called that.
    zac looked liked he wanted to talk about hawaii a bit more….damn no mention of zanessa. oh and “you’re like in this magazine 70 times”
    haha :)

    Thanx JJ!!

    am i first?

  • Dan

    Zac Efron seems to be everywhere these days…

  • Juzxsero

    he looks HOT!!

  • chay

    somebody’s house is only a couple of blocks away – i’m sure he showered there ;)

  • Rubyrose77

    Aww Zac, He is great in Hairspray.

  • Naomi

    #1: you are SO completely right!

  • Dirty Cougar

    Hey, Zac was pretty darn good in Hairspray! I’m not putting Zac, Nikki and the whole bunch down anymore. They have talent!

  • Naomi K

    He looks so hott, lol. That interview was so funny.

  • rebecca

    your hott hott and sexy zac you should go and get your girl vanessa hudgens cuz u guys aready have matching rings and bracelets that are red i’m a zanessa fan #1 go zanessa go

  • rebecca

    zacs hott zac hott

  • [~Famous~]

    I watched Kimmel last night and I must say I felt bad for that kid. He was lost, all he did was scratch his arm, play with his hair and smile for the cameras. You’d expect a 19 year old to have a little more going on upstairs. Jimmy pretty much carried the interview while Zac did the gay smile. Lmao

    And its the ‘Summer Of Shia’ Lol

  • Zaiken an Clay identical

    Zaiken as gurly girl as ever.. he has a whole bottle of women gel products in his looks greasy slick..cover girl powder for his face and revlon pink blush on his he wears thongy thongs..

  • peepee

    queer as a 3 dollar bill

  • Y

    lol I don’t think Jimmy did any research on Zac! Who wouldn’t ask about Vanessa? Mostly when they both went to Hawaii together! That was funny when Jimmy thought Niki was John!

  • mackenzie

    he can take a shower with cold water

  • Gay

    Drew Seeley >>>>>>> this douchebag

  • bettybaby

    you people are just plain mean! leave the kid alone.

  • jeo

    Hate him, love that cardigan. It takes a real man to know how to dress that well, a real gay man.

  • suzy

    jimmy must not have done his research bcause if he had he would of asked better questions about v and the stuff he does outside hsm / hs

  • Annie

    I thought Zac did great last night!
    Thanks for posting this, Jared.

  • Angel

    zac looked hot as always, and for the 1000000th time he is NOT gay!cant u guyz just get the message?!?!!??or is that too hard for your small brains?

  • vandina

    iheard a rumor zac and nessa lived together is is true

  • zacefronlover!

    OH MY GODD .!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    hes so cute, and hes such a sweetheart!

    love yah zaccypoo! ♥

  • Laura

    zac is soo cute, ya and i wouldnt be trashing zac because u guys dont know have the things you’re saying, actually you dont know anything so leave him alone!!
    p.s- zac was proabably happy jimmy didnt talk about vanessa, he doesnt liek to talk abotu his personal life and i respect that!

  • Nathalia

    shut up, haters ¬¬

    he’s totally awesome in hairspray. :) he’s such a cutie, i adore him x3. thnx for the news.

  • bobby

    Man that’s a lot of makeup he’s wearing. Give me some of that gayness Zac!

  • zoë

    He is gay…as in HAPPYYYY. Cause he’s with VANESSAAAAA =D

    ZANESSA, for. the. win.

  • TheGaminGamine

    I didn’t know about this young man until I went to see Hairspray the other day, he’s simply delicious, & in his defense he seemed a bit leery whilst being interviewed, Jimmy kind of put him through the ringer & Mr. Efron stuck it out…& his comment on Nikki Blonsky, simply terrible, ‘is that John Travolta dancing, I hear he dressed up as a women,’ seriously, ass!

  • nika

    I don´find him hot, cute yes but not hot. his acthing skills I can´t critize cause haven´t seen.
    Its definitely the `summer of shia` lol.

  • Bianca

    I wasn’t gonna get my hopes up on a mention of V last night.

    Jimmy’s not dumb, there’s about 4 pages of the Hawaii trip in that damn magazine – he saw it. I’m sure Zac’s PR asked for Jimmy not to bring her up – unfortunately.

    Besides the fact that they’re both trying to keep the relationship as low-key as possible in terms of media coverage – sorta too late now though lol.. they’ve got E! already talking about `em, Us, People, Life && Style, In Touch.. && of course the blogs..

    All in all it was good interview, Jimmy’s hilarious. Zac’s cute when he’s confused lol && on a side note, Don Cheadle is amazing – like we don’t already know that.. getting chased by a rhino, lmao. Go see Talk To Me on Friday! That is, if you haven’t already seen HS.

    Thanks Jared. Keep it up =]

    Ps. ‘Zanessa’ && of course, ‘Brangelina’ coverage is much appreciated, thanks for posting about them

  • YEAHH:]

    yeah uhm no zac efron is not gay.
    hes really talented and summer of shia bahaha.
    uhm zacs gonna be in the 2 most talked about movies this summer.

  • caro

    he´s hooooooooooooooooooooooot…!

  • MK

    he’s fine, i guess. dresses well, that’s for sure! i don’t see the hype about him, so i decided to watch the interview… could he say “MAN” or “BUDDY” or “DUDE” any more??? blaaaaahhhh.

  • jonny07

    Def summer of Shia! Way more talented than Zac, and in the long run will out-last Zac. Everyone knows what happens to teeny bopper stars, they end up with a reality show on vh1!

    Go Shia!

  • Vanessa

    “somebody’s house is only a couple of blocks away – i’m sure he showered there”

    HAHA CHAY!!! I love you! =] Zanessa, FTW!

    Jared: thanks for posting about Zac! you rock!
    Zac`s sexyyy! forget the haterssssss!

  • Vanessa

    and yeah, Shia`s awesomeee. but his times over for the summer. he`s filming. Zac still has more going on right now.

    Zac hasn`t really shown off his acting skills, shia has. I love them both

  • zacy

    zac zac zac zac zac zac zac zac zac zac zac zac ac zac zac zac zac zac
    love himmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    cute funny hot smart wat more do u need

  • Steph

    I LOVE ZAC! hes so amazing

  • Emma

    #12: in all fairness he’s got alot more going on upstairs thank you think. zac graduated from high school with a 4.3 GPA

  • Nick

    …He’s so shiney.

  • gwen6

    Maybe it’s just me..but I think he looks kinda creepy…

  • Char

    i ammm soooo surpisred he didnt mention Vanessa or Zanessa!


    zanessa forever!

  • Samantha

    Sounds gay to me.

  • gini

    very sexy!! he looks gay but i think he really loves vanessa…it’s strange

  • Mmmmm

    Clay’s twin ekk. He looks like Ragedy Andy too .. have no idea who he or Vanessa is and do not care to.

  • Melissa

    Okay people, you have nothing nice to say about Zac, so leave.
    Why are you spending your time dissing someone you don’t like.
    You people really don’t have lives, if you did,
    you would leave him alone,
    those who support him like myself will comment and be
    nice while the others leave him ALONE!

  • Melissa

    Emma, I agree,
    he has worked very hard
    and earned everything that is happening on his own.


    Omg Zac Efron Is So Hot ok Everyone Who Says He Is Gay Is Wrong Yall Dont Even Kno Him So hush Up!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeanette

    Stop Writing Mean stuff About Zac Zac is Hot and a very Awsome Guy and Zac is very talented and I ♥ Zac So leave him alone and don’t bully him!