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Hayden Panettiere - "FHM" UK August 2007

Hayden Panettiere -

She’s the cheerleader from sci-fi hit Heroes — and now the hot cover star of FHM‘s UK October issue. At the young age of 17, the sexiest girl from the world’s biggest show will be to be continued in October’s British FHM

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  • save 25

    she looks good but isnt she 17? i’ll wait till next year to express my feelings

  • naxii

    the make-up do miracles!
    she looks good!

  • Tim

    at 18 years old, who woould you prefer, hayden or emma watson? i’d go with watson

  • riiiiiight

    Well fantastic, another briney spears in the making…she is only 17!!!! That is way to young to be slu ting your self out, actually no age is appropriate to be slu ting yourself out!

  • anonymous!!!!!!

    she is so awesome i like totally love her oxoxoxoxox!!

  • Lynn

    FYI, she’ll be 18 in a few weeks. I think she’s got a better head on her shoulders than Britney, at least I hope so!

  • hayden wish she look like this

    PHOTOSHOPPED AND RETOUCHED TO DEATH! Another one sellin the goods and lookin happy to do it.Under age and lookin 25..Can we say Lilo in the making..This girl’s mom is another Dina Lohan,she will get worse.We all know Hayden’s real head is a large as a water-melon and her 4head is as wide as a map. Advertising for the perv’s to watch.

  • flower

    She is so spears, and Lohan in her i can’t wait to see her in rehab or get hock up. only time will tell.

  • Tucker

    for sure watson
    so pretty

  • [~Famous~]

    Apple-Head-2 is really going after Scarlett’s crown.

    I hate to say it, and I feel like a complete pervert, but Emma Watson is sooo fcuking fcukable. Lol

  • Julia

    Can’t believe she’s my age, she’s so hot. haha.

  • Sara Watspm

    Grr I HATE PHOTO SHOP, hes Pretty without that crap!!! She really Don’t look 17 here (sigh)..

  • becktaro

    That looks nothing like her! Stupid Photoshop.

  • eww

    her arm is so photoshopped :D hahahah i laughed so hard when i saw this! she looks like10 pounds lighter!

  • Angelina

    she looks really good and that’s all because of all the retouching she got. im sure she’s a beautiful person in life but she does seem like a lindsay lohan…maybe a hotter lindsay lohan? anyhow, to answer tim’s question, i’ll definitely go for emma. emma made it to the top on her own, she’s talented and gorgeous.

  • Samantha Jones

    She’s so hot in this picture, I’m shocked! :o

    Anyway, yeah, Emma’s definitely more attractive than her…

  • Sarah

    Make up really does do miracles, the previous thread about her, she looks like a potato head.

  • ZzaRaZza

    She looks good and alive and not so photoshopped as those covers tend to be…

  • mrsme

    isnt she a bit young to do this? The girl is pretty, but slutty for sure..

  • Jake

    Hot as hell but photoshopped :P

  • Amy

    17 for less than a month. Boys can start counting down.

    And Famous, that is perverted, she’s 16 and not even played up as a sex symbol like Hayden

  • daz

    16 is the legal age in Britain, in there eyes she has been legal for nearly two years.

  • Rae

    She looks photoshopped. She’s a pretty girl, but she’s not hot or beautiful to me (even this photoshopped). And at 17 and already posing in men’s magazines with the sex kitten look on her face, she’s just sad.

  • Dirty Cougar

    Ha Ha Ha! A re-touched-airbrushed photo shop job to, look 10 pounds lighter trolly!

  • 2985

    I can’t believe she chose that s k a n k y mag to do the sexy pics in…geez Hayden, I’m pretty sure you know there are different degrees of guys’ mags! Just ask your male co-stars! Then again, maybe she did and they advised her to go for the lowest common denominator…that’ll get her literally exposed more quickly! Oh well, and I thought she was doing pretty good… :lol:

  • ???

    Who’s Emma Watson?

  • KrungKrung

    how tall is she? i can tell she’s not very tall y’all, not a model material, and yeh, that pic is so fotoshopped, you know it and i know it.





  • Mona

    If any of you have seen Hayden in the flesh, you will know her skin is FLAWLESS! She doesn’t need any photoshopping/airbrushing, but the magazines will do it anyway!

  • ………….

    hey!you jerks out there your just jelouse cuz shes pretty and your not!
    i prefer hayden…..4 ever…and dont even insult her your just jelouse cuz you aint her!……….LOL…”.)

  • Rob

    That’s probably why she’s in FHM over hear in the UK and not in the US – 17 is all good and leagle in these parts…

  • ryanman

    hayden is smokeing hot,and an awsome actor come on heroes part 2 !!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrea

    Симпатяжка Panettiere=)))))))!Я бы ей всадил…..Господа англичане …всем удачи…..)Интересно хоть кто то поймёт чё я написал?!=))))))))

  • abbs

    she’s GORGEOUS.

  • Kate

    Mmm no offense, Emma is very pretty, but she lacks even the smallest iota of acting ability. She has one setting and that is abusing her penchant for the dramatic. Every line delivered sounds like the most important line of the movie though sadly it isn’t. Take a leaf out of Daniel Radcliffe or Rupert Grint’s books and maybe try to develop and grow as an actor.

    Hayden Panettiere = a person who can do what she wants, when she wants.

  • timmy

    doesn’t it hurt your heads to be so retarded?
    watson did not make it on her own, she was selected from one school year of kids probably on the basis that it was cheap to do so for the first film.
    For the record I have seen hayden in tv interviews and the flesh
    yes she looks slightly fuller in real life but then hey I like women to look like women, you all can keep wanting to fuck those girls with small boy buttocks if you like but you might want to ask yourselves some serious questions about your sexuality.
    secondly she comes across with an equal degree of integrity as watson and I for one was impressed with the stance she made recently against dolphin and whale hunting in japan.
    This gives her the edge. Bite me.

    God it feels so good to dispatch idiots.

  • Tiffany

    Ha. People are pathetic!
    When you say she has to be photo shoped in order to be pretty,
    are you just jealous that she’s prettier than you?
    That’s just how most people are.

    I happen to think she’s GORGEOUS, and sorry but in my opinion
    Emma Watson is okay. Definitely not prettier than Hayden though.