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Reese & Jake are Back On!

Reese & Jake are Back On!

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal are apparently back on! The paparazzi-evading couple were spotted outside Jake‘s Hollywood Hills home.

Reese picked up the scruffy star and sped off to her Brentwood home. YUM YUM!!!

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Photos: Cousart/Rilloraza/JFXimages
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  • Nadia

    since when are these two dating?

  • good for jake and reese

    29 Reese HAS class : 07/31/2007 at 2:40 pm
    Reese Has more class in her tiny pinky than Jen does.

    Reese did not have an interview and burst into tears as soon as the door opened for the interviewer.

    Reese did not go on TV shows and Magazines, talking about how she’s coping like she lost a limb in the war.

    Reese does not have her publicist release timely statments to the press talking about how she’s moving on.

    Reese is living her life and that is evidence enough that she is moving on.

    Finally, Reese did not use pity to sell herself because she is a BONO FIDE MOVIE STAR.

    ITA Reese has two kids. So she knew that self pity was not acceptable. She has to be an example to her kids on how adults handle the ups and downs of life.

    Jake is dealing with a person who has more going for her than tanning and exercising.

  • Nana


  • Anon

    All I can say is, if Reese was lookin’ for a boytoy to help her get thru that depressing period when your self esteem is really low after a break-up…she found one hell of a beauty here. Jake is SO damned Hot and SO SEXY he makes my heart ache! I saw more of these shots and I don’t see how she was able to keep her hands on the wheel! OTOH, I couldn’t really see where Jake’s hands were after he put down that shoe…

  • Anon

    Hey, LA Pap! You said Jakey ducked down out of sight never to be seen again…so was his head in her lap??? ROFLMAO!!!!!

  • Opal

    I think Reese is a classy lady and a wonderful mother. Regardless of whether or not she and Jake are dating I’m just glad that she’s moving on with her life.

  • carolina

    This is interesting to me. When Reese was filming Walk the Line a lot of people said she was “involved ” with her co-star/talk and gossip was at a high level…Then we started getting the “happy family” pics about the time Oscar season rolled around. Then Reese wins -Ryan wins too for Crash.Then they disappear again from the public eye…Then Ryan’s Flags of Our Fathers comes out- Ryan gets good buzz for that movie then Reese is “unhappy”.Then she files for divorce.Lainey has a good and interesting take on this today.Are they a couple- who knows… But they all deserve happiness.Ryan, Reese, Jake…

  • SoJaded

    Keep this in mind as you revel in the Jake/Reese love:

    1. Time Warner owns TMZ
    2. Rendition is being put out by New Line Cinema
    3. New Line Cinema initially began as an independent film studio, it is currently a subsidiary of Time Warner.
    4. Reese’s Type A production company is at Warner Bros.

    There are no accidents folks especially not when Reese is involved. TMZ got the “exclusive” no shock there. Don’t believe everything you see. Hollywood manufactures reality.

  • dorothy W.

    Love Reese, loved all her movies. Love the way she handle her divorce. no pity party, we didn’t heard anything about how she is coping, she is doing well, she is movin on as told from her friends ,source, insiders. she denied VF an interview didn’t talked trash on her divorce and ex-husband. She’s the real class, handle her divorce with such great dignity and integrity unlike someone who has beem in the hollywood circle longer than her and happen to be 7 yrs. older than her whose name I’m so tired mentioning. I hope Reese and Jake are really a couple ! love both of them !

  • dorothy W.

    33 Amy

    Please don’t insult Reese, she’s not as famewhoring as Jennifer Aniston, she had great talent and her career was at the top right now, she doesn’t need all this hype or milking her divorce to boost her career. Aniston had no talent, AGING, career dwindling to semi-comtaous level. the only way she could stay relevant was to keep riding her ex-husband coattail.
    I’m glad Reese and Jake are together, maybe the tab. will put their energy and focue on this couples. and let the unending bermuda triangle flame by the Huvaniston team rest in peace.

  • Anon

    58 SoJadedEverything you say is true…about TMZ, TimeWarner, Type A, New Line, etc. But here’s the thing. Rendition isn’t a love story and Reese and Jake had no scenes together. Hers were shot on location in LA and then in DC and Jake was in Morrocco. If this were a studio engineered PR showmance, they would have been photo’d together at dinner, out shopping, etc.Reese and Ryan were estranged when he was making FOF. And things came undone. Neither Reese nor Jake has one single thing to gain in PR. In Reese’s case, she could possibly even harm herself by starting an affair. So I don’t buy for one second that this is manufactured. And frankly, with the studios all in as much $$$ trouble as they are, no one would ever tell Reese, who has a viable, production company, with capital, who can get her own financing and distribution deals, who to date and when to be seen. The photos taken these past two days are nothing like the kind of celeb couple photos we traditionally see. For months people were saying there was no proof they were a couple bcz there were no pictures. Now there are pictures. Deal with it.

  • SoJaded

    The studio didn’t tell her SHE told them. They are a couple (for the moment) and she is ready for it to be known but doesn’t want to announce it because that is tacky so she allows it to be leaked and now confirmed.

    Deal with that. There are NO ACCIDENTS.

  • JJ

    #61 FOF shot in the summer of ’05. Do you think that Reese lied about the state of her marriage for over a year? If so, what makes you think she is not pulling some PR rabbits out of her hat now?

    I think both she and Jake have a lot to gain by having a relationship. He can shed the Toothy rumors and she will be seen as a viable sexy single girl dating a hot guy instead of a jilted sad single mother who stays home and plays board games.

    I’m not saying I think this is fake but they certainly do have something to gain so if you already think she’s a liar SoJaded may be on to something.

  • laura

    OMG! He disappeared and go back with this f.. woman (jealous)!I think he had a funny holyday!

  • Anon

    I think people can over speculate and over intrigue. Yes, anything is possible. But I personally agree with the people who believe this is the real thing. I don’t think for a minute that Jake would do that. He is not at all bothered by rumors. If he was he wouldn’t go to a Rufus Wainwright concert and appear on stage in Chelsea in NYC! The only people who think TT is important are the three people who are obssessed with it. LOL!!!
    Jake is not a phoney and he would not fake something like this. It says a lot about you if you think that’s what people are like. Maybe you’re like that yourself.And Reese isn’t the type to do that either. It was even reported that Reese went to counseling and worked really hard to save her marriage. After she and Ryan split up, I think she was depressed and Jake was there for her. One thing led to another. So now they are dating. So what. They may last a few months or a few years or they might last forever. We have no way to know. I am content to be happy for both of them. They look comfortable with each other and they both seem happy. That’s all I care about. All this other plotting and scheming and speculating is BS.

  • brianna

    I used to really admire Jake and Reece for being respectable people in Hollywood up until their relationship started. I am deeply disappointed that Reece has ruined her good reputation as a married woman with 2 small children to be involved in a relationship with a guy who has never been married or has any children. Reece should know better than to be doing this for the whole world to see. It is disgusting and immoral. She tries to portray to be the good mom with her kids while the whole time she is spreading her legs for Jake. I cannot believe that Jake;s family would allow Jake to get involved with a woman 5 years older than him who is still married and jumping on the rebound. In the end, Jake is going to get severely burned by Reece!!!

    I will never see another movie with Jake or Reece in it ever again. They are just more hollywood trash!

  • ag

    I agree with no 13. He seems fun loving and laid back and she seems so uptight and boring. I just don’t SEE them as a couple they look ok together but I actually prefer Kirsten Dunst at least she had some sort of edge and sense of style or actually I hate to say see him gay than with her. If they are more than friends I don’t expect to see it happening thru the new year. She is barely divorced and it takes a while to get over a divorce but she may be one of those who need to be in a relationship all the time. He is lovely though. I guess it’s a good story, like a tv drama, will she find happiness with her 2 kids in a gated community with the hot guy??

  • http://deleted Yaya

    13 Trent : 07/31/2007 at 12:49 pm
    So this the class that everyone says she has? How is she different from Jennifer Aniston…..

    Aniston was fxxking her co-star a few months after filing her divorce papers.Reese didn’t whinned nor backstabbed her ex-husband after the divorced, didn’t start an unending pity-party. She’s 100x’ classier than the ex-sit-com hag.

  • l’invidia…..chebruttabestia!

    Oh grace…thank you! Now I know what a celebrity site is! Is really this the meaning of this place…insulting people, judjing them, say nasty things about children? I’m a little bit confused!
    You didn’t answer my question yet!

  • grace

    well it´s about ppl we all don´t know and where everybody can write his/her own opinion about a celeb and if you don´t like some negative comments why aren´t you going to some fansites because there are no negative comments about the celeb you like.
    well,i´m not going to choose a celeb that will be my rolemodel because I don´t know them and what we all know from them is their image so… you didn´t answer my question either,why aren´t you writing your opinion you´re just waiting for anybody,writing something you disslike and then you´re always talking with that person about his life???are you that isolated and bitter?
    I think it´s pretty annoying and I´m not here to read all your twaddle all the time.

  • Anon

    Jake’s gonna be 27 in December. I don’t think his parents can stop him from doing anything…even if they wanted to. LOL!! That was a funny suggestion. And then Reese. Go ahead and boycott their movies. She hasn’t done a single disgraceful thing. Her EX-husband cheated on her for years. Years. Everyone in H’wood knows he was doing that. She admitted in interviews they “had their troubles. ” She even said they were in counseling two times. People should get over this crap about how cute Ryan and Reese looked together. The marriage was terminally ill. It’s over. And it was over before they announced to the public. WTF are we to judge Reese or Jake. That is the stupidest thing I ever heard. You know nothing about it. Nothing. Unlike Ryan, the father of two, Jake has never behaved badly in public with women, drugs or drinking. Reese is a good mother and she is a smart business woman and she has always behaved with dignity. SO is it her fault a paparazzi followed them from Jake’s house to hers? Maybe what you find disturbing is that these fantsy characters you have dreamed up are real people…who have sex with each other. LOLOL!PLZ! Get over yourself.

  • l’invidia…..chebruttabestia!

    Is it really necessary express your own opinion saying nasty things about a person that you don’t know? If you are not able to say if she/he is a good person how can you say if she/he is a bitch, shit and other nice words?
    You said that reese is a bitch lately…you know, maybe she has some personal issues…her husband cheat on her so why not be a little more reserved or a little more angry?
    I like her, she seems a good mom and a good actress…but I respect her more since she is a good mother (at least that’s what I can see)!
    I answer your question in one of my previous post: if I don’t have anything good to say I prefer to not judje people that I don’t know saying anything!
    Who said that you need to chose your role model in an hollywood actress? My role models are all those persons who have allowed to this world of being a better place…of course not JG, Reese Whiterspoon, Brad Pitt, etc….!
    But I sure admire some of them!
    Am I speaking with you about your life? Of course I asked to you if your life was so better then them considering your arsh words and bad assupmtions! But it was pure curiosity!
    That’s all!

  • grace


  • 71 & 72

    OK so the bottom line is anything Reese does that is in any way negative is directly Ryan’s fault! Otherwise she’s perfect! So don’t go saying otherwise haterz! Got it???

  • sam

    Are we sure this is Reese? Remember how much Jake’s assistant, Valerie, looks like this…if you go to the “Jake’s Assistant Hookup” pics on this site, you can see the resemblance very clearly. I think this is much more likely to be Valerie. And when they say “sped off TOWARD Reese’s Brentwood home,” well, they don’t say they arrived there, do they.

  • anom.

    Sam! Wake up! It´s Reese. The chin cannot denies!

  • wang


  • Anon

    It’s Reese. The paps caught onto the PA look-a-like right away. When they saw him with his PA they didn’t call her Reese. And they sure aren’t going to mistake this for the PA. It’s Reese. As much as some of us would rather it not be, it really is. Reese & Jake…yeah.From what I’ve read, what they do is tak a zilion pictures whenever they can. If they see him out with anyone. They when they go back and enlarge and have a chance to look carefully, they know what they have. Unless, of course, they know when they shoot.

  • justin

    they are not match~!!!

  • maurie

    wow jake looks hot he is incapable of looking bad espeically in the morning lol he looks so scrumptious! is this the first pic they have of them? they are such a cute couple!

  • anon

    Keep this in mind as you revel in the Jake/Reese love:

    1. Time Warner owns TMZ
    2. Rendition is being put out by New Line Cinema
    3. New Line Cinema initially began as an independent film studio, it is currently a subsidiary of Time Warner.
    4. Reese’s Type A production company is at Warner Bros.

    There are no accidents folks especially not when Reese is involved. TMZ got the “exclusive” no shock there. Don’t believe everything you see. Hollywood manufactures reality.

    This doesnt nesasarily mean they are not dating just that they are playiing the media game well thats all!

  • Gyllenhallic

    He can do much better then that!!!!!

    He is hot she is NOT…