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Suri Cruise is an Angel

Suri Cruise is an Angel

Katie Holmes and 15-month-old daughter Suri step out for a spot of shopping on Monday and Tuesday in Berlin, Germany. (The soles of Suri‘s shoes read “ANGEL.”)

The mother-daughter duo stopped off at Gendarmenmarkt, an oldtown marketplace in the center of Berlin. Daddy Tom Cruise was busy on the set of his new WWII movie Valkyrie.

Katie stopped by a boutique in The Corner district to pick up a brown leather jacket. Baby Suri was also seen carrying a cat (?) stuffed animal.

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  • oneluckeegrl

    Oh! She (Suri) is just too adorable!

  • bite me

    warms my black geart

  • Maria

    What a head of hair on this little one!! God bless her!

  • Pandora

    Is it my imagination, or has KH also adopted (among other things) that same vacant look that Victoria B. has? Or is that Scientology-related?

  • erica

    So pretty a gorgeous with all that head of hair. oh so beautiful baby, the most beautiful in hollywood. now this is a perfect example of a true celeb mother-daughter bonding moment.

    Aww just makes me feel all fuzzy and warm inside.

  • black

    Maybe you need to see a doctor?

  • Kira

    Suri is one adorable little girl and a good example that one can live and grow-up (successfully) in Los Angeles County with stable and common sense parenting. I’ve always liked Katie Holmes (my son had posters of her during his middle school years) and I see Suri growing into a lovely woman just like her mommy.

  • [~Famous~]

    That little girl is Beautiful, superhuman. She has no equal, all those other celebrity kids should just fall-back and pay homage.

    She has more hair than her mother.

  • [~Famous~]
  • *lauren*

    ohh Suri is so sweet and adorable! and I think she has a great mother! =)

  • Kira

    Suri has a common sense, mommy….

    Appropriate, practical, flexible w/velcro straps* SHOES for walking–no ridiculous fad “Crocs” on behalf of this little one!

    *little ones feel empowered as they begin to haphazzardly dress themselves and the velcro straps on shows are super!

  • brangaloonie


  • rainey

    Suri is one adorable little girl.
    Also, I love the way they dress her in little girlie outfits, reminds me of the stuff I always buy my cousins, enough with the denim pants already.

  • Ashley

    She just keeps getting cuter and cuter!!!

  • HEY!!!!!!

    Suri is beautiful!

  • EvilLynn

    #2—I know, right? She even melts the ice on my shriveled heart! The kid is straight up adorable!

  • http://htt// flase

    Where is the beautiful baby ?

    I see two adults here.

  • Tia

    Awww, Thank you JJ. Suri is too cute for words and love this family. Katie looks very cute too.

  • Ali

    sooo cute!
    *my heart melts*

  • beautiful

    Suri is adorable. Her mom was wise enough to realize that she needed to spend quality time one on one with her first born before adding more kids to the family. Mother and daughter seems to have bonded very well. Suri has her mom’s full attention. She is not having to share her mom with othet young siblings at this young stage. Luck little girl. Lucky Tom Cruise.
    I always knew that Katie was a special lady.

  • ML Knch

    Does anyone know what brand of sunglasses she has on?

  • I’m gonna say it

    I see some of you taking pot-shots at AJ and shiloh but do not want to come right out and say it. Stop comparing, I think all the babies are beautiful, some more than others.

  • Tia

    #22, why do you have to compare people? The only person doing it, is only you!!!

  • [~Famous~]

    I just love how Katie dresses Suri ‘like a girl’ in nice pretty girly clothes, not dingy hand me down boy-rags. And Suri’s hair always looks nice, never nappy or messed up. They are so cute.

  • Ali

    22 i think it’s just u

  • Ali

    i love katie’s shoes and her dress 2

  • Kenra

    I never get tired of Suri, she is too beautiful for words. I love her. Thanks Jared for these pics.

  • Sarah

    Awwwwww! I just want to pick up Suri and rub her cheeks—but I won’t. Lol.

  • Jackie

    Katie seems to spend a lot of time with Suri. Violet Affleck is out and about with her mommy too. Little girls need mommy time. Some get it and some don’t. Good for the moms who bond with their daughters.

  • [~Famous~]

    Hmmmmm… I wonder which little girls don’t get mommy-time?

  • beckham fanz vic kids are so cute

    Suri isn’t as cute anymore- they should take her back to the -hair dresser- to dye her hair back darker.
    She is a cute baby,but not exotic lookin anymore- even though she has the asian shaped eyes.
    Suri has a flat flat rounded nose that will soon point outwards like Tom’s.
    Not liking the salon haircut either.
    How old is she?, that’s alot of teeth.

  • happy

    Don’t like her Beatles style hair cut. Tom had that same cut be4 his so called movie coming up.Your’e rite she is cute but not beautiful.Violet’s hair is better.

  • Dirty Cougar

    Least Suri looks like mom!

  • pr person

    Oh please….. this was such a staged photo op. If she was really, truly going to go shopping with her toddler daughter, a stroller and/or a diaper bag are a necessity. She has neither.

  • bend it

    Gee, all a mom(well, certain ones anyway) has to do to get appointed mother of the year by some is to …walk down the street with her? And from this simple act, other celebs are being criticized? Katie is lucky that she and Suri arent being hounded by a crowd of photogs, and that they obviously arent very close to them.

    That said…Suri is very cute. Lots of dark hair. She reminds me of Travolta’s daughter at that age. Tons of dark hair, cute face.

  • lois

    34 pr person : 07/31/2007 at 3:50 pm

    Oh pleaseā€¦.. this was such a staged photo op. If she was really, truly going to go shopping with her toddler daughter, a stroller and/or a diaper bag are a necessity. She has neither.

    I was thinking the same thing. Staged, just like those pics of Katie and Suri in that park. Katie always looks in these pic like she and Suri just walked right outside their home to go for a little stroll. Maybe the body guard is holding the diaper bag? Nah…

  • ashley

    I find Suri on the homely side.

  • So much for Bonding

    I guess everyone is forgetting Katie going to Paris for Fashion week when Suri was a baby. IRRC she spent almost two weeks in Paris with her BFF Victoria Beckham.

  • lois

    38 So much for Bonding : 07/31/2007 at 4:01 pm

    I guess everyone is forgetting Katie going to Paris for Fashion week when Suri was a baby. IRRC she spent almost two weeks in Paris with her BFF Victoria Beckham.

    I havent forgotten. I really found that unbelievable. Two weeks away from a tiny baby…just to go to a fashion show??!

  • gina

    Sometimes babies or kids are not cute. Suri is one of them.

  • gina

    she just is a normal kid that’s all

  • just a everyday cute kid,no special features

    I agree she is just another baby, not exceptionally cute just a cute kid. Genes on Tom’s side are fck up. Hope that does not happen to her.

  • inhirnamy137

    Suri seems like alot of fun…so cute and cuddly

  • Tia

    #38 OMG, why the hell are you lying? Katie was in Paris for 3 days not 2 weeks!

  • Tia

    Obviously #38 and #39 are the same people. Check it ppl she was away for 3 days.

  • *FamousIsMyB*tch*

    Get over yourselves people. She aint pretty and she aint cute…she’s average at her best. I dont have any words for all of those that come on here and compare Katie’s photo-op with bonding unlike some parents. B*tches please! Talk to the pinky cuz the motherfucking hadn aint listening.

    That one goes out to the super bitch that i hope DIES a violent death *FAMOUS* now piss off and die, snake.

  • Eww

    very staged photo op.

    Suri’s not that cute.

  • *FamousIsMyB*tch*

    I guess they decided to bleep it out, so here it goes again:

    That post went out to the super B&TCH knowns as *FAMOUS*, and i was saying “Talk to the pinky, cuz the motherf&kcing hand aint listening.

    Now enough with this “we love Katie and Suri bull crap”. ENOUGH. Both the child bride and child of Xenu are brainwashed.

  • Venus

    I love this family. Suri is Hollywood’s Angel and the true beauty. Her mom is so lovely too.

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