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Kate Middleton: Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Kate Middleton: Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Kate Middleton and her 21-strong crew continue to train on the River Thames with The Scion Sisterhood on Monday in London, UK.

Fellow crew member Emma Sayle only had nice things to say about Kate: “[She's] very gifted and capable… not on the team as a token celebrity. She’s fitted in well as she’s such a nice down-to-earth girl.”

These self-proclaimed “ordinary girls achieving extraordinary things” will race will from Shakespeare Beach, which is west of Dover Harbour, and last for 22 miles until Cap Gris Nez, located west of Calais.

15+ pictures inside of Miss Middleton rowing down the Thames…

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kate middleton rowing 01
kate middleton rowing 02
kate middleton rowing 03
kate middleton rowing 04
kate middleton rowing 05
kate middleton rowing 06
kate middleton rowing 07
kate middleton rowing 08
kate middleton rowing 09
kate middleton rowing 10
kate middleton rowing 11
kate middleton rowing 12
kate middleton rowing 13
kate middleton rowing 14
kate middleton rowing 15

Photos: Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin
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  • blah

    enough with that bore…who likes her?

  • P

    I am going to ignore the rumours that Miss Middleton has been using cocaine to help her ‘stamina’ and ‘figure’ over the course of the past couple of months. Surely she’s smarter. Ugh but I do hate how so many upper-class folks in the UK think it’s okay to use cocaine on occasion. I used to live in Vegas and L.A. so it was a bit of a shock to see it more prevalent here :/

  • susie

    I know why she has chosen to steer the boat standing up…you get pimples on your butt when you are paddling….not too nice for Prince Willima.

  • [~Famous~]

    an unknown doing nothing – cool.

  • liz

    If she were married to price william, then you’d all have a different attitude.

  • blah

    why would we have diffrent attitude if they were married?

  • Let’s Row Kate out of Wills LIFE

    Row ,row ,row herself straight to the beauty salon to dye her
    ‘Helga Pataki’ unibrows. Snooze-fest, not pretty ,not exciting,not entertaing. Just a old looking 36 year old trying to be a princess.
    Kate ,Wills and little bro’ makes it ’3 Prince’s waiting to be king.
    I dubbed her Prince KATE’ SHE’S SO DESPERATE AND ALL.
    Kate is a ‘fugly socialite snob’.With her faux Job.

  • Sarah

    She should row, row, row her boat somewhere where we can’t see her. ZzZz…

  • ohmy

    Every pic of her is of her rowing practise/shopping/clubbing. We really don’t care Jared.

  • *~*Jinny*~*

    Is she seeing Prince William again or no?

  • [~Famous~]

    If she was married to the boy who will never be king, she would be somebody.

  • Eww

    I don’t think that she’s all that attractive. She looks average and she has that face that looks middle aged. She looks like a girl who’ll get heavy as she gets older.

    Prince William can do much better.

  • Jo

    I like her and I think she is a beautiful girl. That’s my opinion, and I would like to see her as a princess.

  • minxx

    I think she’s quite beautiful and has a lot of poise for her age. I’m glad he’s not dating some blond bimbo.

  • Samantha

    All of you with the negative and MEAN comments about this beautiful, classy young woman probably live in trailer parks.TRASH-go back to watching your local TV-I’m sure you don’t have cable.

  • Bea

    Samantha – They are all from the same “hate Kate” forum.

    Thanks JJ for these beautiful pics. All of luck to them!
    Kate, like always, looks good.

  • Bea

    ” blah : 07/31/2007 at 12:40 pm

    enough with that bore…who likes her?”

    I do! I love this classy lady!

  • anon

    I like her, I don’t know why everyone has a problem with her. Yes so she is normal? What the hell is wrong with that? I have more of a problem with cameras following her..rowing a boat? That is …sort of pathetic. But, the paps in the UK are worse than here in the US so that shouldn’t be much of a surprise.

  • Tessa

    Well, I’m certainly not from a trailer park, nor from a hate Kate web site, but I am tired of this ruthless self-promoting woman. She complains about the media, she doesn’t want her photo taken, she goes running to the PCC, BUT when it suits her she’s happy to pose for photos – what a surprise! And don’t say it’s because it’s for charity because if the charity was the important thing she’d have made sure the other crew members had equal billing in Hello magazine with her. If you look at the photos on this site and elsewhere you’ll notice that the focus is always on Kate and that Kate is often looking directly at the camera while the other girls are getting on with the rowing. Even the papers here have commented on her ‘face full of make-up’ at 7 o’clock in the morning, while the other girls are bare-faced and workmanlike. Since we don’t see photos of Kate going to her ‘job’ at Jigsaw any more we may assume that her work now consists of an hour’s rowing several times a week, plus endless outings to nightclubs. Plenty of time to sleep during the day then. Just the woman we want William to marry, an ideal future queen. I think not.

    As for her looks, these are not the most important thing about her but IMO she is neither unattractive or beautiful. She is as pretty as most young women are, with nice skin, shiny hair, etc. But I see girls just as pretty every day, in shops and cafes and offices, some much more beautiful than Kate. Now Harry’s girlfriend Chelsy is very beautiful, a natural beauty with charm in her face. Kate can look very good sometimes, but at other times she looks quite plain. She looks rather older than her years (not just my opinion, this is one thing that is often mentioned when people discuss her) but there’s no harm in that. I wish the press didn’t keep on trying to build her up to take Diana’s place, because that is something most people don’t want to see happen. If they’d just pay her less attention maybe she’d stop promoting herself so much and learn the much-needed lesson of humility.

  • Ev

    She’s a very pretty, classy girl!
    Let her enjoy her life, and wouldn’t you wear make up and try to look decent if the photographers were constantly on your tail … EVEN AT 7 AM!
    please, if she didnt wear make up, and even so, it doesnt look like it’s a lot, she’d be all over the tabloids with the headlines … FUTURE QUEEN without makeup! photos of kate middleton rowing without make up … look how different she looks!!

    oh no, as if make up doenst change everyone!
    i like her, and i think she’s a classy young woman, who’s handling everything quite well despite the circumstances.

  • Bea

    to #20

    Sorry, but I don’t see no beauty in Chelsy. She looks to me as girl-from-the-corner of the street type. Vulgar.

    Only a person who’s very young (not an adult yet) can think that Kate “looks rather older than her years.”

  • Chloe

    whats the big deal? sure she is nice looking but nothing worth writing home about.. i don’t get the appeal she isn’t even famous…

  • fdlakjd

    Are they back together? I lost track

    She’s ok to me. Nothing special. She’s pretty and classy and all but she seems really uptight to me. I think I would rather see her without makeup at 7 in the morning because thats what everyone else would do under normal circumstances.

    She just seems too calculating to me.