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Jessica Alba Has a Huge Tooth

Jessica Alba Has a Huge Tooth

A newly single Jessica Alba spends some time at The Farm Studios in Santa Monica on Friday. The Fantastic star wore a huge tooth of a necklace underneath her striped scarf and it looks like she has a picture of the Fantastic Four cast in the London Eye while they were promoting their latest superhero flick last month.

On her way into the studio, she carried around a Jennifer Aniston-endorsed bottle of smartwater.

Just the day before, Jessica cuddled up with co-star Dane Cook to promote their romantic comedy Good Luck Chuck at the 2007 Comic-Con Convention.

10+ pictures inside of Alba‘s stop at the studio…

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jessica alba tooth necklace 01
jessica alba tooth necklace 02
jessica alba tooth necklace 03
jessica alba tooth necklace 04
jessica alba tooth necklace 05
jessica alba tooth necklace 06
jessica alba tooth necklace 07
jessica alba tooth necklace 08
jessica alba tooth necklace 09
jessica alba tooth necklace 10

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  • bee

    “A newly single Jessica Alba…”?

    what? she’s broken up with that guy Cash Warren?

  • bleh

    don’t like her.

  • bleh

    1 bee

    “A newly single Jessica Alba…”?

    what? she’s broken up with that guy Cash Warren?

    Geesh, where you beeeeen?

  • Zoe

    Her loss. Cash was way too good for her! He’s a hottie. She doesnt’ look to heartbroken. ?????

  • like the scarf

    Even though I think she is zzzzzz I like some of her scarfs and I do like this outfit. But I still see her as a ‘-stuck-up-snob’- who is pretty but not as ‘-beautiful-’ as the ‘hype’ tells us she is.
    I still say she needs to be taught ’101 in Acting’ classes cuz, she is a rotten actress if you can call what she does acting.
    Don’t be such a Snob Jessica ‘you aint all that.
    The tooth? Jmo.

  • Tim

    hmm i wonder what Baron Davis is thinking right now. strike gold with Alba, or still have Cash as a friend.

  • Rii

    Cute woman and a cute outfit.

  • Andrew

    My Mom has a necklace similar to that, and hers is a lion’s claw

  • umm

    Aniston’s pizz water can only hurt her not help. There are reports recently out that most bottle water is just tap ,it’s a fraud. But oh well. I like the outfit, not the tooth necklace as much.

  • Jake


  • mrsme

    She’s cute and I love the outfit! :)

  • [~Famous~]

    She should quit acting, and find something else to do.

  • Lay off.

    The girl sure knows how to dress. She always looks really well turned out. As a for her not wanting to be called a Latina, she has more than explained why and I completely agree. Good on her.

  • Nancy

    Umm.. get your facts straight, and more importantly get over your hate of Jennifer Aniston. Smart water is is not just regular bottled water, it has electrolytes and vitamins. Its actually very good. Too bad you’re so bitter to know any different.

  • Leigh Ann

    Like the outfit but is it chilly in LA or what? It’s July???

  • tzy

    shes pretty n cute but when you think of it theres much more beautiful women than her and magazines and the press go OTT when talking about her!!

  • May

    Ugly,no talent and so snotty.

  • global warming

    Drink tap water Jessica, bottled water pollute the environment. It has been banned in most states. Also you can refill the same container to prevent overloading landfills. Global warming is real. Good luck.

  • to #14 plain old Nancy

    14 Nancy
    Umm.. get your facts straight, and more importantly get over your hate of Jennifer Aniston. Smart water is is not just regular bottled water, it has electrolytes and vitamins. Its actually very good. Too bad you’re so bitter to know any different.
    I’m not bitter but if I waz it aint you bizwax bitz,okay? Worry bout yourself and all those ham sandwiches you are scoffing down okay. I said ‘pizz water’ no name did I call her. Who says I’m a AJ-BP fan.
    I might be a person who cares about the ‘environment’ get it bitz. If I want to call ‘Dusti’ a name I can do that,so shut your large pie hole up. Now that I’ve stooped to your hater 3rd grade mentality, next time ‘READ CLOSELY’ be4 you post -in your eagerness- to hate on the -AJ-BP fans-. Go to their threads, I’m sure they will ‘DERAIL’ your dum@ss! I’m 4 the EVIRONMENT hater!
    Jess’s scarf is nice,like the white top/jeans.

  • space cowboy

    with the exception of her premiere appearances, every time I see this chick I just SMH and wonder what the hell is all the fuss about? Walk down any street in NYC or LA for that matter and you’ll see a minimum of 50 latinas that can put this broad to shame. Oh, and they don’t have an issue with being called Latina. LOL.

  • Nadia

    she always looks good

  • Elizabeth

    She is getting really skinny.

  • Kelly

    She looks plain…

  • Kelly

    And yes really skinny,someone told me that she looks even more skinny in person,DAMN!
    I guess cameras do add pounds.

  • [~Famous~]

    Hot – No, ‘Adorable’ – Yes, but that’s it. People who cant act shouldn’t be considered movie stars, I don’t care what you look like.

  • Sarah

    Isn’t it creepy that Alba’s in a very public place and it’s empty, while a photographer is taking a photo of her? God it’s like stalking…seriously.

  • angelface

    how convenient! she has like 6 movies 2 promote this year, n now she’s suddenly single, come on boys, go c her movies, u mite stand a chance now!

  • Maureen

    studios need to hire real actresses and stunning ones not like this wonnabe.

  • Anthony

    Horrible actress, and doesn’t seem to be a much better person.

  • Liz too

    Elizabeth : 07/28/2007 at 7:33 pm
    She is getting really skinny.

    hehe and i was thinking she looks like she gained some weight :)

  • xyz

    She’s pretty but horrible actress. Am so tired of these three Jessica’s, Alba, Biel and Simpson. all these three are no different from Paris Hilton. they should go back to acting school before its too late. young , pretty face were a dime a dozen in HW.

  • xyz

    # 14 Nancy


    You really believed those water contain vitamins ? electrolyte may be ? but vitamins will be diluted in that 500 cc of water and totally loss its effectiveness. the best vitamins came from fruits and vegetables not that dumb water you believed. and why do we need extra electrolyte when you are not dehydrating excessively, too much of Na+ or K- will only overload your kidney. normal tab water is enough when you are sweating on that yoga map or at the gym. I think Aniston and her rep. should have research some scientific data before advertising that dumb water. the water is as fruad as Aniston.

  • bee

    where’s her stripe scarf from?

  • funny

    did Jessica really break up with that guy over the phone? WOW!!!!! thats awful.

    but then again…i would never date an actor or model

    maybe they did not love each other to begin with so it would not be as bad.

    i like her as an actress i think she is good but that was pretty lame *if she even did that* as long as she doesnt start saying there arent any good men around or any strong men i will still go see movies with her in them.

  • macy

    yes they did and hopefully she could find a better man


    What did Alba says about not wanting to be called Latina? That sucks that she doesn’t want to identify, if true. She should be proud of who she is. Look honey, you got black eyes, brown skin, and big lips, you are NOT white, no matter how much you might wanna be (and that blonde wig on her in Fantastic 4 looked as stupid as Queen Latifah’s blonde wig in Hairspray).

    All hail J.Lo, Eva, Salma, Penelope, Christina, Rosie, and anyone else who considers themselves Latina.

  • Yily

    She’s so boring and dull! She’s pretty but beyond that was does Jessica has to offer? Her talent? Hahah…now that’s a joke! She has got to be the most boring woman in Hollywood right now. I’ll take my Lindsay and Britney anyday. At least their life is interesting and when they look back on it…they’ll think of all the hard times they have to go through, not like this biiitch Jessica, who’ll probably be in her house knitting and cooking.

  • JJ

    Ne t’inquiètes pas Marie, laisse dire.

  • JJ

    Ne t’inquiètes pas Marie, laisse dire.

  • Violet

    She’s pretty!

  • Stewie Griffin

    like her as a actress,and she the hottest of holywood

  • stellartes

    She looks anorexic…

  • maria del barrio

    What’s with the scarf, is she trying to make a fashion statement…gee I thought it was summer…looks like an idiot.

  • Rae

    You know, she very well could be incredibly sweet, but I just always get a stuck-up, snotty bitch vibe from her. Red carpet pics or candids. Does she ever smile when she doesn’t have to?

    I wonder if it’s true that she broke up with her boyfriend over the phone. They’ve been together for years.



  • ya ya

    Blind item by crazymommylady. These actresses have to date UP to get ahead so she knew that Cash was doing nothing for her careerwise. She needs all the help she can get cause her acting sucks ass!

  • Bored Rich

    Zoe : 07/28/2007 at 3:31 pm
    Her loss. Cash was way too good for her! He’s a hottie. She doesnt’ look to heartbroken. ?????

    couldnt agree more, Zoe. albatross is an UBER overrated cum dumpster with a diva attitude and NADA to back it up with. i hate this boring as hell beyotch, she can die of her anorexia for all i care, she did it to her self. also, she has NO friends, no female friends except eva longWHORIA who denies her heritage just like albatross.
    plus, she dissed the TROOPS!!! OUR troops!!! who are fighting and unfirtunatly dying out there for US!!

    what a self centered ego tistical bitch. also, she looks like a bobble head that belongs on the desk of dwight k schruet from “the office”

  • laura

    does anybody know where she got that tooth from?