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9 Things You Didn't Know About Zac Efron

9 Things You Didn't Know About Zac Efron

Zac Efron is featured in the August 9 issue of OK Magazine! . The hot young thing from Hairspray lifts the lid on this life… (Our translations are after the equals signs…)

  • He likes girls with brains = Vanessa Hudgens has a brain
  • His hero is John Travolta = Zac will play a crossdresser in 30 years
  • He goes home to mommy on weekends = Mama’s boy
  • He sucks at basketball = Troy’s a fake
  • He loves Turtles = Turtle power!
  • He’s a terrible cook = Good thing Baby V can
  • He “died” in a car accident = He’s still alive
  • He struck out in high school = But not anymore
  • He’s dating his co-star = Yes, he is

Check out more details on Zac‘s “9 things” below…

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  • Sara

    Vanessa is way too good for him. Cut the bastard loose she can do better!

  • jenny

    love them thanx jj
    cant wait 4 hsm2
    thats prob an old quote from vanessa
    thatsone of the many many hawaii pix that exisit

  • chay

    Vanessa has actually been quoted as saying to that her favorite thing to cook is cereal.. ;)

    but I bet you Zac cooked that ravioli (which took him 5 hours!) for her though..

  • Natalie

    He likes girls?

  • pickle

    For some odd reason, I find him cute.

  • Orange Clockwork

    #10 – He likes guys…whoops, we already knew that.

  • liza

    Who is he and why should we care?

  • Lizzie

    Not that there is anything wrong with being gay, but my gaydar is way up on this kid. He thinks he’s too pretty. It’s too bad that there is not enough acceptance of homosexuality that kids like this can’t come out openly as the lunch meat that they are.

    Instead they tease the masses, who objectify them in to objects of desire regardless of their true personaes. We are all guilty of it, that’s why we read these blogs.

    Oh screw it, been a long day.

  • Christina

    Thanks for posting the scans Jared. :)

  • Vanessa

    Zac Efron, FTW!

  • [~Famous~]

    For a split second he actually looked like a boy. I love how they have him on a skateboard – a poor attempt to rough him up, we all know he likes to play with makeup. Lol

    Dudettes 19 but acts 16 – To young to be so gay.

  • Alessandra

    Awww Zac is So HOT
    I Lovee HIM

  • Zaiken

    umm..Zaiken’s gay..oh we already know that…LMAO..

  • Nikki

    Zac Efron Is NOT Gay!
    Good God People Are Dumb!
    He Is Fucking Hott As Hell.

  • he’s gay

    That little guy Zacky with the pan-cake make up is so gay it aint funny.
    Why does he wear tons of make up, and tight girly pants, and women gel products = gaynezz!

  • selene

    Vanessa is way to good for him in my opinion

  • sne sne

    this is just awesome.!

  • Christa

    I love Zac. People, just leave him alone. Don’t you have better things to do then insist someone is gay? If you don’t like him, don’t comment on him.

  • Dirty Cougar

    He’s a nice guy! He did great in Hairspray. I refuse to make fun of him! Who cares who he dates?

  • Zac is a good kid

    Zac was really fab in Hairstray and i think he is very goodlooking kid.

  • Starry Nights

    ZAC FTW!

    Vanessa has a brain. HaHa. Smart guy.

  • *~*Jinny*~*

    Zac did a wonderful job in “Hairspray” the kid is an excellent actor singer, dancer. He has a beautiful girlfriend and his whole life ahead of him, what more could he ask for!

  • No


    He’s gay, get over it. K?

  • Rubyrose77

    Awww I think Zac was really good in Hairspray and he is a very good looking boy(really nice eyes).I hope he dose well in life.

  • Chelseaa.

    Uh stfu and get a life people.
    zac is not gay. you are for calling him that.
    so leave him alone and get a life.
    and havent you ever heard of “you have to be one to know one”
    think about it.
    kthxbye. (:

  • Sarah

    #10 should be that he wears a lot of makeup…oh wait, everyone knows that.

  • http://- joanna [poland]

    he’s cute

  • http://- joanna [poland]

    omg, i can’t believe that you’re writing such a stupid things.


  • *~*Jinny*~*


    Just because a guy is prettier than most people you know DOES NOT make him gay!

    End of story!

  • gini


  • Cássia

    Zac amor de minha vidáh

    Bye Togheter!

  • bettybaby

    #29, i totally agree. i can’t stand that so many people want to insist he is gay. just cause he’s good looking doesn’t mean he’s gay. and i’d like to know what you all mean by makeup!!!! just cause someone doesn’t look like a scuzz because he shaves on a regular basis doesn’t mean they wear makeup!!!! get off the kids back, especially, considering he’s not making headlines by getting arrested every other week! be nice.

  • Michelle

    Wait…I know Vanessa Hudgens, and believe me, she does not have a brain!
    Vapid, shallow, whiney, spoiled, and electronically enhanced singing…these are words that go with Vanessa Hudgens.

  • marie

    lmao my friend thinks vanessa is too good for zac and that she can do so much better. personally i think vanessa and zac are cute together.

  • =X

    what does FTW mean?

  • =X

    what does FTW mean?

  • john


  • keeper

    hes GODLY! vanessa is so lucky!

    but then again… ZAC is more lucky to have vanessa… such a hot girlfriend!

  • Katy

    One, Zac is obviously NOT gay and im tired of people saying that!
    Two, If he was gay then why would he be dating Vanessa?
    Three, He is really smart
    Four, He doesnt freaking dress like a girl and i would rather not get into it!
    So if you dont like him i suggest you leave him alone and find someone else to call gay and make fun of.
    Beacause i happen to Like Zac Efron A lot and i am one of his biggest fans!

    So quite talking trash about him and saying that he is gay and acts like a girl because he isnt gay and dosent act like a girl!
    and if i didnt know anything about him than i wouldnt be saying all of this stuff about him that is actually true!
    So just leave the poor guy alone!


  • http://buzznet Cheyenne

    well thats not nice TROYS A FAKE at least he tryed!

  • nikolai

    he’s gay, wake up and smell the pancakes..

  • cjprettynpink

    Zac is not gay he but is very pretty if i do say so! he is !gorgeous! and was awesome in hairspray! :) all i can say is he is HOTTTT! all you ppl need to get lives and stop picking on him to make you all feel better about yourselves!!!!

  • http://Myspace Sam Fan

    I love how ppl are talkn all this crap about him on how hes gay HES NOT u wanna talk gay im pretty sure ur the gay one sitting at a computer talking crap about ppl threw a key board! GROW UP and stop hating on ppl that u KNOW are BETTER than u… if u had a problem with him why r u on this web page? he doesnt care about ny of u ppl that talk crap about him hes FAMOUS he makn more money in one day than most of u will ever see in your entire life.. now take that into consideration and think about who the gay one realli is cuz its not him!!

  • elizabeth

    i allready knew half of those thing and luv him i would love to hear what other people think about zanessa so message me on myspace www(dot)myspace(dot)com/zanessaluvr12

  • hahaha

    Omg. seriously. some people need to shut up.
    1) just because he’s ‘pretty’ doesnt make him gay.
    2) I’m not saying he’s gay or he isnt gay because we can’t really know. Come on! Do any of us know this kid personally? Most likely not.
    3) I doubt he’s gay, i’ve seen the way he touches Vanessa. Not gay.
    4) He’s worn make-up, yes. but that doesnt make him gay. Hello, its hollywood. duh.
    5) the skateboard isnt an attempt to rough him up. FYI he actually skateboards, and some eye witnesses say that they’ve seen him skateboarding around before. Including Vanessa saying that she’s been on a scooter while he’s on his skateboard. so no its not an attempt.
    6) I’ve noticed the way he looks at vanessa. again, not gay.
    6) just leave him alone.

  • The right one

    NO he is NOT gay. Hello! Dressing like a girl? Uh no. Thats called style. Duhr. He doesnt even wear make-up that often. Only when its essential. Its hollywood. Practically everyone wears make-up when they have to. But he doesnt always use it. He’s just the type of guy to shave regularly. Duhr again! Lastly its funny to see how people get jelous of this guy. Just because he’s a very good looking guy, dare i say HAWT, doesnt make him gay! I’m pretty sure some people called John Travolta gay back in the day when he was freshed face and young, and he’s not the only STRAIGHT guy they called gay. But now, no one calls these celebreties gay. Learn from the past. Zac Efron… nope. NOT GAY. :]


  • zac fan

    i think zac can do much better that vanessa. i thought evrey one had brains ha ha

  • lovezacsomuch

    OMG he is not gay the people that say he is GET A LIFE takes one to know one

  • stacey

    ok,just because Zac Efron uses girly products, that doesnt mean to say he is gay, for god sake people he is dating Vnaessa Anne Hudgens…why would he be gay hen he’s got the most beatufiul girl in the world?
    Even if he was gay, I dont think that’s any of our business, it’s his choice and his life.
    And if he was gay, then I dont think ssoo many girls would find him HOT! I mean come on he is the American Heart-trob. And he deserves it.

  • someone

    i thinks vanessa is ugly shes no where pretty zac can find better actually