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Whoopi, Sherri Shepherd Join 'The View'

Whoopi, Sherri Shepherd Join 'The View'

Comedians Whoopi Goldberg and Sherri Shepherd are joining The View next season, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Final negotiations for the comic duo are underway and an official announcement is expected next week. The current View hosts include Barbara Walters, Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. The other strong contender was comedian Kathy Griffin.

Whoppi and Sherri guest co-hosted The View together earlier this month — Monday, July 9.

You can catch Sherri “guest co-host” again this Friday with guests John Travolta and Queen Latifah.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the new View hosts? Will you tune in?

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  • Alex

    Yay for Sherri. Boo for Whoopi.

  • ellen

    where is Brangelina?

  • jeo

    I love the idea of Whoopi, but not so much that other lady.

    Kathy would’ve been great! I so would tune in every morning for that.

  • don’t think so

    I don’t watch it now .
    Can not listen to Elizard Biz.
    Maybe since Whoopi is on, maybe, naw only when ELizard Biz is’nt on it.

  • Mike

    Absolutely NOT!!!!

  • Kate

    No no no no. I cant believe that. How boring is that, Sherri is okay , but I feel she doesnt have much to contribute. I love Kathy, it would have been funny as fuck to hear her speak her outrageous mind, Boooo . But for a show called “The View” seems you cant even have one otherwise you get slammed for just having an opinion. This show is going downhill nowwww.. im not watching anymore. P.S Walters is an idiot.

  • lauren


  • Gabby

    Sherri Shepherd is so funny. This is really going to bring flavor to the show.

  • [~Famous~]

    Sherri’s cool, but Whoopi’s a bore. Kathy Griffin would of made that show HOT.

    They better start looking for a replacement for Barbara, cause her old ass be lost up there.

  • Anonymous

    I was hoping for Ross the intern. Why should a vajayjay be a pre-requisite?

  • Crystal

    I Love the idea! Now if they would only get rid of Elizabeth

  • Ms Katie

    love Sheri Shepherd!! i like Whoppi too but not for The View. Kathy would have been great!! I LOVE HER!!! I would have liked to see maybe Meredith come back.

  • chucklehead

    love sheri shepherd but i hate that show and nothing could possibly make me watch it.

  • mari

    I’m happy for Whoopi, but I was really rooting for Kathy. Oh well.

  • Sam

    Sherri is funny and a breath of fresh air. Kathy would have been great. But..

    WHOOPIE? Shes a SNOOZE FEST!! Ive seen plenty of her guest episodes and I LITERALLY fell asleep. Bring back Rosie. I have a feeling this next season will see a plunge in the ratings.

  • Karen

    NO WAY –

    not as long as that vapid little twit Elizabitch is on. It would be one thing if she were capable of having an independent thought or even presenting an interesting counter point however she is a whiny and petulant child.
    such an embarrassment to intelligent Republican women.

  • cheeky

    Where is MANISTON? This could have been the perfect job for her. She would FINALLY be employed again, give her fans a fix to see Rachel on tv again!! Perfect!! And finally, she would be seen by the Mini Van Majority which make up her core fans!!!

    Let’s start a letter campaign to ABC for her to guest co-host when Elisab**ch goes on maternity leave!!!

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Kathy Griffin would probably be as controversial as Rosie in her off color jokes.

    Whoopi would have been ok 15 years ago but now I think she is too tame for my taste.

    The Sherri woman I don’t get.

    BTW, my girlfriend who is a hot African-American girl was upset that none of the black women on TV talk shows are sexual. I hatte to agree with her but it’s true:why not Gabrielle Union, Garcelle Beauvais, Vanessa Williams, or models Beverly Johnson and Iman??? WHy does middle America need to have homely and often heavyset women of color on their TV sets – is it a threat to have them supermodel hot?

    I know I may have started something here – just thought it was accurate. Sherri has that Oprah “fat girl” I am not threatening thing and Whoopi – well she is just your funny drinking pal but what about Iman??? She would be perfect!

    So I vote for Iman!!!

    Maniston is too ugly for morning TV. Friends was at night because peopel had the whole day to prepare for her gory chin but mornings with Maniston? There is not enough caffeine in the world for that!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • take off that view

    Aniston would think she is to good 4 that show.
    Kathy G.would have been a better choice her and Sheri, I guess.
    Never will watch it unless they loose the tantrum throwing gotta have her way evil fug biz Hasseltongue. She disgusts me. Won’t ever watch it. Unless the ‘Rock is on it’.Then I’m all bright eyed and excited!


    This reminds me of the time, Sports Illustrated finally put a black woman on the cover of the swimsuit issue (Tyra Banks), but made themselves look like scared little bigoted wusses by making a supermodel like Tyra SHARE her first groundbreaking cover with some unknown non-spectacular white chick. People were so irate, I recall Tyra got a solo cover that next year.

    Well, as with Tyra, it appaears ABC/Disney/The View wants to dilute Whoopie (especially in an election year with a black man running for Prez) with the fat black conservative acting (I say ‘acting’ not ‘sounding’ because she doesn’t stalk much), this Sherrie person.(who the f**k is she anyway?? I know of a LOT of black female comedic talent, and I’ve never even HEARD of her aSS before she started sitting in with the View chicks, playing fat Star jr.)

    Well, they can forget ratings — they’re gonna SUCK huge donkey balls.

    ‘Team Lara Croft’ I totally agree with you. That Sheri person is f**king terrible, she was on the Hasselbeck/Rosie throwdown sitting in one day – or was it a Kathy Griffin View show…anyway, she was STUPID, and contributed jacksh*t, and kept trying to be Ms. conservative black woman – coming down on the wrong side of issues, when she did finally open her mouth instead of just mugging for the camera…from what I could see she just came off as a fat, black version of Hasselbeck.

    They just want a tamer more malleable version of the old Star Jones (when she was fat) – it makes old Babs and the other b*tches feel good about themselves to look across at her big aSS every day. She’ll dilute whatever Whoopie will be saying that might be important, controversial re politics, so that the core white folks won’t think Whoopie’s pov is shared by the black community on the whole.

    Dear dumbed down ABC, playing it safe with a gagged version of a less interesting Star Jones clone, who you ONLY brought on to nullify Whoopie, with her conserrvatism, that woman will not get you ratings. What a turnoff…

    Like someone said, one nitwit who doesn’t believe in evolution is ENOUGH (hasself**k) we don’t need two of them.

    I won’t be watching.

  • Tom Swift

    these 2?
    ppfft how boring
    they could have picked way better people

  • Aleezah

    The RIGHT choice was made. Sherri Shepard is non-confrontational. She is harmless, a mother to a preemie, she is a forgiving wife to a cheating husband who got another woman pregnant, and last but not least the viewers love her. When Sherri is on, the show is easy to watch and she engages the audience. Viewers write in with positive comments about her.
    The viewers encouraged her to take her cheating husband back. She is also a praying woman.

    Whoopi brings reason and maturity to the show. She does not get hostile. She is well received and liked by OLDER viewers. Whoopi is a standby, she has been in the game for a long time.

  • bdj

    This is going to be a hoot. YOu think Rosie was bad. Elizabeth better buckle up and Barbara better stock up on the meds. Two outspoken sistas, yummy.

  • [marie]

    I personally think that the panel was a little bland. Thank God for a little chocolate…

  • sisi

    where is BRANGELINA ????????????????????

  • katie

    Never watch it

  • HottieTottie

    The View should be taken off the air. Who the hell cares what any of those mindless twits has to say? I can tolerate Joy and I love Sherri, but Whoopi? PUKE. I hope the show implodes.

  • Maria

    Aleezah: I so agree with you re:

    Whoopi brings reason and maturity to the show. She does not get hostile. She is well received and liked by OLDER viewers. Whoopi is a standby, she has been in the game for a long time.
    I like Sheri — she’s a hoot. Now, if they could just get rid of Elizabeth. I’m at work naturally, when the show is on, but when I have watched Elizabeth has turned my stomach.

    I wish them both well.

  • Mmmmm

    Kathy would of been perfect. Jared can you provide some Kathy, maybe provide a clip from her very funny show. Love her …

  • HEY!!!!!!

    I like Whoopie but, I still not going to waste time watching the view when I can be doing more creative things instead.

  • Roxy

    Love Sherri, she’s keeps it real and she’s funny in a non-offensive sort of way. Sometimes I don’t get Whoopi’s humor. I agree that show needs a litte flavor. I really never liked Eliz. her point of views are always off, and sometimes makes no sense at all. Sometimes I wished she would just shut up. I think they should have tired really hard to keep that Asian lady, she is really smart and hard usful, intelligent point of views to offer to the show.

  • jan

    how do you spell BORING!!!

  • [~Famous~]

    I hope Sherri doesn’t talk about her boobs, husband, and her sex life the entire time – like she normally does.

    Whoopi’s extremely boring. Kathy’s controversial comments would keep the ratings up.

    I rather they gave the job to Ross The Intern instead of Whoop

  • j

    They both suck,Kathy was the best choice,they took the safe route-big shock

  • Dirty Cougar

    Love Whoopi!

  • amle

    So both of these gals are democrats right. They really need to balance things out before I will watch.

  • Padma

    I love Whoopi! Too bad I can’t get “The View” here (in Germany :/) That sucks!

  • Pauluie

    “So both of these gals are democrats right. ”

    Nope. Sherri’s a fundie freak who doesn’t believe in evolution. The fundies are SO 2004.

  • PinkRose

    It’s Barabara’s show, but she is an embarrassment to The View. Barbara is such an old tired, kiss-azz lying I-want-to-be-forever-Young. She should stop apppearing around the table and see if the show can regain some credibility.

  • jaf

    I never was a big VIEW viewer, but Rosie put an end to the little bit I did see, and Whoopie & Sherri brought me back. The show is fun, balanced, and without the stress I feel Rosie’s VIEW put on it. I’m quite happy with the news.

  • jaf

    ATTN #37

    Whoopi is no longer a Democrate. She is at this time an independent just like me (until further notice).

  • Great Choice

    I like Whoopi. She is a grown woman who has a lot of knowledge to share. I just hope that she will keep the fun going because she can be very funny when she wants to be.

    Sherri is the best choice they could possily make. I have been watching this show for a long time and I loved this woman the first time I saw her on the show.

    Sherri isn’t a fake-o and is more laid-back and easy-going. That is the way she is. Sorry if she isn’t controversial enough for your taste. She’s a Christian and she’s fun, but not stupid enough to act like a jerk on national TV. She doesn’t get her panties in a knot.

    I don’t want to see constant fighting on the air like some of you. Don’t you get enough fighting and negativity in real life? After Rosie and Elisabeth duked it out, I felt almost nauseated. All those fights just produced a lot of ugly emotions that got them nowhere–just Rosie off the show.

    I want to enjoy The View, get a few laughs and feel happier after watching it.

  • Carol

    I don’t care who they sign. I am not watching that stupid show until the dumbest person on the teevee, Liz, is off the show. Also, BW would have to die or retire. I’m not watching that lying bitch either.

  • Patty

    Now if they’d only get rid of Joyless and Lizzy – the show might have a chance.

  • phouse1964

    I would have been watching everyday just for Kathy.

  • shopgirl

    Not for a sec. I hated the View until Rosie revived it. Now there’s no reason to watch anymore.

  • shopgirl

    just wanted to add – if they had hired kathy griffin – i would have given the show another shot – she’s a riot!

  • Alex

    They should have fired joy and hired Sherri and Kathy.

    Ho hum.

  • No way

    To the person who keeps mentioning Kathy Griffin:

    Not in your wildest dreams.

    Kathy has talked a little unfavorably about Barbara in her “act” and when she guest hosted, I could sense a lot of tension between the two of them. Kathy is too vulgar and crazy for Barbara Walters’ taste.