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Henry Aronofsky is Walking!

Henry Aronofsky is Walking!

Rachel Weisz burps 14-month-old son Henry Chance (he looks just like director daddy Darren Aronofsky!) while out for a summer stroll in New York City on Saturday.

When not taking some of his first baby steps in his Kids Cayman Croc Shoes in Sea Blue, baby Henry rode the stylin’ Maclaren Volo stroller.

Susan Sarandon recently joined Rachel Weisz for the Peter Jackson-directed film adaptation of Alice Sebold‘s novel The Lovely Bones.

Sarandon will play the character of Grandma Lynn, the mother of the character played by Weisz. The cast also includes Ryan Gosling and newcomer Saoirse Ronan.

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  • Nee

    Matching knees.

  • Rose82


    Love Rachel Weisz.

  • Nikki

    Aww Super Cutee!!

    Got Zanessa Scoop Yet??

  • Ms Sugar Walls

    They’re kness do match, but most important is….I AM SO D.A.M.N. tired of these shoes! I swear….I know that they are dirt cheap for celebs…I mean everybody wears them..and honestly I think that they are not meant for boys to wear..I will let him slide because he is a baby, but 6 on up have no business wearing those sissy shoes! I hate those shoes!

  • Reader

    I too hate to bring up the shoes, but are they made of plastic? I don’t get why anyone would wear them especially in the summer.

    Anyway, he’s adorable.

  • Lillianne

    I don’t get these shoes either. But he has a very classical baby face. There was a woman in the ’40s who did illustrations of kids and puppies and kittens. The children looked just like him.

  • Lillianne

    Hey JJ any idea what’s haps in Vegas w/britney?

  • Leela

    i despise those shoes. but the kid is super cute

  • angelah

    How adorable is he?!

  • angelah


  • Olivia

    cute baby but the mom is a witch and friggin ugly.

  • Keith

    Great looking mom, great looking kid.

  • Kendell

    Weisz is ugly!!!!!!!

    She needs to do something about her eyebrows!

  • meh

    Rachel doesnt have good legs.

  • Mary

    Rachel Weisz is such a great looking woman and a great actress as well and her kid ( Thank God) looks like her.

  • Paul

    Those who think Rachel is ugly is ether stupid or gay and as for her legs, i wish they were around me.

  • Samantha

    Rachel Weisz is such a good looking woman that she even makes dressing casual look sexy.

    One more thing, cute kid

  • Dayglow

    Rachel is one hot mom.

  • Fred

    I feel bad for Rachel’s kid when he gets older, all of friends are going to try to go to his house just to look at his hot momma.

  • Q

    The kid has Rachel’s good looks.

  • loveratlarge

    Rachel Weisz is so sexy that it hurts. Great legs, great body and talented to boot. She’s one perfect package and I would bang her silly.

  • Sandy

    I love Rachel allot, she’s such a great actress and she’s super cute as well. Her son looks like he will take after her in the good looks department as well.

  • Alexis

    Rachel looks great and her son looks adorable.

  • Tim

    Rachel and her son are both good looking people, too bad the father looks like a dog.

  • Reba

    Rachel Weisz is one hell of a sexy woman and her son is going to grow up to be one hell of a sexy man.

  • KurtW

    Both Rachel and her son look like models, that’s how beautiful they both look. Talk about having good genes.

  • Angelina

    Rachel looks gorgeous even just strolling about! =) as for henry, he’s also very adorable but not as cute as suri. but the crocs, argh, i see them around everywhere here! oh and kendell and olivia, you guys are just plain jealous that you’re nothing compared to rachel.

  • Rii

    I adore Rachel, she’s gorgeous and talented. Baby Henry is so cute. Wonderful family!

  • v

    I want her legs! She look great :)

  • xyz

    Cute baby ! Are they married ?

  • Sarah

    “Rachel Weisz burps 14-month-old son Henry Chance…”

    I was going to say. I thought she was about to drop him in the picture!

  • Sarah

    As for Rachel, she’s not even wearing makeup and she looks great!`

  • annaerkul

    No they’re not married.They have been engaged for quite some time, though.

  • Vincent

    Rachel looks great and her son looks cute.

  • marsha

    Sick of the way noone on here can look at a baby without comparing with another “celebritybaby”, eh Angelina? HOw about they’re all cute? I Like her summer frock, but can’t excited about Ryan Gosling playing her husband> I don’t care how talented people say he is, he’s 10 years younger than Weiz……that will be a distraction

  • Pandora

    I think she’s lovely in a very natural, unfettered way. Adorable little boy (I dislike those shoes too).

    “The Lovely Bones” will be a “must see”, though the novel was damn depressing!

  • lucy

    this baby is almost absurdly cute; even when he was an infant he was just ridiculously cute :)

  • Sarah

    35, I think that Weisz is lucky that she gets to kiss Ryan Gosling! But I agree, he should be older. I think someone like Matt Damon would be good.

  • +++

    Was this the role Rachel Weisz won over Aniston ? which was reported left her heartbroken. Can blame the producer, Rachel was a better actress than Aniston. as well as younger and prettier.

  • Dirty Cougar

    I don’t get the big fuss about Rachel Weisz?! She’s average looking w/ nice legs. That’s about it. Hair looks like a typical mommie cut. Nothing spectacular. Kate Winslet is the real beauty for an actress over 30!
    Those sandles are mega popular. I had a kid in the kindergaten summer school class that, has 3 pairs of those ugly things. Kids are wearing those day glo sandles all over the place. Hopefully, it’s a fad and will leave us quickly!

  • Courtney


  • Marie

    Rachel is ugly and so stuck up.

  • Peter

    Rachel Weisz is not only beautiful but she’s a extraordinary actress with great range. i can’t wait for The “The Lovely Bones”.

  • Joan

    Marie, you would not know a pretty woman if she bit you in the ass. You’re probably ugly and suck up.

  • marina

    Henry looks SO cute !!! he is adorable. I can believe he is walking already. Kids are growing up so fast. Rachel is a beautiful mom.
    And I hate those shoes to. For kids, it’s ok. But how can you wear this when you’re an adult ? they look ridiculous

  • Kidd

    Kate Winslet is a little too fat for her good, Rachel looks like a real woman.

  • ha

    4 Ms Sugar Walls : 07/29/2007 at 12:38 am
    They’re kness do match, but most important is….I AM SO D.A.M.N. tired of these shoes! I swear….I know that they are dirt cheap for celebs…I mean everybody wears them..and honestly I think that they are not meant for boys to wear..I will let him slide because he is a baby, but 6 on up have no business wearing those sissy shoes! I hate those shoes!

    Oh stop being a sourpusss. People can wear what they want to wear. Live and let live.

  • Kira

    Enough with the extruded and ridiculous-looking “Crocs”! A 14-month-old needs to be walking in either the solid leather (open toe) sandals or tiny sports shoes! Leave “Crocs” for wear in the backyard and near the wading pool!

    However, mom is a great actress….

  • Dirty Cougar

    Okay, As much as I like the skinnies. Kate Winslet is not fat! Not as thin as Rachel Weisz but, not FAT! Kate is curvy. You can’t change that type of body type. Just like J LO insn’t fat! Kate is a wonderful actress/mother.
    She wouldn’t give shit what you think about her anyway. She’s got Sam Mendes. I noticed Sam Mendes is not w/ Rachel Weisz no more! He’s with Kate. Hello?

  • Dirty Cougar

    Where’s our beloved Sienna Miller? I much rather read about her and Sienna’s body is 10 times better looking the Rachel Weisz’s! Sienna has the best looking legs and best looking little pooper!