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Anderson Cooper: Gray Hair is Like Premature Ejaculation

Anderson Cooper: Gray Hair is Like Premature Ejaculation

Anderson Cooper commiserated with talk show host Jay Leno about getting gray hair at a young age. Cooper made a joke on Wednesday’s Tonight Show, analogizing getting gray hair to a common male sexual problem, premature ejaculation.

The well-respected CNN journalist joked, “I started [getting gray hair when I was] young. It’s like premature ejaculation. You know it can happen but when it happens to you, it’s kind of a shock.”

Fellow guest Heidi Klum proceeded to plugs her ears and playfully responded, “La la la, I don’t hear anything!”

Watch Anderson Cooper‘s premature guest appearance on Leno below!

Anderson CooperThe Tonight Show with Jay Leno, 8/1

Cooper also chatted briefly about the CNN-YouTube debate he recently moderated. He also shared a funny story about the ambient temperature at Presidential debates, specifically between John Kerry and George Bush.

He said, “The Kerry camp wanted the ambient temperature to be cool because John Kerry sweats and the Bush people wanted the ambient temperature to be very high because… John Kerry sweats.”

FYI: Anderson used the same joke as a regular contributor for Details Magazine in their August 2003 issue. He wrote, “Going gray is like ejaculation. You know it can happen prematurely, but when it actually does, it’s a total shock.”

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  • ed


  • jolie-pitts are hotness


  • Anadi

    I thought it was funny and kind of out of the blue

  • fresh


  • yoyoyo


  • Nat

    I love Anderson Cooper! He’s so adorable!

  • Adam

    Anderson Cooper seems like such a great guy; he’s one of the few CNN anchors I can actually stand because of his humour, wit, and open minded intelligence. And dang, for having numerous children, Heidi Klum is looking just as she did in her early VS days!

  • Pam

    I remembered him from Channel 1 News, a high school news show from back in the day.

  • valarie

    Anderson looks flippin hot!!So cute.Thanyou.He is smart and has a great sense of humor.

  • ann

    I saw the interview! He’s so funny.

  • heather /cooper is bangin!

    What a nice,funny,intelligent man.I watch him every night. He is handsome,charming,and looks good in a tie,,jeans too.Luves me some Anderson!

  • faran

    Anderson is my favorite anchor he is wonderful.Jay he was a good guest.
    I enjoyed it! I wonder if he has ever been called Andy.

  • Not sleeping

    Anderson is so smart, sexy and funny, a triple threat. I love when he makes the talk show rounds and shows off his less serious side.

  • Samantha

    He’s gay.

  • Dirty Cougar

    Ha ha ha ha! Love it! Premature ejaculation!

  • Mmmmm

    That is funny.

  • Rose

    Anderson is great, he is one of the reason I watch CNN. Smart, witty and goes through depth to give out the best possible news. You rock Anderson! Heidi is also adorable.

  • kate

    He’s very sexy and interesting but plays for the other team.

  • Soozy

    I absolutely love Anderson, he’s such a great journalist. Thanks for the clip, I watched it last night in between watching him cover the bridge collapse in Minneapolis, it was a much needed laugh in the middle of such tragedy.

  • girl

    I love him!he is sooo hot.

  • louveciennes

    He’s said that before, I guess it’s his catchphrase. Whatever, I’d do him! (Yes, I know he’s supposedly gay. That doesn’t mean I can’t find him attractive.)

  • kovas

    gay or not, i’d fuck him.

  • Kira

    Just love Anderson Cooper and Heidi Klum….charming people!

  • Me

    He’s HOT! Never would have thought his mom is Gloria Vanderbilt!

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    Hot, Clever, Gay, he’s fabulous!!!!!!

  • kc

    He’s so charming and handsome. I swear all the good ones are Gay or taken or both.

  • http://deleted LOL

    so everyone is gay ?

  • J.M

    He’s gay, so what? He’s smart and hot.

  • rupert

    The americans clearly have problems with homosexuals and, well, sex at all. But hey, what about a new war? Let’s kill the guys and show them during lunch on tv. *rolleyes*

  • ann

    he’s so articulate and charismatic. and freakin hottttt.

  • danny_tran

    i think anderson try to fake the fact that he’s gay for too long.i respect his work and what he’d done for the last 16 year but i don’t respect him as a person someone like him should be a role model to young teen to be proud of the fact that they’re gay but instead he just hiding behind close door.

  • SweetyKat

    I really like Anderson. He is so smart, a magnificent journalist, and he very passionate about his profession, all of which I find incredibly sexy! He’s also handsome and I love the premature gray.

    However, I’m not particularly fond of what he compared it to. ;)

  • SamLoomis

    Not everyone wishes to be a role model. It doesn’t appear that Anderson is trying to “hide” the fact that he’s gay, he just doesn’t wish to share that part of his life with the public or people who don’t really have a reason to know about it. He’s probably already told the most important people in his life and that’s what counts. I don’t think there are that many people who aren’t aware that he’s gay, whenever his name is uttered, the word “gay” is sure to be mentioned.

  • sally

    Anderson is hotttttttt – smart, witty. the only reason I watch CNN.

  • N.

    Honestly? I think CNN is a joke, Anderson Cooper is the only exception there. He’s obviously smart and one of the most talented journalists I have ever seen on TV.
    If not for him, I’d never watch CNN.

    As for his privat life? It’s just that: private.

  • Debbie

    Is it absolutely, positively a fact that Anderson is gay? Can’t he at least be bisexual? Is everyone sure he doesn’t do women – at all – ever?
    Obviously I’m in denial, because I have such a huge crush on this man. He is the ONLY reason I watch CNN.

  • coops_heelsup

    He needs his pooter poked….oh, wait…he’s liberal, and probably already had his heels over his head well before kneeling underneath the CNN desk giving hummers…

  • jack36

    Anderson Cooper rocks, what a good one. He needs to go on Conan!

  • jack36

    He should try the Ejaculation Trainer if he has premature ejaculation, minoxidil if he’s losing hair. Like I said he needs to go on Conan, it would make him look less gay.

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