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Alli Sims: Britney's Cousin Sings!

Alli Sims: Britney's Cousin Sings!

Alli Sims, Britney Spears‘ cousin and former personal assistant, has just released her own rendition of “On My Own” from the musical Les Miserables. Check it out at on her official website!

Here’s a snippet from her biography that Alli just posted as well: “…I entered the High School Pagaent and wont he talent division for singing The Little Mermaid’s “Part of this World.” I won again the following year for singing “Someone Watch Over Me.” I continued to sing in various church, wedding and school chorous groups. My favorite performance was when I sang “On My Own” from Les Miserables for Juniro Miss Georgia Pagaent.”

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  • cat

    i guess miss alli just used nit brit for the publicity. just like kevin. poor britney, everyone just uses her and then throws her out.

  • casey

    she sounds like belle from beauty and the beast.

  • luvmebabe

    what an user!

  • she looks manly

    Those outfits are beyond tacky! She dresses as badly as her cousin Brit!

  • kitkat

    her image ain,t lookin 2 good.i wonder if she’s as bad as Brit

  • [~Famous~]

    another girl who wont sell any records. Lol

  • natalie

    oh gosh. i don’t like her version at all.

  • Lolly

    Holy Cow. Which “cousin” styled the photo shoot? Pink Getup: The choker is wrong the dress is an 8 year old’s lampshade? The result, making her look squatty and no-necked. Waterworld Lingerie Getup: Just say Noe.

  • Prix

    Back when Britney actually was a huge star you probably could ride her name to fame yourself.

    These days all Britney has become is a 24 hour source of ridicule.

    Did this Alli chick REALLY believe that Britney’s name would get her in the door?

    Poor Britney, even her family members use her. No wonder Brit keeps firing everyone.

  • bite me


  • Hilarizzle

    No, No, No, No…The entire Spears-Sims crowd needs to learn that music is not their forte!

  • cutie pie

    who gives a damn another slut in training

  • JR

    Why do all country people dress like retards?

  • ryan

    sounds crappy

  • Dirty Cougar

    Unless, you’re legs are long and lean like, Sienna Miller’s you, shouldn’t be wearing sheeit like this!

  • Kim

    Did she take some of Brit’s clothes with her?
    I bet she DID steal a rol-a-dex with some
    numbers in it AND now that she has the contacts…
    she’s gonna make herself a SUPERSTAR!
    I guess she just sees that if Brit can do it – ANYBODY can.
    Great. Just what we need.
    Please Alli! Just give it up now and go back to Podunk BFE or where ever the hell it is that you came from!

  • Sill

    At least she can make it through a photo shoot without acting crazy. She has way more potential than Britney – that isn’t saying much.

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne



  • Well at least she has a better voice than Britney but she won’t go far

  • boops

    sounds like ass

  • Ken

    She should date K-fed. LOL

  • angela

    no one wonder brit cant trust anyone out there..look who this girl is tryin to be..and her bullcrap about my butt, she should be stickin by britney instead of trying to make a name for hereself..what kind of person are you!

  • Audrey

    I don’t like this version either. She sounds out of tune or something. It just doesn’t sound right. I feel bad for Britney…ppl are just using her left and right. No wonder she’s screwed up. I don’t think Alli or whatever her name is will get very far with her “singing career.”

  • tessa


  • Dirty Cougar

    She has a better voice then Britney but, her choice of music SUCKS! Blech! Put my ass right to sleep w/ that sheeit!

  • hamper

    her voice is only mediocre – and her looks aren’t good enough to compensate for her lack of musical talent. sorry missy, it’s a no go for me.

  • yeah yeah

    She has that “type of nose” i can’t just icky looking…like that sarah michelle gellar girl…just freaks me out..look at thier face and all I can think is “nooooossssseeeee”!

  • yeah yeah

    she has that “type of nose” that just freaks me out…just icky looking…like that sarah michelle gellar girl…I just look at her face and all I can think of is “nooosssseeeeeee”!

  • Bliss

    She looked better when she was natural (ie: the pap’s shots of her with Brit), in these pics she has too much make-up, and it doesn’t flatter her.

  • Lisalt

    Her rendition is very bad. Bad choice of song and could not even reach a high note.

  • ???

    Does having bad taste in clothes run in the family?

  • sondie

    Can the picture of her BE ANY MORE AIRBRUSHED???? Looks like she got the airbrush technic they did for britt on that cd she did with all the hits…oh and all her perfume ads- we clearly know she looks NOTHING like that


    WTF was that?

  • hed

    she needs to hire a stylist

  • timo

    why does she have Jordan from breatheheavy in der link list?

  • coffeeeee

    She kinda looks like Molly Shannon in those pix.



    She is trying to hard to dress like Brit! You see where that has gotten her, right?

  • moira

    Oooooh, come on! Damn, as a Canadian, I couldn’t wait to go to NYC and go to a broadway show – I picked ‘Les Miz’. Now, it’s all ruined for me, I don’t even think hitting the bottle early will have any effect of getting that screaching, tone deaf voice out of my head. Perhaps it’s better suited for the pageant circuit rather than real life!

  • Ms Sugar Walls

    ok..she sucks! I just wanted everyone to know that she sucks soo bad! These outfits are tacky, and farther more she need to go to hell!
    Riding my girl’s coat tail..she will never be like Britney Spears..britney has worked for hers since she was a little girl…This tramp is just trying to come out..It isn’t that easy!

  • Nadia

    is this a joke

  • Karl

    She sounds better than Britney (but I don’t think anyone is as bad as Britney, maybe J-lo). The outfits are terrible.

  • tim walker

    this makes me laugh so bad.. how did she win a contest? I guess only two people entered.This is so not mainstream, I can not believe someone actually let her put that song up.

  • Chris

    She DOESN’t sounds any good at all, instead of trying to use Britney for her own good, she should be helping her. I’m sorry for Britney i guess one can’t trust the world nor family. Britney get your act together i’ll be waiting for the new cd this November.