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Britney Spears: Whiten My Son's Teeth!

Britney Spears: Whiten My Son's Teeth!

The fun just don’t stop for Britney!

Sean Preston, 22 months, is reportedly having teeth problems, according to Us Weekly.

Says an insider, “He’s having dental problems because Britney just shoves a bottle of juice in his mouth all the time to stop him from crying.”

Britney has even become so bothered by Sean P.‘s teeth yellowing, she “asked an L.A. dentist if he would whiten her kid’s teeth!” Thankfully, the dentist refused.

A Spears pal adds, “[Britney] feeds them total crap like Doritos and soda.” She also reportedly gives him chewing gum (potential choking hazard).

And how does Britney put Sean P. to bed? Says the source, “She fed Sean ice cream before bed because the cold would make him sleepy.”

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  • Don’t hate me cause you ain’t me.. HAHA

    Once again if its true or not.. I don’t care.. Just die already Britney.. The kids would be better off in foster homes/social services/on the street..

  • TR

    What is wrong with this girl? She is in the middle of a complete mental breakdown and no one in her life locks her up? Don’t feel sorry for her – she is a mess. Someone should take those kids away and put her in an institution. Trainwreck for sure!!

    THIS is what someone with an 8th education turns into.

  • kathy

    these magazines need to prove all this shaate theyre saying. if i was brit i would sue. so many lies, Please dont judge this girl, this is so wrong

  • kate.

    i feel so bad for her.
    but please GET OVER IT!!!!!!!

  • Christopher

    I feel bad for the poor babies :(

  • Jenn

    I’m sure she does [/not] Why do people constantly make up lies about Britney? If you’re a “pal” you are not going to go rat your friend out and make her seem like a complete ass and horrifying mother to the MEDIA. I don’t believe it.

  • cat

    even i feel bad for her, how much crap can fall on one person? the problem for her is kevin’s side is leaking all this stuff, and since she doesn’t have anyone on her side, there is no one to counter leak. she has alienated everyone including her mother and father. she doesn’t have a publicist or manger and it is just going from bad to worse. just stop it everyone and let this woman alone. maybe she will finally get some help if the photogs and press just stop writing about her. if her children were in real danger that idiot x of hers would have gone to court to get them fulltime. it’s pile on britney time and everyone is happily doing that thanks to her own stupidity. but enough is enough.

  • Yaza

    Brit is a mess. I do believe all the things written about her. She is country after all. Soda in baby bottles, fetching cigarettes those are things that poor white trash country people do right?

  • No soda 4 kids brit- no smokin round em either

    BS is known for going after tabs if they lie..she aint shy about that.
    But if true about the soda and I believe it, it will rotten out their little teeth if she gives it to em’ to much and especially, if she does’nt rinse out their little mouths or brush.
    I believe ‘Allie’ is the source she spent the most time with BS’s lately and she would know.
    I’m sure her mom and Kevin know things too. Kevin does not won’t to mess up the gravy train/and mom may be afraid of her. JMO.

  • kidi

    Spay her.

  • Tash

    I cant beleive people (the negative posters here) actually beleive this junk and form their opionions of a person on it. Jesus – take it with a grain of salt

  • mina

    Poor kids, that’s all I say. Those poor kids

  • dumbdumb



  • http://deleted Yaya

    She might not be the best mother, but all these things written by the tab. have blown out of proportion. I don’t beleived everything written by those trashy tab.

  • Eric

    How do they fuckin know.

  • Jake

    daaaamn. whoever wrote this pathetic sh*t is a dumbasss. nobody, not even britney spears, is that stupid. jared, that’s pretty low that you would post about such bullsh*t.

  • Julz

    I acutally cant believe that she is a bad mother.


  • Samantha

    Believable. Little Sean’s teeth looked quite yellow in a few recent photos.

  • nothingpossible

    As i heard, Brit is pregnant again but didnot know who the father is.

    I wonder how messy a person’s life can be.

  • gab

    oh give me a break. all of this is just gossip. until i see ACTUAL proof that she’s doing all these things people just need to take a chill pill

  • omg

    Sounds like BULL

  • Ms Sugar Walls

    Thank you guys for seeing that this is some b.u.l.l.s.h.i.t.! I swear! People are alway s making up lies! I can’t believe that she is that bad..with her kids! Can’t she sue..for this kind of harassment? If I was her I would sue the pants off of these Scumarazzi issues!~ I tell you..the scumarazzi is truly scum..they stoop to the lowest..when they have their long camera lenses..up her skirt! GAWWD she can wear whatever she wants..not saying that it always look right, but she is her, and I think it would make people day…if they break the spirit of this young lady..and that is sad..Nobody should want to see somebody fail! The Devil is a LIAR!

  • my opinion

    clearly not true

    obviously, a slow news day

    dont lose credibility (if you have any) by printing this garbage

  • dewi

    i still love her….

  • WOW

    Everyone saying she can sue, she doesn’t have a lot of ground. Simply because it’s understood that by putting herself out there and putting her children out there she gives tabloid freedom of speech. It would be different if these things were said about Reese Witherspoon, simply because her kids haven’t become public material and there would be no pictures to hint at actions. She could potentially put a name defamation suit against them but that would require a lot of effort and her getting people to vouch for her – and I just don’t see anyone on her side.

    It’s really quite sad what this girl has become. I mean I doubt it’s as crazy as the tabs have made it but just pictures should show those kids do not look well taken of. But sadly their still better than 25% of American newborns. I really hope for the sake of those two boys she gets her life in order but I think like most celebreties she’s going to need to hit rock-bottom before she can even start getting better.

  • http://- joanna [poland]

    poor kids… i can’t believe she’s so stupid

  • …….

    okay this really has to stop … dont u guys think this is becoming stupid ? dont u think this shit is made up ? how do u know that she did that to her kids ? how the hell would u know that she gave him icecream defore he went to bed? i’m not defending her …shes crazy … but c’mon thats just made up … i do think she should get her life in order to take care of her children

  • nic

    i dont think britney would do that.

  • xxLostGirl92xx

    Whether this is true or not. And I believe NOT TRUE. MAgazines should not be allowed to have articles like this.

    Things like this could lead to Brit having SP and JJ taken off her…even if she is inoccent.

    You see Sean and Jayden upset/not smiling when they are out and about with Britney and people automatically say “they’re unhappy kids” but maybe they’re unhappy because of the flashing camera’s and loud shouts coming from the paps. Poor Britney cannot leave her home with her boys without being pestered by paps.

    No one can say anything bad about Brit as mother to her boys, especially this magazine, as they are not with her 24/7, they do not know her situatiion properly and have not got a clue about her boys Sean Preston and Jayden James.

    If you are going to blame anyone for the care of those adorable boys, blame their father ‘K-fed’. Where was he when Brit needed him? Partying. Exactly.

    Whatever Britney has done, you can clearly see that she would never harm her children. She clearly loves Sean and Jayden but I do think she needs help.

    Not help with her children’s care, no, but help with getting her career back on track. People need to give her a rest. People and the media treat Britney like the only single mum who’s made a mistake when it comes to caring for her children…and its all rubbish.

    Yes, once she had Sean on her knee when she was driving and yes he hurt his head when he felt out of his highchair but for one…people are allowed to make mistakes and two, Sean falling was not Brit’s fault but the fault of the highchair manufactorers.

    She’s had alot of bad luck. The media need to leave her alone, let her settle in to her new home, let the divorce get sorted and when she releases her next single/album thats when the paps/press should start gain. Give Brit a clean slate.

    She is not the only person on this planet to make a mistake. Get over it.

  • Beau-Jangles

    Even if this isn’t true those poor kids need removing from this girl’s life. They have absolutely no chance if they stay with her. They’re like her own little fashion accessories and she clearly doesn’t give a crap about them.

    Someone needs to take action and remove those children for their own well-being before they’re found lying next to her dead body!

  • dewi

    kok seorang ibu seperti itu sih..

  • maggs

    This is just getting insane. I call major BULLSHIT!! I do not even like the girl but this is going way to far. I think the media seriously wants her to “meltdown”. How much can this girl take?

  • Joachim

    OMG. Britney is always the bad parent.. Kevin never give the children candy’s.. Ow no, of course not. I feel bad for Britney, I bet she’s a awesome mommy!

  • xxLostGirl92xx

    ^ Joachim. Exactly what I was saying. Why is it always Britney’s fault? These children have a father too.

  • sarah
  • jn

    poor kids. brit needs a professional team to produce her, and her sons life. she can afford that.

  • Cheryl

    This is all such crap. These magazines are out of control.

  • sillyme

    Britney is not going to sue, because it’s probably true. I just don’t get some of you all who are so up a celeb’s butt, that you think they can do no wrong. You guys are just the same kind of enablers that Britney is so used to dealing with; all you seem to care about is her next CD or video, the commercial side of Britney. As for the tabloids, they’ve been right a lot more times than they’ve been wrong about Britney. Most of what they write about her turns out to be true, especially if it’s several tabloids reporting the same thing. Everything that’s happened in her life, marriages, rehab, divorces, pregnancy, pantygate, it’s all been reported in the tabloids first.

  • Roxy

    I don’t believe this crap one bit. I know Brit is a walking train wreck and acts outragous, but come on this is rediculous. These trashy mags needs to stop. Brit needs to take her kids and get out of the spotlight for awhile; let all this media frenzy die down. She’s just as guilty for all this media attention by doing all these stupid things.

  • sparrrow

    well nobody will really know if this is true or not, but think about it. These stories get into the media in the first place because of her public behavior. I have never seen someone so intent on publicity that they tolerate slanderous stories about themselves in the media rather than take charge of their public image.

    If she wanted to be left alone, you can bet that TOMORROW she could disappear off the face of the earth. If she wanted a better public image, she could hire the absolute best “spinmeisters” in Hollywood. If she wanted to put out an album, she could hire whoever she needed to make it happen. YET SHE DOESN’T DO ANY OF THESE THINGS? WHY???

    It has to be because she is getting exactly what she wants right now from all this hoopla. And what would that be? ATTENTION. Apparently she would rather have bad press than no press.

    This young woman is a perfect example of what can happen when someone does not develop internal impulse controls or a moral compass while they are growing up. I don’t want to point fingers—I don’t know enough about her upbringing to know if her parents had the backbone it takes to raise a child star.

    What I do know is that, unless Britney Spears is mentally incompetent, she is responsible for her own behavior at this point in her life. Don’t point fingers at Mama or Daddy—even if your upbringing was SHIT you still have the ability to make better choices if you really want to.

    She doesn’t want to, folks. She is perfectly happy with her life and her image just the way it is. The Britney you see is the Britney you get.

    And that’s the facts, jack.

  • shermain

    f**ked up Britney is such an EYE SORE!!

    [ where did the pop princess britney go? ]

    im sure we all want her back…

  • Mmmmm

    So she doesnt even have a smart enuf nanny to take care of these kids since she is incapable? Anna Nicole Smith in the making.

  • *~*Jinny*~*

    If this is true, well then it’s horrible.

    But if it’s not true, then I would be P*ssed the eff off if I were Britney. But I suppose that’s part of being famous you have to put up and deal with the BS for the perks of stardom.

    Being that I have never purchased, read or held a US Weekly in my hand, does anyone know how reliable that magzine is? How reliable their sources are? Do they usually print stories on the up & up, or are they more on the tabloid level as in “Star, Enquirer etc…”?

  • lala

    I saw a poll about this at but I’m not sure who should get custody of the kids at this point.

  • José Costa

    Don’t believe everything you read… Come on.. I’m not sure who is stupider… Those who write this CRAP… or those who believe this CRAP!!!

  • xxLostGirl92xx

    Lol. Too true Jose Costa.

    Britney needs to sort her self out…but she can’t do that until the press stop pestering her. They want her to sort her life out, well give her the space to do so!

  • *~*Jinny*~*

    Geez Louise… I scrolled the main page and seen she made it on Life and Style and OK mag too. No disrepect but in my opinion there has to be some sort of truth to it, however how big or tiny the truth, that’s to be seen.

  • Apryl

    I may not believe this story either or the other tabloid rumors flying about her mothering skills, but I am not gonna take up for her…she is a big girl and has created a lot of her own chaos…no one told her to marry a loser like Kevin, no one told her to have 2 babies so close together, no one made her behave strangely, go on crying rants in public, fire everyone close to her and shave her head…it seems like she wants to point all the fingers at someone else instead of taking responsibility for her own choices…if she truly loved her children, she would seek help for her behavior and try to set a good example for her kids and keep them in a stable environment…I view her as a selfish pop star who has made a mess of her life and instead of admitting the truth, she is blaming everyone around her (family, friends) and living in a fantasy world…this woman is no role model, no icon…just a sad person we should pity and pray for her children that they are taken care of…the tabloids do need to give Brit a break, but she has caused a lot of these problems with her behavior (ex- OK Magazine interview: do you seriously believe that was all made up??)…

  • Jill

    Giving her kids junk food and asking a dentist to have her kids teeth whitened does not make her a bad mother. She’s young and she probably eats the same way. All that she is doing wrong is feeding her kids to much junk food. That’s it. As far as how she acts in public when she is out on the town. She is a person needing some serious help and support. If she were a bad mother you wouldn’t see her with her kids so much.

  • b

    leave the girl alone!!!