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Wentworth Miller Modeling -- Again!

Wentworth Miller Modeling -- Again!

Here’s the latest batch of Wentworth Miller striking some fierce poses in the latest modeling photos for Korean brand Bean Pole Jeans.

The Prison Break star recently attended FOX’s TCA party but the show did not a panel for discussion. The show will return this fall with a third season.

The Prison Break Season 3 premiere, tentatively titled “Orientacíon” (“Orientation”), is currently scheduled to air on September 17.

But don’t expect things to do smoothly!

“Michael has always been the smartest guy in the room, but now it’s about improvisation and thinking on his feet,” Wentworth has said. “It raises the stakes for him and makes for a more intense story.”

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  • Tanya

    First…He looks HOT

  • Dirty Cougar


  • amy

    Pure perfection…there are no other words to describe him.



  • yeah yeah

    Yeah, this guy is pretty damn cute…isn’t he smart to..went to an ivy league school or something? I think he should lose a few pounds and have a more slender frame..too bulky, dosn’t look like his natural body…still good looking though!

  • shelley

    He looks like a 14 year old in the picture with the hat, guess that makes me a perv for thinking nasty thoughts! LOVE him!!

  • sarah

    I in love with him….. and my mum too!!!!!!!

  • JR

    “Orientation” = GAY

    Enough already Wenty, tell the world you love the cock!

  • nika

    he ain´t perfect, but, hes damn hot!!!

  • Sprinkles

    I love preppie Went! How & Why is Bret Ratner in the Bean Pole pics? JJ Do you know???

  • Gia

    Has WM come out of the closet yet? He should, everyone who works in the biz knows he likes men. Sorry girls, but that is the truth.

  • lauren

    woah he is hot as hell

  • meemee

    Beautiful Went….love the pics :o)

  • Tara

    OMG thank you Jared!! needed a fix…

  • Natalie


    He is perfect. Literally, perfect.

  • Angie

    Shut up All ready About the gay Stuff! I believe what Went says. I mean you say everyone in the Biz knows People, give some names, show some proof! Oh let me guess, a friend of a friend or THey can’t state there names. Come on now, Show some proof!!!!!!!!! I so tried that everytime Wentworth does something someone has to bring this issue up however as always no PROOF! Shut up, anyone with a life and who is smart would stop buying into this whole, Let talk, I’m lonely topic becuase they either have no life, brain, or anyone else to talk too! Please!! If you support the guy support him if you don’t just leave him alone!!! PEACE That’s All!

  • Natalie

    I don’t care what his sexual orientation is. Gay or straight, you have to admit the man is hot as hell!

  • Angie

    I did

  • Angie

    Shut up all ready ! Show some PROFF! I So tried of all these people that talk, but they can get pictures of everything else and everyone else but you can’t give us any PROOF ABout this stupid rumor on Wentworth! EVery single time he does something… There goes someone talking about the rumor! SHOW SOME PROFF and don’t say a friend of a friend, I don’t know their name, Or they can’t. PLease! Either you support him or you don’t! Plus if you don’t why post something? Oh, It’s your Right! Sorry! ( I’m Laughing at you ) Leave him alone or Show PROFF!

  • JR

    Angie – do you REALLY think anyone here who KNOWS he is gay is going to give you the names of his former boyfriends?? Do you think we’re going to post pix of him (without a lawyer shutting down this site) or show you the letter he wrote to each of his former boyfriends right after he landed Prison Break? Stop being naive – it’s the reality. He’s a fruitball. Cute, yes. Good actor, yes. Homo – no doubt.

  • ispy

    Seriously JR, show some proof! I dare you.

  • Angie

    I dare you too! You are A scary cat! I mean you want to act like you care about all that lawyer stuff but you don’t! Look Prez does it and he has no proof and he still got shut down. Stop acting half way and Show PROFF. YOU can’t be hot and cold! But I know you next move you going to keep having something to say to me and others and never show no proff! All talk and still no PROFF! I’ll be the bigger one and stop talking becuase it’s like playong a chess game, I know your next move… MAke it and prove me wrong but I all ready know!

  • Jake

    JR even if he is, I don’t think its any of your business whether he comes out of the closet, why should his sexual preference be the thing that defines him, knowing well that if he ever said “i like men’, which I don’t think he does would be the one thing that people would focus on, I don’t know what world you live in, but although we may fool ourselves to thinking we live in a gay friendly world, we don’t, he will definetly be discriminated against, who would give him the kind of roles if he said he was gay, I advice to any gay actors is to stay in the closet, hollywood is not so gay friendly nor are studio execs, your sexuality should not be the thing that defines, such the same as your skin color

  • JR

    Angie: it’s spelled PROOF. Not PROFF. If my friend that dated him gave me the OK to show you what I have seen, I’d do it but he’s not famous and that wouldn’t be fair to him. Honestly, I don’t care that he’s gay but he goes on and on in interviews stating he is “looking for the right girl” and it’s such B.S. He should stop denying it or say nothing at all. He’s a good guy, I’ve met him but I am not friends with him. Ask anyone who works at FOX; it’s not a secret there. That’s all I have to say on the subject.

  • To: JR

    JR, you know why you can’t show any PROOF.. it’s because there isn’t any PROOF! None, Nada, Nothing!

    I also call bullsh*t on your little story about your friend… Liar Liar pants on fire!

  • Back it up

    Yeah JR if you can talk the talk then walk the walk and produce evidence to back up your claim other than some BS story. …waiting

  • Katie

    Oh.. I really love him! He looks just great in Bean Pole jeans!

  • Katie

    Dear Sprinkles, I read another paper said that Bret Ratner took these pics and Mariacarla Boscono is another model of Bean Pole jeans. And the Asian girl is a participant of it. I envy her.

  • Angie

    OK JR Who do I ask AT FOX? WHo? SO your friend don’t mine you putting it out their as long as you don’t state his name? If I was a friend I wouldn’t even be talking about it at all. So Who At FOX? Also you mean to tell me that everyone one of these friends Are so dear that none of them wil spill on Wentworth? I mean no laywer wuld know at all if they went under a phoney name. SO who at fox? I still want proff, Don’t run !

  • JR

    Whatever, I have nothing to prove and and am not going to engage with a bunch of folks who have to live a Hollywood wannabee life thru entertainment websites. You can all believe whatever you want, makes no diff in my life. Yeah, I’ll give you my name at FOX. Are you really that fucking stupid? Learn the laws sweetheart, it ain’t Kansas out here. Peace out bitches.

  • vm

    I’m from Korea.
    According to articles,

    1. Bret Ratner was hired as a photographer for this shooting. That’s why he is on the picture with Went and the women working for Bean Pole Jeans. You can see the picture of him below.

    2. The shooting took place in ‘real’ Bret Ratner’s house in LA, called as Hillhaven Lodge, which used to be owned by various Hollywood stars.

    3. In fact, Amaury Nolasco paid a visit there while shooting, which was a nice surprise for everyone.

    4. Everyone had a really good time shooting for the ad, taking pictures together, grabbing some snacks, and giving autographs.

    5. Went asked Bean Pole Jeans if he could keep the orange and navy striped T-shirt, which reminded him of Princeton’s color.

    6. Seeing Went being happy with Bean Pole Jeans’s new products, Bean Pole Jeans happily gave hime three pieces of what Went wore.

    7. Korean fans are sort of calling names at Bean Pole Jeans for not giving Went all of what were photographed on Went.

    8. It looks like Bret Ratner got a gift, too.

  • anon7

    I have heard this story about him writing letters to all his former boyfriend’s, letting them know that he is going back in the closet on other websites. Now, If it is true, wouldn’t you think at least one would be a little more than annoyed with him that they may give the letter to a gossip site? I think so. He would have no basis to sue. The letter is no longer his property, what is he going to sue for? Is this guy so dumb that he would leave a paper or electronic trail like that? I don’t know if this story is true or not, and I could care less if he is gay, but your commets are a little suspect.

  • KateJJ

    There’s no reason to think that went is not telling the truth. If he says he’s not gay then he isn’t until he says differently. Theere’s a lot of envy in this business and lot of people trying to get atention creating stories about famous people. JR: if you think we are “bunch of folks who have to live a Hollywood wannabee life thru entertainment websites.” ? what the he**
    are you doing in this website then? you are pathetic!
    Everybody i chose to stop reading about this topic and stop paying atention to the ones that”need urgently some atention” by creating stories. Join me! ignore them! At the end, JR is nothing and we are here for Went!


    it’s 2007 he doesnt have to hide that’s he’s gay. if he was he could have come out of the closet by now. on the subject someone get me some water because it’s hot in here. wentworth is just beautiful

  • Jake

    TO REALWOMEN, even though its 2007 the world hasn’t changed much, if he came out think of what it would do to his career, he wouldn’t be able to get the kind of roles he wants, and of all the people he needing proof if whether Went is gay, SAD, just proves that as soon as one of you guys are given proof that he is gay, you will automatically start thinking of him differently, WHY, because a person’s sexual preference still matters, even in 2007 Mis REALWOMEN, people do not dismiss other people’s sexualities, HOLLYWOOD although is full of homosexual it is still HOMOPHOBIC, name one gay actor guys that get’s A list roles, none, there is a reason why actors stay closeted, What business is it to you guys if someone is guy, if it didn’t matter to you guys, all you guys picking on JR would just dismiss his comments, but no it still matters to you guys even in 2007, SHAME

  • Wentworth is hot

    Damn!!!!!!!!!!! hot as hell!

  • JR

    I’m sorry. I’m gay and I dig wentworth miller.

  • [~Famous~]

    I hope Wentworth Miller doesn’t like to get bent and stuck in the shitter.

  • MissyB

    I have to say that Went coming out of the “closet” would do no good for his career. Actors are always advised to stay in the closet until their career is set in concrete. Yes PB is successful but he hasn’t done anything else that has been this big. He will come out, but not yet.

  • JR

    To the comment left by #37 – nice try at posting under my name here. It wasn’t me folks, I can assure you. And, as Jake states, if it didn’t matter, no one would be so defensive about my commentary. I understand it’s hard for people to believe and yes, I am sure you would like me to give you concrete proof but other to say I do work in the entertainment industry as do virtually all my friends, I have knowledge that many of you do not. As far as the letter Wentworth wrote, it absolutely exists and I’m as surprised as you guys that it hasn’t surfaced.

    End of day, Wenworth is only one of many actors you would be surprised to know is gay. Some are married, some get “photographed” on vacations, others refuse to discuss their personal lives. It is 2007 but just as it still hard to be African American and be treated fairly, gay actors are encouraged to stay closeted for stature and financial security.

  • Aca

    it’s none of our biz anyway. You guys are sick.:mrgreen:

  • KateJJ

    i don’t care if he’s gay or not. he’s adorable and we should stop talking about it. Is not relevant. You can dream all you want. Went being straight doesn’t mean he’ll go out with any of you so his sexual preference should make no difference to any of you.
    I’m really done with this gay/straight thing.

  • kiu

    Just go away JR. u really have thick skin. lol keep coming back to see if someone replies ur comment. nice gay guy haha it’s ok. just say love wentworth miller. i don’t judge.

  • Lola

    it’s 2007, but as long as we got people like JR, we still kinda live in 1907


    i dont care if he’s gay or not which he’s not i still have alot of respect for him. he’s clearly talented and educated

  • MissyB

    Hey JR – do you work on FOX? mmmmm what about Julian McMahon of Nip/Tuck? Now he is the perfect male ! mmmm. BTW I’m from Australia too, but he is over there more then here.

  • JR

    Exhausting… I am done on this subject. I thought it was an OPEN forum for discussion and that means a variety of opinions. And the beauty of an opinion is that we all have one. It’s cool, believe whatever you want.

    And no, I don’t work for FOX nor do I know anything about Julian other than he is a talented actor.

    One final note: I never stated if I was male or female so be careful to assume you know all. Happy blogging folks!!

  • Amber

    entertainment industry?? i don’t know about that, but i’m pretty sure u r stupid. jr LOL JR stands for just retarded. you really should make a blog like just jared and only talk about wentworth miller. you can make a lot of money.

  • Johnny

    Amber – why are you and everyone else here so defensive to JR? If he has inside info, that’s great. Most of us here are just hungry for gossip and if this person has it, chill out. Can calling someone retarded is just rude. You are probably a fat girl with a rusty vibrator!

  • Kat

    Nice to see Wenty looking HOT as always.

    And ENOUGH on this “gay topic”, WTF is it to you? Why do you care if he’s gay or if he comes out or not, its not your life its STFU.

    Oh and nice to see “FAMOUS” the B*TCH bitching on this thread too….jesus, every thread that i go to for the people that i like i find her b*tching on every thread.. Give it a rest already B*tch and get a fucking life, you obviously dont have one since all you do is post, post, post, on every thing you can get you sick hands on. Now Shut up and die B*tch.