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Faith Hill is PISSED -- Again!

Faith Hill is PISSED -- Again!

This is almost better than the footage at the CMAs!!!

Faith Hill scolded a member of the audience in front of thousands during her Soul2Soul2 concert in Louisiana.

A woman grabbed her husband, Tim McGraw, by the balls in the groin area.

Faith wasted no time working her way over to the woman, scolding the husband molester in public!!

Faith said, “Somebody needs to teach you some class, my friend. You don’t go grabbin’ somebody else’s, somebody’s husband’s balls, you understand me? That’s very disrespectful.”

You go, Faith!!!! Defend your man’s manhood!!!

Watch the video below!!! Thanks, Matt!!

FAITH‘s FREAK-OUT… PART II! (See part I here)
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Photos: Michael Buckner/Getty
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  • john


  • Reader

    OMG, seriously that’s just wrong. Keep your hands to yourself.

  • krufh


  • 2985

    You go girl! ITA

  • JPs fan 4ever

    You Go Woman!

  • TMI sometimes

    Now That is how you own it! I WOULD HAVE CURSED HER OUT! but faith told her exactly what that women needs to do. Get some CLASS.

  • Nutz

    Hm.. at least she scolded rather musically!

  • faith

    You go Faith!

  • e

    You go Faith, all women should look up to her, all chicken husbands who are afraid of starting a fight should look up to her too!!!

  • Tucker

    Haha I know it sounded like she was singing it
    but she looks like a bitch, she just does not look like a nice person to me

  • Tucker

    Haha I know it sounded like she was singing it
    but she looks like a bitch, she just does not look like a nice person to me

  • Alex

    You GO Girl!!! :D

  • swe3t23

    omg does anyone have the footage before she explodes??

  • me

    Well, she does have a point.

  • breezy


  • ILovePapaSmurf

    I’m sure it was an accident. Someone doesn’t have faith in her hubby… Oh, pun intended.

  • Shoegal

    She seemed such a sweet person before all these freakouts…

  • Sue

    Gooood for her, way to go Faith!!


    Omg she must be crazy

  • bella

    hahaha! security should have escorted that woman out. hopefully they did. faith should have asked for that after. but lol at her scolding the woman in a melodic manner.

  • angelina_mmm

    video no longer available where someone grabs his crotch

  • Chocolate FIYAH

    Bwhahahahah… LMAO… I commend Faith!

    Go head Mrs. McGraw!

  • Sarah

    LMAO, she’s actually right here.

  • Angelina

    go faith i guess…its disgusting how that woman would do such a thing. and talk about the embarassment? oh well, she deserves it i guess. haha, faith is so funny nowadays, her freak outs are hilarious.

  • [marie]

    hahaha! That’s funny as hell…

  • k

    Go Faith! That was so hysterical—I love that she’s swaying to the music the whole time and the hand gesture that accompanies “balls” is perfect! I don’t consider this a “freakout” at all. “Freakout” implies the response by the the responder is somehow uncalled for and I think her comments are complete appropriate. She’s not yelling and she moves on quickly but lets the audience member know her behavior is unacceptable not to mention tacky.

  • Amy

    Good for her. You don’t sexually assault anyone like that, even if they are a country music star. Grabbing a man’s crotch like that is not cool. How would she like it if some strange guy on the street came over and grabbed her breasts? Go Faith!

  • Ginger

    I love it! I think it’s great, watch how Tim is just walking away in the background and allowing his woman to handle the situation. LOL

  • Sadie

    Way to Go Faith! no one should be touching another womans husband that way,loved the way you handled it! I wouldn’t have been so nice!!!

  • piper, with a low

    One of my friends went to a recent Tim and Faith concert; she said that the couple’s children also participate in the show. So no, Faith was not out of line, given that he is her husband, her children were probably present, and that the show attracted families. I get that some find Tim very sexy, but ball-grabbing is completely out of line.

    I’m surprised that she didn’t go all Axl Rose on that trick’s @$$!!!

  • Lori *sweet4mcgraw*

    To the person Tucker? who said Faith looks like a “B**CH* HOW dare you!! Must be jealous or something, bc Faith is one of THE nicest people IN the business! You don’t know what you’re talking about! Faith had EVERY right to say what she did and SHE showed SOO much class in how she said it too!

    And to papasmurf or whatever your name is. Faith HAS faith in her husband.. he told the person off as well. Faith was being a SUPPORTIVE wife and sticking up for her husband… and putting that WENCH in her place!! Just makes me sick there are ppl out there who are gonna RUIN it for REAL TRUE FANS some day! Tim & Faith are gonna stop interacting with fans bc of IDIOTS like this!

  • joanna

    If I was Faith I would have side headed that woman with the mic. If that happened in an office or some other workplace sexual harassment charges would certainly be filed. So? What is the big deal with some posts here, about Faith overreacting? This is NOT funny people.
    The woman, who did this, obviously is some kind of trashy person, and to condole her actions makes the condoler no better than her.
    I have never understood what makes anyone think they have more right to entertainers lives, than to buy a ticket and enjoy the show. These people are not placing themselves out there for anyone’s fantasies…THEY ARE WORKING!

  • LOLA

    I would say good for her, but it doesn’t even seem that sincere the way she kept dancing the whole time. Almost like it was staged. I am not saying it was, b/c that is not their style so don’t jump on me, but it is just not REAL looking b/c she was all swaying with the music and saying it singy like.

  • joanna

    Lola have you even considered that she may have been doing that to control herself and not just jump down off the stage and beat that woman’s azz?
    AFTER ALL….the show MUST go on and it IS their livelihood.
    I am actually surprised some of the fans did not throw that woman out of the stadium.
    Your comment steers completely away from the topic at hand.
    I also think the heading is very unfair to Faith. How many times does she have to explain that she was NOT dissing Carrie Underwood? She was backstage talking and she could have been reacting to any number of things, but naturally, it served to be taken out of context.

  • sprite

    I think it is sad that Tim didn’t tell the woman in the audience himself. He should have done it himself. That seems disrespectful to Faith.

  • Johanne

    Muahaha, let’s hope the grabber was not too drunk to be ashamed, lol.

    If it were a guy grabbing a woman’s privates instead of the other way around, he’d probably get his ass sued.

    Faith is so right.


    Tim did say something to her right after she did it, Told her No don’t do that all the girl did was act stupid like she didn’t know what he was talking about, he asked why you do that and all she could do was high 5 her friends, SO Faith did what any good wife would do tell the person off with a lot more class than the lady who grabbed Tim! Also if you listen carefully Tim says that’s my women meaning he was proud of her.

  • Me

    35 sprite : 07/30/2007 at 9:12 am

    I think it is sad that Tim didn’t tell the woman in the audience himself. He should have done it himself. That seems disrespectful to Faith.

    I agree. Tim should have had her thrown out of the concert. At least Faith had the balls to take care of it…..

  • Lilliane

    This is where I’m from and let me assure you the public humiliation of this offensive woman has only just begun. There are no public or private people who are held in higher esteem than Faith and Tim. They are glamorous celebrities as well as good old down home folks who never forget where they come from. They contribute to this area both monetarily and with their own personal efforts.

    “Freaking out” insults women everywhere who step up and say “Hands off, sister.” The woman should be arrested for sexual assault just like a man would if he grabbed a woman’s genital area.

  • Rae

    It looked like she handled it as well as she could without freaking out, turning it into a total bitch moment, or really disrupting the concert for everyone. Go Faith! Class all the way. On a different note, she looked beautiful in that clip. I loved the dress.

  • Layla

    Hell Yeah! you go gurl! its not like the broad didn’t know his wife was present! That was highly disrespectful and deserving of a smackdown! I’d think less of Faith if she saw this and said nothing.

  • Mmmmm

    See what happens when fans take things too far, just b/c he is a public image does not mean he is public porperty.

  • piper, with a low

    I don’t follow country music but I have heard of Faith Hill and for some reason, people have been targeting her lately. Years and years of nothing- now, she’s supposed b*tch for checking some broad who grabbed her husband’s sack?

    Sorry press… Faith was in the right; I just don’t get why the press would spin it otherwise.

  • Iris

    Lola, Faith was just being professional. She there to put on a show for people who’d spent their hard earned money to the performance. She simply said her piece and got on with it. Fabulous and gutsy. What a great role model.

  • you

    I disagree with Jared on this one- Faith wasn’t freaking out at all- she handled herself with composure.

  • big red

    I’m stilled amazed that anyone would have the “balls” and be that low
    to inapporiately touch another woman’s husband especially when that
    said wife is there. Evidently the woman can’t get a man of her
    I’m surpised Faith was that calm. A punch to the mouth would have been best, but of course that would have been a law suit.

  • Vickie

    People seem to think that because a celebrity is in the public they are public property. They are there to provide a service, their talent, not to be groped, or touched or anything else. I think that Faith handled this with Class and reacted better then I ever could have.

  • EvilLynn

    big red…or Faith coulda “pretended” to go into a little dance number and kicked her in the face with her heel. I think maybe this chick was at the wrong concert..the grabby-grabby is more Marilyn Manson than Faith/Tim

  • a

    haha, that’s awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee. go faith!

  • http://US957 Patricia

    WAY TO GO FAITH!!!! I think Faith had every right to say and do what she did. Nobody has the right to violate sombody like that. Yes they both are country music stars, but they are also husband & wife and human just like everybody else, and I am sure that the woman who did that would not like some woman coming up and grabbing her husband’s balls. I don’t understand why some people are saying that Faith “Freaked out” or that they thought she was nice. FAITH IS NICE AND SHE DID NOT FREAK OUT. She was a wife who saw somebody violating her husband and was not going to let that person get away with it. So I say good for you Faith I stand 100% behind you!!!!!!