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Jude Law: Repossession Mambo

Jude Law: Repossession Mambo

Jude Law takes a walk around town on Wednesday in Los Angeles (in his Mercedes-Benz convertible on Tuesday). Looks like he’s memorizing his lines from a movie script!

Jude is in LA to shoot his forthcoming futuristic adventure thriller Repossession Mambo with Forest Whitaker. This will be Miguel Sapochnik‘s directorial debut for Universal Pictures.

What in blue blazes is this film about, you ask? Wikipedia says, “A repo man, who is made up of artificial organs, struggles to make payments for his heart transplant. Unable to provide the money, he runs from his former partner.”

But don’t expect to see this film any time soon. This film is set for a 2010 release day, according to IMDB!

15+ pictures inside of Jude prepping for Repossession Mambo

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jude law repossession mambo 01
jude law repossession mambo 02
jude law repossession mambo 03
jude law repossession mambo 04
jude law repossession mambo 05
jude law repossession mambo 06
jude law repossession mambo 07
jude law repossession mambo 08
jude law repossession mambo 09
jude law repossession mambo 10
jude law repossession mambo 11
jude law repossession mambo 12
jude law repossession mambo 13
jude law repossession mambo 14
jude law repossession mambo 15

Photos: Jsm/Bm/Chris/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Diana

    Jude’s still cute but he used to be sooooo hot.

  • Pole

    Wow – I think he’s back at looking sexy :) I was hoping you’d bring these Jared – thank you!

  • remember da truth

    I still think he’s hot. And a great father, too. And one of the few who has remained friendly with his ex after a divorce, and that’s REALLY hot. He’s got a good soul, his heart is in the right place. He knows what is important — family, his kids, and respect for friends.

    His troubles with Sienna and cheating on her were obviously a serious breakdown in judgement and communication. But anyone who has been in a longdistance relationship, especially one that was constantly teetering on the brink of breakup, can see how the bonds break down and mistakes are made. He showed how remorseful he was — most people don’t have their dirty laundry spread all over. I think he’s moved on and we all should to.

  • bond

    pretty face, hot body, ugly personality…ugh why jude…?!

  • vinny

    he’s looking soooo good. well he’s back to business.

  • sicilliacarillo

    i kno he cheated, but i can’t help myself saying he’s so sexy with that car. his face is beautiful for a guy.

  • jujuxitto

    ooh this hottie is back with hot stuff

    jude, take me for a ride please…xxx

  • fumanskeeto

    somehow that car doesn’t suit him. he’s just not like a movie star to me.

    but he’s def a fine actor. finally he’s makin another movie.

  • gini

    still sexy! love his british style

  • Sandy

    Thank you Jared, I knew you’d come through, you always do. THe fires are turned on again for film making and he’s back to serious business. even
    though IMDB says 2010 for release I don’t believe that, they often take
    months to catch up on what the public knows way before then. They are still listing him for Watchmen and he is out for the past two weeks. This
    date is hung over from last year before they got moving on this again. now
    it’s moving fast. Does he have a serious look on his face?He’s just spent time in Afghanistan looking at the real face of war and I’m sure he saw a lot of thought provoking things while he was there. As a serious thinker
    and a devoted dad it must have made a tremendous impression on him. And
    he makes a tremendous impression on us. in addition to all his talents and
    intelligence we have a gorgeous guy who grows sexier and more beautiful
    with each passing day and is in reality (according to those who know him and have met him) one of the truly kind and really nice people in the film
    world. Thanks again Jared.

  • sheryl

    Jude, you are hot, hot, hot! Keep on doing what you do (or whoever you want…it’s nobody else’s business!!!) Drive the car you want, wear the clothes you want, you make it hot, and everybody else can just get over it!

    “Ooooh, he cheated” = moronic

    Jude = great father, actor, co-worker, GREAT personality by all the LEGITIMATE reports, and, like rememba da truth said above, gets along with his ex-wife, as well as gives of his time and money to many worthy causes…yet all the lame-a**s can see is “Ooooh, he’s a cheater, save the world from him!” Get your head out of your own a***s…everbody has stuff in their life they wish hadn’t happened…who the h**l are you to feel so smug and superior???

  • Dirty Cougar

    Pretty face. Looks pissed. That’s sexy. He ought to get back w/ the nanny since, he cheated w/ her. Sienna won’t have him and nobody else for that matter.

  • HEY!!!!!!


  • dolorescraeg

    dirty cougar, having trouble havibg sex…even the cougars wouldn’t have you. jared you made my year….this jude is one of the seven wonders of the world….keep the sphinx we’ve got jude. all his critics should be lucky to look like him, be like him, have his character and do what he does for his fans. he adds immeasurably to our lives.
    dirty cougar go find another site and vent your venom on someone like osama ben laden not a devoted father, beautiful actor and a man who works for peace and children’s charities…shame on you…..

  • sheryl

    Hey Dirty Cougar…just what makes you so dirty???? Huh? Come on, baby, let us know….

  • sheryl

    I love him!

  • erica

    Jude is sooo HOT HOT HOT ! Thanks Jared keep them comming.

  • sdgds

    I dont get it why girls are crazy about this ugly jerk.

    Look at him:
    Body: under average
    Face: totally disgusting
    Dress: like a homeless
    Dick: Micro size. Proof: paparazzi pics a few years ago
    So, whats the point about this guy, I dont get it.

  • sheryl

    sdgds, you have a crush on him, don’t you??? Come on, admit it…you like looking at him, that’s why you’re here, right???

  • Sandy

    sdgds – LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE……..

    we got your number, BEGONE!

  • dolorescraeg

    those descriptions you gave……were you looking in the mirror? you sure as hell couldn’t have been describing jude law.

  • Daphne

    Oh man Jude never fails to make me fall for him, again and again. What a beautiful man, inside and out. He’s sexy even when he’s angry.

    To the guys who come here to bash him, I bet you can’t even get a date. Or you have a secret crush on him but are so stuck in the closet you can’t admit it to yourselves.

    And to the people who still harp on the cheating, get a life! Learn to put things in perspective and grow up.

  • sheryl

    Daphne, doubt they’ll learn…their heads are stuck so far up their a***s they’ll probably never get ‘em back out.

    I love his pissed off look!!!! I love that he doesn’t give a s***t!!!

  • Jo

    I read somewhere he was dating Cameron Diaz…

  • Pole

    @Jo: I read that too but his agent or someone said he’s not.

  • jolie -pitt fan

    I would still take em’. Jude looks good to me.

  • sheryl

    jolie-pitt fan, the line starts here…(smile)

  • Me

    Can’t put my finger on it but there is something that is so SEXY about this man.

  • dolorescraeg

    believe me i would like to put my finger on it but jude is too far away….

  • blueberry

    he is alwayyyyyssssssssss perfecttttt ı love youuuuuuuuuuu judeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • ew

    This guy looks like a bubble head puppet.

  • Yily

    The movie sound like a dud but Jude looks so stylish! I’m sure he will make the movie work somehow. The storyline sound dumb but anything to see Jude is a welcome.

  • Yily

    What happen to his hair? Is it thinning on top? God, I hope not. He has beautiful hair…I pray he won’t lose it! It’s too beautiful!

  • rury

    Jude looks like an ordinary guy. but there’s something more about him.
    I remember his co star Natalie Portman said that Jude is really generous, talented, smart, nice and compassionate. I think the same too, he’s charming.
    i also like his day style.

  • sheryl

    rury, a lot of his co-stars and directors have said those things about him and that, plus other things that I have read from peope who have interviewed him, etc., really makes him more attractive to me. People tend to get fixated on the one thing he became infamous for, though, and won’t let it go…the only reason I can see is that it makes them feel better about their little selves.

  • rury

    yeah sheryl, that horrible thing in the past. but at the same time i read what portman said, it’s good nuff for me to think bout his real personality. don’t listen to the tabloids then.

  • sheryl

    Yeah…I mean, hey, who hasn’t had indiscretions (and on their wives, no less) and why should he be held more accountable (as though it were up to us to do that but nevertheless) than any other “celeb”?

  • sheryl

    Oh, and definitely no, do not feed on the tabloid garbage…just a few days ago it was all over the place that he was dating Cameron Diaz and that’s why he was heading to LA…it’s so totally lame.

  • eripaige

    This is my first time to Just Jared and it’s great! I love the pictures of Jude! I’ve been in love with him for quite a while now…and I agree with some of the other people who have written above that he sounds like a great guy but some people don’t like him because he messed up, but he hasn’t done anything that so many others haven’t done – so why does he get so much attention from it when everybody else’s affairs are conveniently forgotten? I just don’t get it.

  • dolorescraeg

    i think some people are envious of jude’s beauty….he’s not the only human being to make a mistake….remember the adage….to err is human to forgive devine and this mr. law is definitely devine.

  • Sandry000

    I really can’t hear about the nanny-stuff anymore! Are we all angels? Have you never cheated on anybody? Hello guys! He wasn’t even married to Sienna! Just cut it off really! That’s old garbage!

    He looks like he is suffering the effects of JET-LECK! No wonder if you consider the time difference LA – London!!!

  • Sandry000

    “sdgds : 08/02/2007 at 10:49 am
    I dont get it why girls are crazy about this ugly jerk.

    Look at him:
    Body: under average
    Face: totally disgusting
    Dress: like a homeless
    ****: Micro size. Proof: paparazzi pics a few years ago
    So, whats the point about this guy, I dont get it”

    to sdgs:

    you don’t get it because you haven’t got enough brains my dear!
    1. not every girl likes body-builder-muscleman boys!
    2. there is no face on eart as perfect as his!
    3. you don’t know nothing about fashion!
    4.I don’t think there are many **** in rasting state much bigger than his!
    5. He is just special, undescribable – to perfect to be a mere human – he is a GOD! My Adonis! AND he is getting even prettier the more he gets older! I realy did not like him in his 20s! Even the retre

  • Sandry000

    Even the retreating hair can’t change that ;-)
    yes, yes – I admit – I am a JUDOMANIAC!

  • Sara

    jude is soooooooooo hot!
    i love him!