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Gwen & Gwen's Blonde Brood

Gwen & Gwen's Blonde Brood

Gav a nice day!

Uber-blonde bunch Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale and 14-month-old son Kingston arrive at Australian tennis star Lleyton Hewitt‘s home for a visit and a game of tennis on Sunday in Sydney, Australia.

Gwen and Kingston enjoyed a play date with baby Mia Hewitt and Hewitt‘s soap star wife Bec. Gavin, of course, played a few matches against Lleyton.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Gwen‘s blonde brood — TOO CUTE or TOO MUCH?

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Photos: David G Morgan/Bauer-Griffin
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  • natalie

    i’m pretty sure they haven’t bleached the baby’s hair, come on, that would be totally inapropriate and gwen’s not britney, she wouldn’t do that.
    babies’ hair tend to lighten up as they grow older, so that’s probably why he’s got so fair hair. it’ll get darker in a couple of years though, probably.

    but please remove that comment that they bleached the baby’s hair, no sane parent would ever bleach the hair of they 13-month-old baby.

  • KI

    No they didn’t bleach his hair that is ridiculous! It has always been a light color, it may just be a little lighter now that it is summer, my kids lighten up in the summer to when they are outside more. However, I will say I am shocked to see him not in a carseat! I would like to see some more pics to go with these to see if maybe they were taking him out of the seat to get out of the car or if they were just putting him in the car. They seem to always be very with it parents so this pic is hopefully misleading as to the carseat situation.

  • Mari

    Gavin definitely looked better with brown hair. Gwen is very pretty, of course, but I bet she would look better with a more natural shade of blonde.

  • Kelly D

    A little lemon juice added to your hair before going out into the sun will lighten it as well, fyi.

  • Ida

    Too Much!!!

  • Jess

    Kingston’s hair is lighter because of the sun – they have NOT bleached it.

  • a


  • Lumix

    He looks like the guy from CSI

  • Q

    just tell gav to stop. every1 else looks cute. but as you can see his roots are already growing in. that’s nast

  • Hulla

    Gwen is so so beautiful I just wish she would go back to her natural dark hair colour because she looks so stunning brunette.

    Kingston has her big dark eyes. :)

  • [~Famous~]

    BECKSville @ JustJared!!

  • Julia

    i love it.. thanks jared!

  • Lisa

    Why isn’t Kingston in a car seat?

  • Notbusy

    Isn’t it about time they get him off that pacifier… He’s 14 months old not 6 months.

  • gwen stefoni is a fake

    Can’t stand this fake ass whore. I can’t believe they cast her as Jean Harlow in the Aviator a few years back! She looks absolutely NOTHING like J.H., except for what? The bleach blonde hairdo – BFD!! Cristina aguilera would have been better for that role. At least she resembled Ms. Harlow more in the face. F@ck Gwen Stefoni. She’s so horrible and an untalented hack!

  • Pearly

    I bet those two go through a bucket of Shimmering Lights a week…I see yellow!!!!
    (SL is a pro hair care product/shampoo that turns the brassy yellow in bleached hair to a more ash color)

  • lula29

    They probably decided to go blond as a family, since mom was already blond, and baby was going blond. Dad just decided to join in.

    It’s cute.

  • MD

    perhaps the car was stopped and they were waiting for all of the paps to get out of the way before getting…you can’t know the whole story from a couple of pictures people, save your judgements for your own lives

  • NaughtyVoyeur

    Why isn’t everyone yelling CALL CHILD SERVICES as with the Britney photo where the kid wasn’t buckled up? Just curious. Maybe cuz she isn’t in the front seat? I can’t help but think if that had been Brit with the baby on her lap, that people would be hollerin’.

  • Lili

    Ditt. Why is the kid not in his car seat? I would never defend the appalling behavior or batshit crazy Britney but why is it okay for Princess Gwen to have to child on her lap while riding in a car and not okay for crazy Brit to do the same?

  • you’re stupid

    kids, look at the pics before you call child services or whatever. they’re in the back seat. there’s a car seat next to them. they took the baby out for a photo op. that’s all. get over yourselves.

  • Gwen4EVER

    She sits in the back and they aren’t on the freeway. And if you can’t remember: Brit drove THE CAR with the baby on her lap!!! That’s a difference.
    I love Gwen! She would never ever do something dangerous to her loved lil Kingston! They are the greatest parents on the whole world!!! Kisses and hugs!!!

  • http://! me

    She took the baby out for a photo op? WHat a media wh***!

    The blond family stuff is all too much. Too gimmicky. THey better not have bleached that baby’s hair is all I can say!

  • Shame-free

    To you people with the bad attitudes – it’s hair color. Get over it. I don’t know her personally but she seems like a good mother, which is more than I can say for most celebrity moms. As for Gavin, he’s 40 and looks like he did when he was 25, I think we could cut him some slack. I swear, save the hatred for Britney and her head-shaving, kid dropping, crotch flashing ways…

  • Catherine




  • Mmmmm

    Hot family for sure.

  • aw!

    I don’t like how most of Hollywood is bleaching the hell out of their hair. Most people don’t look good a blonds–that includes Gavin & Gwen. Just leave it normal & stop looking so fake. And why doesn’t she get in trouble about a baby car seat when Britney did the same thing & got her ass beaten?

  • Lilliane

    we used to rinse public pool chlorine out of my baby’s hair with lemon juice and it would lighten her hair to almost white by the end of the summer. her name is kelly d too. it was no big deal at all.

  • Jessica

    I think it’s cute. I really don’t think it too much at all. I actually wouldn’t care if Gavin had lime green hair, he’d still be gorgeous!! LOL!!

  • pnutmnm

    Gavin is so Effin’ hot! I almost named my first born son after him. My son is now 14 yrs. old. So that was obviously back when Bush (Gavins band) was simi popular. But popular or not he is H-O-T!

  • hannah

    there is a carseat (grey and red) right next to gwen on the first and second picture picture. im assuming they made it to their destination and that’s why baby kingston is on her lap.

  • Dave

    The baby was in the car seat,they are in the process of getting out of the car so Gwen has taken Kingston out of the seat……Duhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • hehe

    she has the most ridiculous pants. it looks like she has balls and need to hide them in those baggy pants.

  • Stacey

    EW! I think she did lighten that kids hair. She treats him like a gdamn doll all the time. She uses him as a mannequin for her clothing line….he’s a kid, not your darn dress up doll! I used to like her but she’s starting to piss me off.

  • Eatmisery

    Honestly, I’m thinking, “Why isn’t that kid in his carseat if they’re in a moving vehicle?” Is the car moving or are they stopped? I can’t tell. If it’s moving, Gwen’s just pulled a “Britney.”

  • 2985

    Hm, it would be interesting to know how (or if) Gwen coped with the recent rules in Australia re flying and the limitations imposed on the size of cosmetics/liquids/etc. Seriously folks, I’m not a girly girl but I went WTF when I found out that ALL toiletry/cosmetic items have to fit in this particular size ziplock bag! I mean, toothpaste, basic moisturizer, shampoo and conditioner alone wouldn’t fit in the size specified! So, now you have to downsize to Lilliputian-sized stuff, forget socalled travel size, get em smaller again… I was like, hm, not going on holiday by plane anytime soon? Bah…
    So yeah, I can only imagine the bags of stuff Gwen would have to dump when she leaves Sydney! She looks high-maintenance. I saw an interview with Cate Blanchett and she said she’s sick of dumping her skincare (mainly SK-II) at every airport or smth like that.

  • Dave

    The car has stopped, they are getting out of the car.

  • Angelina

    cute family. beautiful baby. a great couple.

  • ****

    Just give me 5 minutes with Gavin Rossdale…that’s all I need.

  • but really

    Why doesn’t Gavin get back to work or do something besides stand around posing? I think he’s gross.

  • StraNGeLaD

    What about Daisy, Gavin’s other child with Pearl Lowe, was she there?

  • Sebastian

    posh n’ becks U.s version.

  • gypsyprincess

    Gwen Stefani is NOT a pretty woman. She puts on her makeup well but she has little eyes a biig chin and an ugly smile and crooked nose. There is nothing pretty about her and she is so fake always trying to make herself attractive. Her husband is handsome totally and he has talent which she lacks she’s a cheap knock off of blondie ands all she does is copy people look at her derived music and videos. She’s just disgusting.

  • Sydney

    Does anyone have photo’s of Bec and Mia that day?