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Hayden Panettiere is a Bikini Babe

Hayden Panettiere is a Bikini Babe

What did Hayden Panettiere do between picking wedgies and filming kissing scenes with co-star Nick D’Agosto?

Why, kiss her real life boyfriend, of course!

A bikini-clad Hayden Panettiere, 17, and shirtless boyfriend Stephen Colletti, 21, were spotted soaking up the sun on a Malibu beach on Monday.

The couple couldn’t keep their hands off of each other and were seen kissing on numerous occasions. They should just get married already!!!

Hayden is donning a gold-trimmed Lotta Stenson two-piece.

35+ pictures inside of bikini babe Hayden Panettiere

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hayden panettiere bikini babe 01
hayden panettiere bikini babe 02
hayden panettiere bikini babe 03
hayden panettiere bikini babe 04
hayden panettiere bikini babe 05
hayden panettiere bikini babe 06
hayden panettiere bikini babe 07
hayden panettiere bikini babe 08
hayden panettiere bikini babe 09
hayden panettiere bikini babe 10
hayden panettiere bikini babe 11
hayden panettiere bikini babe 12
hayden panettiere bikini babe 13
hayden panettiere bikini babe 14
hayden panettiere bikini babe 15
hayden panettiere bikini babe 16
hayden panettiere bikini babe 17
hayden panettiere bikini babe 18
hayden panettiere bikini babe 19
hayden panettiere bikini babe 20
hayden panettiere bikini babe 21
hayden panettiere bikini babe 22
hayden panettiere bikini babe 23
hayden panettiere bikini babe 24
hayden panettiere bikini babe 25
hayden panettiere bikini babe 26
hayden panettiere bikini babe 27
hayden panettiere bikini babe 28
hayden panettiere bikini babe 29
hayden panettiere bikini babe 30
hayden panettiere bikini babe 31
hayden panettiere bikini babe 32
hayden panettiere bikini babe 33
hayden panettiere bikini babe 34
hayden panettiere bikini babe 35

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  • Andrea

    Am I the only one who thinks that this girl is unattractive?

  • Kelly D

    No, you aren’t.

    And btw… she’s 17, I think marriage is a bit too premature no?

  • Good Morning Baltimore

    Hayden is so OVERRATED.

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    C’mon you guys! She’s cute! Do you really need to tear her apart so early? Grumpy ass bitches!


  • liveinlove

    ok i have always loved stephen ever since the first episode of laguna beach, but when i see him with her i feel really awkward, like she is way too young for him tbh :[

  • nokia

    does anybody else think she will become the next lindsay?

  • [~Famous~]

    To much Hayden in one day

  • nika

    I think shes a hottie, if shes like this now at 17 (almost 18), just imagine at 21. dear lord.. also, hayden might have a big acting career if she plays her cards right.
    I really like the pink dress.
    I wonder what will stephen give her for her 18th B-day1!

  • Dieter

    Thank you so much jared !!! I love her little pooper. I would gladly put my finger in her cornhole and lick it clean or even lick it and stick it in her pooper. She┬┤s so beautiful, talented and hard working – I guess she would like it as I would !!!

  • pedro

    you can see better pics of Hayden at this you can see better pics of Hayden panetierre at this site, at the bottom comments numbers 70 and 80 i think
    site, at the bottom comments numbers 70 and 80 i think

  • Kelly D

    Dieter, are you sick in the head or just retarded?

  • Our world is coming to an end…

    She has a normal shape, it’s great!Let’s hope she remains like this and doesn’t become another Blohan as many people tend to predict.
    Her face is cute but not extraordinary.

  • Dieter

    Kelly – I love you for your beautiful words !!!

  • Lohan wanna-be

    Tall,long 4head and let’s see pratically naked again and up on some dude. zzzz..her actin in that one show I guess she is still on is terrible.
    Not a rising star just a rising Lohan wanna-be.
    What gives her coverage..zzzz.
    ‘Did you see her Hayden’s mom who is another wanna-be ‘Dina Lohan’ on Perez with the lip injections?

  • Kelly D

    ***”Thank you so much jared !!! I love her little pooper. I would gladly put my finger in her cornhole and lick it clean or even lick it and stick it in her pooper.***”

    And I thank you for your beautiful words… you freak~

  • karlee

    she’s just two years older than me but she looks way too old.

  • natalie

    She has no boobs or curves.

  • Vesper

    Thanks Jared! She’s such a beautiful girl and Stephen is so hot. Always enjoy seeing her pics!

  • to #11 Kelly D

    11 Kelly D
    Dieter, are you sick in the head or just retarded?



  • Z

    She looks weird, like an oompa loompa or something, dunno- don’t like her.

  • A

  • magnus

    She’s too fat.

    No I’d f**k her. Pure Dieter style!

    What kind of a fat pig says this little minx has no curves? How huge are you? lol

    I’d cram her b*lls deep. If she was black you’d all love her. Admit it you bigoted freaks.

    Hey post some Brad Pitt so these monkey/sheep hybrids can post 500 “I luv him” messages.


    Pure Dieter style

  • Hulla

    Too fat? She’s got a great body.

  • Sarah

    She has a manly body.

  • mackenzie

    I have nothing against hayden I like her
    but she’s not sexy I agree with you sarah…
    And I’m no jealous at all

  • to#1 Andrea

    1 Andrea : 07/31/2007 at 1:01 pm
    Am I the only one who thinks that this girl is unattractive?
    No you are not and you are correct 100%,join the millions on this site who think this, she has a fugly face ,short, stubby ,bottle blonde ,showing her chubby little fat bod all the time,and joker’s smile + she smokes at 17.

  • val

    ewwwww she’s not only 18 and she already has cellulite… imagine what it’s gonna be like in a few years…

    looks like a midget!

  • val

    i meant, not even 18…

  • Dirty Cougar

    @ Kelly D.
    F@CK off! Dieter makes my day! The rest of you idot’s can’t come up with something interesting to say can you? Scandalmonger always cheers me right up too!
    Hayden. God her name bother’s me b/c Hayden Christensen is HOTNESS! Hayden P. I see some cellulite is all on, back of thighs. Good luck w/ that.

  • jose

    that girl has a weird shape… no boobs, big ass
    don’t get me wrong, i like big butts, it just has to be proportionate!


    she’s just normal looking but her career is doing well. not everything is about looks

  • Nana

    Stephen is a hottie! (:

  • #31 Huh????

    what career??

  • D Holiday

    @33 um hello? she’s been acting since she was little.

    where have you been?

    this tv show is a good look for her. cause she was gonna fall by the wayside with everyone of them other child actors who do mostly disney/family films

  • anon

    I think she has a cute face. She’s built similarly to Hilary Duff (pre-pilates/weight loss nutso): straight up and down, and she’s short but I’d take body over Nicole Richie’s any day (eat something already!). And those of you who are calling her chubby are nuts.


    UM…31 if you havent noticed, heroes is doing pretty well.


    i mean 33

  • http://- J

    fat ass

  • Caroline

    I think she’s cute, but not hot. Her boy is definitely not very feminine, she needs to grow up a bit.

    We’ll see in about 5 years if she developed well.

  • Caroline

    I meant “body”, not “boy”. But you got my point ^^

  • Kelsey

    goshhh how jealous can a person be! Hayden has a great body, good curves and nice abs. the girl is only 17! LEAVE HER ALONE..

  • Dan

    I agree… a lot of jealous people. She is hot, cute face and a great body for her age. she is not anorexic like some girls.

    Great pics!!!!

    oh, and i would take hayden over Emma any day!!!!!

  • Divr

    She seems to have improved a little, bodywise, since the first season filmed. However, in the profiles of her it was always evident that she had large hips and thighs. She did not have the slender body frame that would have increased her sexuality tenfold.

  • Caroline

    Oh please! Just because some people (me included) think that she is not hot doesn’t mean we’re jealous. Grow up a bit.

    As for me, I’m not talking about weight. Good for her if she’s not scary skinny, that would be a change in Hollywood.

    I just don’t get how anyone can call her hot. She has a beautiful body for a teenage girl, she’s cute and all, but to me being hot is something that we can say about a woman, not a teenage girl…

    I’ll repeat myself but whatever. I’ll see if I’ll call her hot when she’ll be an adult, taht is in 5 years or so. Because right now, she has not developed completely! She’s halfway between teenagehood and adulthood.

  • Tina

    Jared`s a perv. How can he post pics of a 17 year old girl in bikini and kissing with her bf? i mean, just because she is famous doesn`t give the paparazzi`s the right to take that kind of pics. And stephen`s hot. but he`s 21! 5 years difference.

  • ACAB

    In 08 is her man performing Salat?

  • Texasmade

    Whats up with all of yall damn idiots well some not all I wonder if any of ya’ll have cellulite, a manly body, or oompa loompa,or the next lindsay or brit, yall are all crazy in the head dontcha see her and what do ya’ll see in stephen that dude I don’t know but anyway they are not together good for you hayden some of yall have issues and she doesnt have any of that what yall say of her she has her life and I bet she doesn’t want brits or lindsay thoes two messed up alot. I dunno but you know what Haydens Hot and Stephens NOT shes a good actress at least she is doing something in life unlike some of you. Way to go HAYDEN keep up the good work! Thumbs-Up

  • katiee

    i think everyone is being way too hard on her. she is a great actress and i really admire her because you can tell shes not gonna get into rehab and all of that junk later on. you’re calling her at, shes not fat, but shes not anorexic (which is good). i think shes really great and you should leave her alone…i think you’re all just jealous of her!

  • ShortyRMD

    Baby girl is not fat at all. I think she looks really good. She is right where she needs to be physically and I think she is doing great. She is talented and capable of keeping out of trouble unlike so many of young Hollywood. Keep it up, Babe.

  • devenyy

    haha u guys are funny xD
    oompa loompa xD