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Lane Garrison: Free in 90 Days?

Lane Garrison: Free in 90 Days?

Lane Garrison, the 27-year-old former Prison Break star, may walk free in just 90 days!

After pleading guilty in May to vehicular manslaughter and drunken driving, Judge Fox said at the Beverly Hills courthouse on Thursday, “The fact that you may have some notoriety, I don’t really care. We don’t have all the information. I intend to remand Mr. Garrison today to the Department of Corrections for diagnostics.”

According to TMZ, “Garrison will be sent to a California prison for 90 days, where shrinks and others will determine if Garrison is a suitable candidate for probation.”

If he is suitable, Lane is a free man.

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  • Dirty Cougar

    Another DUI MOTHERF@CKER! Seriously! Can’t people just get drunk and stay @ home for a change?

  • cas

    I’m right with you cougar…this makes me SICK!!!!!

  • ??

    90 days??? this is sick?? Unforturely, the only way to stop this is make illegal to drive in america. I guess Lindsey lohan will get nothing but 2 weeks now.

  • HEY!!!!!!

    Yes I agree this is sick and sad. As for making it illegal to drive in america #3 ??, that would never happen and besides there will still be those that drink and ride bicycles. OK, I am sorry – this is not something to joke about.


    who cares, the dudes an idiot and a bad actor – Celebrity Gossip for the Straight Male

  • blabla

    Isn’t it kind of ironic that he was in Prison Break and now he’s going to jail. But it’s totally weird the time they get to spend in prison. Paris 45 days which turned to 23 days, Nicole 4 DAYS that’s nothing and Lane 90 days. Lane’s has the worst but it’s still nothing.

  • Mmmmm

    His sentence is not just 90 days, that is his sentence that he will send in jail. His mental sentence of what he has done, that will be a life time. If he is human, this will mess him up.


    dudes a prick – Celebrity Gossip for the Straight Male

  • Dirty Cougar

    Less COPS @ the DONUT Shops and, pulling more MOTHER@FUCKER’S over that, look under the influence. I think their should be no legal limit % of what alcohol is acceptable. O tolerance. People that want to drink @ bars need, to call a cabbie! Not one drink or just one beer. If, you want to drink that’s fine. Do it in the safety of you’re own home not, being on the road being a hazard to innocent people and other drivers. It’s not fair. Party @ home. It’s less expensive and more safe. It won’t happen b/c all the bars will shut down. Boo Hoo!

  • SweetyKat


    I cannot believe this. I am glad that Lane manned up and plead guilty, which he was anyway. I also know that he did so to get a lighter sentence, but 90 freaking days? Ninety freaking days for being drunk, drugged up, hanging with teenagers, driving and killing one of them. I just don’t get it. He’s going to get 90 days for being a grown a$$ man, hanging with teens drunk and high, and taking one of their lives.


    If my husband (who’s black, of course) had done this, they would want to hang him for partying with the teens alone. I hate to make this a race/money issue, but WTH? It has to be!!!!! I already know that he’s going to be found to qualify for probation. I’m completely and utterly taken aback by this. This is ludicrous!!!!!

  • almost

    I am with you Mmmmm…. He has to live with the fact that his actions killed a person for the rest of his life. 1 day or the rest of his life in jail won’t change that. Plus Paris and Nicole and Lane and all other celebrities lately ahve gotten the same treatment as anyone else facing jail. The truth is jail time gets reduced to nothing or next to it because jails are over crowded.

  • natalie


    He KILLED someone and he should pay. 90 days is NOT harsh enough punishment! I do not feel sorry for Lane… he deserves to feel guilty and horrible the rest of his life for what he has done.

    Our society is so permissive of drunk driving it is disgusting. It is sad how all you get for killing someone is a slap in the wrist. Drunk driving is a choice — it was not like someone forced Lane to get in the car after drinking. He decided to.

    I am sad for the victim’s family. At least putting Lane away for a long time would give them a little piece of mind, but they don’t even get justice for their kid.

  • almost

    I am not in any way say I agree with the sentence Lane recieved. But my question is why the heck where a bunch a teenagers in the car with an adult??? Where were the parents when their kids were out drinking and partying and CHOOSING to get in a vehicle with a drunk man?? Yes it was wrong for him to use drugs, drink and then drive. But what sane person gets in the car with a person who is drunk? Chances are the teens were just partying with him because he is a celebrity. The fact is Lane isn’t the only guilty party.

  • concerned texan

    I happen to disagree w/the judgement in this case; however, i feel that the the judge is putting his money Garrison to stay sober.. at his age.. not likely and if he gets off w/probation only…he will HAVE TO STAY SOBER or his probation will be revoked and he will spend every minute in the slammer…..

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    Hmm. almost you do have a valid point. But I think every teenager does deviant things behind their parent’s backs at some point. They say they’re going somehwere, and they head aonther.
    But to have only double what Paris was sentenced for with a fatality involved? Daaaaamn. This is fucked up!

  • r.e.kennedy

    hes a STAR the rules dont apply to them only every day.

  • Hulla

    I would like to know what the usual prison sentences are for cases like this.

  • me

    This is bull. Being a celebrity shouldn’t put you above the law. I don’t care if he has to live with this for the rest of his life. He’s not the only person that’s suffering. The family of that kid he killed also have to deal with the consequences of Lane’s actions. Did we think about that??? 90 days!!! Freak the American legal system. This is why so many other countries thumb their noses at our court systems. We’re so freaking celebrity obsessed that even killing a person doesn’t seem to merit the correct type of punishment. I pray for anyone that happens to be in the path of an overly pampered celebrity that believes they’re the second coming.

  • shelly

    I find this sentence to be a complete head-scratcher. I could understand if Lane were A-list and that were one of the factors influencing this but he’s not – most people don’t even know who he is, unless they’re Prison Break fans. It’s not like he’s Tom Cruise. That being the case, I don’t get it, particularly since he has some priors too (not alcohol-related ones).

    I’m still a fan of Prison Break but this really puts me off, especially since he’s a repeat offender who had a great chance to clean up his act and he completely threw it away.

  • Gabby

    That isn’t fair, 90 days and he took someone’s life.

  • Laur

    If the offense is a misdemeanor, up to one year in the county jail. If felony DUI vehicular manslaughter (but without gross negligence) is found, the sentence can be up to four years in state prison. If felony DUI vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence is found, the court can impose up to 10 years state prison. Substantial drivers license suspensions may also be imposed

    Those are the normal sentences for his offence. If his sentance was for a year then he would get paroled at 90 days with good behavour …im not positive, not an expert at all but i think they have to serve 1/4 of the sentance before there eligable for parole.

  • Wake Up

    What the F is wrong with most of you. Yeah, he made a huge mistake, but isn’t the point of prison to make sure the person doesn’t repeat their actions again and face some consequences. I think this guy will honestly never drive drunk again. Plus, he may have accidentally killed someone, but that person was probably also drunk and chose to get into the car.

  • N

    I do feel for the family of the deceased, but I truly believe that he is already paying dearly for what he did. This will obviously stay with him for a lifetime whether he spends 90 years or 90 days in jail. He didn’t even try to fight it. He chose to plead guilty. He could have hired a pitbull attorney and made this a dragged out media circus but he didn’t. If I were him, I’d spend the rest of my life talking to kids and making them see the dangers of drinking and driving. Let’s just see what unfolds from all of this.

  • Tim

    my question is would he have got the same treatment if he wasnt a celeb?

  • [~Famous~]

    I like him, and he made a big mistake, but he deserves more time than that.

  • Angie

    Just Shut up! I’m glad he didn’t have to go to jail! He will have to live with this for the rest of his life! Plus only God knows his heart! Just leave him alone! Peace

  • Angie

    Blah blah blah!

  • [~Famous~]

    So its okay to KILL someone because you ‘will have to live with it for the rest of your life’? Lmao That’s funny.

  • Marie

    Did you guys read his sister’s sad letter to the judge? What a tough childhood they had.

    I wish everyone involved peace and closure. Sad.

  • Carly

    This is a crock of $hit! just shows the law do not apply to Hollywood celebraties. Judges should be ashame of themself. Thats why Lindsey Lohan did not care when the police show up, she knows nothing will become of these charges court. She has had so many accidents it’s not funny. The law is a big joke. This guy will not do time in jail because he is a white actor.

  • Sill

    I’ve been to jail. And in Tennessee girls would get 3 years for voluntary manslaughter BUT they go back to the judge every 90 days and try to get probation. One girl did 4 months. 4 fucking months! Apparently – (SHE TOLD ME THIS) The girl she killed came to her house screaming at her over a dude – THIS GIRL went back into her house – GOT A KNIFE – came back and stabbed her. 4 months. 4 fucking months. And there all PLENTY of stories like that. I DID MORE TIME FOR POSSESSION of Marijuana than the bitch that killed somebody. I was just flabbergasted at that. I got 6 years and did 8 months and this bitch KILLED SOMEONE and got out in 4 months. I’ll never get over that. Another girl did 6 months – same charge. Similar circumstances. Ugh! But with Lane, I really believe he is remorseful. He has not gone out EVER AGAIN since that happened. All the pics they get are of him crying. I think the parents are too consumed with grief and blame to step back and realize – This was an awful mistake on both parts. Lane made a bad decision to drink and drive and the boy made a bad decision to get in the car with what was clearly a drunk driver. 90 days is light – but no matter how much time he does – its not going to bring the boy back. The parents accusing him of filming a PSA for publicity just upset me. Here is a guy who didn’t try to fight it – who is always crying in secret paparrazzi shots when we see him, who has lost his entire life and career. He owned up, plead guilty. I think they are in their own private hell and can’t see that he is standing right next to them. Every waking minute – Lane is in hell. He ruined his life – his family’s – the boys and the girls that were in car. At least he is trying to do the right thing. What else can he do in this situation? I mean really. He could have fought it – dragged it out – blamed it on the kid. I just think he is NEVER going to drink and drive again after this. I just compare him to the girls I met in jail and even though I don’t know him – he is still alot more decent than they were when they left jail. So if he gets 90 days – I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

  • kellygrrrl

    yeah, looks like OJ is having a real hard time “living with it.” I can see the pain on his face as he golfs in the Florida sun. Celebrity Justice is a joke. if you want to see some change in our society, start making an EXTREME example of celebs. They should get double the punishment so that all the other teens in the country will look at the situation and think twice about their actions.
    Nicole richie should not be allowed to serve her time while pregnant.
    It is too much exposure and expense for the County of L.A. taxpayers.
    She should be forced to give birth, hand her baby over, and go directly to jail. Even if it’s only 4 days, I think she’ll “get it” after she misses the first week of her child’s life.

  • ???????

    Are we kidding -he actually killed someone -put his @ss away in prison!!!!!

  • angell cakes

    i think he really did make a mistake, and he be paying dearly for it for the rest of his life, he’s actually been attending aa meetings with dominic purcell.

  • SweetyKat

    I don’t know the average age of the people who say, “Leave him alone, he has to live with it for the rest of his life” bull$h!t, but if you are pretty much teenagers, I’d hate to think that you guys are going to be the grunt of our society in the next ten years. Gosh, society is going to hell in a handbasket if you are.
    I’d hate to think that all you have to do in the next 15-20 years in our courts is look sorry, say you’re sorry and the judge will practically let you go because the jury will be filled with people like you.

    We live in a country where the value placed on human life in our court systems is almost nonexistent. It is very sad but true. Criminals get more time for stealing and drug possession. And OmGosh, don’t do an armed robbery! In some cases, you don’t even have to kill anyone during the robbery to get 15-25 years! Then we have those of you who want to blame the victim for what happens to them. This is so upsetting, I can’t even believe that you guys would actually fix you mouths to say that it’s the victim’s fault. For God’s sake! The teenagers shouldn’t be hanging with a grown celebrity? How about a grown a$$ celebrity shouldn’t be hanging with a bunch of teenagers!!!!! How about that, huh!?


    Lane may not be A-List, which shouldn’t have anything to do with it anyway, however, he was raised/reared by Jessica Simpson’s parents, thus grew up with her. And again, not to mention that he’s white and killed a white teen. Whether people want to believe that has nothing to do with it or not, they have a great deal to do with it.

    If our court systems do not get better and more fair about the sentences handed down to murderers, accidental or not, high or not, people are going to start handling things the way they did in the Wild, Wild, West. We are going to have a problem with vigilante justice again. There is already a rise in the occurences of violence in court rooms after the sentences are announced. It is such a long, and expensive process to have laws changed these days. I think you have to get a petition, do a lot of research, forward it to your congressman, and lobby, lobby, lobby.

  • ace*

    i feel that he knows what he’s done and that he truly is sorry. he told the parents of the victim that he tried to contact them everyday. this isn’t even his sentence. he has to report back to court on oct. thirty-first. i’ll be praying for him.

  • jake

    HE KILLED A TEENAGER!!!! and he get to go free, what about the person he killed. go justice :/

  • Emily

    Poor Lane! I hope he will be free after the 90 days in jail.


    Yo This Man Does Not Deserve To Go To Prison For A Mistake He Made, Accidents Happen, And Obviously He Is Just So So Sorry For This, And Is Learning From His Mistakes. He Has Got So Much Ahead Of Him, So Much To Give, He Does Not Deserve To Be Slated As He Is A Good Man, And Is Willing To Plead Guilty Because He Knows That It Was Wrong, But Was An Accident And It Never Was Supposed To Happen. Everyone Just Lay Off Him, The Guilt Of It All Is Enough Punnishment Is It Not? Praying For You Lane, Love You x