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Nicole Richie Goes Behind-the-Scenes with NYLON

Nicole Richie Goes Behind-the-Scenes with NYLON

Nicole Richie gives us a behind-the-scenes peek at her August 2007 photo shoot with Nylon, which came out last month.

How did the photo shoot come about? “We’re in Australia, we’re bored, let’s just do a shoot!”

Check out the video below of behind-the-scenes in Sydney, Australia at Nicole Richie‘s photo shoot for Nylon Magazine.

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  • Colbert ROCKS!

    Not sure why she is friends with Paris? She seems like she is actually cool

  • Colbert ROCKS!

    Color sunglasses are back? I still have my redones from highschool

  • Dirty Cougar

    I’m not about to wear day glo colored sunglasses. I’ll stick with my Ralph Lauren’s or Aviators. Is this nut pregnant or not?

  • Life is good

    she looks great.. ya Nicole is really cool

  • Lo

    love her:)
    how hawt did she look in court today?

  • who

    its hot like perez is writing on now

  • jolie-pitt fan

    Nicole is so pretty and I love her fashion sense.

  • Yily

    I hope this biiitches goes to jail. She’s annoying and fugly. This girl has no talent and beside being Paris’ sidekick, she have nothing to offer. This biiitches is really ugly in real life. I have a pic of her unphotoshopped and she look like a drug maniac that is if she wasn’t one already.

  • deidra

    Digging the song,anyone know the name of it? ,Gosh, I luv the casual jeans look,especially the black jeans/boots/gold top.I think she is adorable. Cleaned up her act and it shows. I bet she rocks her jail suit. Just so pretty.

  • Sara

    #8 Nicole actually does have talent, musically and other wise get your facts straight and google. Same people always hating.
    Wow she looks so beautiful,I like the way she accented her clothes it’s not over done. That’s a nice sharp Hoodie. I wonder what make-up their using on her, it looks natural.In my world God is in charge,so I’m sending her blessings.# 9 Sorry don’t know the song.

  • mj

    she looks like a frog.

    “we’re in Australia, we’re bored, let’s do a shoot”. So, what do you want? a medal?

    who needs your stupid shoot? is it something of artistic value? she is bored. go screw yourself if you are bored.

  • Gabe

    she’s the pretty woman in this world! *——–*

  • peky

    whats the name of the song playing on the background.. its really nice :D

  • peepee

    nicole has no fashion sense. a stylist and the people who send her free crap do. did you see her before she had her makeover. she had like yarn and crap ties in her hair and wore dirty wife beaters. Its the machine people not nicole

  • leslie

    Nicole no matter what she does or does not do some people- very few that is -will be a hater just 4 the heck of it.The young woman looks gorgezz and I too like that song. We all get bored it’s normal.Even rich people like ‘Oprah’ ‘Bill Gates’ get bored,duh. Anywayz de white shirt-jeans-black heels-awesome.

  • hannah

    Don’t care who dresses her it looks hot!! The black jacket is fab with the tank. Luves it! Good luck Nick.

  • rae

    nicole doesnt look likes she into it . but anyway still love her

  • [~Famous~]

    Its fcuking hilarious how people only like Nicole because of the way she dresses. Lol

  • Realism

    Why does she not look pregnant? wtf? Damn you tabloids..damn you. I actually fell for that sh*t

  • danielle

    She is fun an funny an smart.Only a few reasons why I like her. Tabs,tmz.Perez all haters. They make me like her more.She does look good though. What kind of jeans are those?

  • Olivia

    Okay uh nice rags, boots rockin. Sung please yal know it? Cool chick cute.

  • Iris

    Are you people totally delusional!??

    Nicole Richie; 25 year old female, began her career as Paris Hilton’s sidekick on reality TV show ‘The Simple Life’, arrested for drink driving in her early 20′s and then again last year. Clearly jealous and feeling left out of all the attention her thinner counterpart (Paris) was receiving she dumps her bestie and takes up an eating disorder till she receives more attention that Paris finally giving her the self esteem to be in Paris’s company again. Once drug addict (and possibly still using), no education or credible music/acting career (and let’s face it, anyone can have one of those these days) except a useless reality TV show where she calls hosts ‘bitches’, spent a few weeks in rehab and now going to prison for her second offence. ‘You know…like…whatever?’

    Cool?! Intelligent?! Was that a joke?

    I could kick myself for even wasting my time to comment on this post!

  • Shoes4life

    I agree with you Iris.

  • kate.

    thank you SOOO SOO MUCH.

  • natasha


    “Hmmmmm…how come I am pregnant going to jail and the firecrotch is getting more press than I am??….hmmm…let me show them how I pose in expensive clothes. Posing will definitely get me a lot of attention. Everybody will want to see me pose.”

    Sure thing. Keep posing Nicole. You are bringing lots of value to this world.


  • Beverly she is a Hot young thang

    Get a life 25 she has one ,you don’t like her why post. If she wanted press the paps and toe up websites you frequent, would give it to her.
    So basically STFU. Go Nicole! DO YOU! Stalking her with your bull makes you look like you are doing contributions for something. Not get real!

  • to# 22 iris a gawd

    Even if some of what you say is true and I do not agree with all of it.
    A person can’t work on doing better. Takes time. I choose to give her a chance. Buut that’s just me and a majority on Jared’s. Yeah she’s done wrong. There is no sin-less person on this planet.I think she is okay and I choose positives not focus on negatives. That’s her past she is moving forward,try it.

  • Lo

    isn’t it interesting that the nicole haters will always come here and try to convince us that nicole is ugly and untalented and is dressed by a stylist and all the other tabloid junk. hey you its not gonna work. it only makes me love her more. lmao

    we know nicole is beautiful and talented and deserving of her fame. she is a role model for me so go create a nicole hate site or move on….you are stuck on nicole….its unhealthy.

    so what if she uses a stylist, every celeb does but she still clearly stands out heads above everyone else. that makes her very special :)

  • Lady

    excerpt taken from Wikipedia.

    “Quincy Jones said in a People magazine interview that he has “known her since she was a baby. She’s a very smart girl. When she was younger she worked eight hours a day for eight years to become an Olympic figure skater. She’s a very talented girl.”[3]

    In addition to figure skating, Richie studied the guitar, cello, violin, and piano. She attended The Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, California and graduated from Montclair College Preparatory School. After high school, she studied Arts and Media for two years at the University of Arizona.”

    I don’t like or dislike Nicole Ritchie but I think much of the criticism of her not accurate…

  • V

    seems like a stupid person to me

  • Sue

    not sure if i like or dislike her, the verdict is still out, but she seems soooo little and skinny to be posing like she has something?

    I do wish her luck, though.

  • Diana

    What does she do?

  • JPs are hot & luv nicky

    She lives her life like we do, so I don’t see why people hate on her. Let her move forward. We all were young once,and each of us heve made mistakes in different areas. Just let her be. You dont’ like her that’s fine. I do and alot of other do too. Let her serve her issued time by the authorities and we who do like her for what ever our reasons are., We will do that ,,Bet on it. I wish her nothing but all good. She is verry funny and Ive watch her interniews and she is smart. Being her is enough for me.

  • #22 Iris stay off tmz& perez&stop your lies,snaps!

    22 Iris
    Are you people totally delusional!??
    No but you are- ms.ill informed!!!!

    Excuse me but you are a @ss. Nicole develope an eating disorder because she was called fat,chubby,midget ect.. over the years by her so called ‘best friend’ and ‘herplex socialite buddies’.The so called upper class(Paris friends) did not except Nicole becuz she was adopted and not from old money, read her book dumb@ss. They ridicule her, by sayin she should ‘diet’we dont think you can fit into our’clothes youre a ‘tubby’.
    Nicole waz given up for adoption by her parents at age 3,to her parents employers =’Lionel an his wife’. So she had/has a lot of self-esteem issues ect,.too bad ‘Parasite’ was not a better friend, instead of a spoiled,selfish biz ect,,

    BTW does Parasite even have a ‘GED’. Nicole is accoplished in many things,college is one of them. I could go on but you sound ‘jealous full of hate’ and you are repeating & spreading lies.

    Nicole is taking responsibility so be it and I say ‘Kudos’ to her.

  • patricia


  • gretchen

    Outfits/shoot and her are fashionably wonderful.
    Yes, she is talented and actually graduated. T-shirts are always in. Supporting her I do!

  • Jennifer

    I Love Her!! I think she’s so pretty and i love her style!! I Wonder what the name of the song is. Any figure it out yet?

  • lara

    Number #34 that’s sad she was given away at 3 yrs of age to her folks bosses? That is messed up, albeit LR was rich. I’m not surprise ms.passive aggressive Paris and her friends gang up on Nicky when she was a little heavier. She is one strong little lady then. I mean I would be fck up if my parents did that to me. I really understand now, so lots of great tidings to you Nicky. I’ve always like her.

  • Courtney

    I love Nicole! Shes hilarious.

  • Krystina

    I really loved the song used too and after much searching around using the lyrics I found the music used!

    It’s called “What’s on your mind?” by Lo-Fi-Fnk.

  • lula29

    I love Nicole. She is the one who made The Simple Life. If it wasn’t for here, the show wouldn’t have done well at all, ‘cuz Paris doesn’t have much of a sense of humor. Nicole stole the show.

    Funny thing about people is they have no compassion. Her life story is a lot of the reason, hell the reason, her life is the way it is today. You just don’t wake up from that kind of back ground with your head in tack, you struggle through it which is what she’s doing.

    Paris has no excuse.

    Keep your head up Nicole and get it together.

  • Rae

    I like Nicole. She seems cool (and moderately self-aware) and I do not understand why she’s friends with an idiot like Paris who can’t string together a whole coherent sentence, but this really explains a lot about her ‘career’.

  • Karen

    Does anyone know what designer sunglasses nicole is wearing in this pic?