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Hayden Panettiere Supports the Troops

Hayden Panettiere Supports the Troops

Hayden Panettiere paid a visit to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center while she was in Washington DC for July 4th. (She sang the national anthem at PBS’ A Capitol Fourth TV special.)

The Heroes hottie had the privilege of meeting with the brave men and women who have been injured while fighting overseas at Walter Reed, which serves more than 150,000 active and retired personnel from all branches of the military.

12+ pictures inside of Hayden visiting the troops…

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hayden panettiere medical center 01
hayden panettiere medical center 02
hayden panettiere medical center 03
hayden panettiere medical center 04
hayden panettiere medical center 05
hayden panettiere medical center 06
hayden panettiere medical center 07
hayden panettiere medical center 08
hayden panettiere medical center 09
hayden panettiere medical center 10
hayden panettiere medical center 11
hayden panettiere medical center 12

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  • Jennifer

    More stars should remember our troops.

  • Lillianne

    little cutie

  • [~Famous~]

    Skeeter: I’m a little bit country.

    Randy: Well I’m a little bit rock-n-roll!

    Skeeter: I’m a little for supportin’ our troops.

    Randy: And I’m a little for bringin’ them home.

    Skeeter: I believe freedom isn’t free.

    Randy: No, but war shouldn’t be our goal.

    Skeeter: We must defend our country.

    Randy: If it means war, then we say NO!

    Skeeter: Did you forget them towers in New York?
    Did you forget how it made you feel
    To see them towers come down?
    Were you like me? Did you think it weren’t real?

    Randy: I like to rock, but I don’t wanna rock Iraq!
    The only kind of rockin’ America should do is the kind that we can all dance to, yeah!

    Skeeter: We got GPS, ICBMs, and good old-fashioned lead.
    We’re gonna show Saddam what America means; that son of a bitch will be dead.

    Randy: Why are we fightin’ this war?
    There’s a man in the office we didn’t vote for.
    They didn’t give me a choice.
    War is not my voice! Yeaaaaahhhh!

    Lol I love South Park.

  • ?

    She supports the troops..the basketball team and so on..she’s all over all of em’.zzzzz

  • peepee

    shes lame. go support a cause without having to take pictures to look good or show people “what you are doing”

  • matt

    it’s great that she’s supporting a lot of things, it adds to her appeal.

    #5 Peepee
    don’t be jealous.

  • Cindylover1969

    Peepee by name, peepee by mentality. Are YOU doing it?

  • mighty

    what is the next Lohan supporting the troops, rehab soon for you Hayden.

  • Isla

    God bless our troops!

  • peepee

    im a straight guy im not jealous. mighty is right on with his comment. ive seen this retardin action personally. shes not a star shes on a tv show. so are 800 other actors, including her costars who dont act half as retarded as her

  • matt

    i didn’t mean jealous in the sense where you wanted to be her looking all cute with the troops. i meant that you might be jealous about her opportunities.

  • Ariel

    who is this girl anyway?

    I care more about our troops and they’re the ones that need more respect and coverage than the celebs.

  • Sarah

    She could play the daughter of the Potato Heads in Toy Story 3.

  • babyblue

    I can’t stand her, I think she isn’t pretty at all, her head is HUGE!!

  • gini

    very nice… who else did that?

  • D Holiday

    she’s my girl, but it would be nice to have her do something & it not be “for show”. & yeah to the poster above…she dooes have a big head. lol.

  • Dieter

    the doggie is a real cutie pie !!!

  • kate.

    i love it when people say “who is this girl?”
    ha. there are normal people out there.
    those who say she isnt pretty.
    well those you say that ANYONE is ugly

    - there is a beauty in everything and you might just be to ignorant to see it.


  • Hulla

    I get the Paris or Britney hate but what’s about the Hayden hate?

    She’s cute. Basta.

  • eww

    it’s so sad that young guys loose their legs and all. It’s just horrible. Even if they do it for their country.

    peace y’all!

  • Thankyou to our Troops

    I feel she is only doing this as publicity stunt.
    The troops deserve better than liittle ‘Ms.Potato Head’ exploiting them. Btw,I told her to always wear a ‘bang’ to deter from the super-size 4head.

  • jg

    i guess this is kinda nice of her. but supporting the troops = supporting the war, dontcha think?

  • jen

    i agree with number 5. i mean i guess thats nice and all, but who the hell wants to see hayden? if it was matt damon i would totally understand. i hope she donated some supplies or something and not just visit.

  • Hulla

    It’s certainly not like this was her idea.
    She was asked and was nice enough to do it and not find a lame excuse as probably many celebs do.

    I don’t support the war but I support the troops.

  • obviously 4 the camera’s

    Gawd she’s fug and lame. Unibrows and all. Where’s her ciggy’s. She is so chubby and short short.

  • literally

    Supporting the troops means your supporting the men and women out there trying to keep our nation free from fucking terrorist bombings, and trying to help the people over there set up a free country. How can you ass holes not see that? So…America is the only country that should have a Democracy, and everyone else in the world should have to suffer and die at the hands of corrupt leaders?
    GOD! no wonder like..80% of Americans are obese! all they do is sit on there ass’s typing gay comments about how fugly everyone else is. HEAVEN FORBID we should give compliments and be DECENT HUMAN BEINGS.

    this is going to sound…pretty evil, but sometimes I wonder if another terrorist attack might be the only thing get some of you idiots to start thinking.

  • d

    Literally, the notion that democracy can be imposed on another country is antithetical to the fundamental ideals of democracy. There are many nations with corrupt leaders (including our own) are we supposed to start wars with all of them or are we going to randomly choose who to bomb? If you feel so strongly about fighting this war, then you should go join the armed forces instead of sitting behind your computer and casting aspersions on your fellow Americans who disagree with your point of view. On a much lighter note, I find Hayden annoying and on the verge of being overexposed.

  • not into

    i’ve never been into this girl, and considering her range of *ahem* talent the whole “support our troops” thing seems self-aggrandizing, where was she 5 years ago? at this point the better show of support would be her saying: bring our troops home now. but i don’t think this girl gives a sh*t, just wants her picture taken.