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Katharine McPhee's Panties Flash

Katharine McPhee's Panties Flash

Katharine McPhee accidentally gives America a panties flash while jumping around and performing her latest single “Love Story” on Friday’s taping of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

You will most likely not see it watching her performance because it’s so fast, but watch it anyway. It’s one of her more entertaining performances, especially with the dance sequence in the middle of the performance!

Catch McPheever‘s performance of “Love Story” on Leno below!

Katharine McPhee – “Love Story”
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, 7/27
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  • [~Famous~]

    They look like shorts, but whatever. Lol

    I didnt really like her before, but now she’s aight.

  • laurenS

    she just wants attention cuz she ain’t got no talent

  • megan

    She looks really awkward onstage. Even her dance moves seem forced and awkward. No wonder she isn’t doing well.

  • kim

    Now that was a HOT performance!

  • Megan

    Wow, this girl has everything: looks, voice, talent, and amazing stage presence. Now that’s a star

  • jonie

    haha just like back on her AI days.

    I loved the performance, she’s really grown a lot.

  • kirk

    brialliant! best performance from her.. it makes you wanna get up and dance. just watching the dance breakdown made me so happy for her. she came out there and left it all oon the table saying this is me, this is teh real katharine mcphee! loved it! and catchy song!!!

  • dee

    This was a great performance, wow!

  • Caitlin

    Katharine is an awesome dancer! Her vocals sounded great too!

  • Merideth

    i hate that song.
    i heard it on Regis and Kelly
    and it sounded like a joke.
    but that incident is pretty hilarious

  • aiden

    At least she is wearing underwear.

    That was a good performance. The dance was hot.

  • ??

    Pretty soon average Mcphee will expose more of her ‘cooch-ie’ watch.
    She is pratically ‘naked’ now’.
    The voice needs work,but nothing special.
    No Kelly or Christine A.
    It all comes down for these average singers ‘show us the bootie’ and you will sell.

  • Sarah

    I think she wore woman boxers just incase she’d flash!

  • mck

    fvcking hot. that was an amazing performance. i ve already watched it it 4773979374934 times

  • J3$$!C@

    The performance and song was a mess.It does nothing to her vocals. Katharine looked very weird jumping and moving around on stage. Hopefully next time she will sing songs that are better suited for her voice.

  • wouldn’tUlike2know

    why are her dresses always so SHORT?!?!

  • Yoga

    She sucks. No wonder her album and song are flopping.

  • Hill

    Her song is really flopping @ pop radio it is sitting at #110 on the Top 40.

    “Love Story”
    104 110 KATHARINE MCPHEE Love Story 2007 RCA/RMG 40 48 -8 0.052

    And her album is doing even worse:

    Katharine sold 1,300, down from 1,600, and reaches 347,000 total.

    She should do less pantie flashing and moee singing because her music career is in the crapper!

  • KJ

    well… yes, at least she is wearing underwear.

  • not feelin it

    Sorry but her hair/weave extentions were a mess. I’m not into her looks& she is to bland , her voice she waz struggling. The song sucks and the music. I like the back up singers better. Had to cover my ears that song waz just awful. Yep she is selling it, next she will wear a thong and tiny cloth just covering her nips. Thunder thighs.

  • omg

    I do not understand why someone would pretend Katharine McPhee is fat with “thunder thighs.” GTFO.

  • very nice!

    She was awesome! Very fun and energetic. A really different performance from her.

    I’m sorry that I couldn’t waste a dollar on h8rade at the Elliot/Taylor fanstand, I decided to buy her single instead.

  • voodoo

    lmao of at hill, what a loser.

    Katharine is gonna be just fine, she starts filming her first movie soon.

  • S Ray

    What a wonderful performance!! Jay, Kevin James and the other guest were gaga over her. I’ve never seen an Idol guest do what she did. Fantastic!!!!!
    Answer to why someone would pretend that Kat has thunderthighs– because “not feelin it” does have thunderthighs !! Not feelin it go back where you came from ????

  • S Ray

    Hill & “not feelin it are jealous because their Idols don’t have Pnaties to show off!!!

  • S Ray

    Panties — corrected my spelling

  • mj

    Please! Does she think she is the next Beyonce? Her whole performance is so stiff and calculated-like she had to keep the next move on her mind and try to sing (not) at the same time. She was awful on AI and is not improving. Next year we won’t even remember her name. Just awful.

  • Cynthia

    I’m not a fan of Mcpheever, but at least the girl is wearing panties. She has class!

  • ITA horrid singing

    LMAO that was horrid, earplugs please and her legs are huge!hahaha

  • NME

    Great performance. Wasn’t a fan of the dress though, but she did great. It’s good to see her finally commanding a stage and letting lose. She’s coming out of her shell and that’s great to see.

    And to the people calling her fat… please. It sounds like you’re the one who needs to go to the gym and lose some weight.

    Yes, I am talking about you ugly, fat, old Tay Tay hags. The ones who throw their granny panties at him on stage. LOL!

  • poor mj

    Poor MJ, still jealous that no one is buying Tay Tay’s “memoir” because everyone already forgot about him. BTW, no one will have forgotten Kat’s name because the movie she’s shooting right now will be out around May of next year. You’re guaranteed to see her name around for at least another year.

    Meanwhile, you’ll be able to catch Taylor’s seizures (I mean, performances) at a bar in Alabama by that time.

  • Ken

    wow. that was a great performance.

  • mmmmmmkay

    she is a beautiful, talented girl… but it just feels so forced to me. STOP TRYING SO HARD!

  • Jake

    Looks more like the lining of her dress to me?

    That was an amazing performance, I didn’t know she had it in her!

  • thunmbs down she stinks

    HER HEAD IS BIG and sorry her thighs are too. The singin stinks.She is small time.

  • groucho

    Well, we always knew she was gorgeous and could sing. now we know she can more than hold her own with professional dancers. Next stop: your friendly neighborhood movie theater. Is there anything this girl can’t do? And unlike some people who know they’re going to be photographed moving around in a very short dress, she actually thought to wear something under it. These days, sad to say, that’s worth commenting on.

  • kate.

    she is SO good.
    i duno how anyone can say she sucks.

  • eli

    to not feelin it, ITA horrid singing and others like you:

    i can’t understand how you can say she has “thunder thighs”! i mean, are you blind or just blinded by jealousy and hatred!? now i’m beginning to understand why more and more people in america want to be rail thin. Kath is not fat nor thin, and she has healthy legs. if you want legs that look like sticks, then you are sicker than i think! stop being miserable! direct your tirades to useless celebs who don’t have talent, unlike this girl.

  • nica

    It almost seems like she is imitating Beyonce with the look, dress, and dance. I wonder if she has the kind of star power that will last.

  • Angelina

    i didn’t like that song…but the performance was good. too bad her panties flashed, but that was expected if you jump up and down in a short short dress.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    what a twit.

    great dancer????? i am sorry but she is doing the “white girl shaking her hair and twirling around” dance to pretend she can dance. i can say that because i am a white girl …hehehehe.


    tina turner she is not. adn that is who she was trying to imitate in this number.

    boooooring. all american idols winners contestants are lame. except for melinda doolittle.

  • i luv music

    Wow… Idol has finally produced a Dance Pop Diva… Haha. Great to see her being young and hip, full of dynamism. Remember guys, she’s not in her 30s yet, so let her just be young.

    347,000 albums sold may be a flop… but who cares… she’s still a star, cause she’s on Leno… haha

    And God, that’s one Hot girl… ^_^

  • Just Me

    Kat McPhee trying to be Beyonce??? I don’t think so… she’s just trying to be the best pop star that she can be, and she’s being very good at it. ^_^

    I’m not really a fan of pop music, but this girl is very beautiful, and talented.

    A lot of people, I suppose, are just really, really, really jealous of her…

  • Lopez

    Stick to singing and not “dancing”. She looked like Beyonce with ADD jumping around on that stage.

  • Ann

    I too think so looks forced. I think she is talented but I just don’t like the song.

  • MARY G

    who cares ¬¬?

  • DruHill

    She dances like a white girl!

  • jebr

    I loved her performance.
    Katharine is very talented, beautiful and Sexy!

  • Wozzy

    Ummm, A for effort? She tries way too hard. She does not have the soul or sass to pull that stuff off. Not cute.

  • Cindy

    Yuk. I rather listen to JLO. ‘Nuff said.