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Kate Middleton Looks Oarsome!!

Kate Middleton Looks Oarsome!!

After another night out partying in London on Thursday (black sequin shift dress), Kate Middleton hit the Thames River again on Friday morning.

The brunette beauty paddled again with the Scion Sisters to continue training. They’re attempting to be the first all-female team to row across the English Channel in a traditional Chinese Dragon Boat next month. The Scion Sisterhood has been practicing a lot lately.

Miss Middleton and the girls hope to raise money for the Babes In Arms Appeal and Chase Ben Hollioake Fund.

15+ pictures inside of Kate paddling down the Thames…

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kate middleton scion sisters 01
kate middleton scion sisters 02
kate middleton scion sisters 03
kate middleton scion sisters 04
kate middleton scion sisters 05
kate middleton scion sisters 06
kate middleton scion sisters 07
kate middleton scion sisters 08
kate middleton scion sisters 09
kate middleton scion sisters 10
kate middleton scion sisters 11
kate middleton scion sisters 12
kate middleton scion sisters 13
kate middleton scion sisters 14
kate middleton scion sisters 15
kate middleton scion sisters 16
kate middleton scion sisters 17
kate middleton scion sisters 18
kate middleton scion sisters 19

Photos: Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Anonymous

    love what she’s doing

  • Lillianne

    JJ please keep up with this race will ya? plzy it’s hard to find any news about it. their website is kind of clunky.

  • Sarah

    Kate Middleton is so boring… zZz

  • flower

    no more of her please so boring.

  • Wentworth is hot

    Poor gal.

  • Hulla

    She has great legs.

  • ks

    She’s very pretty and seems very down-to-earth. Hope the Prince marries her and live happily ever after.

  • [~Famous~]

    wow, a thread about a non-celeb doing nothing – cool.

  • Walter

    Go, girls,go!!! Oh yes JJ please keep up with this race. Kate looks wonderful.

  • shira

    when does she work?

  • Carlie

    Yeah, but she’s not with what’s his name…

  • Hulla

    I guess she works when she’s not rowing.
    What a stupid question.

  • Lizzie

    # 3 and 4

    99% of the people featured on all the gossip sites are boring. It’s their looks and stupid behavior that keep us coming here and there.

    Kate Middleton is an interesting woman, playing an interesting game with the royals right now, and she is pretty. Much more fun then the law breakers headlining these days.

  • sally

    She looks like shes a fifties go-go girl,gone wrong not the best look. Would some one please tell old lookin Kate to trim&dye those brows.

  • CMoo

    I agree with #13. I’m tired of Britney, Lindsey, Jessica, Paris … blah, blah, blah, ho-hum, what stupid stunt did they pull today?! Frankly, it’s pathetic that they have to succumb to panty stunts to keep their “15 minutes” going.

    If Kate Middleton becomes Queen, she will be in the history books.

  • p.c.a.

    She seems pretty sane to me (yay!) — but if comments posted on UK sites are any indication, they pretty much can’t stand her over there. Huh …

  • tom

    zzzzzzzzzzzzz.zzzzzzzz….yawn..zzzzzz..’helga’ from the cartoon
    ‘Hey Arnold’,,except black haired zzzzzzzz run Wills run..

  • Kira

    Great photos, Jared!

    Kate Middleton is an athletic and classic beauty–Prince William is fortunate to have a trusted and loving friend in her instead of those on this blog who are critical of her.

    There was a time when California had the most people girls in the world, however that is no longer true with the fast-paced and addictive lifestyle of most young women here today!

    If I had a choice, I’ll take a Kate Middleton for my son when he decides to settle down!

  • Kira


    There was a time when California had the most BEAUTIFUL (not people) girls in the world….

  • N

    good to know that in July she’s still wearing those fugly boots. Can William marry the girl so perhaps she can get some new shoes!! Exactly what does she do?

  • Sue

    She does what she wants to do, same as you and everyone else.

  • Dina

    No really, it’s amazing what she’s doing. I mean, how many people could manageto pary all night long, have a job but never show up there and be on constant holidays, enjoying Royal connection (like in case of her Audi)…

    Oh yes, poor girl, how could anyone do what she’s doing?

  • grace

    i must admit that she´s very pretty on the paddle pics.
    I always looke at her and found her boring and lame but not on these pics!

  • remember da truth

    #16 if you went by blogs you would think ALL celebs are hated! Look at the blogs on celebs here. People get their yayas by anonymously criticizing people on blogs

    I think she is a lovely young lady. It’s summer, let her relax. How many women her age of her means are working, in the US or in England? Are you jealous that you are working and she’s doing something for charity?

  • to#25 Sandy..go gurl..haha

    Oh No that can’t be her.. Sandy noooo..I always thought she looked as ‘old as father time’ but even that is to much,,that pic is what she really looks like especially after coke and alot of whiskey shots..ITA about the brows..Will don’t do it..thnxs Sandy I needed a laugh, but I almost threw up..go gurl you nail that one LMAO!

  • Bea

    to #25
    Ha Ha Ha! You wish she looks like that. How much time it take you to photoshop?
    You must be so jealous of her. Sad, really sad.

  • hey 25 so funny

    That is a funny foto,luves it. Dam she is ancient age wise and face too.

  • Sleepy

    Umm.. Why are you not reporting the better royal news of the day? Peter Phillips, Princess Anne’s son, and Queen Elizabeth’s oldest grandchild is ENGAGED!!! Much better news than this tart – the public is quickly turning on her in the UK…;_ylt=ArWDcg1CQoyL4VMsD8u9BNFxFb8C

  • Sleepy

    I know it’s not my job to post an update but… I saw this link with Harry (the hot one) and chelsy davy on vacation together and couldn’t resist! They are adorable together.

    And, just because… NEW HORRIBLE pictures of Britney from her music video… I’m sure Jared will get to posting these soon but.. I can’t resist. She needs major guidance asap.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    i think she would be a great bride for wills. she seems confident and gorgeous.

  • Walter

    #29 “the public is quickly turning on her in the UK…” Not truth!
    Kate is loved more and more.

  • Rae

    When she’s dressed very casually like this she’s a much prettier girl. I don’t see her as doing glamorous well at all. She does have great legs, but I really wish she would get rid of those boots. Or even just put them away for a few months. How does she hold down a job? My only problem with her is that if Will marries her I’m going to have to see her forever. I just don’t find her interesting (or attractive enough to make up for the uninteresting) enough for that.

    I find Harry’s girlfriend Chelsy much more interesting. Can we get pictures of her instead?

  • Susan

    Why doesn’t Prince Willam consider about Ivanka Trump or Camilla Al-Fayed??Those are nice girls!!