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Nicole Richie's Baby Bump Drive

Nicole Richie's Baby Bump Drive

Pregnant Nicole Richie, who has recently been sentenced to four days in county jail for a DUI, stay well hidden behind a gigantic white bag while her boyfriend, Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden drives away from a Los Angeles recording studio on Saturday.

Do your time early, Nicole!! Protect your baby!!

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Photos: Danielle/Dave/Zfi/Bauer-Griffin
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  • a

    first! and haha, WOW. white bag? lol.

  • Dirty Cougar

    Bitch is so teeny she, can easily fit in a bag. Too funny!

  • peppy

    3RD this feels nice she should do her time early get it over i like nicole hopefully she gets her life together

  • Jill

    That’s just stupid….why do celebrities hide behind things. Just wave and get it out of the way instead of acting like an idiot.

  • kaitlyn

    LMAO !
    i hope she gets more time in jail
    shes so stupid.. like seriously, who drives
    the wron way on the highway? you know what would
    be relly funny? If she had her baby in jail. hahah
    is tht evn possible?

  • Lo

    she is so her!

  • [~Famous~]

    Nicole’s a lame.

  • Lasa

    I am starting to question if she is pregnant. If she had gone straight into jail and done her time over this weekend and gotten it over with it would have made sense. It would have shown that she was doing just that, getting it over with to make sure that she did it really early on in the pregnancy so no real worries about it being far along and having the baby in jail like people were saying she was worried about. But instead of going and doing the time she just goes on about her business like no big deal. Alot of people said she was never pregnant and was faking to get out of jailtime and then she would say she miscarried and now I am starting to wonder myself.

  • http://! justme

    If you know anythingabout pregnancy the easiest time is between 4-6 months as far as comfort and safety of the baby. If I were her I’d wait until 16 weeks (4 months) or so to do it……..Earlier the baby is more vulnerable to miscarriage, later than 5 months you are more uncomfortable….

  • hannah

    i luv nicol,but i dont believe she is preggo.

  • Anonymous

    how stupid to try to hide. I dont believe she’s pregnant. Its all a manipulation to get sympathy and to get people to forget that she could have beena stone cold murderer if she had killed someone while she was driving stoned.


    She ‘s probably dodging ‘TMZ’ the loosers. She could Sleep the first few months like a baby if she is pregnant and goes now.

  • vor

    if she’s pregnant, isn’t it unwise to be sitting in the passenger seat which undoubtedly has an airbag??

  • who

    she is digusting

  • jaime

    Your comment sounds lame num 11. We know nada her bizness, let her handle it an like some one says -she might not be expecting-. If she is so what. I don’t think she needs sympathy ,,just to be left alone. If they would stop following her,we would not see her. So go write to the tabs/sites.

  • savannah

    Nicole chooses to hide let her. It is only stupid if youre’ not in her situation. Leave her be. If I was having a baby, I would just do my jail time quickly, but that’s me. She is over 21. Leave her be.

  • heather in the mix

    Wow what a stupid question. I’m pregnant and I drive an ‘SUV’ with an air bag in front driver’s side..are you serious?? 14 if you find her disgusting why post?? Now that is lame..Good luck Nicole. I guess we regulars at ‘JJ ‘have to deal with Perez’s out-casts.

  • karen

    the bag looks like a goyard to me.

  • dana

    It looks like a qilt jacket. Anywayzs Nickole has mention she has problems with one/both of her eyes that she had operated on when she was little she has problems with bright lights/flashes at times.
    I think she had some laser work done 2 yrs ago for a stigma or something. Anywayzs I would’nt give those @-holes any foto’s for their money benefit. SC-rew them.

  • genevieve

    Iim willing to bet she is smarter than your dum@ss #5.
    Never post or waste my time on a blog 4 people I hate.
    Get your priorities straight gurlfirend.
    Hide baby hide.
    Nobody’s life but your own.
    Trashloids make up lies and recylce em’.

  • Hilda

    Drive pass them Joel and give the middle finger salute. Luvvve heerr!

  • KrungKrung

    me thinks she’s preggers, it’s not confirmed yet, so i will have to wait for her xclusive interview on abc or nbc? whe is it again?

  • maybe yes maybe no the goons will let us know

    just take care and turn yourself in soon and *then i guess you should hide in a closet since u want so much publicity* cuz your haters say so.
    but im sure the vulgar harvey levin will have his goons hide in your bushes cuz *THEY* want news for their blogs* and *you have no where to hide *they* wont stalk you. puleeese she cant hide even if she wanted to and why should she?

  • Charlene

    Post 8 Lasa I totally agree with you, I am also wondering if she is event preggers or if it is just a publicity stunt. I hate her anyway, but I was thinking

  • oliver


    Ever wonder why it seems, consistantly, that the bigger the celebretard, the bigger the vehicle they drive? Hmmmmm…. Yea for Jessica Alba and her Prius!

  • ???

    LLLOOOVVVEEE HEERRR!! THE LAST 2 BLOGGERS ARE most likely BIGGEM’S!! JEALOUS MUCH? LMAO!!I have a Hummer & I could list A listers who have hybrids so that blows your theory,!!!LMAO HATERS!!

  • Angelina

    god…she’s so pathetic. this is what happens to the good girls when you hang around paris and lindsay.


    Nicole is a fav of mine and she has changed and I believe that, just stay away from HERPLEX. SHE IS not pathetic just living her life,geez.

  • nicole richee fan

    Run Joel and Nicole Run here comes T -flea- Z.

  • steven

    Big time fan of Nicole’s.
    Why don’t they leave her the fck alone?

  • john

    who cares shes ob a reality tv show and hes in a band that was cool 5 years ago. These pictures tell us what? Those lame hills people are more exciting

  • Diana

    She should stay in her pajamas permanently … as soon as she needs money she will start showing everywhere again … lol

  • Chocolate FIYAH

    LMAO… what exactly is this chick trying to hide? As if we don’t know what she look like!

  • remember da truth

    Nicole has NEVER said she was pregnant, and neither has Joel. This is all made up by the tabloids, and if she turns out not to be pregnant, everyone will say SHE is the one faking it, not the tabloids lying.

    She got a bit of a belly and started to wear looser clothing and the tabs ran with it. She has never dignified it with a response. Until she does, I won’t say she’s pregnant OR faking it.

    It’s like when Brad and Angie started dating and the tabs said they were denying being together. They NEVER denied it. When they didn’t know if they would get together, they each said separately that they were taking it slow and seeing where it went, but it wasn’t definite they were together as a couple yet — just like any other couple just dating at first. Then they never made another comment and let the tabs do all the talking. They just didn’t say anything and the tabs were angry at no interviews or comments so they wrote that they were denying it.
    Nicole is in the same boat. Keep your mouth shut and mind your own business and the tabs will make stuff up and if you don’t say anything, they will put words in your mouth, or say you are denying something you never acknowledged. She has never even said “no comment” about being pregnant.

    But just wait. If she’s not pregnant, how many people will scream that SHE was the one faking it, and not blame the tabloids for making it all up?

  • anonymous

    i absolutely love nicole but WTF do we really need to know if she’s preggers?? geez guys let the girl live her life!


    heyyy wowo ok so i really cant belive how nicole is pregnant.. i mean really she is soo tiny… i cant imagine how small her baby is goin to be…
    but way to go nicole….
    oo ya and i read the news interview that you did i was amazed i m proud of you.. keep it up..

  • Huxley

    Oh man, these guys have not even been together that long and now they are having a baby, my goodness that is not cool!