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Zac Efron - "Cosmo Girl!" September 2007

Zac Efron -

The summer of Zac continues!

Zac Efron is the cover boy for the September 2007 issue of Cosmo Girl!. There’s also apparently a cover of High School Musical pal Ashley Tisdale cover too!

Zac‘s Cosmo Girl! issue hits newsstands August 7th.

Also tune into Good Morning America and The View this Thursday, August 2nd. Zac will be on both shows and joining the High School cast to sing new tunes for GMA’s concert series.

High School Musical 2 will premiere on the Disney Channel on Aug. 17.

Bigger Zac cover inside…

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  • Sarah

    Can you say makeup?

  • bite me

    is that a girl

  • Zaiken

    zzzzz Perfect, a ‘cover gurly boy on a ‘cover gurl mag’…
    ‘Cosmo girl’ knows what we do..
    Zaiken let off the heavy make-up dudette, and gel zzzzzzzz.

  • bend it

    He just looks odd. like a ventriloquist’s doll. Not real.

  • Dirty Cougar

    I hate these cover magazine photo shots I swear! They make the guys look too pretty! OOhhhhhhh!!!!!! The picture looks odd. They put too much make-up on Zac. Zac didn’t care he, probably made a lot of dough for that photo shoot. It’s makes him look faggy though! Oh well. His eye’s are beautiful!

  • Nikki

    Hes Fucking Hott!

  • newfgirl

    Sorry, but who is he and why should I care?

  • Ariane

    Zexy! Okay there’s a bit too much make-up!
    newfgirl if you don’t care then why do you come to this comment site?

  • suzy

    crap cover he looks strange and ashley looks coked out. i do think cosmo girl must be on crack to do such bad covers. Also where is Baby V ? she is the LEAD actress in hsm if is all about hsm then she should be there too, it looks like a huge slap in the face to her, what reason do they have for not putting her on the cover ? is she too exotic for them?

  • skyler

    he looks really gay

  • jenny

    thats not cool the whole cast should have
    been on the cover
    they all make up the hsm2 phenom
    not just zac and ash
    zac looks weird
    but ya hes ok
    cant wait for gma on thurs

  • Steph

    GORGEOUS!! cant wait to buy this sucker!!!

  • morini

    I don´t like the photo.

  • Daisy

    Looks good. Vanessa should’ve gotten a cover too, considering she is the lead actress for the upcoming HSM2.

  • bettybaby

    i read somewhere that vanessa is getting her own cover for septs. issue. doesn’t seem like a great pic of zac, oh well. still love him. he was great in hairspray, can’t wait for hsm2!!!!

  • Gabby

    Why am I not surprise he’s on Cosmo Girl, wouldn’t he whether be on GQ or something?

  • cortney

    I don’t get it. Why is it only bout Zac and Ashley. I think the rest of the cast should be equally recognized as these 2. If wasn’t for the rest of them, it wouldn’t have been successful. I’m just mad that the other cast are always left behind especially Vanessa. I think she deserves more recognition. For god sake she is Troy’s other main half.

  • newfgirl

    Ariane : 07/31/2007 at 4:21 pm
    newfgirl if you don’t care then why do you come to this comment site?


    I asked why I should care, and you just answered my question. And BTW, I came to this comment site to make a comment.

  • arrr

    WHAT THE FUCK do you want with him?
    i dont get it.. he’s no one

  • Shmoo

    In seven years this guy will be Clay Aiken.

  • Naomi

    hellooow make-up (even though they tried to look like he’s NOT wearin’ make-up or at least not as much as we’re used 2)
    COSMO you ain’t foolin’ me :D.
    next: Cosmo Girl? come on, please zac, try to convince me you’re not gay. please, I beg of ya. I like the gays, nothin’ against it but zac come out of the closet man! out an proud I say. we’ll luv ya anyway (somebody must, I don’t).

  • andy

    cool! ahm why do they keep puttin ashley on the cover and not vanessa! i don;t get it.. is it because she’s more famou? :S

  • Jenny

    No no, he is nice. I used to think he was fugly before. He is so nice, apart from when he doesn’t smile because then he looks kinda crosseyed, apart from that I wouldn’t mind him doing me at all. I hope to see more of Zac to come :-)

  • Nadia

    he looks really gay

  • [~Famous~]

    Jenny, you’re 39 years old and you ‘wouldn’t mind him doing you’?!? You’re a sick old-bird. Lmao

  • jenny

    a little younger a**hole! But never mind, you don’t know good looks when you see it, thats why YOU ALWAYS bash him ‘famous’, becuase you have so much time on your hands, dont you?

  • lora

    25 [~Famous~] : 07/31/2007 at 5:43 pm

    Jenny, you’re 39 years old and you ‘wouldn’t mind him doing you’?!? You’re a sick old-bird. Lmao

    OMG Famous calling someone sick? Can you say HYPOCRITE?

  • lilyanne

    20 Shmoo : 07/31/2007 at 5:28 pm

    In seven years this guy will be Clay Aiken.

    This ISN’T Clay?

  • [~Famous~]

    Wow.. Lora’s really riding me today. There biish I typed your name, you happy sweetheart? You’ve been dying for my attention for awhile now.

    Whatcha you doing with those fingers over there?? Lol huh, trying to get that net-nut? Pervert!. Hahaha

  • black


    If you havn´t been convinced that he wasn´t gay, than surely you must be now!

  • Jenny

    I’ve come to my conclusion.Famous is either gay and wishes Zac was, OR he’s jealous that Zac has good looks. I don’t get why your name is in every post that JJ has on him. It’s kind of weird. You need to get over it hun. He doesn’t know you, so I’ll doubt he’d even care. You need to live your life and stop obsessing over Zac’s.

  • jenny2

    guss i have to change my name to jenny2
    chill about zac
    vanessa loves him

  • Christina

    Poor Zac. That mag cover doesn’t do him justice. They really need to learn how to touch up pics without making people look freaky. Thanks Jared! :)

  • Opal

    Dang, this isn’t a flattering picture of Zac. Someone obviously wasn’t doing a good job in picking the best picture for this magazine cover. What a disappointment because he’s such a good-looking guy. Oh well.

  • Rockstar

    He’s soooo hott…

  • rachel

    hahah definitely gay. he does kinda look like a girl too.

  • zashley

    OMG he’s HOOT!

  • Phillip

    He looks so fake and like a girl, didn’t he have to approve it first. So I guess he likes looking like a girl. I’ve heard on multiple occasions from people who met him that he wears makeup like that all the time. Hmmmm Perez Hilton has to be right he is definitly gay. maybe Vanessa has a penis because he sure doesnt.

  • http://- joanna [poland]

    he’s a cool guy. leave him alone.

  • Vanessa

    Yeah, bad photoshoot. Too much photoshop/makeup — they ruined his eyes! Vanessa should have been on the cover, not Ash. =(

    oh! and ETA: Zac recently shot a photoshoot for the cover of ROLLING STONE.

    Zac Efron, FTW.

  • natalie

    God, Zac is sooo hot. But he does a little… porcelein in this picture. LOL.

  • sassy

    who cares if he looks or is gay, you must be straight or ugly or both?

  • sassy

    who cares if he looks or is gay, you must be straight or ugly or both?

  • sassy

    he’s adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://deleted LOL

    haah…full make-up…huh….wierd….

  • talulurocksurface

    omfg can yall shutup please?? zac & ash are the two biggest stars from hsm, & cosmo can choose whoever they want to. zac does NOT look gay, & all guy celebrities have to wear makeup for photoshoots, movies, etc. it’s kinda required. & back off the comments on ashley too, ash ALWAYS looks gorgeous so seriously just shutup.

    kthanks :)

  • Zeina

    zexii! although they really changed him!


    why is ashley on the other cover? ^o) vanessa should’ve been..aren’t they the main characters of HSM2 anyways?? i don’t know why…but i just don’t like ashley…haha i actually brought the book and read it…in one of the pages…ashley said “i don’t mind being a disney girl. i think you can still be sexy without taking your clothes off.” the way she said it was just weird…if you take your clothes off..thats not least thats not what i think sexy means…taking your clothes off for photoshot…thats only what a pornstar does…btw for girls who like pete wentz…there’s a poster of him in the mag…so i you like him…you can buy the magazine.

  • gigi

    omg screw you, zac still loves ashley??
    how can you still love someone that you were never even in love in the first place with. DONT EVEN GO TO THAT SHIT AGAIN!
    you zashley fans will never in never go freaking away.
    they all like best friends.
    & honestly you can tell if someone is in love
    zac & ashleys bond has always been like brother & sister, it’s cute.
    even if they kissed, it was in a show as in acting.
    for the love of god, SHEEEEEEEEEESH.
    as hard as it is to admit for you teen girls that diss on vanessa cuz other then that you can tell that she is well a serious no doubt natural beauty,it’s pretty insane. she’s crazy/beautiful, but that you can tell that this guy is in love, not puppy but love LoVe.
    i know i dont know them personally but fuck it, ill admit im totally for zanessa,becuz they have like this fire with eachother, the chemistry not just on screen but off screen. & they still manage to be best friends with eachother instead of just lovers lol,
    & if your not a fan of vanessa hudgens well your missing out on alot fun, though we may not be able to chill with her, her personality that is portrayed on air or magazines anywhere..shes like the girl you’ll have a blast with anytime any where and i can understand why zac fell for her.
    if you are a “true” fan of zac efron’s then you should give respect at all times to the girl that has his heart, i know you guys wouldn’t want to see a really sad zac would you, so you love his smile. let him keep it

    get over the fact that vanessa hudgens AINT goin no where cuz she’s kickn ass in the buisness more then ever, truly extraordinary

  • kash. =)

    he doesn’t look good here.
    he’s got man-foundation on.