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Reese & Jake are Back On!

Reese & Jake are Back On!

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal are apparently back on! The paparazzi-evading couple were spotted outside Jake‘s Hollywood Hills home.

Reese picked up the scruffy star and sped off to her Brentwood home. YUM YUM!!!

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82 Responses to “Reese & Jake are Back On!”

  1. 1
    Dirty Cougar Says:

    Go for it Reese! She deserves that!

  2. 2
    HEY!!!!!! Says:


  3. 3
    grace Says:

    oh no he´s soooo cute an she seems like a *****!

  4. 4
    Jill Says:

    They look very cute. I’d like to see them some more.

  5. 5
    libby Says:

    Doesn’t he have a blond assistant who looks a lot like Reese? Couldn’t this be her?

  6. 6
    dani Says:

    libby, no it looks like Reese!

  7. 7
    grace Says:

    it´s unfortunately definitley reese,libby

  8. 8
    jean Says:

    Yuck. Reese is so desperate and Jake is garbage.

  9. 9
    Sarah Says:

    Oh they’re in a car together, therefore they’re back on…!

  10. 10
    carolina Says:

    Does it look like he’s trying to get out of the automobile and she’s lecturing him…Have you guys heard the “baby” rumors-now that would be an awesome story…

  11. 11
    passing by Says:

    That is her car, if you goto x17 website there is video of her at the W hotel with her assistant & friend. The car Reese’s assistant is driving is the same car she is in with Jake. You can even see the same garage door opener in both sets of photos.

    This is why most gossip sites today stink, because they feed you all the false crap and Lindsey,Brittany,Beckhams, Cruise’s and miss the real stories.
    They have become so lazy they don’t even notice clear as day signs that Reese & Jake have been a couple all along.

  12. 12
    ya ya Says:

    xxxxxxxxxx YES! A picture of them together! I love it! They look very cute together!

  13. 13
    Trent Says:

    So this the class that everyone says she has? How is she different from Jennifer Aniston. Actually I think Jen is smarter than Reese, and more fun and outgoing. Reese is a great actress, but she seems more uptight, someone who thinks she is better than everyone else. For Jake, I don’t know. He sounds more fun and loving, hoping he can be a great dad to Reese’s kids, but I think this is PR,because they have a movie coming out, but I maybe wrong.

  14. 14
    H Says:

    I don’t know they look like they’re just friends to me. I don’t see any chemistry between those two and they don’t look too happy. Just because two people of the opposite sex are together does not mean they are dating. Even the people magazine article said they are friends.

  15. 15
    Pandora Says:

    I agree — could be just friends, given their association from the movie. I don’t think she’s uptight. I think she has a career and two young kids to focus on and that may be what you’re interpreting as uptight.

    In any case, I think they would make a cute couple and it’s time JG had a rel’ship. One up a notch or several from The Dunst!

  16. 16
    l'invidia.....chebruttabestia! Says:

    Grace…sorry…just an observation: there is someone in Hollywood that you like or do you think that every woman is a ***** or ugly? You hate JG, you don’t like J.Lo, you find Reese a *****…please, don’t tell me that in your room you have posters of Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie! That will be really sad!

  17. 17
    Fresh Raggedy Anne Says:

    there’s a sex video I wuld buy! Yum!


  18. 18
    [~Famous~] Says:

    Reese comes across as a huge stuck up b`itch, Jake can do way better! But i’m just happy to see him with a girl, for a second I was starting to think he was… ugh

  19. 19
    candace Says:

    I just knew these 2 never split up to begin with. Never believed the tabliod stories that they split. Just a cover up to get the media off their trail. Jake hasnot been spotted anywhere in about 4 weeks. This is extremely unsual to not see him at all in this length of time. Suspicious. This relationship will blow up around the time of their movie Rendition in October. Wait and see. reese is so needy and insecure and Jakey is so desperate!!! These two make me want to throw up!!!

  20. 20
    nika Says:

    yeah, Im happy that hes with a girl too, just as long hes not too long with her LOL.

  21. 21
    friendofafriendofafriendofafriend Says:

    They never broke up in the first place. They’ve been together nearly nine months.They look delicious together. If you were married to a cheating dog, who was sarcastic, moody and treated you like ****, who was a pothead who spent more time with his posse in clubs than in being a good husband and father, you might walk around looking tense a lot of the time, too. Truth is, Reese tried very hard to hold her family together. Cunseling, etc. Ryan is a immature, selfish jerk! I am really glad she is laughing and happy and is with someone who is as sweet as Jake is reported to be. Jake is smart and kind and fun and very affectionate. And he is SO HOT! I wouldn’t put too much concern about the expression on their faces in the car. They are trying to ignore the pap, Reese tryin to act natural and Jake looks disgusted he got busted. LOL!

  22. 22
    Quiet Observer Says:

    She’s not an airheaded twit and she doesn’t want her daughter and other young girls to look up to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears as role models and this makes her an a******? Out of all the young actresses in Hollywood, she’s always shown class and seemed to come through her break-up with dignity. She is smart (educated) and talented – are these reasons to hate her? Maybe those who dislike her only do because they can’t relate to her at all. Talented and motivated. Hmmm…. b*tch! hahahaha.

    That said, I have a feeling that Jake and Reese are just friends. And even if they are more than friends, it says a lot that if they’ve been together for 9 months, they haven’t exploited it for PR like some other couples might have. The fact that we really have no idea might just give them a chance.

  23. 23
    Kelly D Says:

    friendofafriendofafriendofafriend… you sound like you know them personally, wow! Amazing you know so much about them! Unbelieveable. Get a life! You have NO clue what really happened so shut your piehole~

  24. 24
    I like Reese Says:

    Go Reese and Jake! A woman gets lonely for some sometimes and Reese has a pretty cute one to take care of it.
    But sadly there probably just friends.

  25. 25
    friendofafriendofafriendofafriend Says:

    I don’t know them personally at all. And I never claimed to. But I know people who travel in those circles.And where I work is film industry related. So stuff YOUR piehole, kellyD! It’s been obvious for ages that Ryan and his friends are the ones who have been saying negative things about Reese all along. Ryan is not a very nice person. When you think of actors, you know Toby and Leo are buddies. Matt and Ben are buddies. Clooney and Pitt became friends working together. In fact Clooney makes lots of friends. So does Jake. Have you ever noticed that Ryan seems not to have too many actor friends. He spends months working with people, but somehow, his ego doesn’t let him connect. The guys in his “posse” (he is very childish) resent Reese bcz for years she has wanted to be a normal married couple and it got in the way of their partying. And Ryan would always use her as the big excuse when he couldn’t hang with his boys.
    And rules about smoking in the house aren’t any fun either! I know one thing, those two or three pictures from the set of Rendition showed a Reese who was laughing and very happy.

  26. 26
    grace Says:

    l’invidia…..chebruttabestia awwww i missed you
    yes i have so many posters of britney,lindsay and paris I even have bedclothes from Paris hilton and so on…;-)

    i don´t care about reese,i used to like her a lot but the last couple of months she seems very unfriendly and touchy so i can´t stand her anymore!
    and i don´t think that jake is the right person for her he´s way nicer than she is!

  27. 27
    l'invidia.....chebruttabestia! Says:

    So glad that you missed me…too bad that I can’t say the same about you…considering that you can’t stop saying bad things about everybody!
    I was sure that you were a fan of them! Everything you say about other celebrities makes me understand this! ;-)!

  28. 28
    [~Famous~] Says:

    friendofafriendofafriendofafriend, you don’t know sheit. STFU you’re friendless.

  29. 29
    Reese HAS class Says:

    Reese Has more class in her tiny pinky than Jen does.

    Reese did not have an interview and burst into tears as soon as the door opened for the interviewer.

    Reese did not go on TV shows and Magazines, talking about how she’s coping like she lost a limb in the war.

    Reese does not have her publicist release timely statments to the press talking about how she’s moving on.

    Reese is living her life and that is evidence enough that she is moving on.

    Finally, Reese did not use pity to sell herself because she is a BONO FIDE MOVIE STAR.

  30. 30
    ricki Says:

    Awwww, toothy tile has a beard!

  31. 31
    l'invidia.....chebruttabestia! Says:

    Just for curiosity: which are the celebrities that you like? Just name a few…of course if u want to!

  32. 32
    ricki Says:

    Awww, toothy tile has a beard.

  33. 33
    Amy Says:

    Oh I see some Brangelina fans already. Jen’s and Brad’s marriage was more public and more fan than was Reese’s that’s why nobody cares about theirs. And how do you know if she will not go and have an interview. She has a movie coming out, so their is a possibility she will talk about her marriage. All I can say is that all of these women have class, even though jen’s divorce was more public than Reese’s. Hey and we don’t need you to describe us how much class someone has using the pinky; it shows how much class you luck. Jen is also living her life, and move on, move on you dummy.

    For #29 Reese Has Class

  34. 34
    candace Says:

    Ok, let me get this straight. You say Reece has been with Jake for 9 months? Huh? Lets see, here it is July (7 month of the year) go back 2 more months (9 months total) which goes back to about October/November. Ok, Reece & Ryan did not start having public marital problem until right around that time. She did not file for divorce until around December/January. Did not start filming Rendition until around December/January. She states to the mags that it wasnt until the movie was about done filming (April)before she started any romance/friendship with Jake. (Her trip to New York to see him the first week of March/April when he was promoting Zodiac) was the first we saw if them hooking up.

    So where do you figure they have been together for 9 months now??????

  35. 35
    TT Says:

    oh friendofafriendwhatever

    You are one of those sad “but I really know these people” posters. That is laughable. You know nothing. You’re posting from your little house in the middle of nowhere and the fact that you think people might believe you makes me think you’re a ways away from adulthood.

    FYI Ryan Phillippe has had the same group of friends for over a decade many of them are actors which you would know if you were really anyone. Also, posting the same negative things on 100 different message boards about Ryan is just tiresome and stalkerish.

    It’s summertime, why don’t you consider joining a club or find some way to make nice nonimaginary friends?

  36. 36
    Quiet Observer Says:

    They formally separated on October 30th. Who knows how long they prepped for the film before they actually started filming it and if it was in Dec./Jan. that could easily be close to 9 months. I think we’re beginning to split hairs here. We don’t even know if they’re really together. Besides, do we really think that they’re going to give the true details to a magazine?

  37. 37
    LA PAP Says:

    She picked him up from his crib. Visors down matching sunglasses looking like top gun fighter pilots or cia agents than a couple in love. The couple did not know the photogs was on to them. From observing them driving down Beverly Glen they joked smiled and she even rubbed his head and made him smile like a kid. Other photographs shows that they were very giggly like teenagers in love. At one point he even showcased his shoes which looked like a Chuck Taylor from others clearer photos. This images you can clearly see her looking down at it while he holds it in his hands which you cannot see. If you look closely so can see the top of the shoe, black with red trims. I have 2 in my closet. My partner and I decided to go ahead and go for the shot because during the drive we anticipated that they were heading to her Brentwood home. As elusive as they are it was an apportunity to do what we do best. Capture the moment and that opportunity might not present itself again.
    1st Photog went ahead of traffic and timed the traffic light at the corner of Sunset and Beverly Glen. It was also executed again at the next corner west of Sunset at the Bellagio light where tarffic lights are back to back. 2nd Photog feeding the 1st Photog real time info of the location and position of the couple. 1st photog tells the 2nd that the light has turned red and asked for the couples lane position. 2nd photog responded, outside first lane. 1st photog positions on the inside curb 2nd lane. The couple was one car lenght behind the 1st photog and he snaps away. This was done 3 times until Reese spotted the photog. Jake then ducks down never to be seen again until they reaced Reese’s compound. It’s been so many months and the opportunity was right there. Taking the chance and burning the shot was a must. Burning the shot is a Pap lingo for shooting until seen or spotted. After that there won’t be another. Jake returned again the next day at Reese’s Brentwood home at 10;30am and not leaving until mid afternoon.

    Here you go Just Jared fans, a play by play by the real people behind these images that you love seeing.

  38. 38
    SurelyYouJest Says:

    HELLO…Jake is so gay it hurts. Back on my ****..

  39. 39
    Bine Says:

    Oh nooooo!!!! I’m sad. You broke my heart Jakey Poo!

  40. 40
    Thyanne Says:

    yeahhhhhhh reese!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you deserves girl… happiness for the marvelous couple!!!!!!!!!

  41. 41
    mamamamamama Says:

    Do any of you know if Jake will be in LA for the Emmys’s??? Maybe in Chateau Marmont???
    Maybe he will go there with Reese??

    Anyone have a clue????

  42. 42
    Frenchy Says:

    41 mamamamamama : 07/31/2007 at 4:15 pm

    Why would he be at the Emmy’s? he’s a film star not a telvision star.

  43. 43
    Whatever Says:

    Ricki, grow up. I love Jake and I like Reese. Whether they are just friends or more, good for them. Jake is a great and talented guy. Whoever gets him will be lucky.

  44. 44
    Reese HAS class Says:

    I am nobody’s fan but I’ll take up for Reese if she is compared to a whiny TV Star like Jen because it’s an insult. Reese worked hard to get where she is, she didn’t ride on the pity wagon.

  45. 45
    string Says:


    The double standard works only for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

  46. 46
    mamamamamama Says:

    I meant around Emmys really, not the actual award…
    Anyway I hope he will be around LA at that time…

  47. 47
    grace Says:

    l’invidia…..chebruttabestia are you coming to this site to post comments or to bash ppl who are writing their opinion because I NEVER read a comment from´re never writing YOUR just write comments about THE OTHER people and NOT about the celebs. didn´t you get the meaning of a CELEBRITY site?okay hun,i´ll explain it to you,you write about the celebrities and NOT about other ppl you even never saw!!Got that now!
    and i can say it once again i don´t care about reese if she´s happy with jake,fine then I hope that he likes her children and so on but I can say that I liked her better in her ryan days.but she can dress good and she is obviously a better mum like others because I don´t see her kids as often as others!

  48. 48
    BtotheU Says:

    While I’ll agree that Reese seems like a classy lady. I don’t think you’re able to accurately compare the media attention on her break up to the media attention given to Jennifer Aniston’s. And while I don’t think it was appropriate for Jennifer to speak about such private matters in an interview. The break up between Aniston and Pitt had MUCH more exposure than Whitherspoon’s break up. Which may be the reason why no information was out about Whitherspoon’s divorce or in turn, she was too classy to refer to private matters in the media circus. Honestly, the number of people familiar with Pitt and those with Ryan don’t even compare in numbers.

  49. 49
    No moreEvian Says:

    I think it’s a tall story from start to end to sell this movie. These folks know how to act the part.

    I actually don’t believe it and I think people are being led right along the garden path. That’s just my opinion but others have said theirs.

  50. 50
    Anon Says:

    Wow! LA Pap. That was a very interesting play by play. You guys operate like you’re on a military mission. Appears Jake and Reese were together two days in a row. Did either one spend the night? How long were they together? You guys are professional stalkers, so tell!!! You say they giggled a lot. She rubbed his head. Where are the rest of the pics. You should get lots of $$$ bcz these are the very first and they are rare!
    Jake ducked out of sight??? LOLOL!!!! Bet they’ve been together for weeks and this is the first anyone’s seen.

  51. 51
    Nadia Says:

    since when are these two dating?

  52. 52
    good for jake and reese Says:

    29 Reese HAS class : 07/31/2007 at 2:40 pm
    Reese Has more class in her tiny pinky than Jen does.

    Reese did not have an interview and burst into tears as soon as the door opened for the interviewer.

    Reese did not go on TV shows and Magazines, talking about how she’s coping like she lost a limb in the war.

    Reese does not have her publicist release timely statments to the press talking about how she’s moving on.

    Reese is living her life and that is evidence enough that she is moving on.

    Finally, Reese did not use pity to sell herself because she is a BONO FIDE MOVIE STAR.

    ITA Reese has two kids. So she knew that self pity was not acceptable. She has to be an example to her kids on how adults handle the ups and downs of life.

    Jake is dealing with a person who has more going for her than tanning and exercising.

  53. 53
    Nana Says:


  54. 54
    Anon Says:

    All I can say is, if Reese was lookin’ for a boytoy to help her get thru that depressing period when your self esteem is really low after a break-up…she found one hell of a beauty here. Jake is SO damned Hot and SO SEXY he makes my heart ache! I saw more of these shots and I don’t see how she was able to keep her hands on the wheel! OTOH, I couldn’t really see where Jake’s hands were after he put down that shoe…

  55. 55
    Anon Says:

    Hey, LA Pap! You said Jakey ducked down out of sight never to be seen again…so was his head in her lap??? ROFLMAO!!!!!

  56. 56
    Opal Says:

    I think Reese is a classy lady and a wonderful mother. Regardless of whether or not she and Jake are dating I’m just glad that she’s moving on with her life.

  57. 57
    carolina Says:

    This is interesting to me. When Reese was filming Walk the Line a lot of people said she was “involved ” with her co-star/talk and gossip was at a high level…Then we started getting the “happy family” pics about the time Oscar season rolled around. Then Reese wins -Ryan wins too for Crash.Then they disappear again from the public eye…Then Ryan’s Flags of Our Fathers comes out- Ryan gets good buzz for that movie then Reese is “unhappy”.Then she files for divorce.Lainey has a good and interesting take on this today.Are they a couple- who knows… But they all deserve happiness.Ryan, Reese, Jake…

  58. 58
    SoJaded Says:

    Keep this in mind as you revel in the Jake/Reese love:

    1. Time Warner owns TMZ
    2. Rendition is being put out by New Line Cinema
    3. New Line Cinema initially began as an independent film studio, it is currently a subsidiary of Time Warner.
    4. Reese’s Type A production company is at Warner Bros.

    There are no accidents folks especially not when Reese is involved. TMZ got the “exclusive” no shock there. Don’t believe everything you see. Hollywood manufactures reality.

  59. 59
    dorothy W. Says:

    Love Reese, loved all her movies. Love the way she handle her divorce. no pity party, we didn’t heard anything about how she is coping, she is doing well, she is movin on as told from her friends ,source, insiders. she denied VF an interview didn’t talked trash on her divorce and ex-husband. She’s the real class, handle her divorce with such great dignity and integrity unlike someone who has beem in the hollywood circle longer than her and happen to be 7 yrs. older than her whose name I’m so tired mentioning. I hope Reese and Jake are really a couple ! love both of them !

  60. 60
    dorothy W. Says:

    33 Amy

    Please don’t insult Reese, she’s not as famewhoring as Jennifer Aniston, she had great talent and her career was at the top right now, she doesn’t need all this hype or milking her divorce to boost her career. Aniston had no talent, AGING, career dwindling to semi-comtaous level. the only way she could stay relevant was to keep riding her ex-husband coattail.
    I’m glad Reese and Jake are together, maybe the tab. will put their energy and focue on this couples. and let the unending bermuda triangle flame by the Huvaniston team rest in peace.

  61. 61
    Anon Says:

    58 SoJadedEverything you say is true…about TMZ, TimeWarner, Type A, New Line, etc. But here’s the thing. Rendition isn’t a love story and Reese and Jake had no scenes together. Hers were shot on location in LA and then in DC and Jake was in Morrocco. If this were a studio engineered PR showmance, they would have been photo’d together at dinner, out shopping, etc.Reese and Ryan were estranged when he was making FOF. And things came undone. Neither Reese nor Jake has one single thing to gain in PR. In Reese’s case, she could possibly even harm herself by starting an affair. So I don’t buy for one second that this is manufactured. And frankly, with the studios all in as much $$$ trouble as they are, no one would ever tell Reese, who has a viable, production company, with capital, who can get her own financing and distribution deals, who to date and when to be seen. The photos taken these past two days are nothing like the kind of celeb couple photos we traditionally see. For months people were saying there was no proof they were a couple bcz there were no pictures. Now there are pictures. Deal with it.

  62. 62
    SoJaded Says:

    The studio didn’t tell her SHE told them. They are a couple (for the moment) and she is ready for it to be known but doesn’t want to announce it because that is tacky so she allows it to be leaked and now confirmed.

    Deal with that. There are NO ACCIDENTS.

  63. 63
    JJ Says:

    #61 FOF shot in the summer of ’05. Do you think that Reese lied about the state of her marriage for over a year? If so, what makes you think she is not pulling some PR rabbits out of her hat now?

    I think both she and Jake have a lot to gain by having a relationship. He can shed the Toothy rumors and she will be seen as a viable sexy single girl dating a hot guy instead of a jilted sad single mother who stays home and plays board games.

    I’m not saying I think this is fake but they certainly do have something to gain so if you already think she’s a liar SoJaded may be on to something.

  64. 64
    laura Says:

    OMG! He disappeared and go back with this f.. woman (jealous)!I think he had a funny holyday!

  65. 65
    Anon Says:

    I think people can over speculate and over intrigue. Yes, anything is possible. But I personally agree with the people who believe this is the real thing. I don’t think for a minute that Jake would do that. He is not at all bothered by rumors. If he was he wouldn’t go to a Rufus Wainwright concert and appear on stage in Chelsea in NYC! The only people who think TT is important are the three people who are obssessed with it. LOL!!!
    Jake is not a phoney and he would not fake something like this. It says a lot about you if you think that’s what people are like. Maybe you’re like that yourself.And Reese isn’t the type to do that either. It was even reported that Reese went to counseling and worked really hard to save her marriage. After she and Ryan split up, I think she was depressed and Jake was there for her. One thing led to another. So now they are dating. So what. They may last a few months or a few years or they might last forever. We have no way to know. I am content to be happy for both of them. They look comfortable with each other and they both seem happy. That’s all I care about. All this other plotting and scheming and speculating is BS.

  66. 66
    brianna Says:

    I used to really admire Jake and Reece for being respectable people in Hollywood up until their relationship started. I am deeply disappointed that Reece has ruined her good reputation as a married woman with 2 small children to be involved in a relationship with a guy who has never been married or has any children. Reece should know better than to be doing this for the whole world to see. It is disgusting and immoral. She tries to portray to be the good mom with her kids while the whole time she is spreading her legs for Jake. I cannot believe that Jake;s family would allow Jake to get involved with a woman 5 years older than him who is still married and jumping on the rebound. In the end, Jake is going to get severely burned by Reece!!!

    I will never see another movie with Jake or Reece in it ever again. They are just more hollywood trash!

  67. 67
    ag Says:

    I agree with no 13. He seems fun loving and laid back and she seems so uptight and boring. I just don’t SEE them as a couple they look ok together but I actually prefer Kirsten Dunst at least she had some sort of edge and sense of style or actually I hate to say see him gay than with her. If they are more than friends I don’t expect to see it happening thru the new year. She is barely divorced and it takes a while to get over a divorce but she may be one of those who need to be in a relationship all the time. He is lovely though. I guess it’s a good story, like a tv drama, will she find happiness with her 2 kids in a gated community with the hot guy??

  68. 68
    Yaya Says:

    13 Trent : 07/31/2007 at 12:49 pm
    So this the class that everyone says she has? How is she different from Jennifer Aniston…..

    Aniston was fxxking her co-star a few months after filing her divorce papers.Reese didn’t whinned nor backstabbed her ex-husband after the divorced, didn’t start an unending pity-party. She’s 100x’ classier than the ex-sit-com hag.

  69. 69
    l'invidia.....chebruttabestia! Says:

    Oh grace…thank you! Now I know what a celebrity site is! Is really this the meaning of this place…insulting people, judjing them, say nasty things about children? I’m a little bit confused!
    You didn’t answer my question yet!

  70. 70
    grace Says:

    well it´s about ppl we all don´t know and where everybody can write his/her own opinion about a celeb and if you don´t like some negative comments why aren´t you going to some fansites because there are no negative comments about the celeb you like.
    well,i´m not going to choose a celeb that will be my rolemodel because I don´t know them and what we all know from them is their image so… you didn´t answer my question either,why aren´t you writing your opinion you´re just waiting for anybody,writing something you disslike and then you´re always talking with that person about his life???are you that isolated and bitter?
    I think it´s pretty annoying and I´m not here to read all your twaddle all the time.

  71. 71
    Anon Says:

    Jake’s gonna be 27 in December. I don’t think his parents can stop him from doing anything…even if they wanted to. LOL!! That was a funny suggestion. And then Reese. Go ahead and boycott their movies. She hasn’t done a single disgraceful thing. Her EX-husband cheated on her for years. Years. Everyone in H’wood knows he was doing that. She admitted in interviews they “had their troubles. ” She even said they were in counseling two times. People should get over this crap about how cute Ryan and Reese looked together. The marriage was terminally ill. It’s over. And it was over before they announced to the public. WTF are we to judge Reese or Jake. That is the stupidest thing I ever heard. You know nothing about it. Nothing. Unlike Ryan, the father of two, Jake has never behaved badly in public with women, drugs or drinking. Reese is a good mother and she is a smart business woman and she has always behaved with dignity. SO is it her fault a paparazzi followed them from Jake’s house to hers? Maybe what you find disturbing is that these fantsy characters you have dreamed up are real people…who have sex with each other. LOLOL!PLZ! Get over yourself.

  72. 72
    l'invidia.....chebruttabestia! Says:

    Is it really necessary express your own opinion saying nasty things about a person that you don’t know? If you are not able to say if she/he is a good person how can you say if she/he is a *****, **** and other nice words?
    You said that reese is a ***** lately…you know, maybe she has some personal issues…her husband cheat on her so why not be a little more reserved or a little more angry?
    I like her, she seems a good mom and a good actress…but I respect her more since she is a good mother (at least that’s what I can see)!
    I answer your question in one of my previous post: if I don’t have anything good to say I prefer to not judje people that I don’t know saying anything!
    Who said that you need to chose your role model in an hollywood actress? My role models are all those persons who have allowed to this world of being a better place…of course not JG, Reese Whiterspoon, Brad Pitt, etc….!
    But I sure admire some of them!
    Am I speaking with you about your life? Of course I asked to you if your life was so better then them considering your arsh words and bad assupmtions! But it was pure curiosity!
    That’s all!

  73. 73
    grace Says:


  74. 74
    71 & 72 Says:

    OK so the bottom line is anything Reese does that is in any way negative is directly Ryan’s fault! Otherwise she’s perfect! So don’t go saying otherwise haterz! Got it???

  75. 75
    sam Says:

    Are we sure this is Reese? Remember how much Jake’s assistant, Valerie, looks like this…if you go to the “Jake’s Assistant Hookup” pics on this site, you can see the resemblance very clearly. I think this is much more likely to be Valerie. And when they say “sped off TOWARD Reese’s Brentwood home,” well, they don’t say they arrived there, do they.

  76. 76
    anom. Says:

    Sam! Wake up! It´s Reese. The chin cannot denies!

  77. 77
    wang Says:


  78. 78
    Anon Says:

    It’s Reese. The paps caught onto the PA look-a-like right away. When they saw him with his PA they didn’t call her Reese. And they sure aren’t going to mistake this for the PA. It’s Reese. As much as some of us would rather it not be, it really is. Reese & Jake…yeah.From what I’ve read, what they do is tak a zilion pictures whenever they can. If they see him out with anyone. They when they go back and enlarge and have a chance to look carefully, they know what they have. Unless, of course, they know when they shoot.

  79. 79
    justin Says:

    they are not match~!!!

  80. 80
    maurie Says:

    wow jake looks hot he is incapable of looking bad espeically in the morning lol he looks so scrumptious! is this the first pic they have of them? they are such a cute couple!

  81. 81
    anon Says:

    Keep this in mind as you revel in the Jake/Reese love:

    1. Time Warner owns TMZ
    2. Rendition is being put out by New Line Cinema
    3. New Line Cinema initially began as an independent film studio, it is currently a subsidiary of Time Warner.
    4. Reese’s Type A production company is at Warner Bros.

    There are no accidents folks especially not when Reese is involved. TMZ got the “exclusive” no shock there. Don’t believe everything you see. Hollywood manufactures reality.

    This doesnt nesasarily mean they are not dating just that they are playiing the media game well thats all!

  82. 82
    Gyllenhallic Says:

    He can do much better then that!!!!!

    He is hot she is NOT…

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