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Mel B: Eddie Hasn't Paid a Penny

Mel B: Eddie Hasn't Paid a Penny

Melanie Brown, aka Scary Spice, and her lawyer Gloria Allred, held a press conference on Wednesday. Here are the highlights regard baby daddy Eddie Murphy and 4-month-old daughter, Angel Iris Murphy Brown:

Mel B on why she held a press conference: “I am here for one reason and one reason only – her name is Angel. Angel is my baby and Eddie’s. She will always know that she was planned and wanted by both of us, but I want her to know that she has two parents who desire to be responsible for her during her life and who love her so much that they want to be a part of it.”

Mel B on wanting Angel to know Eddie: “I want [my daughter] to know that she has two parents.”

Allred on Eddie’s financial support: “[He] has not paid one penny of child support”

Allred on Eddie’s engagement to girlfriend Tracey Edmonds: “He bought a big diamond ring for his new fianceĆ©. It is nice to be generous to others, but what about his own baby?”

Allred on Eddie’s supposed good intentions: “Murphy was promising to do the right thing, but to date he has not done the right thing. Mr. Murphy can have all the babies he chooses to have, but his responsibility needs to be to his own children. [Brown] is seeking sole physical and legal custody.”

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  • nika

    tssc.. tssc.. eddie.

  • mel

    Donkey had better start paying up! He’s burying his head in the sand hoping this woman will just go away but she’s doing the exact opposite. HA HA HA she ain’t going nowhere donkey you better show her the $$$$$ cause ya’ll know she gonna scream this ish at the top of her lungs. Go Scary!

  • Zoe

    Come on Eddie you made the kid, now do the right thing. You can’t pick and choose which kids you choose to support. You support your other 5 kids now support this one. This child is innocent in all of this and if you continue to ignore her it’s going to do a lot of emotional damage as well.

  • Kate

    Sof married first! Fool!

  • Kate


  • Dirty Cougar

    What an idot. She F@CKED Eddie Murphy. BFD! Did you think it would last dear? God people need to think before, the F@CK!

  • Rinquist

    Thats why I say, make sure you are in a committed relationship, such as married, before yoi gte pregnant. I am sick of her already.

  • HEY!!!!!!

    Didn’t Eddie get in trouble for not paying support for one of his other children???

  • bite me

    that plastic dude needs to start paying child support

  • Sarah

    I thought that was Hillary Clinton and was thinking “Why is she with a Spice Girl?” LOL.

  • natalie

    I don’t feel bad for Mel B. She knew what she was getting in to when she had sex with Eddie. Now if Eddie doesn’t want to pay child support they can deal with that in the courts. She does not need to blab about it to the press. It just makes her look like a desperate gold digger with no class.

    I hope for that baby’s sake that Mel will shut up about this, be the bigger person and MOVE ON! She is better off without him anyway.

  • jen

    mel b looks beautiful. and yes she thought it would last. why wouldnt she? he did have a long marriage, and eddie planned to have a baby with her, she didnt get pregnant on accident. either way eddie needs to support that child. its what a responsible adult would do. eddie is trash. tracey edmonds should be scared.

  • Sisi

    I think this is so unccessary.First she is tipping the paprazzi where she will be with the lawyer of all publicity,and now she i holding a press conference?Now that is desperate and it does make her seem like a gold digger.Dont get me wrong;what Edie did was not cool,and does need to pay child support,its his baby.But have a little class Scary and deal with it behind closed doors!
    Also if she thinks she is all of a sudden going to have a lifestyle like her friend Posh,she is sorely mistaken!

  • Nando

    Eddie’s a douche-bag.

  • liz

    Miss Mel had it all planned out from the start, but I kind of doubt that Eddie did. Just the way that she is going about this makes me wonder if she “oops!” forgot to take her pill once or twice every month until she hit the jackpot. If I were Eddie, I’d fight her and say that I was entrapped (and I’m a woman!). She knew he didn’t want it. She had time to have an abortion. It was HER choice to have the baby. I don’t care where the sperm came from. She wants SOLE legal and physical custody for that kid? She should have SOLE financial responsibility as well. IF, for any reason, the court finds that Eddie owes, then he should demand partial custody of that baby, so that he and his fiancee can help raise his latest child together with Mel.

  • ed

    13…didnt you know that mel’s people were trying to talk to eddie so many times.. they COULD NOT contact him…eddie refused to meet up with mel and talk…so how on earth would they deal with this behind closed doors… ?????….
    and i think people just think that she needs the money support from him…you might be wrong…she needs the father-to-daughter support…not just the money
    she got millions and millions of cash…she is a very rich woman..she doesnt need that kind of money….
    eddie is really a co-ck

  • ed

    15…. Dont think too much….it makes you sounds less human
    miss B had it all planned out from the start…WTF….sounds like you are one of the people involved in this or something…how the fuc-k would you say that … you don’t even know mel or eddie…

  • Stacey

    Yes, he’s a jerk. Yes, he should take responsibility and pay. But it does sort of make Mel B look like a golddigger. Even if she’s not…it seems like a really great idea purposely getting pregnant, as she’s said, by a recently divorced guy that you barely know, and that you’re not married to. Now if Eddie agreed to this too and then backed off, well, he’s a complete ass. But she’s pretty dumb too, getting pregnant how she did. However she might think she’s smart for latching onto his money. Who knows! Either way stupid move on both their parts imo.

  • she’s a dog

    now if this was his ex-wife calling him a dead beat than i would say he’s a jerk. but it’s a slutty spice chick who’s looking to revive her career. fact is eddie take$ care of his girlfriend, ex-wife and family without trouble.

    no.15 is right. he was out with her for a good time and she was planning. she’s trying to pretend it was a done deal after 3 months of dating a guy. what grown woman believes that nonsense. she was always after money. the legal language he team is using is ‘pay for the kid but i get to keep it so you have to pay for me too!’

    he should seek sole custody and set up a trust in the kid’s name that golddigger can’t touch until the child is 18. mel b will show her true colors then.

  • remember da truth

    How can people pick on Posh getting her photo taken everywhere she goes just living her life when THIS is the REAL famewh*re Spice Girl!

    She WAS in a committed relationship, for all those who think that a ring on your finger equals happy ever after. Married wouldn’t have mattered — he’s a jerk. But, now SHE’S the bigger jerk. Take care of a private matter privately. We already know he’s not doing right by you, but if you have a new boyfriend, constantly trotting out how much you want the old one in your life, how you slept with him and thought you were going to get married, etc is demeaning to the guy standing by you now. If HE wants to father your child, LET HIM. Murphy is a played-out a**hole and just get the child support from the courts, and get on with your life. Or, decide you don’t want him in your life at all, visiting the child and confusing him with a man who doesn’t want to be his father, and say no visits, no child support, like Liz Hurley did. She proved Stephen Bing was the father, that he was wrong for implying she might have slept with someone else, and showed what a jerk he was to the world, but MOVED ON WITH CLASS.

    The Scary Spice is scary indeed — no self-respect.

  • sookey

    ha ha ha, Mel B is is seriously upset that Eddie has got himself engaged. I think she actually thought that her and Eddie would be together forever. She’s just bitter that he never stuck a ring on her finger. Eddie is a jerk though, he needs to start paying for his kid.

    #20 remember da truth – you do spew some cr*p dont ya. WTF has Posh got to do with anything? Oh of course your right, Posh doesn’t like her photo taken does she!!!! Stop living on a cloud, Posh loves being a media who*e.

  • Ella_

    She’s gone the wrong way about this, whoever advised her that it would be a good idea to do this was sadly mistaken. She comes off like a complete gold-digger, how long were they together a few months? And then she gets herself pregnant (okay she didn’t do it by herself) but she should have been more responsible. Eddie has how many kids with his ex wife 5-6??? What made her think he wanted MORE???

    I think Mel wants a public battle and is trying to get Eddie fired up but he seems to be doing the right thing and staying quite. I feel sorry for the child, Mel seems to be loving this because it’s getting her in the public eye but she should just do it by the books, think about your baby and let your lawyer deal with Eddie herself. If she has ‘MILLIONS’ why doesn’t she just shut up and look after her baby?? Eddie isn’t interested in her or her child it’s sad but true.

  • sickening

    she is a gold digger period… and a scandalous nasty ho… her baby isn’t even 2 months old and he is spitting nonsense about marrying her current boyfriend she is sickening… take your haggered as* back to England or where ever you are from. Eddie was stupid and he should be paying child support but I can understand why he even questioned if the child was his… that is only right when you know the woman is a nasty ho!!! Eddie didn’t have any problems supporting his other kids. He won’t have a problem supporting this one either. This hag now has a disgusting big mouthed lawyer and a frekkin publicist what does that say about the gold diggin ho… I don’t wish any bad on her child but this ho knew what she was doing… she heard about how he gave his wife in their prenup agreement a million per child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sparrow

    This child was planned….EXCUSE ME? Didn’t they date for all of like…15 minutes? Maybe SHE planned the child, but nobody knows someone well enough to have a baby with them after three dates.

    And why doesn’t EM just get clipped? He has five kids–no now six for god’s sake—is he trying to repopulate Cleveland?

    Eddie, if you don’t want kids you can take precautions, either permanent or temporary. But it’s too late on this one, so do the right damn thing and support your child. The kid didn’t ask to have you two dumbasses for parents.

  • What evar

    I find all of this odd. First, she said that they planned to have a baby then get married, what kind of backwards s h i t is that. If she had any decency or morals about her, she would have gotten married first. If marriage was talked about and planned then why wait until you have the baby. All this smells fishy to me.

    I agree that Eddi was acting like a jerk about the whole paternity test thing; but this girl needs to get some class and shut the f-k up, because it makes her look like a gold digger. She’s acting like a scorned woman. I honestly feels that she’s pi$$ed that Eddie is allegedly getting married, and she’s out to get him. This matter needs to be handled in private. At first I felt bad for her, but when I kept seeing her all over mags and on TV I lost all respect for her. If Eddie does not want to have anything to do with the kid, then she cannot force it on him, she just needs to accept that and move the heck on. You cannot make someone do something that is not in their heart to do. period.

    My ex-husband and I do not get along for s h i t, infact I can’t stand his sorry a$$. We have two kids, the kids lived with him for a year while I finished college. When the kids came back to live with me after fighting with him again in family court, he wanted to keep the kids because he didn’t want to pay child support. Anyway to make a long story short, he decided that because he didn’t want to have anything do do with me that it would be best for him not to have any contact with our kids. At first I was pi$$ed at hell that someone who claim to love their kids would do such a thing. But then I realized that in his ignorance to spite me he is hurting the kids, they asked about him all the time. My point is that as much as I wanted him to be involved in our kids lives, he chosed not to, so there is not a da mn thing that I can do about that. It’s his lost, and he will not have the pleasure of knowing two wonderful children. So Mel should just leave Eddie alone. If he doesn’t want to be involved with his daughter it’s his choice, he would regret it in the end.

  • minni

    First of all, to #8, Eddie has five other children to the same woman, his ex wife. As for Mel B, isn’t it a little early to be flapping about non-payment. I mean, paternity was just established. But, then again, she do have Gloria as a lawyer. She loves going after big celebrities, and always do it inthe press. Normally, she usually don’t get too far with the bigger celebrities, such as Michael Jackson. Mel seems as though she still cares for Eddie and is a woman scorned. Or, maybe she just miss the spotlight. Either way she is not looking too good here. How many interviews can she do, is this not the 10th interview in 4 months.

  • minni

    I think she said that she removed her birth control. She also stated that she had went out of town, and they were taking a break. When she came back, he was with Tracy. This tells me, she knew exactly what she was doing. The oldest trick in the book. I don’t believe she truly believed it was going to be forever, because the man had just finished a divorce. As for Gloria, she loves, loves, loves the spotlight. She will keep this in the press. Keep a look out at Court tv. Her daughter has a show there, so you can bet they will use that to continue to bash Eddie. Lisa Bloom, and they did it with Michael Jackson case, and it backfired big time. They were ridiculed by some of the most highly regarded reporters. Mel B. needs to sit herself down. She wanted him to purchase her a house two months ago, now this.

  • Tealeaf

    Why is Donkey acting like such an AZZ

  • flatazz

    Eddie’s fiancee is gorgeous…Mel must be quite upset!

  • valda

    I have one word to say ….. MESSY!!

  • Brittany Murpyh Deceased Video

    brittany murphy was so sexy :)

  • http://yahoo yolanda

    i feel really bad for thse children with dead beat dads own up to your obligations if you didnt want the responsabilty you schould have kept it in your pants GROW UP AND STEP UP TO THE PLATE