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Britney Spears is a Bad Mother

Britney Spears is a Bad Mother


Us Weekly is throwing Britney Spears under the bus in this week’s issue.

The harsh cover blurb reads: “Soda in baby bottles, mommy’s many men, nighttime cries for Daddy’s love. Kevin battles for Sean & Jayden as Britney grows more dangerous.”

The inset has the lovely picture of Britney dancing on a stripper pole from her latest music video shoot, which is still incomplete.

Life and Style is also reporting that Britney just sold her Malibu mansion for just under $12 million. The seven-bedroom mansion, purchased by an anonymous buyer, sits on a 1.53-acre hilltop site in the gated Serra Retreat section of Malibu.

Britney, meanwhile, is living full time in the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills.

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  • coral

    That is just wrong.

  • lilyanne

    Kids should be left off tabloid mags.

    Sean P looks a lot like Kevin and JJ looks like Brit Brit.

  • ashby

    Britney needs, but Janice Min is the devil!

  • writergeekd

    if the courts can finally put paris and nicole in jail, then children’s services should be able to force this pathetic celeb to fork over the kids. it’s pretty clear that she is in no way fit to be a mother.

  • Sophia

    Wow how low can a magazine go? Leave the kids alone…

  • mickey

    “Britney Spears is a Bad Mother”


  • mswobblybits

    OMG WTF I used to make fun of her on my blog all the time and now I feel bad. She is really a disaster! Those poor kids!

  • Jo

    How stupid?How do US weekly know how Britney’s kids are feeling?, if they had a interview with them inside then maybe i’d understand,but ‘nightmare cries for Daddy’s love’??who do they take us for?

  • Ava

    I hope Britney does something about this…she is the one who wanted to be famous….not her kids!!!! These magazines should stop writing about her kids like this, believing this shit is like believing that one magazine that says “Elvis Spotted” or “Bat Boy Lives” lol I would love to see who their sources are. Soda in bottles?? I wouldnt do it but I have heard of people who did do it every once in a while and I am a big Britney fan and everytime she is with her kids they have milk in their bottles. I really hope she goes after Us Weekly its trash. I am getting really sick of the way the media is portraying K-Fed. Before you all go and call him a saint remember right after Britney gave birth to Sean, Kevin was hardly ever seen with him, he was too buy recording his so called “music” and after she gave birth to Jayden, Kevin was out partying a couple nights after. Britney is just going through a really really rough time right now and I am really seeing her start to make her life better. I mean think of her now and then think of how she was a couple months ago, you got to admit she IS trying to ger her life right.

  • Dirty Cougar

    Oh F@CK!!! Here we go again. She needs medication! She’s acting so desperate she, doing what she thinks is the only thing left. She thinks she’s got hotness still. Sadly no! I don’t think anyone should have to be reduced to that! Oops! Back to acting like trailer trash again! What a F@CKING MESS! Nuff said!

  • wow

    Something is terribly wrong with her. I hope somebody steps in soon. No man’s an island. Not even you, Britney. She doesn’t want anyone telling her what to do? Good luck. Everybody has to follow some type of rules. She’s pathetic.

  • Shoegal

    She needs help! And Sean and Jayden need their mom

  • b

    thats crossing the line…and i would think both haters and fans can agree on that!!!

  • Sami

    the media say that Britney should get help and sort her life out…… well they’re not exactly helping her out by publishing stories that she is a bad mother and these to boy are gonna see all of this when they are older and they’ll be just crushed to see their mother like this and the stories they’re writing about her!!!!

  • suzy

    this is so messed up. britney can’t take care of herself what makes people think she would be a good mother?

  • Johanne

    Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Flat nose bridge, flat middle face, eyes wide apart, thin upper lip … all the classic signs. Poor baby.

  • cat

    it’s in to jump on britney right now, so everyone is having a go at her. and she hasn’t helped the situtation with her own horrible behaviour. this is no doubt sensationalized, but there are enough kernals of truth in it for the public to believe it

    she needs a publicist asap. have you ever seen a celeb with worst publicity than britney?

  • [~Famous~]


  • Mary Beth

    US Weekly should be ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES!!!

    they have just crossed the line

  • Point blank – Britney needs to take care of herself right now. While the children need to live with someone else like their dad. She may have been an “adult” but I still think she wasn’t ready to handle the responsibility that comes along with kids.

  • justice

    I think britney is awesome. you people are all haters who wish you were as talented as she is

  • Barbara

    Truly I think she longs to be a stripper. She loves to expose herself in one way or another. If she can’t pull a song out of her hat pretty soon that’s going to be her only alternative.

  • Betch!

    That is completely inappropriate. US Weekly is doing no one a favor by running this story. Britney’s children are innocent and don’t deserve to be humiliated like this.
    The media makes Britney look like a worse mother than she probably is.

  • Prix

    Sean and Jayden need their mom.

    Well, I agree that Sean and Jayden need A mom. Britney seems more like a trashy big sister they watch come and go.

    Unfortunately for those babies,Britney just doesn’t seem to have any clue of how to care for herself, much less two babies.

    It does seem out of line to put the boys on the magazine cover. On the other hand, WHAT IF those headlines are true?

    Those poor kids.

  • Mike

    Anyone who believes this is sad. I’m no Britney fan & she DOES have problems.. but come on. This is crap. She should sue them.

  • me

    stupid magazine like they know how jj and sean feels or they are in britney s house and know what she does.and amazes me tha people believe in this shit! and laws in usa needs to protective kids to be in a magazne’s cover,i hope britney take action againsta these magazine!!sue them britney you have all the rights!!

  • lol

    the kids doesn’t have medicine before speak please…

  • Diana

    OMG The babys are so cute!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Who does a little one call when they wake up in the middle of the night? MOMMY! But when it’s mommy’s turn to keep them mommy is out whoring around.

  • Sarah

    The children are cute…and as a previous poster said, I’m not a fan, but this story sounds a bit overdramatic and…fake in a word.


    Brit is gonna wind up seriously hurting her babies,sodas in bottles, let’s rotten their teeth out too.Driving with kids on her lap.
    Put her azz in jail not rehab.

  • Jake

    That is fcuking pathetic. Us mag figured they’d kick her while she was down, doing something to sell more sopies than the fcuking OK! mag. Helpless babies should NOT be the faces of a tabloid mag, especially when there are now worries that they could be kidnapped. Britney can’t possible be THAT bad of a mother. Ridiculous.

  • [~Famous~]

    I bet this sheiit made Britney cry, I love it! I am now a Us Weekly mega fan!

    I’m just counting down Britney’s days.

  • joseph

    tacky woman, she is a lost cause, all of her is disgusting, i don´t know what is she thinking why does she keep on the spotlight? retire alredy! i´m tired of this maniac she gives the impression of smell like poop or rotten cheese ghagh, pull yourself together woman!

  • nicetry

    This is some slanderous S#$T. I hope she sues US Mag.

  • jenny2

    yes the mag went tooo far but
    shes definatley out of control
    and the kids r going to get hurt if
    someone doesnt step in
    atleast they use to have the granma
    but now nothing

  • J

    definitely a low blow. janice min is beyond evil, pretty much comparable to satan IMO. how would she like it if someone splashed pictures of her children Will and Tate on a cover with the very same caption. britney has parenting issues and isn’t a great mom, actually she seems like a reck and a reckless mom, but putting children on covers to sell magazines is playing dirty. angelina & brad didn’t sue, but i hope britney does.

  • cat

    famous, maybe you should kill yourself, your posts are boring and redundent.

  • to#38 cat i agree

    38 cat : 07/31/2007 at 8:38 pm
    famous, maybe you should kill yourself, your posts are boring and redundent.

    famous hates women don’t ya know oh and men too. he thinks he can convince us to be as hate-filled as he is. he is one pathetic little troll man. every day he hates ans hates and hates,,,

  • Sexy Mama

    Man, all that negative publicity. At least there haven’t been reports of child molestation or worse. Geez, what’s so wrong about handing cigarettes to their mom? Kids of that age have no idea of what cigarettes are anyway. And I highly doubt Kevin wants the children; he wants more money…legally…from Britney Spears via the children, through “child support.”

  • Kiki

    They need to be sent To BP and AJ house for some love, or maybe even tom and katie house.

  • Nadia

    those poor kids

  • Marivic

    how low can these magazines get?…seriously…


    i do actually believe this cause brit never takes care of her childs, u always see them in diappers, come on she goes shopping for ugly dresses for her but she cant buy some jeans or pants for her kids? my daughter has more clothes in her closet than me, im always making sure that she’s well dress before living my home.

  • http://YAHOO.COM cutie pie

    why the hell dont they take those kids away from this lunatic/ she surely is a goof ball/ anybody else would have had their kids taken away/ thats why the world is effed up and people want to harm this country because of the u nfairness and money hungry people / that leave poverty to the poor and dont give a damn/ something is going to change believe that

  • CHArday

    firsy of all you people are so stupid for judgeing someone you do not even know. Who are you to call some one a bad mother do you have childern do live with her to be calling her that. i am here to tell you and everyone else to back off just because yor lives are boring doesnt mean you have to destroy someone else and that goes for the people who have been writing those bad comments you all need to get some class and you have now right to say anything about that womans life she hae done more in the 26 years she has been on this earth than any of you and a BRITNEY DO WHAT EVER YOU HAVE BEACUSE YOU ARE A GREAT WOMEN AND TO BEAUTIFUL TO LET YOURSELF GO STAY STRONG AND SHOW THEM WHAT YOU WORKIN WITH



  • dd

    I don’t get it. For the people defending Britney and slagging US Mag, what are you thinking? It is universally known that Britney is a half-assed mother who is busy flashing her bits and going out instead of TAKING CARE OF HER CHILDREN. These early years are their most important. She’s out of control and WELL DONE to US for just putting it bluntly.

    As far as their faces being splashed on a mag cover – everyone and their mother has seen their kids, this is no different.
    I hope Kevin intervenes on this train wreck. Who gives a f**k about Britney and what she might end up doing to herself, but think of the kids.

  • http://JustJared Sandra

    For the love of Good, Please leave Britney Spears alone, if you were a mother raising Children, your life falling part and thinking the world is against you this could be you. Shes Human, i’m not a Britney Spears Fan but come on give the girl a break. Shes tryng her best . . if she was a bad mother those kids would be wearing just nappys – Dirty – under weight – crying constantly, and Child services would of taken them away by now ?? Do you know what its like trying to grown up normally mind say grow up in the public light and have people makin crap up just for money, heaven for bit if the people making up the crap were investigate i bet they have some stories to Tell.

    Britney your just doing Fine Love … Chin up and also Speak to your Mother she only wants the best for you and loves you terribly. x

  • lara

    she’s not a bad mother!