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Star Jones: I Had Gastric Bypass Surgery

Star Jones: I Had Gastric Bypass Surgery

Star Jones Reynolds says in a new interview that her dramatic weight-loss was due to gastric-bypass surgery, and that she dodged questions about it for years because she was “scared of what people might think of me.”

Star, 45, tells the September issue of Glamour magazine she was “intentionally evasive” when people asked how she’d dropped 160 pounds in three years.

And she loves Burger King!! Said Star, “Whenever I felt lonely, a Double Whopper cheeseburger became my friend. If I felt sad, six strips of bacon made me feel better…but I convinced myself I was phat, not fat.”

Star‘s interview with Glamour hits newsstands everywhere August 7th.

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  • [~Famous~]

    Ummm.. Didn’t everybody already know that? I’m wondering why she’s stating the obvious.

  • Sarah

    Are you sure that’s her?!


    all together now…. DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Sarah

    By the way I don’t live in the USA, so I wouldn’t have known.

  • N

    I don’t like her and never have. But I’m very pleased to hear that she is now stating the obvious. Everyone knew she had gastric bypass. Its about time she came clean and admitted it. Good for her. Being a thick woman is one thing, but being a fat pig is a whole different ballgame. She was risking her health.

  • http://htt// stop

    1 [~Famous~] : 07/31/2007 at 3:35 pm

    Wkat kind a person you are? How many people you hate?

  • Dirty Cougar

    No-Duh!!! How else can you become normal thin after, being a FAT pig like she was? I don’t know why she kept it such a big secret? She’s better off and should feel good she, not only looks way better but, is in way better health.

  • jardley

    she’s doing this to get publicity since no one cares. this isn’t news.

  • missouri girl

    7 Dirty Cougar : 07/31/2007 at 3:48 pm
    No-Duh!!! How else can you become normal thin after, being a FAT pig like she was? I don’t know why she kept it such a big secret? She’s better off and should feel good she, not only looks way better but, is in way better health
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~she isnt ‘NORMAL THIN’ like you say, my god she looks scary and saggy and ugly. You need glasses Mister Cougar…ETC..

  • HEY!!!!!!

    Having the surgery should have been scarier then what people would think. It is a very dangerous surgery.

  • magnus

    Big hat. Big teeth. That photographer really went all out to make her look even smaller.

    She’d be better off if she’d gotten a brain transplant. She’s still a fat r*tard b*tch on the inside and I wish she’d lose the other 160 lbs and disappear already.

  • magnus


    Big hat. Big teeth. That photographer really went all out to make her look even smaller.

    She’d be better off if she’d gotten a brain transplant. She’s still a fat r*tard b*tch on the inside and I wish she’d lose the other 160 lbs and disappear already.

  • Roxy

    I don’t like the way she looks…Never had, something about her face, her eyes I just can’t put my finger on it. Anyway, I think she lost too much weight, because now her skin is loose and saggy, and no amount of weighs, crunches is gonna tone that up. She should have had her arms done also

  • http://htt// k


  • lorenawoods

    give her a break my ass!!! she’s a fckn liar and has lost all credibility, in other words, she commited career suicide! all by her ownself!

  • ewww

    scary hideous liar

  • lula29

    I agree, she’s a liar and loser IMO. I’ve never liked her. She had a hard time admitting her weight problem in the first place.

    She gets on my nerves. At least Oprah admits her issues.

  • Eww

    She is one nasty looking H0 with her nasty bulging eyeballs and ashy armpits. I’m so glad that she was fired from the View. I wish that she and her gay husband would just disappear.

  • Notbusy

    Why does she have to tell anybody how she lost the weight! Rosie O’Donnell was the one most bent out of shape about Star not talking about it. She doesn’t work in the weight loss field so why is it anybodys business!!

  • tina

    She wrote a 200+page book saying she changed her body with diet swimming and pilates.



  • Dirty Cougar

    @ #9
    You mean Mrs. Dirty Cougar! F@CK Face!

  • too bad

    If you had bothered to really read what was irking Rosie it wasn’t the surgery but Stars book on weightloss that she penned and released never mentioned she lost the weight due to gastric by pass. Rosie was pointing out that Star was misleading the public with her book. she called Star to confess the truth.. even Stars friend Al Roker was trying to make star come clean..but she kept denying it even to her friend Al who BTW recommended the doctor who did the bypass on him. Everyone knew after that.. its was her misuse of information with her weight loss that got people annoyed..especially those that bought her book.

  • [~Famous~]

    6, I don’t recall saying I hate Star. Even though I do Hate Star, but I didn’t say it. uh

  • Notbusy

    She NEVER said she lost the weight through dieting. She just never said anything about how she lost it. That book was about being healthy after the weight lost not about how she lost it.

  • Notbusy

    Who cares what Rosie O’Donnell thinks. Rosie gets mad when gay people are outed or treated bad so she should just shut up.

  • Sue

    I like the way she looked before she had the drastic weight loss. She seemed down to earth, but when she lost all the weight and was on the view she changed big time.

    And unless your blind or a fool, duhhhh u think she did???

    She seems soooooooo fake now. This another one we could do without.

  • Pam

    It’s so obvious that she had that surgery done. People kept trying to get her to come clean but she kept lying about her surgery. She lost credibility (she stuck with her story of diet and exercise) and is now such an annoying fake.

  • Dirty Cougar

    Star has an ugly face and has always been face fugly. Can’t change that or help that sheeit. Sorry Hon. Rosie is even uglier! Ha HA HA!!! At least Star is thin! That is easier on the eye’s to look @! Plus, she will be healthier in the long run! As far as her not coming clean earlier we’ll, that’s her own F@cking business. Rosie has one big F@cking UGLY mouth. She’s a big fat slob. Donald Trump was right about that! Right on! Comb over man!

  • Nadia

    she finally admits the truth

  • Michelob

    She makes me sick…

  • Fionna

    She looked much better heavier than now. This woman is very smart and she should have kept her job as a respected lawyer. But, her lust for fame and money is so much so she is beginning to sound dumb..

  • Cheater and liar

    No Kidding, as if we thought bigg em’ lost the weight naturally. Star was ok til’ that dam wedding, where it was me- me- me -me all the time.
    Annoying to the max she was. To late Star to confess, just carry on.
    Now if bug eyes would just confess that weird Al is gay.
    Then I will respect her.

  • lula29

    #33 Star is just so full of lies. Yeah, I’m waiting for her to confess about her gay man too, but that’ll take another lifetime before she states the obvious. I wonder how much she’s paying him.

    She gets on my nerves and now she looks worse than ever.

  • Dirty Cougar

    Roslie need a big C@CK in her mouth to, shut her the F@CK up! Knuff said reg; these MO FO’S!!!!

  • Susiq

    she was prittier when she was fat…

    now she is u.g.l.y.

    with no career…

  • Prix

    Why does she wear those ugly glasses?

    They’re not the least bit flattering. There are many different eyeglass frames Star. You can do much better.

  • Dirty Cougar

    She’s thinks now that she is in the slim club. Barely there I, may add. She’s gotta look smart b/c slim & pretty ain’t smart! F@CKING SHAM!

  • Googley eyes

    yeah yeah yeah. give us a break and spare us all of this ugliest.

  • not a star

    her book is 3.98 cents at the book store——–way to much..
    she is ugly and a selfish fly eyed hag.

  • ♥yes♥

    Last ditch publicity attempt. NO ONE CARES
    oh yeah, we figured it out like 3 years ago idiot

  • Nikki

    Yuck, Star is just foul all the way around. Never liked her, don’t really care if she’s fat or skinny, she’s ALWAYS been SCARY

  • barber girl

    she must have alot of saging skin

  • KrungKrung

    ohmigod, i didn’t know, i’m shocked the whole world is shocked, yeh ryt, Star Jokes, she sounds so dramatic, yeh, she got a bypass, big effing deal….

  • snappyfish

    when big gay Al asked her to marry him, I thought it was a fetish thing. Then she lost all the weight due to the bypass (we all knew, I do pilates and you don’t lose that kind of weight doing just pilates)

    She has a show to promote. No one cares about her so this is a new ‘revelation’. Please. Take you big head and your scary gay husband and go away.

  • Mmmmm

    She is coming out now to say it b/c the world started to hate for her being a liar and a fake. She now has a new show and needs rating so, she will now tell the truth and expect some sympathy.

    Sorry to say she looks better fat, her head looks HUGE! Some ppl are just born with big noggins (Angelina, her bother, and Star) and when they get thin they just end up looking like lollipops.

  • trezeafriendly

    ok we all get she had the surgery and it worked, POWER 2 HER, i say but why didnt jus go all out and get a full body lift or someting b/c the bitch looks really saggy.

  • Sharece

    Duh, we all knew she had it. you know a person has it when her face is 10x bigger than her body frame. if you’re scared of what people think about you, then you had no business being on the view. she could’ve just said she had her gallbladder out. i had it, and am not ashamed of it either. but star looks WAY too skinny. just eat some carbs, it’ll come back on :)

  • Hottest Couple Ever

    #31 Michelob


  • Michael

    Ewwwww, that pic of her makes her look like a homeless Oprah Winfrey on crack